HJC – Book 9, Chapter 74.2

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Chapter 74 Darkness Self Sacrifice Skill (2)

However, any discerning observer could tell that this was likely the end of the Mi’Ou Battle Team’s run in this tournament. Jiang Fei had been too rash, using the self sacrifice skill in the first round. Although it might not be as damaging to oneself as the Flame of Life Skill, it would still take her at least half a month to fully recover. Without her power as the mainstay, how could the Mi’Ou Battle Team possibly reach second in the group, especially with this round likely being a loss.

An old man abruptly appeared out of nowhere, dressed in the robes of the ZhongTian Skill Storing Palace, but with a purple-gold crown on his head. Walking slowly, almost casually, he stepped into the air as if walking up the stairs, and in moments he stood above the tournament stage.

Lifting his right hand, he pressed downwards in the air towards the stage, and it was clear to the observers that the air seemed to twist violently as a silver light flashed. In the next instant, the huge stage that was still being corroded suddenly vanished, with not even a speck of dust to show it was once there.

All the battle team members who had been chatting animatedly amongst themselves were suddenly silenced by that sight, as if their necks had been gripped by an invisible vice. The entire plaza fell into a strange silence as they watched in fascination.

Next, several men dressed in the ZhongTian Skill Storing Palace uniform came out one after the other, supporting a huge Diamond Rock. Within the time taken to brew a pot of tea, a brand new stage had been built.

The old man floating in the air said passively: “Let the tournament continue then.” After saying that, he seemed to take a step forward in midair, vanishing instantly.

If one observed very carefully, one might discover that in the corner of the VIP Stage, a person appeared suddenly.

Ye Paopao swallowed hard, saying with some difficulty: “What sort of power level is that?”

Zhou Weiqing sighed and said: “Spatial Attribute… If I’ve not guessed wrongly, he is likely a King Stage Heavenly Jewel Master with the Spatial Attribute. Ahhh, damn, just too strong! No wonder they say that from the nine Jeweled cultivation level onwards, it’s a whole new frontier. Just like that old man just now, I’m sure he could take out all of us twenty four battle teams easily without breaking a sweat.”

After saying that, Zhou Weiqing stood back up and headed towards the stage, while a short, plump youth walked forward from the Mi’Ou Battle Team at the same time.

The judge had also changed, and the new one said solemnly: “Fei Li Battle Team versus Mi’Ou Battle Team, fourth fight, one versus one, both participants please introduce yourselves.”

“Fei Li Battle Team, Zhou Weiqing.”

“Mi’Ou Battle Team, Little Worm.”

On hearing his opponent’s name, Zhou Weiqing almost laughed, thinking to himself: With your size, you’re still called Little Worm? You should be called Meat Worm!


As the judge shouted, the fight officially started, and both sides sprang into action. Little Worm took two abrupt steps back, his stubby arms lifting up as a thick yellow light shone forth. Instantly, a tall earth wall sprang up in front of him like an immense shield, and his next movement was actually to push this three yard wide, 2 yard tall wall as he charged towards Zhou Weiqing with it in front of him.

What was that about? Zhou Weiqing couldn’t help but think curiously as he released his own Heavenly Jewels.

Little Worm ran rather quickly, and wall after wall rose rapidly on the stage, closing in from both sides of Zhou Weiqing, boxing him in and restricting his movement.

As Little Worm unleashed his earth walls, Zhou Weiqing saw the Physical Jewels around his right hand; similar to his own, there were three Icy Jade signifying the Strength Attribute. As Zhou Weiqing had expected, the three members who had appeared in the first three fights were already the most powerful amongst the Mi’Ou Battle Team.

Watching Little Worm push the earth walls towards him, Zhou Weiqing suddenly understood what he was trying to do.

Obviously, he was afraid of his arrows, and was using these earth walls to restrict his movement and his arrows. As for pushing the wall towards him in a charge, it was likely to use that to knock him off the platform. Although this plan was rather strange, against an ordinary archer and with the rules of the tournament of fighting on the platform, it would have some chance of success.

Alas, Zhou Weiqing was no ordinary archer, and was also a Strength Heavenly Jewel Master. Furthermore, just like Crow, his strength was far beyond any normal Strength Heavenly Jewel Master!

As Little Worm’s wall reached almost ten yards from Zhou Weiqing, and just as Zhou Weiqing was about to react, he suddenly felt his body dip down in a strong sense of pressure. The entire platform seemed to be filled with a strange power drawing his body down, impeding all his movement.

What is this? Increased Gravity? Zhou Weiqing was caught by surprise. After all, amongst all the Earth Attribute Skills, this was a powerful nine star rated skill. Just a single Jeweled level was able to double gravity, and each Jewel would increase it by another 100% 1. With three Jewels, Little Worm could already increase gravity by threefold. Although this Skill had a huge drain on Heavenly Energy and also with an area of effect, it was extremely rare to be found on a three-Jeweled cultivation level Heavenly Jewel Master. It could be seen as a yellow glow around Zhou Weiqing’s feet.

When the increased gravity was activated, Little Worm abruptly accelerated, using his full power, hoping to seize the chance to quickly knock Zhou Weiqing off the platform.

Impressive, this increased gravity Skill! Zhou Weiqing praised in his heart. Clearly, Little Worm had noticed that he was also a Strength Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master, and just using his own strength behind the Earth Wall alone would likely be insufficient to deal with Zhou Weiqing. However, this Increased Gravity was something like a surprise attack.

However, once again, the phrase was ‘Great plan, but alas, he had met Zhou Weiqing.’

Taking a step forward and dipping his shoulder to brace himself, Zhou Weiqing prepared to take the incoming wall directly. Although he was under all the increase gravity, it did not affect Zhou Weiqing from preparing himself in such a stance.

*BANG* A loud crash resounded across the plaza as the earth wall slammed savagely onto Zhou Weiqing’s shoulder, as Little Worm exerted all his power. However, the wall still held still, not moving a single inch further.

On the other side of the earth wall, Little Worm had exerted his considerable strength to his absolute maximum, but still found that he could not budge the wall any further. As for Zhou Weiqing, he also had a look of absolute concentration and strain, his forehead full of sweat, as if he was having the worst time of his life but holding on through sheer resolve.

Back in the Rest House, Crow who was seated beside Shangguan Bing’er said: “Bing’er, your man sure knows how to act.” After all, it was just a mere Earth Wall and a Three-Jeweled opponent, how could he possibly have so much trouble holding on? If that was his strength, she would definitely not have lost to him!

Shangguan Bing’er giggled, and Ye Paopao shook his head at the other side, saying: “Sister Crow, this is a tactic. After all, the Mi’Ou Battle Team isn’t our real opponent. Didn’t you also hide your true power; you didn’t even unleash your Elemental Jewels.”

The two on the stage were stuck in a stalemate situation, but the other members of the Mi’Ou Battle Team had an ugly expression on their faces. After all, even though both sides seemed to be struggling at their maximum, they were clear that with the extra use of the Increase Gravity Skill and Earth Walls, Little Worm’s drain on Heavenly Energy was definitely a lot greater. Such a stalemate situation actually already signified his loss. In truth, Little Worm’s combat abilities weren’t that strong, but he had been lucky enough to Store the Increase Gravity Skill, earning him a spot on the team.

As expected, as time went past, both men stood locked in the same stalemate, their faces almost warped from the exertions. Little Worm’s pushing power slowly grew weaker, while Zhou Weiqing’s resistance also grew weaker at nearly the same rate. As such, they both maintained the stalemate!

For this victory, Little Worm was putting in everything he had, almost willing to lay his life down. Alas, sometimes, the heart is strong but the body is weak, and eventually his Heavenly Energy ran out. By that time, he was unable to maintain the Increase Gravity and Earth Walls, collapsing to the ground on his butt, panting heavily as sweat covered soaked his entire shirt.

Zhou Weiqing’s acting was top notch as usual. When his opponent’s skills vanished, he even stumbled to the front before ‘barely’ regaining his balance, panting just as heavily. However, he still stood there, hands to his hips, looking the very picture of ‘I’m on the verge of dropping as well, but I will hold on!’

From the start of the Heavenly Jewel Tournament, this could be said to be the weirdest series. The unbelievably violent Crow, the Darkness Self Sacrifice Skill, two sides pushing on a wall… each and every fight was just so strange, so weird…

The judge looked at the two panting participants, almost speechless, before he finally proclaimed the result: “The fourth fight, Fei Li Battle Team’s victory. Third Group, First Series, Fei Li Battle Team defeats the Mi’Ou Battle Team.”

Zhou Weiqing raised his hands smugly, before generously offering his hand to help Little Worm up, saying with a sigh of sympathy: “Bro, it was a close fight. Great fight indeed! Good luck in your next fight.” After saying that, he descended the stage and returned to the Rest House.

On the VIP stage, the ZhongTian Emperor Shangguan Tianxin looked towards Shangguan Longyin beside him and smiled faintly, saying: “Longyin, what do you think of that little rascal just now?”

Shangguan Longyin said: “Earlier, he used at least the Spatial and Lightning Attributes, combined with his Consolidated Bow, he certainly has something going for him. That Spatial Rend Skill is from the Silver Emperor, and I heard that not longer ago the Fei Li Skill Storing Palace managed to capture one… but I really do not know how they managed to get this little High Level Shi Master to actually succeed in Storing the Skill.”

Shangguan Tianxin smiled and said: “I have the feeling that the little rascal is not as simple as he looks. Earlier, that little girl from the Mi’Ou Empire lost control inexplicably… From what I see, there has to be some connection with him.”

Shangguan Longyin’s expression changed slightly as his brow arched: “Your Majesty is indeed observant. I will observe him carefully for the next few rounds, let’s see what he has up his sleeve.”

At this point, on the two sides of the Fei Li Battle Team Rest House, the members of the seeded teams had a rather disdainful look on their faces.

A pale faced, frail looking youth said: “The Fei Li Battle Team this year is at such a level this year? Three members, two of them three-Jeweled and one four-Jeweled. They are even weaker than last Tournament. Looks like, this year they will not even be able to keep their fifth position. It looks like it will be likely that the Bai Da Battle Team will ascend together with us then.”

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  1. Edited, thanks for the comments. If the description isn’t clear, each Jewel adds a fold on top of current gravity eg. 1 Jewel = +100% gravity , 2 Jewel = +200% gravity, 3 Jewel = +300% gravity, so on so forth


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    1. just putting my 2 cents in. (and highjacking first comment to do so)

      but i’m pretty sure the increase should be based on ‘base’ gravity and not what the previous jewel gave.

      i came to this conclusion base on logic and common sense and previous info about how stored skills work. so could be wrong.

      the reasons:
      if it was doubled everytime, that would mean at 9 jewels the gravity skill would increase gravitiy 51,200%. now i know this is xianxia stuff, but based on this worlds stats, that would probably insta-kill even a god rank.

      next concret clue is how zhou fatty and others skills upgrade. they do so additionally, a 1 sec skill becomes 2 sec then 3, then 4, a 10% skill becomes 20% then 30% then 40%, ect. base on logic it would stand to reason that this gravity skill would work the same.

      there are others but i think the second is good enough.

      so yeah translator should be right.

      1. Your calculation is right, but the text still says “3 times stronger” when it should be 4.

        Technically at 3 jewel it should make gravity 4 times the normal strength. Since gravity is already at 100% 1 jewel would add 100% making it 200% (2 times), 2 jewels would add another 100% making it 300%(3 times) and 3 jewels would be 400%(4 times).

        Else at 1 jewel, this rare rank 9 skill would make gravity 100% of what it is(1 time) making it pretty useless until 2 jewels.

        1. The difference is:
          double –> 1, 2, 4, 8, etc.
          fold –> 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

          What you’re saying has the right explanation, however it doesn’t apply to the word ‘double’.
          If it’s based on the original value the wording would be, double, triple, quadruple and so on.

    1. This makes the most sense, combined with what Belkar said. Each jewel represents 100% increase in gravity. ie: 1 jewel= double gravity, 2 jewels= triple gravity, 3 jewels= quadruple gravity, etc

      1. I can be wrong but I think u got the math wrong fellow daoist. It says ability to increase gravity doubles per jewel — I think it means every succeeding jewel or jewel besides the one which stored the ability. And with ‘double’ it means by a fold and not exponentially

        If for example he stored it in jewel #1 – it means 100% increase in gravity succeeding jewel will mean +100%

        Given that he has 3 jewels, 100% + 100% + 100%

        Hope this helps, sorry for lengthy comment

      2. Edit: I mean you can’t double the ability the instant you acquire it, there should have some kinda base or initial stat

        1-jewel = 100% increase (base stat)
        2-jewel = 200% increase (base + 100% x 1 jewel aside from the jewel which stored the ability)
        3-jewel = 300% increase (base + 100% x 2 jewels aside from the jewel which stored the ability)

        And so on. I have no intention to sound rude or be a know-it-all, just thinking out loud 🙂

        1. You’re slightly wrong. There already is 100% base gravity, or else everybody would float of the planet. So the first gem gives +100% gravity or in other words double gravity / an increase by one fold. What f1amet0ngue said was correct, he’s not talking about the ability, only gravity.

    1. Doubling for each jewel would mean 2^n which is:
      2 (1st jewel) ,4 (2nd jewel) ,8 (3rd jewel)
      not 1+n which would be:
      2, 3, 4

      Regardless, it should not be 3 as that would mean it would have no effect if you only used one jewel:
      1 (regular gravity), 2 (double gravity), 3 (triple gravity)

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    Just like that old man just now, I’m sure he could take out all of us twenty four battle teams easily without breaking a sweat.”

    Instantly, a tall earth wall sprang up in front of him like an immense shield, and his next movement was actually to push this three yard wide, 2 yard tall wall as he charged towards Zhou Weiqing with it in front of him.

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