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  1. Hey zen this is a question to you, if you can take a min to answer it. You mentioned you would be working on filling the sponsored chapters in queque which I understand will take time to do since u just got back into translating. How is that gonna work though? Since you some days translate 1 chapter and others 2 chapters does that mean you will translate 1 chapter and consider the 2nd a sponsored chapter? Can you tell me what your weekly chapter release schedule is? Wouldn’t it make more sense to have a release schedule up so we know what we are paying for if we want to donate and not just assume we were screwed or got what we payed for. It may come off as being rude, but I would really like to know the release schedule so I know if it’s even worth donating. Ty ahead of time.

    1. Kawar supposedly it is suppose to be two chapters a day but as you can see since that hasn’t been met. Also he stated he is not taking donations until he makes up for past chapters but who knows when that happens. I have low expectations of zen after his lame excuse, lame apology and not even being able to stick to his word on chapter release.

      1. From the post on the front page:

        “Our goal is to get to 2 chapters a day on HJC and get this story rocking again.”

        They didn’t say that was the current schedule. It’s what they’re moving towards. The guy has been back for a week, and already you’re down his throat.

        I get it if you’ve made donations, because they are sorta made on the basis that it speeds release. But the people complaining about him “failing a promise” that is actually an indirect quote from somebody else which doesn’t actually promise what you’re yelling about imediately, screw you guys. Give him a bit of time, you entitled pricks. Maybe in another week or two you might have a point.

        1. It is probably a rather new thing for the dude, and he may have to sort stuff out before he can really focus. I do wish we got more information on whats up tho.

  2. I have only committed 2 times in my time reading at wuxiaword. I remember when it was waxiatranslations. All I want to say is that I am disappointed in Wuxiaworld for allowing this to continue for so long. I know that wuxiaworld prides itself on being loyal to its translators. My issue is that zen had real life issues and I am not blaming him for that. What I am mad about is that a word was given, that Zen would translate 2 chapters a day.
    This goal was not met.
    I would be fine if Zen said one chapter a day, one chapter every other day, or even every week, but not keeping a promise is something which is shameful. Wuxiaworld has always prided itself on keeping its word unlike other translation services. Zen’s inability to keep his words makes him not worthy of the Wuxiaworld mantle.

    1. Shutup!! What useless person like you know??!….zen already apologize , give him a second chance , he already post 2 chapter a day , scum like you , who just blamed other , just go to qidian.

      1. November 2nd – 2 chapters November 3rd – 1 chapter November 4th – 2 chapters
        November 5th – 2 chapters November 6th(today) – so far 1 chapter
        Those are zens results since he has returned make of it what you will

      2. Xenoblade the only person that needs to shut up in you. What Deathscythe said is very reasonable. Also anyone who believes that lame excuse and weak apology is a moron. Specially since it only takes 2 minutes or less to let someone know what is up. He ignored messages from WW for weeks and did not even respond until he was going to be replaced and his donations canceled. So pretty much when his cash flow was threaten he responded. Then when he came back he said he was going to post two chapters a day and can not even hold to it. If he can not even keep to his word on that how is he going to keep his word on make up chapters. The only thing he has actually done that even amounts to anything is saying he wasn’t going to take any donations until he has made up for past chapters. And him posting first chapter of the day and not posting another chapter later that day or at least making it up the next day is BS. All that does is make people believe they’re getting two chapters and then leaving them hanging. IMO WW needs to find him some help or just replace him with someone who can keep their word and be respectful to readers that letting them know wtf when expectations can not be met.

          1. That is a good point. The goal, what is aimed for is 2 chapters a day. If someone says they aim to become so skilled they can build a house every day you can not rage at them for not building a house every day the next week.

            The deal made is new, and Zen may not even have gotten things made up in real life yet to in fact start fully doing 2 chapters. Say he got other responsibilities he need to finish first. If he has another job he may not be able to just leave on the day for example.

            If he can keep 2 chapters up will be left to see. But I do not think anyone has been lying if it ends up not being 2 a day. I do however wish there was more comunication.

    2. Quote: “Our goal is to get to 2 chapters a day on HJC and get this story rocking again.”
      That’s what RWX said in the announcement regarding the return of Zen as the HJC-Translator.
      It’s a goal to get to 2 chapters a day. I hope you do understand what goal means.
      RWX did not say that there will be 2 chapters a day from now on.
      So it is something they hope to achieve in the future.

  3. cryzlis Thank you vary much, I did not realize that they stated goals and I believe that I reacted to harshly. I would like to say though the reason that I am so sore about this is that it has been a week since he restarted and this is already occurring which makes me vary wary of future results. Also I would like to point out the comment made by Kawar on chapter 174.3 “Feels like it’s going to go back to the old 2-3 chapter a week real soon.” This is a feeling which I share.

    Also XB I don’t feel as though you had to go that far.

      1. I do understand it tho. >,> 1~2 chapters a day is not any better for me in terms of comming back here just to take a look.

        It would also be nice if he did not say first chapter of the day even tho he do not manage to get a 2nd out. >.> I suppose its not wrong tho, it is in fact the first chapter of the day… but also the only one sometimes. Something one kinda do not expect if its the first one. Maybe he could start saying first chapter of the week.

        1. I agree with you on that. Plus if he is still sorting things out inrl that his business. I don’t start a a seven day 7 a week/ 7 hour a day job while I’m only be able to commit to 3-4 days a week. Then cry and beg for my job back when I get fired and about to be replaced. Btw, if he can’t handle translating 2 or even 1 a chapter day, then simply state “im realasing X number of chapters a week” so he has the time to translate chapters He can do so and stock them so he can release them on a constant re-occurring schedule like every other translator here on WW (that I read anyway). Everyone has promlems in real life. It’s how we manage to work around those problems that’s the key. Again this is just a normal speculation. I would still like to know how many chapters a week he plans to realease and how the sponsored chapters will be handled for then 1’s in queqe and how the future sponsered chapters (if he plans to bring back the option) will be handled. Thanks.

  4. Why complain? I remember people like you were content with 3 a week before Zen went MIA. Now we’re getting at least 1 a day and you’re complaining again? Why so needy, just learn to translate if you need your HJC fix so badly?

    Give Zen the time needed to get back into a rhythm, and when he’s comfortable, he can maybe hit that goal of 2 releases a day. Why force and flame him for doing his best?

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