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      1. guys who wants to translate this just pick up the novel he doesn’t care anyways so someone pick it up. At this fxxxing rate it will take at least 5 years or more to finish this novel

        1. That is what I am saying. If anyone would do the work then just do it. I am sure there is some place one could post it. And if the story is translated so well and to a degree that outshines this… Then maybe we will see a change in what we see here to. If it is that the chapters form then on will be posted here by that new dude translating this. Or maybe it would make Zen speed up. If not then it may be that Wuxia will do something as they see that people are reading the story some other place.

          Before someone else takes over and show they can do a good job, I am fine with Zen.

      1. Every chapter is not the size of 3 normal chapters he posts 1 sub chapter. Meaning he posted 173.1 not chapter 173 but only 1/3 of chapter 173. This is once a week. We were told 3 “Chapters” every week and more based on donations the donations are at 580% and we have yet to see any additional chapters.

        1. You read what I said and chose not to understand what I meant didn’t you? We are told 3 releases every week, which makes up one chapter. The 3 releases are comparable to 3 chapter releases of other light novels.

          I agree about the donation releases, and something should be done about that. RWX has earlier said he tried to contact, but we havent heard anything since then.

          1. lol more like you, Falrond, read what he said and chose not to understand.

            This novel hasn’t gotten 3 chapters in a week in quite a long time. It gets either 1 or 2 parts of a chapter per week.

            When did RWX say he tried to contact him? :O

            This is news to me.

          2. for example 170.1 = 1 part 170.2 = 2nd part 170.3 = 3rd part all three make up chapter 170 so if he promises 3 chapter that means we should get 9 parts a week approximately depending if the chapter is 2 or 3 parts long btw we are getting about 1 part a week

          3. Listen noob! don’t know why are you defending this guy but this translator is one of the worst translator in the wuxiaworld if not the worst. Don’t want to talk about translation quality but the person’s character itself. This thing never communicates with the fans,never give replies to the fans, and i doubt the THING even ever reads the comments.
            Now,about the release schedule, according to this THING it releases 3 chapters a week each chapter is probably about 1500 words whereas a normal on is 2000-2200. And they are all sub chapters so the story doesn’t progress at all. This thing even forgets to do 3 chapters per week 3/10th time! Now, is it memory loss or intentional only IT knows. Never does sponsored even though IT owes clearly.
            I really hope this THING drops the project! Cause the way IT is going you’ll die before seeing the ending. So, there is a better chance someone will take up the project and finish it 5 times faster cause HJC is a popular read. I hope at least RWX doesn’t something about this THING.

          4. not at all when this series was released he used to post a chapter pretty much every day an some time twice a day so that’s around 9 to 12 sub chapters i supposed and don’t defend him since he himself promised 3 full chapters a week for what i have been reading on the comments and i’m not even counting sponsored chapters

          5. Really? I’ve started reading this novel at november, 2016. And the maximum of releases I’ve ever seen was 5 subchapter.

            And I’m not defending Zen. To be more accurate, I really don’t care who is translating HJC, if another translater pick up HJC and being able to keep a high pace, I really won’t miss Zen.

            Sorry for the bad english, I’m really trying and studying more and more.

    1. The chapter have indeed decreased to 1-2 per week and not 3 and no sponsored chapters for who knows what reason :(. Translator does not seem to want to say anything on the matter as well so that’is how things are fo quite some time now….

      Well chapters are longer so that may be the case indeed.

    1. Could you not be so disrespectful so as to refer to Zen as ‘thing’? I don’t know how you see things, nor do I even want to attempt to– but even though Zen has been screwing up lately doesn’t change the fact that he’s a translator that translates with superb quality.

      The reason why he’s probably stopping is because he’s either sick and tired of it now, or something has happened to him in real life.

      Either way, no matter of his current situation, he still deserves some form of respect.

    1. You know love can turn into hate if it isn’t fulfilled right? People hoping to see the end of this novel but with this release speed we will never see the end. Even people who want to sponsor this novel will think twice because of Zen lack of respone. I too curious what happen to Zen, i know life is hard but he still have said something if he can’t continue to translate this novel so maybe other people can take care of this novel

    2. Since 80 percent is flaming why are you becoming an idiot! People flame because someone is a sorry excuse for a professional.Why don’t you stop being a boot-licker for a change and be a normal human. This is entertainment dude or 3rd or whatever you are! And you need to learn a language for that! Everytime you see something interesting you need to learn a language! That’s19th century crap, go home noob.

      1. So u think this is a business?? Profiting from someone else intellectual property is illegal and Translation site used to do it for fans for minimal costs of running their servers … it was still illegal though.

        1. So you think people translate due to the kindness of their hearts? Aww, such an innocent child. So you must also think that those thousands of patreons that Ren, Deathblade and Yang Wen-li have equate to “minimal costs” for the fans lmao

          1. >.> I want most of the readers to learn chinese so WW has to shut down. It would be great. :/ I would try to learn chinese if I was not so trash at learning that sort of stuff. I would say people should learn chinese anyway tho. As china is a bit of a big deal.

        2. Emm, they have business-contract with publisher and take some % from selling their english translate (go to Site + translator)…It’s really not business. And + to it patron… Not business at all!

  1. Well thanks for the chapter 😀

    It’s always a pleasure to read this novel so even if it’s only one, it’s one chapter (third of chapter what ever people want to call it).

    But I have to agree with the other guy’s up there, I don’t care if you can’t translate more, I don’t care about the sponsored (probably because I never sponsored one chapter), I just care to have a little info.
    Zen, we like your work, we like this novel, we just want a tad bit of communication from you to know if we can help you in anyway, support you, basicly, jsut talk to us and we will be happy to help 🙂

  2. Can we at least get some information about current status of translator? Please? I could not care less about release frequency. I “only” want information to adjust my expectations, commitment and lower uncertainty.

  3. Well I think this is the end of the translation adventure with Zen. It’s been more than a week since the last update. He must have something going on in his life, I can understand moments of your life when whatever you do won’t work out properly and everything crumbles.
    Please be strong, overcome your difficulties and see you one of those days with another translation when you’re in a better position.

    I will not ask other people to stop hate on him because that’s the result of his own actions, but I personally want to thank you for your excellent work throughout this year and a half for high quality translation and I sincerely whish you to get better.

  4. not the first or last time i see a translator quit a series, and looking at the garbage dump that is most of these comments to which given my experience are 99% non sponsors anyways.

    i’d probably quit too.

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