IRAS: Chapter 530 – People across the country were stunned! (UNREDACTED VERSION)

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Chapter 530 People across the country were stunned! (Unredacted Version)


At the balcony.

IT was 5PM in the afternoon.

The air in the suburbs was much better than the city. The sunset was clear and had brightened up the sky across with it’s fiery presence. Occasionally, birds would fly about in front of the window and could be clearly seen with it’s pointed beaks, but it was not known what species they were.

As the window was a panoramic floor to ceiling window, the view from the balcony was extremely scenic. The faraway western mountains, the bird’s eye view of the resort at the bottom were all clearly seen from here.

They enjoyed the view as they soaked in the bath, with the privacy of the one way window.

In the bath, the two of them were seated opposite to each other.

“Is the temperature OK?” Old Wu asked casually.

Zhang Ye felt a little awkward but answered with a slight cough anyway, “Ye..Yes, it’s just right.”

She laughed and said, “Big Sis had already been soaking in this water for a while just now. If you mind it, we can release the water and refill it again easily.”

Zhang Ye waved his hand and said, “It’s good as long as you don’t mind about me being dirty. Why would I mind about you?”

She did not bring it up anymore and continued, “So how is it?

This place isn’t bad, right?”

“It’s really quite good.” Zhang Ye said, “The view is great, the facilities are good but most importantly is the person I’m with is the best. Old Wu, we will come again next time?”

She splashed some water on her arm and wiped it down, “When Big Sis is not so busy, we will see how.”

As Old Wu got into the water wrapped in her towel, the towel was wet and stuck onto her skin and his revealed her figure even more. Besides, the towel wrap where it was tucked into under her arm had been loosened by the water’s motion. Old Wu would occasionally use her hand to tuck it back in to secure it.

Zhang Ye was also the same. Wearing the towel to soak in the bath was really uncomfortable because it would stick to his legs.

But without swim wear, they could only make do. Using an underwear as a replacement was out of the question as it would be seen through once it got wet. It would also stick to the skin when it got wet and so that would be as good as not wearing anything.

Zhang Ye was actually thinking of removing the towel, but as Old Wu did not remove hers, he would feel uncomfortable if he went about naked. It wouldn’t seem right.

There was silence for a long while.

The water wasn’t very hot, so Old Wu turned around to turn on the tap to let more hot water fill the bath. Hualalala. The sound of water splashing loudly while Old Wu gracefully made some motions in the water to spread out the concentrated area of hot water to the rest of the bath. Zhang Ye also moved his legs to help stir the water about.


His leg felt a soft sensation as it came up against Old Wu’s leg.

Old Wu was still filling it up with more water, “Tell me when you think it’s OK.”

“OK.” Zhang Ye blinked but did not move his leg away. He let it brush against Old Wu’s soft and beautiful leg and then slowly slid it against her leg.

Old Wu did not react much to it.

Although the bath was small, but if the two of them were to put out their legs straight, they would still be able to feel each other.

Seeing this, Zhang Ye continued to use his leg to probe further. His feet was also sliding against Old Wu’s calf which did not feel rough at all. It was moderately small and slender, well proportioned to her thigh. He slowly moved forward and continued sliding it against her leg. Hu. The next moment, his sole had already touched Old Wu’s knee and up onto her thigh. Compared to her calf, Old Wu was gradually getting more meaty as he moved up. The sensation was…extremely good.

He could only feel softness with his sole.

Old Wu turned to him and asked, “Is the temperature good?”

“Ah, yes. It’s very good.” Zhang Ye quickly said.

“Good then.” She said nodding before turning off the tap. She sat down again in the bath and took the resort prepared rose petals and scattered them in the water.

Seeing no response from her, Zhang Ye continued to take advantage with his leg on her leg. A rose petal floated towards his chest and that fully described what he was feeling right now — His heart was fluttering with flower petals.

Old Wu was pushing the water towards herself, “Did you watch the news just now?”

“I watched it a little.” Zhang Ye said.

She asked, “Was there any report of you solving Dale’s Conjecture?”

Zhang Ye laughed and said, “I did not notice, but didn’t the SARFT already ban me?” Having finished feeling with the bottom of his feet, he switched to the top side and continued sliding it against her thigh.

She explained, “That has nothing to do with this. Big Sis used to be engaged in such work as well and knows a bit. The authorities will only clamp down on news concerning yourself and any related commercial activities that you partake in. This time, you’ve solve a great problem such as Dale’s Conjecture and it does not fall under any jurisdiction and guidelines. Even if they wanted to fully stop any news of it, they would not be able to. Don’t worry, such big news will surely be reported for sure. In any case, you’ve won great honors for our country and made significant contributions and breakthrough to the educational field. They might even redact your name from decree #43 in some time. All of this would be possible, so wait patiently as I think you’d be able to get past this setback.”

“That would be nice, but how long would I have to wait?

If it’s still some months away, then I still won’t be able to do any programs.” Zhang Ye said as he continued with his feeling up using his leg. His toes could already feel the towel ends of Old Wu and if he went further, it would reach the inside of the towel. Seeing it through the water, it was dark and shadowy as there was a lack of lighting, so everything was unclear as it was.

She smiled and said, “That might not be the case, just wait and see how it goes. Big Sis can also help you to check with my friends for some updates. But as for how long until the ban gets lifted, I can’t give you an estimate since I do not work at the SARFT.”

As they chatted, Zhang Ye continued to take advantage. He was fully satisfied with everything so far, but did not dare to go further than that, so he kept his leg back.

He was covered in sweat by now from the hot bath, but of course a portion of it was due to the excitement from Old Wu. That pair of legs were really too temptatious and alluring.

Zhang Ye looked at her and said, “Are you going to wash your hair?”

She looked at the tray beside the bath and looked like she was choosing something and said, “Will think about it later, do you want some bath foam?

The bath foam here looks like it’s specially formulated to generate a lot of foam. If you want, I’ll pour some of it in. We could cleanse our body with it too and then just use the shower head to wash it down when we get out.”

“Sure, put some of it in.” Zhang Ye said.

Old Wu twisted open the cap and poured it in.

After about a minute, the foam in the bath were getting more and more until it had covered the surface of the water. It had even started accumulating over at Zhang Ye’s side, with some getting onto his body.

Zhang Ye used his hand to apply some of the foam bubbles onto his his bodym washing and cleaning himself comfortably. But the lower half of his body was a little difficult to wash as he still had the towel on.

Old Wu was also buried within the white foam bubbles. She was applying them onto her body, neck and arms, looking like a beauty unlike anything on earth while doing it!

Zhang Ye was yearning for her at the sight of this. Up until now, he still could not believe that a beauty like Old Wu had agreed to be his girlfriend!

Well, looks like this bro’s personality and charms are getting way too strong, right?

With a beauty by his side, Zhang Ye was feeling a little arrogant. He felt that the five times reduced difficulty had only contributed a little to this matter and it was mainly down to himself being too handsome and talented!

One minute…

Two minutes….

Suddenly, Old Wu reached under her arms.

Zhang Ye was not sure of what she was doing due to the foam bubbles. Then, he saw Old Wu moving her hand and sitting up a little. What followed next left Zhang Ye staring in shock. He saw Old Wu taking out a long towel from below the water and placing it into the basket beside the bath.

She removed the towel?


Does that mean she was….naked now?

Zhang Ye could only hate that there were too much foam bubbles which blocked his view now. But he could still make out at the areas where there were less bubbles to be two flesh colored…..

Old Wu still looking very at ease with herself said, “It’s a little difficult to wash with the towel wrapped around.”

Zhang Ye echoed her sentiments, “Yes, yes. It sticks to your skin and feels really uncomfortable. Well then….I should take it off too?”

“If you want to.” She said without minding.

“Alright.” Zhang Ye immediately seized the opportunity to get rid of the towel. If a woman like Old Wu did not mind, what should he feel embarrassed about?

Take it off!

Zhang Ye put his hands under to loosen the knot on his towel, then removed it and threw it out at the side of the bath. The only thing that he was embarrassed about was that he had a reaction below. He was afraid that Old Wu would see it and so, pretentiously pushed the water and foam bubbles back at himself, like he was washing his body, but actually using the foam bubbles to cover his lower half of the body so that Old Wu would not be able to see anything. At the same time, this was killing two birds with one stone, as that would have left her side of the bath with lesser bubbles and that would leave him with more to see than he should be seeing.


This is the wisdom of a perv…of a scholar!

Zhang Ye was so pleased with himself, but at the next moment, he heard Old Wu say, “Why?

There’s not enough foam?

Don’t worry, there’s another bottle here.” After saying that, she opened up another bottle and poured it all into the water.

Zhang Ye nearly cried. It wasn’t because our military was incompetent, but that the enemy was too crafty!

Very soon, the foam bubbles had once again enveloped the surface of the bath.

Zhang Ye settled down a little but continued washing himself absent-mindedly. He continued to steal occasional glances over at Old Wu and enjoyed the ‘scenic view’ from near.

Old Wu had started washing her body now. With her hands under the water, she kept rubbing at something with a constant motion which also caused the bath foam to bubble up even more.

A small bubble was expanding.

Poof. It burst when Old Wu came into contact with it.

Subsequently, both her hands shifted to her front. It looked as though she was washing her belly or waist.

Not long after, the water surface moved turbulently as a knee appeared from within the foam bubbles. With that, followed her long slender legs which Old Wu grabbed some foam bubbles from around her and splashed it onto her leg, rubbing it in a constant motion, looking very elegant.

Zhang Ye was staring by now.

Old Wu looked at him and asked, “Yes?

What’s the matter?”

Zhang Ye said, “Nothing.”

“Aren’t you going to wash?” She asked.

“I’m washing too.” Zhang Ye immediately moved a little and splashed some foam bubbles onto himself to show that he was washing, then stopping and volunteeringly said, “Old Wu, you can’t reach your back to wash it, why don’t I help you?”

Old Wu gently nodded her head, “OK.”

Zhang Ye’s was a little anxious, but he was also looking forward to this. He made his way to her side slowly through the water. As the amount of foam bubbles had blocked most of his view, he could not see what was going on in the water. When he got over to her side, he tried to support himself but his hand seemed to have held on to something meaty. Without taking time to feel it well, he quickly pulled back his hand and said, “Sorry.”

“It’s alright.” Old Wu didn’t say much and just turned her back to face him, “Don’t trouble yourself, just lather it a few times with the foam bubbles.”

“Sure.” Zhang Ye could feel a lump in his throat. He intently soaked up some foam bubbles and poured it over her fair white back, moving his hand up and down, and up and down, lathering her back. He said, “Heh, you’ve got really great skin, Old Wu. Much better than mine.”

She said, “That’s because you are always smoking.”

Zhang Ye sighed and said, “It’s not like I smoke that much.”

“It’s not good for your body. Quit it if you can.” She said.

Zhang Ye who was feeling the warmth from the skin on her back said reactively, “Sure, we’ll talk about this again.”

Old Wu was the type of person who knew how to care for others and also respected them at the same time. She just mentioned it once to him and did not comment any further, “Alright then, it’s time for Big Sis to help you wash your back.”

Zhang Ye turned around holding the side of the bath for support as he smiled, “Thank you then.”

Very soon, he could feel a pair of hands on his shoulders with a lot of foam bubbles scrubbing over on his back.

Hu! How comfortable!

Zhang Ye closed his eyes in comfort and then felt something at the back of his right hip. It was apparently Old Wu’s thigh accidentally bumping into him. As the two of them were squeezed over to the side of the bath and facing the same direction, it was inadvertent that their bodies would bump into each other. But Old Wu who was behind either did not notice or did not feel it and was not bothered by it. She did not move her leg away and Zhang Ye could feel it rubbing against his hips even more clearly now.

It was her thigh!

It was probably the outside of her left thigh!

“I’m done.”


“Are your shoulders still aching?”

“Just a little.”

“Hur hur, then let me help you to massage a little bit more.”

“Sure, thanks Old Wu.”

“You’re welcome.”

Then, from behind, a pair of hands gently started massaging him, slowly adding strength to it.

Zhang Ye grimaced in pain but said, “Comfortable!

So comfortable!

Right, it’s sore over there….sssh…” As he was enjoying, he could no longer hold it in. He raised his hand and put it into the water and dishonestly touched the thigh behind his hip. He gave it a hard squeeze. Of course he couldn’t cover the entire surface with one hand, it was barely enough to cover the top of her thigh, but the warm and fullness of it could be fully felt.

Since he had his back to her, he could not see her reaction. Zhang Ye was actually feeling quite guilty about it as this was the first time he had directly touched Old Wu in this way,

After a second, there was no reaction from her.

Another second later, still no reaction.

Her hands were still massaging his back as per normal.

“Old Wu?”

“What’s the matter?”


“Hur hur, why did you call me if there was nothing?”

“I was just randomly calling.”

Zhang Ye suddenly knew what to do and moved his right hand again, brushing it against her thigh and touching it, then squeezing it and releasing.

That feeling…don’t even mention it. His mind was already in overdrive, this was too exciting!

But unknown to him, at this moment on people on Weibo, Tieba, forums, television and all over the country were surprised by a news that no one could have seen coming!

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