ICDS Chapter 174

First regular chapter of the week!

Chapter 174


Btw, could you guys enter submit the form multiple times for the popularity contest? There is one… strange answer that is surprisingly high on the list of characters :thinking:


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  1. There was no need for a poll in the first place. Shin’s mom best girl, Fudgenouget best translator. Fin.

    Yes, we can submit multiple times. I suppose you can consider this a measure of passion? The more beloved a heroine is, the more times her fans will vote for her.

    1. …Come to think of it, there was someone who voted for John Cena in the Everyone Else is a Returnee character poll by Chamber. IT WAS YOU??!!! ARE YOU THE ONE CHAMBER WANTS IP-BANNED???

  2. Yes we can submit multiple times. BTW its very easy to automate to fill the form so you might want to change that. (google form has/had anonymous submission that still requires you to login, so you might want to use that).

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