HJC Vol 23 Chapter 216.1 216.2 216.3 217.1 Release

HJC Chapter 216 Part 1

HJC Chapter 216 Part 2

HJC Chapter 216 Part 3

HJC Chapter 217 Part 1


Sorry guys, strangely enough I didn’t post my chapters yesterday. I could have sworn I did! Oops!! Well, at least you have four today … right? 😀

Oops, Sorry~

If anyone spammed me on Discord, my Pc is actually down this few days so I’ve been working in a LAN shop, thus haven’t really been logging onto discord to reply, at least until I get a new PC.

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  1. NEVER FORGIVE! :3 I was wondering what I would do today if there again was no chapters. I would have to drown my sorrow somehow. :p

    Ah 4 chapters. ^.^ I could cry. 🙁 Still tho… I know when I get to the end I will be upset for I will still feel like I just read 1.

  2. I stayed up yesterday waiting for 4 hours. But it was all worth it for the 4 chapters today. Would have been more mad because ZW fell into the overconfidence trap.

    I am so hyped for Dan Dun versus the HBE. Please be Crow -> ZW -> ZW&Tian’er -> Tian’er, or Tian’er and ZW swap(unlikely).

    Just happy you are not sick.

  3. Say, dearest translator(team),
    does it kill you, if you update the Index Page? I hope it does not, but i hope you will start suffering immeasurable pain from my curses and be bombarded with tribulation lightning until you have updated said page!
    For your info, it’s this page: http://www.wuxiaworld.com/hjc-index/
    I hope you haven’t forgotten about it, or else start praying for Buddah to have mercy on your soul because i do not.

    Greetings from the Sect of raging spirits

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