HJC – Book 9, Chapter 75.1

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Chapter 75 Heaven’s Expense Infinitum Set (1)

Hearing the guide’s introduction, both Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er sucked in a cold breath. The requirements to enter the fourth and fifth level of the Pavilion were actually the seventh and ninth Heavenly Jewel, with an additional caveat of them being members of the ZhongTian Skill Storing Palace or Consolidating Equipment Pavilion! Such an overbearing requirement, yet they could easily do it.

Seeing their surprise, the white robed youth continued: “Both of you should not feel uncomfortable about not being able to enter the higher levels. In truth, our first three levels are all top quality products that are sufficient for most needs. Although their prices may be slightly higher than outside, the quality is definitely guaranteed.

After a brief moment of surprise, Zhou Weiqing recovered and continued asking: “What about the auction level? Are we able to enter? What sort of items are sold there?”

The youth replied: “Definitely, only the best items are sold there, top quality guaranteed. Most of the times, each auction is only a single or two items, but to enter the auction level, one needs to be able to at least enter the fourth VIP level or higher.”

Hearing his words, Zhou Weiqing understood instantly. Indeed! If he were the leader of the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion, or part of the ZhongTian government, he would also do something similar. After all, that was the only way to ensure that the best resources and talents would be kept within the Empire, and also best able to recruit the top talents from outside.

Looking at Zhou Weiqing who seemed deep in thought, the youth asked: “Sir, do you have any other questions?”

Zhou Weiqing shook his head and said: “No, thank you very much. We will head to the first level and look around.”

Their guide continued giving them some simple introductions as he led them to the first level, pointing out the various zones before turning to leave so they could look around on their own.

Shangguan Bing’er muttered: “Little Fatty, no wonder so many people want to enter the Heavenly Jewel Island. In the ZhongTian City alone, there is already such an amazing place like this Consolidating Equipment Pavilion… can you imagine what sort of quality items and power they have on the Heavenly Jewel Island? I think that the items sold on the fourth and fifth level are likely to be from the Heavenly Jewel Island.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “You are right indeed, that is a high possibility. The ZhongTian Empire’s ability and method of recruiting talent is indeed much more brilliant than most other empires. Come on, let’s go around to have a look.”

As the two of them walked around the first level of the Pavilion, wandering around the various zones. Before looking, he hadn’t had a huge expectation, after all it was just the first level, but after much walking around, Zhou Weiqing was stunned, sucking in a deep breath. All along, he had thought that Consolidating Equipment Scrolls were extremely expensive, but exploring the Pavilion, he realised he had been a frog in the well. 1

Here, not even counting the completed Consolidating Equipment Scrolls, even a set of Consolidating Ink for a low level Consolidating Equipment Masters cost a sky high price of three thousand gold coins, while a set of Consolidating Ink for High Level Consolidating Equipment Masters cost over twenty thousand gold coins! As for the completed scrolls, their prices were even more absurdly high, with even low level Consolidating Equipment Scrolls costing more than a hundred thousand gold coins.

As the saying goes, when something is rare it becomes more valuable. However, this was just the first level, and he could already see several hundred different Consolidating Equipment Scrolls for sale. Naturally, most were low level ones, with some mid level and even a few high level ones.

After a simple look around,. They both finally stopped at a shop selling complete scrolls. Shangguan Bing’er said softly: “Little Fatty, the scrolls here are just too expensive, at such a price that is so unbelievable. Look, the only High Level Consolidating Equipment Scroll they have here is actually eight hundred thousand gold coins! Now I feel that Senior Huyan’s prices were so cheap!”

Originally, when Zhou Weiqing had been trying to buy his socketed Overlord Bow from Huyan Aobo, he had quoted them a price of three hundred thousand… and it was a Grandmaster Level Consolidating Equipment Scroll!

Zhou Weiqing furrowed his brow and said: “The prices here are a little too absurd, there’s something strange here. Let me ask.”

As he said that, he walked to the counter, asking the middle aged man who was also dressed in a similar white robe as the guide earlier. “Hi, are you the boss here?”

The middle aged man had been sitting behind the counter with his eyes closed, meditating. On hearing Zhou Weiqing’s question, he lifted an eyelid to look at the pair, before nodding and saying: “Yes, I am the boss here. What are you looking for?”

Zhou Weiqing said: “I just wanted to ask a question. Aren’t your Consolidating Equipment Scrolls a little too expensive? Your High Level Consolidating Equipment Scroll actually costs eight hundred thousand gold coins, and the Low Level scrolls a hundred thousand gold coins?”

The middle aged man was not as courteous as the guide earlier, and he twisted his lips as he said: “Our scrolls here are all priced officially. Both of you aren’t ZhongTian citizens right? Let me tell you, this is because we are in ZhongTian City… in any other city, even if you looked for their Empire’s Royal Family, you would not be able to find so many scrolls. Our prices might be expensive, but our quantity and quality is assured.”

A notion struck Zhou Weiqing and he asked: “Boss, do you accept Consolidating Equipment Scrolls here? I am a Consolidating Equipment Master.”

“…Oh? You are a Consolidating Equipment Master?!” On hearing that Zhou Weiqing was a Consolidating Equipment Master, the middle aged man’s attitude improved, and he stood up. “Yes, we do accept them, of course we do. We will accept as many as you have. Low Level scrolls at fifty thousand gold coins, mid level scrolls and above would depend on the quality, ranging from one hundred to one hundred and fifty thousand gold coins. High level ones would be around one hundred and fifty thousand to three hundred thousand gold coins. Little bro, since you are a Consolidating Equipment Master, you should know that High Level scrolls and Grandmaster Scrolls have a huge difference… once you reach the Grandmaster stage, the price will be more than five hundred thousand gold coins.”

Hearing the boss’ words, Shangguan Bing’er couldn’t help but exclaim: “Boss, your profit margin is just too insane. Buying high level scrolls at one hundred and fifty thousand to three hundred thousand gold coins, but you are selling them at eight hundred thousand gold coins! This…”

The white robed middle aged man laughed heartily and said: “That’s why I mentioned that you both are foreigners. The prices stated here are all targeted at foreigners. After all, if our prices are too cheap, all the other empires would run over here to buy up all our scrolls. If it’s our Skill Storing Palace or Consolidating Equipment Pavilion members, they only need to pay 30 percent of the price. As such, the price I’m offering is definitely a standard price, our normal profits are not that high, but only huge on foreigners.”

Shangguan Bing’er furrowed her brow and said: “Isn’t that bullying people?”

The middle aged man looked at her and grinned, saying: “That isn’t bullying, it is called protectionism. Although our ZhongTian Empire is a powerful Empire with many resources, we aren’t just going to allow others to gain from us so easily right…” As he said that, he suddenly noticed Shangguan Bing’er’s features, and was suddenly shocked into silence.

Zhou Weiqing pulled Shangguan Bing’er and said: “Come on, let’s go. Let’s see if we can buy anything in this Consolidating Equipment Pavilion.” As he said that, they turned to leave.

The first level of the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion was not much more well stocked than the Fei Li Trading Center, furthermore their prices were just too high, and Zhou Weiqing wasn’t willing to pay the exorbitant prices. After all, if he bought materials from here, it would not be easy for even him to make a good profit.

After the two of them had left, only then did the boss of the shop recover, rubbing his eyes as he muttered to himself: “Did I see wrongly? Just now… just now… that was… Oh my god!” In that moment, his originally smug face had turned ashen, as cold sweat streamed down his face, causing his shirt to be soaked.

“No way, I have to report up quickly. Damn, why did I have to meet her.” As he said that, he quickly rushed to the back of the shop.

Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er did not know what transpired behind them as they walked slowly towards the exit. As they moved, they exchanged helpless glances, seeing the look of resignations in each other’s’ eyes.

Indeed, this Consolidating Equipment Pavilion had given them a helpless feel.

“What the boss had said was indeed true. Consolidating Equipment Scrolls and their materials were extremely important strategic materials… if they were in the position of the ZhongTian Empire, they would also not allow such important resources to easily leave their hands. Selling them at high prices was indeed a good option. Every scroll they sold, they could purchase raw materials from other empires, and with their power and status, they could easily get a lower price for the materials. This was why the large, powerful empires grew stronger, while small empires like our Heavenly Bow Empire had things so tough.”

As Zhou Weiqing said that, he shook his head helplessly.

There weren’t many customers in the Consolidating Equipment Pavilion, and they quickly reached the main hall and were prepared to leave.

Right at that moment, an abrupt, urgent voice sounded out from behind them. “Wait… Wait…”

They both turned around to look, and accompanying the sound of running feet, they saw the white robed middle aged man from earlier accompanying an old man who was also wearing a white robe, but with gold embroidery. Before long, they had reached Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er.

The old man in front was extremely fast, and before they could blink, he had appeared in front of them. Even Shangguan Bing’er, who was well versed in speed, could only stare in amazement. The two of them could sense a strong pressure from the old man; this was definitely a powerhouse with a cultivation level way above their own.

The old man did not look at Zhou Weiqing, and as he stopped, his gaze landed on Shangguan Bing’er. The next moment, they heard him draw a sharp breath as he took two steps back swiftly, bowing down to the waist. “Your subordinate, Consolidating Equipment Pavilion Level One In Charge, Wu Wenjie, is ready to serve miss.”

The boss of the shop they had met earlier was even more exaggerated, dropping down to both knees instantly, shivering as he kowtowed to Shangguan Bing’er. “This subordinate was blind, please punish me Miss.”

Seeing the respectful duo in front of them, Zhou Weiqing and Shangguan Bing’er were taken aback, at a total loss. Zhou Weiqing looked to Shangguan Bing’er and asked: “You know them?”

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