8 thoughts on “ICDS Chapter 261” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

  1. Raspberries! They’re a negative calorie food (meaning you burn more energy eating them than they give you) and are full of flavour, also my favourite fruit! (i’m on a low acid diet, myself)

  2. Protein is great for feeling full as well as keeping yourself feeling full. Chicken breasts (no skin) has very little fat and tastes great with a dash of salt and pepper. It does have a lot of versatility like tossing in some chopped garlic or squeezing in some lemon to change the flavor up some.

  3. I practically live off ensure… I am not a good example… Ensure is what they feed people in a coma… A side note: it tastes like melted vanilla milkshake.

  4. Eating tips hmmm. Well apparently eating a small amount of food multiple times a day is more effective than eating a small amount a few times a day. So eating some fruits every 2 hours or so is healthy and also improves your metabolism. For actual food I’d recommend fish but the fish I eat on diets are kinda special so xd

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