ISSTH – Book 8 – Chapter 1327

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Chapter 1327: Nothing More Than a Demonic Beast!

“Trying to seduce me… into being a turncoat?” Meng Hao asked coolly. His expression was calm, but a flicker of derision could be seen in his eyes. “You don’t qualify to try something like that.”

Only an Outsider who was out of the loop would talk to Meng Hao in such a way. If this person had been Paragon Eegoo, who was aware of who exactly Meng Hao was, he would never have uttered such words.

Back in the days of the Paragon Immortal Realm, even when the entire world had crumbled into pieces, its people, despite being broken and dying in the Mountain and Sea Realm, refused to bow their heads in compliance to the 33 Heavens. If that was the case back then, how much more so would it be the case now, when the Mountain and Sea Realm had grown strong, and was carrying on the legacy of the Paragon Immortal Realm!?

To bow one’s head in compliance would be a betrayal of one’s people, one’s home, and one’s everything…. To become a Dao slave, where life and death were not under one’s own control, where one had no freedom… what would be the point of being alive?!

When Yuwen Jian heard Meng Hao’s response, he suddenly felt very calm.

As for the violet-horned Outsider, he gazed deeply at Meng Hao for a moment, then laughed softly, as if he wasn’t very surprised. Then he and the other two Outsiders stepped back to make way.

“If that is your wish, Dao Sovereign Meng, and considering that we can’t stop you, then we will permit you to enter the Vale of the Godgrave. Please, go ahead.” The violet-horned Outsider smiled and gestured for Meng Hao to walk past.

Yuwen Jian breathed a sigh of relief. The pressure he felt from these three 5-Essences Outsiders made him realize how insignificant he was. Although he felt relieved, he gritted his teeth petulantly and told himself that even if it was more risky, he had to get into the Vale of the Godgrave.

However, just when Yuwen Jian was about to proceed forward, he realized that Meng Hao hadn’t moved an inch.

A strange expression had appeared on Meng Hao’s as he looked at the three Outsiders, and he began to laugh.

“Did you three practice your cultivation wrong and turn into retards? Or were your brains always defective?” He suddenly took a step forward, and when his foot landed, his energy surged wildly, as if a giant had stomped down onto the starry sky. It was like the crashing of an ocean of waves!

“This is the Mountain and Sea Realm, not the 1st Heaven! Everything here belongs to the Mountains and Seas, not you people. Just because you’re standing around here, doesn’t mean I need your permission to come and go, does it?”

The three Outsiders’ hearts began to quiver. It felt as if mountains were crushing down onto them, as if the Heavens were suppressing their hearts. Their faces fell and they quickly backed up.

“You think that when I show up, you can just ‘step back and make way’ for me?

“The Mountain and Sea Realm and the 1st Heaven are at war. As for you three… what makes you so confident that I won’t just kill you?” Meng Hao threw his head back and laughed. Then he took three steps forward, each one of which caused him to erupt with extraordinary power. The sheer towering majesty was almost impossible for onlookers to take in, and the pressure he emanated crushed down with infinite force. A tempest sprang up, sweeping in all directions, and crushing might bore down onto the three Outsiders.

The mere upsurge of energy caused everything to shake violently, and the three Outsiders’ minds were reeling as blood sprayed out of their mouths. The scales on their bodies even began to explode as they fell back a great distance.

“Meng Hao, how dare you!!”

“If you only stuck to killing some of our lesser tribe members, then whatever… they aren’t in the Dao Realm, so they don’t count as successors in the 1st Heaven. But if you kill us Dao Realm experts, your clan will definitely be placed on the 33 Heavens’ list of clans to be exterminated!”

“You’re going to get your whole clan exterminated, Meng Hao! Do you really dare to attack us?!?!”

“Pipe down!” Meng Hao said coolly, his energy crushing down with a booming sound. The three 5-Essences Outsiders trembled, and one experienced a complete explosion of all the scales on his body, after which his entire tail shattered. Blood sprayed out of his mouth, and when Meng Hao took a fifth step, he screamed and exploded.

A majestic 5-Essences Outsider was crushed like a twig by Meng Hao’s divine sense and cultivation base power!

Only two remained! The violet-horned Outsider was holding out better than the other, who coughed up a mouthful of blood as his flesh was shredded.

Even as he let out a despairing howl, Meng Hao took a sixth step.


The Outsider’s body twisted, as though some enormous hand were squeezing down on it. It was crushed into a pulp, completely dead. With six steps, Meng Hao had killed two powerful enemies, to shocking effect.

The violet-horned Outsider’s face was pale, and he let out a howl as he suddenly began to grow. His appearance completely changed; astonishingly, what now appeared in front of Meng Hao was a 3,000-meter long black lizard!

His long black horn glowed with violet light, and he looked boundlessly fierce. This was the true form of the Outsiders from the 1st Heaven!

They looked less like cultivators and more like… animals!

At the most, they were like Demonic beasts!

The 3,000-meter long lizard roared mightily as flames burst out from his body. However, instead of charging Meng Hao, he fled in the opposite direction at high speed.

“I guess I gave you too much credit,” Meng Hao said, eyeing the lizard coldly. “You’re just an animal, and yet I tried to explain things to you as if you were a cultivator.” With that, he took a seventh step.

The instant that seventh step descended, Meng Hao’s energy reached an indescribable level. The power of the Mountains and Seas rumbled out, filling the entire area. It was as if the will of the Mountain and Sea Realm had been driven away by Meng Hao and his power!

The only thing present was Mountain and Sea power, with none of the Realm’s will. It was as if that power… was under the complete control of Meng Hao’s will!

His will was… superseding the Heavens and replacing the Dao!

“Superseding the Heavens and replacing the Dao? This… this is impossible!!” The violet-horned lizard was filled with terror and shock. What he was seeing was so impossible that he couldn’t think, and his heart filled up with complete despair.

All of a sudden, he experienced a vision. Images rose up, the memories of his ancestors which were concealed in his blood. He saw his ancestors in one of the Lower Realms beneath the Paragon Immortal Realm. He saw them… acting as mounts for Immortals.

In the end, that was the last thing he ever saw, as Meng Hao’s surging energy superseded the Heavens and replaced the Dao. It became an explosive will of destruction that, in the blink of an eye, completely crushed the gigantic lizard’s soul out of existence!


He was completely and utterly eradicated!

The other surrounding Outsiders gaped in shock at what they had just witnessed, and trembled as they stared at Meng Hao in complete and utter terror and disbelief.

“Scram!” Meng Hao said, glaring at them. He was well aware that, considering the vast number of Outsiders present, it wouldn’t be an easy task to simply wipe them out, not even with the aid of the power of the Mountains and Seas.

Right now, these Outsiders were completely shaken, so the best thing to do wasn’t to kill them, it was to plant a seed inside of them.

That seed was a seed of terror, a seed that would eventually topple their hearts!

His voice was like a cudgel that swept out and slammed into the hearts and minds of the Outsiders. It was like a bolt of lightning that destroyed their courage and wiped away their will to fight. Fear of Meng Hao overwhelmed them, and screams could be heard as they scattered, fleeing in uncoordinated chaos.


Note from Deathblade: This chapter is a bit short because it was the fourth update of the day by Er Gen, and on Mid-Autumn Festival at that!

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