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Chapter 805 – The Glory of a Large Success Battle Spirit

Old Man Yan’s eyes were lifeless. As he faced the black smoke that was Situ Bonan, his expression remained as dull and blank as before.

The black smoke was like an evil ghostly spirit that plunged into Old Man Yan’s body, completely submerging into him.

Old Man Yan’s body twitched several times and then was still again, as if he were completely unaware of the black smoke.

After several more breaths of time, his eyeballs turned in his head and a strange smile appeared on his face as he suddenly soared into the sky. On his chest, there was still a massive hole there. His ribs had shattered and one could see his organs within.

An aura that belonged to Situ Bonan began to emanate from Old Man Yan’s body. His body had already become completely controlled by Situ Bonan’s battle spirit.

In fact, even before Lin Ming had returned to the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division, Old Man Yan’s spiritual sea had already been split apart and destroyed by Situ Bonan’s will. He had completely lost his mind, becoming no different from a zombie.

“To use a battle spirit to control a body in battle… so a battle spirit can also be used like this…”

A battle spirit was the condensed will of a martial artist. It could control all objects and could even be attached to a virtual energy field, increasing its strength. If so, then controlling a person’s body shouldn’t be impossible either.

After Situ Bonan completely controlled Old Man Yan’s body, he flicked his fingers and a needle-looking treasure appeared in his palm, spinning around.

As this needle spun around it rapidly became larger. In an instant it turned into a jade green long spear!

As Lin Ming saw this long spear his eyebrows shot up. This was a peak medium-grade heaven-step treasure!

Old Man Yan used a sword so the spear obviously weren’t his. It was likely that this peak medium-grade heaven-step spear was the treasure that Situ Bonan had attached his battle spirit to. After Situ Bonan received news that the Jagged Slope Mountain Branch Division was being massacred by Lin Ming, he had temporarily projected his will through this jade green long spear.

When this jade green long spear appeared in Situ Bonan’s hands, his aura suddenly shifted. He became more demonic, more vile. Several Blood Drinking Seals shot out from the long spear, rapidly revolving around it.

There were a total of three Blood Drinking Seals!

These Blood Drinking Seals were all around half a foot wide and were a dark blood red. It seemed as if they had been soaked in blood and tempered in flesh, incomparably sharp!

Situ Bonan only had a wisp of his battle spirit arrive here so it was impossible for him to bring Blood Drinking Seals with him. Then, without a doubt, these Blood Drinking Seals had already been attached to the jade green long spear ahead of time.

“Lin Lanjian, let me show you today the power that only a Divine Sea powerhouse can possess! With your current level it’s impossible for you to even injure a hair of mine!”

As Situ Bonan spoke, he lifted the spear with both hands and smashed it down at Lin Ming. Turbulent black energy rolled up into a storm. The three Blood Drinking Seals roared as they spun around, directly cutting towards Lin Ming’s head.

The three Blood Drinking Seals that Situ Bonan had formed were powerful, but a mere three was far from enough. Lin Ming’s spiritual concentration reached the extreme. He poured the Concepts of Thunder and Fire into the spear, aiming at Situ Bonan’s already broken chest as he fiercely thrust forwards.

Penetrating Rainbow!


The Blood Drink Seals collapsed and were sent flying away. Even with the buffer of the elastic spear, Lin Ming still felt the arc of his palm shake as if he had struck a mountain.


Lin Ming roared out and the power of thunderfire on his spear violently detonated. The Burning Star Flame flung into the sky, forming hundreds of flaming birds that plunged towards Situ Bonan.

Situ Bonan wasn’t able to dodge in time. With a sizzling sound, half of his body was scorched black.

However, within the flames, Situ Bonan still had a crazy and diabolical smile on his face. He ignored his injures and continued to thrust the spear towards Lin Ming.

Primeval Spear Strike!

This spear only had a tiny amount of true essence attached to it, but the power of it was actually able to twist apart space. The jade green long spear seemed to vanish, suddenly flickering as it appeared in front of Lin Ming. The spear aimed at Lin Ming’s dantian and shot out!

Golden Roc Shattering the Void!

Lin Ming’s figure instantly vanished. However, Situ Bonan’s understanding into the Concept of Space was extremely profound and a small dark wisp of energy still overtook Lin Ming, drilling into his body like a viper and recklessly destroying everything in its path.

Lin Ming drew back hundreds of feet, his complexion pale.

Looking from afar, Lin Ming saw that Situ Bonan’s entire body had been scorched by the Burning Star Flame; even his limbs were charred black. His injuries appeared much worse than Lin Ming’s, but a joking smile still hung on his face. It was obvious he didn’t feel these injuries in the least.

If his opponent was a normal martial artist then Lin Ming’s first strike would have severely wounded his opponent, making it impossible for them to gather potential for a second attack and wound Lin Ming.

“You stupid idiot, I have already said that someone of your level could never harm even a hair of mine!” Situ Bonan cackled darkly.

Lin Ming’s eyes flashed. He didn’t even seem the slightest bit panicked. Instead, he smiled. Yes, it seemed what he thought was true.

In truth, from the very start of his attack, he had only been wanting to verify some matters. He wanted to know just how a battle spirit could control a body, and now he had already figured out everything he wanted to.

By relying on only a battle spirit projection, the combat efficiency Situ Bonan could use was extremely limited. This was because he could not use his own true essence; he could only borrow the true essence within Old Man Yan’s dantian.

In other words, Situ Bonan was combining the experience and techniques of a Divine Sea powerhouse with the body and energy of a fifth stage Life Destruction martial artist. Because his will didn’t match the body there was problems in transferring energy around, inevitably leading to a loss in his combat strength.

Thus, using a battle spirit to control a body was simply a weak and makeshift technique. It was only for when the main body momentarily couldn’t appear. Against a martial artist of the same level, using it for true combat was useless.

Situ Bonan frowned as he saw Lin Ming’s smiling and assured face. “Brat, you’re about to die so what are you smiling about?”

“Old dog Situ, I am smiling because of your ignorance.”


“Your so-called strength that only a Divine Sea powerhouse possesses is nothing but a battle spirit. A battle spirit is the condensation of one’s ephemeral will – it is not something that can be destroyed by physical attacks. What I attacked just now was only Old Man Yan’s corpse. Even if Old Man Yan’s body was dismembered into pieces, you still wouldn’t be injured. At that time you would only abandon his body and go find someone else to possess…”

“Humph! I guess you’re not too stupid.”

“I have no need for the likes of you to judge whether or not I am stupid. But, I have already deeply experienced just how stupid you are. Your battle spirit projection is simply too weak. By attaching it to that man’s body you are restrained from all angles; you simply can’t do anything against me!”

“Who cares if I can’t harm you? You can’t injure me either. As long as I follow you then the Asura Divine Kingdom masters will catch up in a quarter of an hour and you will be captured. When that time comes I will pull out your soul and torture you until you beg for death! Jejeje!” Situ Bonan recklessly smiled as if he was already anticipating the scene of Lin Ming’s capture and suffering.

Lin Ming chuckled, “That’s why I said you were ignorant. Old dog Situ… don’t you know that I’ve already long since comprehended my own battle spirit?”


Situ Bonan was startled. At this time, there was a loud explosion as a sound like a thunderclap roared in Situ Bonan’s ears. In the next moment, the scenery around him suddenly shifted and he had arrived within an endless desert.

World of will!?!?

Situ Bonan’s eyes widened. To drag him into the world of will, this proved that Lin Ming had already formed his battle spirit!

A late Revolving Core realm martial artist could detach his own elementary battle spirit?

This damnable brat!

Situ Bonan was greatly shocked. In a sense, a battle spirit was a power that only a Divine Sea powerhouse could possess. As for Life Destruction powerhouses, even if they were top ranked Destiny Decree masters, there was only the tiniest minority that could ever hope to form their own. As for comprehending a battle spirit as the Revolving Core realm, that could be said to have never occurred before. At least, he had never heard of this occurring in the last 1000 years!

“Very good! Lin Lanjian, you continue to surprise me at every turn!”

After Situ Bonan’s astonishment receded, a cunning smile still hung on his face as before. He didn’t panic because Lin Ming had formed his own battle spirit. Since he had been identified as an eternally rare talent by the various intelligence networks, then comprehending a battle spirit at the Revolving Core realm wasn’t too unexpected.

But how had he formed his own battle spirit? Situ Bonan was already 6000 years old. Since he reached 3000 years of age, he hadn’t been able to raise his cultivation by a single small realm. Instead, the fires of his life began diminishing and his cultivation also gradually dissipated.

In this sort of situation, Situ Bonan had invested all of his energy and will into raising his battle spirit. After the repeated tempering of over 3000 years, although his body was on the verge of collapse and could even be said to be decaying, his soul and will were still incomparably formidable!

Situ Bonan had asserted that with Lin Ming’s current level, it would be impossible for Lin Ming to injure him at all. And this didn’t change even with the knowledge of Lin Ming’s battle spirit, because even if Lin Ming possessed his own battle spirit, it was still far from a realm reaching his own!

“Brat, since you’ve comprehended a battle spirit, this will be perfect. I will use my powerful will to annihilate you, and show you the tip of a Divine Sea powerhouse’s terrifying strength. I will let you know that an absolute disparity in cultivation cannot be made up for by some mere talent!”

Ho- !

Situ Bonan gave a loud shout and his battle spirit rushed out from the ruined corpse of Old Man Yan. His battle spirit shot into the sky, turning into a Giant Demon in the air. This Giant Demon was over 10 feet tall with thick, sinewy muscles wrapping its body. The Giant Demon grasped a jet black halberd that shimmered with a cold light.

This Giant Demon was conjured by Situ Bonan; it was the incarnation of his battle spirit’s true body.

“Take my halberd!”

Explosive sounds emitted from Situ Bonan’s body. He grasped the jet black halberd and smashed it down at Lin Ming.

Facing this strike, Lin Ming remained completely calm. As the halberd closed in on his head, suddenly a sharp light flashed in his eyes. The large success bronze battle spirit in his spiritual sea howled forth!


The void shattered. That originally chopstick-thin azure battle spirit in his spiritual sea flashed and instantly grew hundreds of millions of times larger. It turned into a titanic long spear hundreds of miles long, the spearpoint piercing through the great blue sky!

Lin Ming wielded this gargantuan long spear. It came crashing down like a toppling pillar of heaven!


Situ Bonan looked at the long spear that was hundreds of feet thick, and then he looked at the black halberd in his hands that was only two inches thick. An awkward and silly expression appeared on his face as his features twisted into a complex puzzle.

This majestic metallic color… this was…

Large success bronze battle spirit!?!?

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