IRAS: Chapter 562 – The whole audience cheers!

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Chapter 562 The whole audience cheers!

An uproar!


The entire Centennial Hall had been shaken by Zhang Ye’s shouts!

Bai Yi angrily roared, “That madman! He’s really a madman!”

A Japanese female reporter said, “We will raise a protest! This is an insult to us! This is the lowest form of personal attack on us!”

Many of the Chinese reporters had been greatly inspired. They focused their cameras onto Zhang Ye, not wanting to miss out on any footage of him. There was a great deal of satisfaction on all their faces. However, the Japanese reporters all looked very angry, as though they had be on the receiving end of a great insult, incredulous that someone actually dared to scold them and their country in such an official setting!

“Why is he like that!”

“What is he scolding us for!”

“Does he even know what he is saying? Ah!”

The students of Tokyo University were also raging!

A few of Peking University’s heads of school could only look at each other in shock!

Matsumoto and the political delegates, their faces as cold as water, lodged stern protests!

The accompanying Chinese officials were also shocked and confused, not knowing what they could say now to appease the situation!

A Peking University Japanese Department teacher jumped up and cursed, “This damned nationalist!”

A staff member from the Office of School Leadership said irritatedly, “What kind of behavior is that! What has the war got to do with the Japanese citizens? Don’t let him keep speaking! Get him off the stage! Cut the mic!”

A few of them could not understand why a century-old institution like Peking University, the top institution in the country, would employ a hooligan like Zhang Ye as a teacher. This was a huge mistake, no matter how talented Zhang Ye was or how much Zhang Ye had contributed for academics. This sort of “role model” behavior would nullify all of that! Hiring him was the worst decision that Peking University had made! Zhang Ye’s treacherous speech this time would surely cause Peking University to be on the cusp of the news! It would definitely put them in the sights for controversy and criticism throughout the world!

But Zhang Ye still went on!

He was not done with his speech yet!

Then Zhang Ye continued speaking, “These days, there are many voices that claim that scolding others is not right. That there are also good people in Japan, so don’t be a nationalist. The war has nothing to do with the commoners, scolding others does not mean that you’re patriotic but only tells people that you have low standards. Japanese technology is more advanced than ours, so we must learn from them. The Japanese have higher standards than us, so we must be accepting of them. Boycotting Japanese products is meaningless when we should be looking to raise our standards instead. We must be logical when it comes to patriotism! It seems like those people do not understand why boycotting Japanese products, not eating Japanese food, and scolding Japanese people can be labeled as patriotism? What they are thinking is that they’re the more elegant and classier patriots!”

At this point, Zhang Ye raised his head, as though he was responding to those who were so pro-Japanese. “Actually, I’m wondering as well! I am also very amazed! If our behavior does not reflect patriotism, then does that mean that people like you who only eat Japanese food, buy Japanese products, never speak ill of Japan, and always defend Japan whenever you see anyone criticizing them…are the patriotic ones?” His tone had changed, as though he was laughing at them!

Applause burst again!

Peking University’s students were all cheering!

The staff from the Office of School Leadership nearly suffocated to death!

Zhang Ye said with a cold smile, “They have high standards, they do not scold Japan. But that’s not because they are patriotic while being more elegant and logical than us, not because they are classier than us, not because of any of the highfalutin reasons they claim! That is because…They do not have any hatred for Japan at all! They have long ago forgiven Japan or maybe not even blamed Japan at all before! That is the reason!”

Thunderous applause!

The Peking University students expressed their difficult to describe emotions with loud applause for this!

Zhang Ye adjusted his shirt and tie, presenting himself decently, and then said, “In an official government occasion, there are some things that some would never say as it would offend others, show a lack of demeanor and standards, presenting themselves as inelegant, attracting doubt and controversy. But I am not afraid to offend, I don’t have good demeanor, I have low standards, I have always been simple and inelegant, I am not afraid of being doubted and controversial! So whether or not there are cameras around, no matter who is here today, no matter how many reporters are here today, no matter how many leaders are looking at me right now…” Zhang Ye turned to look at the cameras and declared as he put his hand over his chest, “What the others dare not say, I, Zhang Ye will say it! At any point in time, at any place, at any occasion, whoever asks me the same questions, I have the courage to answer anyone just like today—”

Zhang Ye shouted once, “Boycotting Japanese products…is a sign of patriotism!”

Zhang Ye shouted twice, “Scolding Japan…is a sign of patriotism!”

Zhang Ye shouted thrice, “Scolding those who defend Japan by scolding us…is a sign of patriotism!”

Many of Peking University’s teachers were staring with their mouths agape! Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t! Holy sh*t!

Zhang Ye said fearlessly, “Is scolding people right? Scolding people is not right! Sorry then, we have low standards, we are inelegant, but this is who we are! Just a common citizen’s way of showing his love for his country!” Zhang Ye dragged out his words. “But this is just us, an ordinary citizen’s most humble patriotism!”

Vigorous applause once more echoed through the entire hall. All of the students had stood up to clap with all they had. A few female students were so excited by this talk that they even had tears in their eyes!

What a good “scolding Japan is a sign of patriotism”!

What a good “most humble patriotism”!

Just as Zhang Ye had said, there were some words some people did not dare say, but he dared. In the faces of the visiting delegation, in an occasion faced with so many Chinese and foreign reporters, Zhang Ye shouted out what no one else dared to say!

The people upstairs were already in full rage!

But Zhang Ye looked directly at them and said, “I have a poem here I would like to dedicate to our friends upstairs to end my speech with today.”


He was going to compose another impromptu poem again?

The applause quickly stopped as the Peking University students perked up their ears in anticipation!

Zhang Ye melodiously recited:

“How to let you encounter me.

“At my most beautiful moment.

“For this—

“I’ve prayed to Buddha for five hundred years.

Prayed he’d bring us together by destiny.”

This was a masterpiece from his previous world, a work by Xi Murong entitled A Flowering Tree!

When Zhang Ye recited it, Yao Mi was taken aback, Senior Song had a look of suspicion while countless other Peking University students all did not seem like they understood any of it. It wasn’t that they did not understand the meaning of those words, but they did not understand why Zhang Ye would randomly recite a love poem.

Prayed for five hundred years?

Brought together by destiny?

Brought together with who? Japan? What was this supposed to mean?

But Zhang Ye continued:

“Buddha thus turned me into a tree.

“Growing beside the path you must pass.

“In the sunshine, in full bloom gingerly.

“Every blossom a hope from my past life.”

No one could deny that this was indeed a good poem. Up until here, the mood of the poem was vividly established, but still, no one could understand: how was this not a love poem?

Zhang Ye smiled lightly.

“When you near.

“Please listen closely.

“The quivering leaves

are the warmth of my waiting.

“But you eventually moved on, oblivious?

“Falling all over the ground behind you, / my friend, / are not petals, but me softly saying…” Zhang Ye raised his hand and pointed at the Japanese. “Idiots!

At this instance!

At this moment!

When the word “idiots” rang out, the whole hall exploded into laughter!

Those who had been scolded by Zhang Ye in the most direct and vulgar manner had their faces flush so much they looked purple!

Meanwhile, those from Peking University were shocked and could not believe what had just happened!

Su Na: “………..”

Professor Zeng: “………”

Chang Kaige: “……”

Zhen Shuquan: “……”

Dean Pan: “……”

Xin Ya: “…………”

The foreign mathematicians: “……%^&*()(*&^%! ! !”

Prayed to Buddha for five hundred years, brought together by destiny with them, turned into a tree beside the path they must pass, hope from the past life, warmly waiting, all just to have a face-to-face chance to softly say—Idiots!?

Everyone was shocked by how daring Zhang Ye was!

In this second, the large Centennial Hall went fearfully quiet!

The Peking University students and teachers went quiet, the Chinese reporters went quiet, the Japanese political and university delegations also went quiet!

The atmosphere seemed to have frozen for a second!

When they had been targeted, who stood up for them? Zhang Ye!

When they were sternly scolded by the professors and teachers, who spoke up for them? Zhang Ye!

So when Zhang Ye finished reciting his poem, many of the Peking University students looked upstairs at the delegations!

Suddenly, a chubby Peking University student suddenly stood up and pointed upstairs, shouting, “Idiots!”

The third-year senior who had been protected by Zhang Ye earlier also stood up from her seat, looked at those upstairs and shouted out loudly, “Idiots!”

Yao Mi stood up. “Idiots!”

Li Li stood up. “Idiots!”

Senior Zhou drew a deep breath and pointed upstairs. “Idiots!”

At the beginning, there was only sparse and inconsistent shouting!

But gradually, everyone’s shouting became more consistent as one, ten, a hundred, two hundred people, all Peking University students joined in!




Finally, even Senior Song the straight-A student stood up to shout out, “Idiots!”

Five hundred students!

A thousand students!

1,500 students!

All of the Peking University students had joined in to shout and denounce them!

All of them were standing up together! All of them were pointing their fingers at those upstairs!

What sort of a place was this? It was Peking University! This was the country’s best and most elite education institution! Among the students, there were last year’s scholars from Beijing, Beihe, Jiangsu, Gansu, and nine other provinces! There was also the best testing student from the national college entrance exam two years ago! There was a top student from Peking University’s postgraduate program!

Can you imagine the scene?

A Peking University teacher, leading a group of more than a thousand elite students from across the country, pointing their fingers at the Japanese delegation, shouting one louder than the other, “Idiots!”

My God!

Just what kind of image is that?

Just what kind of sight is that?

The Peking University teachers were all shocked!

The Chinese reporters were all shocked!

The Japanese delegation was shocked!!!

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  1. Ugh… Forced plot, nationalism brought to the utmost limits where it almost looks like something out of nazis handbook. I love everything else about this story so much, that is the only reason I keep on reading. Still it gets, harder and harder to persevere. Seriously – Attitude that you blame the new generation and scold them over things that happened when they were not even born while ignore everything that is wrong with your country is horrible. Besides that, author makes it really hard to believe that’s how normal people act. Every Japanese(or foreigner) in this book is depicted as ether horrible person or straight up child murdering criminal(i might be over dramatizing on the last part, but the way this has been going I would not be surprised to see that soon). Really? After that hate speech everyone just got up and started applauding? He straight up said we should hate those people and everyone just got up and agreed. Really? Ugh… I just hope this filler doesn’t last much longer. Like I said, everything else in this story is amazing, except this.

    1. “Attitude that you blame the new generation and scold them over things that happened when they were not even born while ignore everything that is wrong with your country is horrible”
      Well you shouldn’t judge how someone lives mate, you don’t have that right. Obviously as most of us readers are westerners, (The translated version), we take many things for granted and view man who don’t have such qualities of life as harsh or unforgiving. However Ignorance is bliss, how we view such situation like the Chinese government, we will naturally say that such thing shouldn’t exist. However for many Chinese, (Not all obviously), they loved their government. For them they would view nothing wrong with their country but rather view western countries as hypocrites and whatnot. So really the ones who loves their countries, they don’t view it as horrible. Not really going comment on the Chinese government however you should take this into consideration. Also only seeing one view is called ignorance, it’s always best to be open minded unless your Zhang Ye than it’s cool.
      Note the reason why people started applauding the speech towards Japan was because there’s already a lot of enmity between the two existing country. For them to come together and tried to talk about anything is already a miracle so for it to actually succeed, well even today that wouldn’t happened for a good while.

    2. Dude, evry one who is not on Zhang ye’s side looks like a total jerk and is a horrible person so as to let place for a better face smacking by Zhang Ye. It works on a person or a country. During the Dale’s conjecture it was the americans looking like jerks and before the koreans…
      Secondly, this is written IN China BY a chinese author FOR chinese readers. Do not forget this point as it is the most important one. The author is hitting on a chinese market, if he were to say China sucks and Japan rocks then the author would just lose all his CHINESE readers and he only had chinese readers before translation started.
      What do you expect him to do ? He is mainly writing his novel for the Chinese readers way before we (people who read translation) came reading this novel. The author is marketing a chinese audience and thus has to have some nationalistic bull’. Look, if this was a Japanese novel it would have the same stuff but the other way around about china being the bad guys.

      There is no good or bad, it all depends on which side you put urself in and this is only a novel so nobody got hurt so don’t get yourself butthurt

    3. Even if what he said is a bit too much nationalist, there is truth in it.

      -The japanese never apologised for all the atrocities they commited in the WW2. ( something around 20 million civilians killed)

      – Japanese scientists did experiences on thousands of people (just like Mengele did) but they were forgiven by the government in exchange of the data they got.

      – There is a lot of revisionism in their school textbooks, they put themselves as poor victims of the Americans like if they were saints who did nothing wrong at that time.

      – Also, it’s true that japan and China are opposing each others aver the right on some islands.

      – and finally, the conflicts between these 2 countries is not from the WW2, they’ve been at war against each other for thousands of years.

      So it’s quite dificult to build an healthy relationship between 2 countries with such a past… Even more when the last big conflict took place merely 70 years ago, which means there is still people who were living at that time and adults who were raised in a environment with hatred running deep at that time just after the war…

      1. the forced plot here isn’t the logic of the mc, like rapture said it’s this part:
        “Dude, evry one who is not on Zhang ye’s side looks like a total jerk and is a horrible person so as to let place for a better face smacking by Zhang Ye.”

        seriously, what kind of people japan send to china to ‘build an healthy relationship between 2 countries’
        i think that, in the coming chapters, the author will going to do that many chinese will be against Zhang Ye for what he did in this chapter (force plot)

        ..Sorry for bad english

    4. I don’t know why you’re so paranoid about this arc. The Chinese have a right to be mad about what happened to their country. Everyone knows about the Holocaust and the millions who died. The issues had been addressed to and Germany apologized. But what about the Rape of Nanjing? And the mass murdering of South East Asians by the Japanese? They only received an apology like two years ago, but then soon afterwards, a Japanese Hotel wrote a book saying how everything was fabricated. The Chinese have a right to be infuriated and have a right about what they want to express through their novels.

  2. This arc’s a bit too much on the nationalist side. Even brought Nazis into this…
    Would’ve been better if he just sarcastically added some stuff into the speech about how promptly they showed up on time and such.

    1. In some the Japanese were/are worse than the Nazis. The way they were slaughtering an entire race is the same, they committed the same war crimes. They literally slaughtered infants in their cribs. The bit about the “comfort women” and “labourers” is true, there are literally still people alive who were forced to go through that. The reason I say Japan is worse, is because it is true that Japan never apologized. In Germany it would be completely unacceptable for anyone to try and deny the Holocaust occured. In Japan there are members of the government who still to this day deny any wrongdoing. Even though there is irrefutable proof of the atrocities they committed, and their own soldiers live with the guilt of knowing what they did, they still choose to pretend that it never happened as if that will somehow protect their “honor”. In the end though, it’s nothing but a bad joke, since the world knows what happened. The only thing the denial accomplishes is make them look like dishonorable scumbags. I can totally understand the feelings in the story, it is very accurate and not wrong at all. The only people who would think it’s wrong are uneducated people who have no clue what they are talking about and don’t understand the things that occurred in the past, or stupid SJWs who just want to be triggered by something and cry “but dat’s racist”.

  3. Somehow, after reading a lot of the novels, it seems that all Eastern nations pretty much hate each others’ guts. Well, they seem to hate foreigners too… there’s a lot of hate flying around there.

    I only remember how I chuckled first time when I heard the phrase “exterminate five generations of his family”. It sounded like an complete exaggeration, like seven-headed dragon or smth like that. Now, I can’t help but wonder if similar crap was common between the Chinese and/or other Eastern nations…

  4. Japan has repeatedly apologised for the bad stuff they did

    I have to say that while the Japanese has moved to a more peaceful country the Chinese has not

    Even in this story its the Japanese who are extending their hands out for peace and the MC who is slapping them away.

    I hate the fact that in this story no one has an ounce of reasoning in the heads. If i was the Japanese there listening to the MC talking shit about me i would defend by saying all the things that my country and its people have done to promote peace and then point out that things that their county and extension their people have done to break human rights and all the other questionable things they have done

    You can’t put the sins of the father on to the son.

    The story is fine but the fact the MC is big headed over stealing others work makes me fell sick inside. The fact none of his so called work was his own and then getting angry over the fact some one questions it makes the MC an ass hole.

    The MC is most certainly a racists, lazy, and a bigoted

  5. Isn’t “shabi” basically means “stupid c*nt”? I mean, that was way more vulgar than “idiots” so I understand not using that translation lol, but it’s just pure unadulterated curse that fits the narrative of the next paragraphs.

    Like, what kind of badass says “stupid c*nt” in the face of his enemy? Zhang F*cking Ye of course.

  6. As much as Zhang Ye prides himself as a teacher and as good as his brainwashing intentions are, he really just needs to be fired. He’s unbanned, time to get back to entertainment/media type work.

  7. I want to share my experience i already read the iras LNMTL chapter 1494 – 1495 1496, do tou know what i feel ? This is really worth reading adter reading those chapter i cried for almost 12hours because…… Okay no spoiler but it is really worth it

  8. it’s parallel World guys and just a fiction, so if you are a japanese don’t get angry, in this parallel World the japanese has not apologize yet :D, so Zhang Ye use that kind of plot and use a poem called all those japanese IDIOT!! IoI how daring this Zhang Ye, or i must say the Author ? ahahaha 😀

    thx for the chapter ^^

    1. Its a fictional story that uses the same names as reality with almost the same history as reality. That’s pretty bad. If i was to do the same for you but change just enough to say it was a story i made up then would you agree that it was fiction or me stirring shit up.

      The author of this story wasn’t alive when japans war crimes happened but yet the author (or should i say MC) feels the need to shame people and the country who weren’t alive and took no part in the crimes.

      If you think its OK to make people apologise for things that their fathers did then the MC should spend all of his time apologising for everything his ancestors did

      The MC is a hypocrite

  9. I maybe biased, but I never believe that anyone chineese can denounce their country or countrymen,publicly. They are like the father of communism. Anyone who would do so, would be either be a criminal or would be run over by tanks. On a more serious note, apologies for the offence, China is perhaps one of those countries who has beef with the maximum number of countries out there. Well so many nations, you will expect some bad history and relations and in all truth its unavoidable. But nationalism is but a tool, used to rally the masses.

  10. Hmmm… I’m not going to say that I know the deep history between China and Japan but I do believe that Zhang bro took it a tad too far. I understand that Japan screwed over the rest of Asia during WWII and understand why an apology at least is a good idea. However, I disagree with completely destroying the chance for potential future cooperation. If you have complaints, present them, fight for them. But do not undermine the potential for future peace while doing so.

  11. Actually, he is great personality, special charm, sinserely and good guy. But in my opinion, he is going too far for this time. I think in the same way with previous reply. We cannot blame the new generation with their ancestors. He should to consider situation and control his temper more than this. The world doesn’t revolve around you. If we consider it as a real life, we cant scold anything that we want. How about the people behind you?
    However, I am still a big fan for Zhang Ye. He is cool guy even sometimes going to be mad.

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