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  1. Created the account just to comment, started reading HJC 2 days ago, and just caught up. To be honest we should still cherish the ch. per week (more so if you don’t support it) since the tl still puts the effort on it. Anyways thanks for the chapter Zen.

    1. I diasgree. The sponosored queue has been at 5+ for more than half a year, maybe even longer. People payed for chapters that they might not ever get. Also there are supposed to be 5 regular chapters a weak, yet he hasnt translated more than 2 in the last year without giving us any updates on why they releases have slowed down as much as they have. It gives wuxiaworld as a whole a bad image.

      1. Three things
        1) if you check the posting schedule he has committed to THREE chapters a week not five
        2) while he doesn’t consistently make those numbers he does sometimes make three and has done so recently a few weeks ago
        3) he on his does not give WuxiaWorld as a whole a bad image, if it gives anyone a bad image it would be himself alone
        He takes time out of his life to give us chapters and does at high quality for people who on the whole seem to be rather ungrateful about it. Yes it sucks that he hasn’t done the sponsored chapters and that may be something that may need to be addressed on WuxiaWorlds end. But we don’t need to be salty and publicly bash translators due to dissatisfaction with things not running the way we think they should, especially since this is hard work and deserves praise.

        I for one am grateful for the high quality chapters and Zen’s work

      2. 3 regular chapters not 5 if I remember correct. I honestly do not feel its much of a difference. I would wish there was more chapters out all the same even if he released 3 per week. xD The only thing I agree on really, is that he could be more open about whats up and why he is not releasing more at this point. 2 chapters when he has said 3, if he has lost interest or something, that is still very good if that is the case. He should make it clear that he has reduced the amount of chapters we can expect tho. And rather have it be a nice bonus if he starts putting out 3 again. I remember there was a while when he put out both 4 and 5 chapters now and then too.

        In a way I am a bit glad its dragging out. As I get to enjoy the story for a longer period of time. >.> I also find it better then any of the manga series that I follow with their 1 chapter a week.

      3. I wouldn’t say that it’s Zen alone that is giving WW a bad image but more like the fact that WW has done literally nothing about the situation. I mean Zen has gone AWOL and all RWX has done is send him an email that Zen ignored….

  2. Please give this novel to another translator that can be consistent or even if not consistent at least they say something in regards to their slow speed or issues. It is obvious that zen does not want to translate and is doing the bare minimum and not doing what was promised or paid for.

  3. After reading all the bs people say, i want to thank Zen a lot for all he’s done and everything he’ll keep doing.

    People complaining about number of releases would complain about the quality of the chapters if they were given 3/chap a week. So keep up the quality even if you have to drop the numbers. It’s fine.

    And for those complaining about the “sponsored chapters queue”, i find it really sad to think this way. Whenever i give money to a non-professional translator, it’s a donation to give my thanks for all the hard work. The potential rewards are just a bonus. He’s doing what he can, stop being angry kids.

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