HJC Vol 23 Chapter 190.2 Release

HJC Chapter 190 Part 2


Only one release today sorry! Went on a movie marathon – JL and Coco.

JL was a pleasant surprise, enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would!

Coco was unbelievably good! Highly recommended. Maybe a few manly tears did fall T.T

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  1. Thanks for the chapter.
    Sorry to sound entitled or anything of the sort but: this is the third time in a short while where there has been one chapter due to you doing other things. While that is perfectly fine, people have not forgotten how it started when your posts slowed down until they eventually stopped. Especially when you stated before that you need to get back into the swing of things to think about going through your sponsor que. It’s fine that you are living your own life but people have expectations of you here and due to what you did before… I just advice you to take those expectations seriously.

    1. I am in fact surpriced we have gotten 1 capter but not 3 yet. :/ It ultimatly do not matter as I feel the same after reading 1, 2 or 3 chapters but I do have to admit I am slightly worried. This is supposed to be his job now.

      That being said I do understand it and his mental wellbeing is rather important. I will just go back to my bed and wait for the next chapter after the read.

    2. I can imagine it being comments like this that take all of the fun out of translating.. be glad he gives us one high quality translation instead of nothing, which he would be providing if he fails to see the fun in in it anymore. Stop taking stuff for granted and let him take his time to get back in the zone.

      1. As i said above I do not mean to sound entitled, all I am trying to put forward is an opinion some people(myself included) share.

        I am not saying anything he has not said himself before. His goal is two chapters a day yet the past week it has been 3 days with just 1 chapter due 2 days of bingewatching punisher and 1 day of watching movies. I know people don’t like it when you say it, but if you say your goal is 2 a day that creates an expectation, and if that expectation is not met people will complain. He has been back with us for over a month now and I am grateful the story is progressing again at a fast pace yet I also see it as the translator not taking us, the readers all that seriously if he goes and has fun for himself while only giving us half of what he promised he would. Its perfectly fine for a translator to have their life of their own, but if you make a promise or say you will try to get a certain level going then it’s a slap in the face to your readers when you just go: “Well, i had fun today, but oh right, i forgot I needed to do things, well, here’s something at least”

        I am all for giving him the time he needs to get back into the zone, but you have to admit it’s a bit of a weak excuse not to have translated 2 chapters because you just did not feel like doing it and instead wanted to watch shows all day. If you tell your boss that you didn’t finish your work because you didn’t feel like it you will be fired before you know it. It’s a bit different here, I know, we don’t pay him. But by stating quite clearly that his ‘default’ would be 2 chapters a day you create an expectation that you will have to meet.

        I am glad he gives us a chapter a day at least, I just feel that this opinion has to be shared as well.
        Am i grateful? Yes.
        Do I think he can do better? Yes again.
        Does that mean I think he does not deserve a private life? No.
        Do I think that he should spend so much time on ‘fun stuff’ that he doesn’t do what he promised he would? No.

        I might have overly dramatized my point a bit, but I hope you get where I am coming from.

    3. as it is he is taking it seriously ( 1 Chapter per day fix, if not sick ) and most of time is 2 chapters, honestly rebirth has lower release rates and it is fine.

  2. Well, al least, this time he is comunicating, the problem was that he wasn’t telling us why he stopped translating and although I’m truly pleased to been able to read 2 parts every day, one release every day is still more than 1 release every week.

    Zen, thanks for the chapter but please, if possible, try to avoid taking a long stop while in the middle of something, having to wait several days or weeks to finished a fight or a dialogue is problematic because we lost the continuity of the plot.

    Thank you very much for your hard work.

  3. Made this account to say ignore the haters above and just keep dishing out releases dude. I’ve been with you since chapter 50 or so and I totally feel it’s a huge improvement from 0-3 chapters / week recently before and even before that with regular releases. I can get my binge reads on as well waiting a couple weeks.

    Translating is tough so keep up the good work, especially in an environment where people are bickering at you all the time.

    Thanks for hanging in there and talking to us.

    1. rule 3 of the internet: Everyone that says something you disagree with is a hater.

      Why can’t a person put their opinion forth in a civilized manner without getting labeled as a hater or something else just because you disagree with it? Did I say anything that is unfair to the translator above? Or is it because you don’t like what I am saying or that you refuse to see where I am coming from that you label whatever I say invalid by default?

      Really, I want to know what made you say that, please, enlighten me.

      1. It sounds so true when you define haters that way, but I think the haters he and me refer to is the one who read for free, but want both Quality and Speed at the same time. They complaint, but barely help the translator with anything like donating. Zen is improving. Let him rest or take a short break from time to time.

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