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Chapter 74 Darkness Self Sacrifice Skill (1)

Every Heavenly Jewel Master had their own rhythm, and when Jiang Fei was struck by Zhou Weiqing’s Absolute Delay, she did not know what happened that her speed would be affected like that. The Absolute Delay skill was just too well hidden, and was not a well known skill; even the 9-Jeweled Ming Wu had been affected by it without know what happened. In any outsider’s eyes, even in Jiang Fei’s own eyes, it was the Thousand Lightning Strikes that caused her to slow down.

Crow’s power was finally able to be unleashed to its maximum potential, and the ‘Heaven Destruction’ effect on the Legendary Axes made its already powerful strikes even more formidable. The huge axes in her hands were swirling and dancing around like two huge fans; Wu Zhengyang’s Heavy Sword was also strong, with his Elemental Jewel Skills in combination… but paled in front of the two legendary axes.

Originally, Wu Zhengyang was already unable to keep up with Crow’s attacks, no matter in terms of speed or power. Now that he was abruptly struck and numbed by the Thousand Lightning Strikes from Zhou Weiqing, the victory was easily decided.

*BOOM* The ‘Heaven Destruction’ and Legendary Axes smashed apart the Shimmering Light Shield once more.

This time, Zhou Weiqing did not make any mistakes. Once more, the lightning fast drawing and release of the Overlord Bow, as arrow after arrow streamed towards Jiang Fei. As long as they won this 2v2 match, they would take this entire series and finish it today. As such, Zhou Weiqing did not hold back at all, circulating his Heavenly Energy to its maximum, and placing the Spatial Shackles skill onto the arrows.

If Jiang Fei was not affected by the Absolute Delay, with her power, she could easily handle his incoming attacks. Alas, the three seconds duration of the Absolute Delay played its critical part in this time-sensitive fight, and the arrows struck.

Earlier, Jiang Fei could still use her own attacks to take them down, but with her speed slowed down considerably, she was finally hit by an arrow. Although it wasn’t able to damage her at all, protected by her considerable Heavenly Energy as she was, the effect of the Spatial Shackles still landed upon her. That was the entire lynchpin of Zhou Weiqing’s plan; to not allow her to rescue Wu Zhengyang from Crow.

Right after Crow had destroyed his Shimmering Light Shield, Wu Zhengyang recovered from his paralysis. After all, his cultivation level was higher than Zhou Weiqing’s, and the Thousand Lightning Strikes’ offense wasn’t great, thus the paralysis wouldn’t last for long. Alas, by that time it was already too late, as Crow had already charged in front of him, her axes hurtling down towards him.

Wu Zhengyang had already experienced Crow’s terrifying strength first hand in his previous fight, and he immediately knew he could not take that blow head on. Immediately, he backpedalled, the Heavy Sword in his hands striking upwards in an attempted parry. At the same time, he also unleashed a protective skill, as gold light shone forth from his body and covering him.

Unfortunately, all his efforts were to no avail. As Crow’s axes smashed down, Wu Zhengyang’s Consolidated Heavy Sword was knocked out of his hands, and Crow swiftly took another step forward and launched a heavy kick. History seemed to repeat itself, as her foot lashed out and struck his shield. Next, the exact same ‘deja vu’ moment recycled itself as the sorrowful Wu Zhengyang flew back like a cannon ball, landing in same spot he had in the first fight. The protective skill had indeed protected him, especially since Crow had not tried to deal any lethal damage, but it definitely did not protect his ‘face’. This time, he had not been taken by surprise, and it was Crow who had overpowered him totally.

Crow had just finished dealing with Wu Zhengyang, and at the other side, the Absolute Delay on Jiang Fei had just worn off when she was enveloped in the silver glow of the Spatial Shackles.

The eyes of this young lady, with her ice cold countenance, flashed with an even colder light as a resolute glow filled them. Just as the Absolute Delay effect ended, and she was still in the Spatial Shackles, the black staff in her hands shattered into pieces.

That was right. Shattered. Not withdrawn. As soon as the staff shattered, it split into a large mass of swirling thick black light, gathering around her palms.

With a soft pop, blood spurted out of Jiang Fei’s mouth, spraying onto the black light in front of her. The next moment, the other four Consolidated Equipment she was wearing glowed with a brilliant light, and the Spatial Shackles dissolved instantly. Zhou Weiqing’s following arrows seemed to be steered by a mysterious force, melding into the black light and dissolving as well, and none of the Skills imbued within were even given the chance to activate.

In the corner of the stage, the judge’s expression suddenly changed. Lifting his left hand, six brilliant glowing Star Sapphires appeared as he quickly summoned his Elemental Jewels, instantly releasing twelve solid Ice Shields in front of himself.

“Crow, come back now!” Zhou Weiqing shouted, instantly keeping his Overlord Bow.

Crow had lifted her axes in preparation to attack, but hearing Zhou Weiqing’s voice, she started, looking back at him puzzledly.

Zhou Weiqing shouted: “Quick, jump off the stage.” As he said that, he was afraid Crow wouldn’t react in time, and his right leg struck the ground, leaping towards her and grabbing her arm before jumping off the stage and dragging her along.

Crow did not know why Zhou Weiqing was doing this, but she did not resist his pull as he jumped down. Their feet had just touched the ground when they felt an unbelievably thick, cold aura blaze into air right above their heads, filled with the scent of blood and darkness. The entire plaza seemed to darken for a moment, before the sun once again shone upon them.

Looking back at the stage, they saw Jiang Fei with an ashen pale face, standing dazedly, swaying as if she was about to faint at any moment. The Consolidated Equipment she had worn had now disappeared. On the stage, a huge, nearly thirty yard diameter hole had appeared, and the entire stage was now nearly destroyed.

Without Zhou Weiqing’s explanation, Crow immediately understood why he had pulled her down. That attack of Jiang Fei’s was just too fiercely terrifying. If they had not jumped off the stage in time, even if they had managed to survive that blow, they would definitely be heavily injured.

“So fierce?” Crow muttered to herself.

Zhou Weiqing shuddered in trepidation as he thought back retrospectively, before saying: “The Darkness Attribute’s most overbearing self sacrifice skill… just like Xiao Yan’s Flame of Life where he burned his life force. How can it not be fierce? She was already putting her life on the line, if we didn’t run, we would just be waiting for death.”

At the other side of the competitors stage, the judge was also in bad shape. Although he at the six-Jeweled cultivation level, and Jiang Fei had not targeted the skill at him, he was still caught by the backlash. All twelve of his ice shields had been shattered, and his face was pale as he forcefully restrained himself from vomiting blood. Just like Xiao Yan, this was a five-Jeweled level of self sacrifice skill… but do not forget that Jiang Fei’s Attribute was a greater attribute, and she was also an ultimate offense type Heavenly Jewel Master!

Zhou Weiqing made a quick comparison in his heart, and estimated that this Jiang Fei’s offensive capabilities were even greater than Xiao Yan’s, although her combat expertise and experience were perhaps lower than Xiao Yan. Overall, their total strength might be somewhat equal. If he had to deal with her on a one vs one fight, he might actually have an eighty percent chance of losing, unless he used his Demonic Change to secure the win. With the huge difference in power, Control Skills had limits on their power. Zhou Weiqing was starting to understand why Tang Xian had said his Absolute Delay was so unbelievable after all.

The judge finally suppressed his injuries, and he said solemnly: “Third match, 2 vs 2. Mi’Ou Battle Team’s victory.”

Jiang Fei looked coldly at Zhou Weiqing standing below before saying coldly: “Coward.”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh, beautiful lady, the saying goes that bimbos have large breasts and no brains, but your breasts aren’t large but your brains aren’t much to speak off! Why should I be so reckless as to take your blow for no reason? Earlier, we already won two fights, so we can afford to lose this one. Since you already used the Self Sacrifice skill, you will not be able to join the future fights. If you have the ability, you can always send out another member of your Mi’Ou Battle Team as powerful as yourself. Since I am confident of winning anyway, why should I risk potential injury or death to take your bow? Do I look that stupid to you? I’m very scared of dying you know? Anyway, come on, who’s fighting the fourth fight.”

“You….. shameless!” Jiang Fei’s face turned even whiter, as she vomited another mouthful of blood with a *Wah* sound.

Wu Zhengyang and Zhu HeiSan quickly jumped up onto the stage, supporting Jiang Fei as they glared at Zhou Weiqing.

Zhou Weiqing gave an innocent look as he shrugged: “What… is being scared of death against the law? You’ve already won this fight, why do you still say I’m shameless? That’s called strategy!”

“Both sides, please get off the stage, we will need to repair it.” The judge’s rather gloomy voice sounded out.

Zhou Weiqing smiled at Jiang Fei and said: “Beautiful lady, I’ll see you later then.” As such, he headed back to the Rest House.

As soon as he entered the Rest House, the smile on his face vanished as he sucked in a deep breath, saying to the other three members: “What a terrifying self sacrifice skill… what a powerful ultimate offense Heavenly jewel Master. Just now, I saw that the stage was still being corroded and eaten away constantly, lucky we dodged the attack just now.”

Crow said curiously: “Weiqing, do you also know this Self Sacrifice skill?” She knew that Zhou Weiqing also had the Darkness Attribute. 1

Zhou Weiqing said with a bitter smile: “No, I do not. Each and every self sacrifice type skill are all secret techniques, they are a learned skill, not Elemental Jewel Stored Skills. I do not have any teachers in that matter, nor have I researched into it myself, so I naturally do not know. I am sure that my dad knows though, in the future I will learn it from him. Earlier, when I dragged you down the stage, it was actually because of the judge’s reactions. His shocked face, his quick summoning of his defenses… as a six-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master trusted to be the judge, if he has such a reaction, naturally it will be something we will find extremely difficult to handle. That was the main reason why I guessed it was a self sacrifice skill.”

Ye Paopao furrowed his brow and said: “This Mi’Ou Battle Team is surprisingly tough, if their other team members are just as strong, we will be in deep trouble.”

Zhou Weiqing smiled faintly and said: “The Mi’Ou Empire might be stronger than my Heavenly Bow Empire, but not by such a huge margin, and is definitely weaker than the Fei Li Empire. For it to have one or two geniuses is not surprising, but if a large number of geniuses appear, I’m sure that their surrounding empires will be the first to react. Do not worry, I am very confident that Jiang Fei is their strongest member, and none of their other members will be as powerful as even Wu Zhengyang.

That fight was probably the most exciting, most violent fight of the tournament thus far; having even the entire stage destroyed!

In all the battle teams’ respective Rest Houses, all the members were discussing the fight. Without question, Jiang Fei’s power had totally eclipsed Zhou Weiqing and Crow’s light, and could be said to have overshadowed everyone thus far. A Darkness Attribute Heavenly Jewel Master who knew the self sacrifice skill was definitely a terrifying force, furthermore she was an ultimate offense type Heavenly Jewel Master.

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