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  1. And here we go, would you be so kind to answer to Ren ?
    He said “I don’t know what’s going on with Zen, and he hasn’t been responsive on emails for quite some time. Let me try to check with him again.”
    Please answer, thanks

    Ps: Was you being sick at the beginning of july a lie ? I’m starting to doubt it.

  2. Shouldnt you change that from first regular release to only regular release. If you got something going on in your life just tell people…be honest and let people know what to expect so its not constant disappointment.

    1. That’s not how things work if your release schedule says that you release 3 regular + sponsored chapters per week and your sponsor bar stays at 580% for several months. He also never said anything about a slower pace and he never answers any comments in the comment section. That only shows that he doesn’t give a fuck about his readers.

      1. it means that he did all the regular chapter in the last year and he keep traslating gaining the ridiculous amount of 290€ for all the chapters from 104.1 to 171.3 (nearly 200 chapter).

        in front of this you have the guts to complain for the 5 chapters in queue (and maybe you aren’t even one of the contributors of it), THATS not acceptable in my opinion.

        1. You do realize that he splits the chapters into 3 pieces correct ? and his schedule is 3 Full chapters a week ?

          And his work ethic is simply deplorable, to keep donations in Que for more than 4 months is just down right stealing.

          1. I think he means that Zen breaks down each chapter in 3 parts wich are released one at a time. And he’s schedule is 3 whole chapters as in 9 of Zen usual releases. Putting in simple terms Zen as to release 9 “chapters” per week to met his schedule.

          2. Your comprehension skills need work then. Sure, his English isn’t perfect, but it’s definitely understandable.
            Back on topic. I wouldn’t even be mad if we were informed, but we weren’t and it doesn’t look like we will be.
            New translator pls.

    2. Wuxiaworld has standards my friend.
      Zen is failing to meet those standards if we go by his last 6 months of work.

      It is right and proper to call someone out when said person repeatedly fails to live up to the majorities work ethic.

      I’m not even going to start on how abysmal his communication is.
      Even RWX said that Zen has not been answering his emails for some time now…

      1. When did RWX say that? I thought RWX was ignoring the HJC issue this whole time. At this point, I wouldn’t even mind if Qidian stole HJC as long as they released chapters regularly.

        1. Well I actually love WW, and am definitely against what qidian tries to do… but I think Zen is probably already bought by qidian as the novel there is already in chapter 500… and the translator seems to be Zen.

          So in my opinion this is either a serious lack of ethics by Zen, or just a misunderstanding, my vote is that Zen got bought out… and RWX is trying to fix it somehow but I still think we should know about this kind of things not be in the dark for so long.

          And I could be on wrong track here… as the tl there seems to be MTL, and not very good at that, so I’m just speculating but still a notification by WW would be appreciated so we don’t speculate at all.

          1. By the way, I was completely wrong and offer an apology for that, was a little hasty when I posted… hahaha

            Just checked the last chapter there 500… and should be one of the parts of the 170 here… so qidian is just stealing the chapters (parts) and posting them as full chapters.

          2. lmao…. ummm. Your basis of analysis is completely off. First off, the 500 chapters is because they don’t do the parts. First suspicious point. So I went to check and discovered that 501 of Qidian corresponds to ch 169-1. So, i don’t believe your evidence is conclusive. However, I am still not pleased with Zen’s actions because I believe the translation community is beyond that of its early stages where it was a more easy going thing. Now, it is much bigger and should be more professional, at least in my humble opinion. At the very least, he should be doing something like an announcement.
            Oh, just noticed your reply lol.

  3. I can’t believe all the bootlicking for translators in the comments even though that sponser bar is over the charts. Seriously, you guys need to stop treating the translators as some kind of gods, they are not doing the gods job, they get paid in heavy good amount sometimes even more than the original authors, they are not providing free lunch.

    -At the pace that Zen is releasing chapters, it is gonna take more than a decade to finish this novel because of the sub-chapters thing.

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