5 thoughts on “HJC Vol 17 Chapter 136.2 Release” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. This is why plebs that haven’t gone venturing out of Wuxiaworld or Gravity are ignorant and some are even not thankful like you.

      Have you tried a hand in translating huge blocks of words? No? Then shut up, it’s very hard to do. And translating have varying degrees of difficulty, for ex, translating with just getting the bigger picture/ meaning across or translating as accurate as possible to the original.

      Get out of WW and you can see a series with only 1-2x a week, or even 1x a month! Some are even without reliable translators or others, with translators who doesn’t have full fluency on both language.

      Gtfo, TLers have life too. As long as they fulfill their promised regular chaps you can’t complain against them. 3x a week is a passable speed, while it might seem a bit slower compared to the others can’t you stack it up? You have no idea how lucky it is to at least have a reliable translator like Zen who churn out the promised chapters regularly.

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