IGE Chapters 326 – 337

Hi guys, sorry for the sporadic releases.

An apology is nothing compared to action, so I’ve caught up on the last two weeks of updates that was meant to be released. Hopefully that will make up in part for these sporadic updates….

Chapters that was remaining – 12 to be caught up

Missed last week chapters plus this week chapters so 12 more missed.

Here’s twelve chapters that goes partly to let me try to catch up to my release schedule….



Chapter 326

Chapter 327

Chapter 328

Chapter 329

Chapter 330

Chapter 331

Chapter 332

Chapter 333

Chapter 334

Chapter 335

Chapter 336

Chapter 337



Up to date number of chapters owed: 12


Expect another big release at the end of this week 😀 Will do my best to make sure I owe very little by the end of the week.


Thanks for your understanding,



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  1. Random updates are fine with me if you manage to keep up a decent overall pace, you could be like the dude doing Zhanxian where you keep promising more chapters/faster pace but in the end only release 2-4 a month lol.

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