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Chapter 73 An unexpectedly powerful opponent (1)

Ye Paopao was representing the Fei Li Battle Team for the second fight, while the representative for the Mi’Ou Battle Team was a skinny youth. When they both ascended the stage, he looked over Ye Paopao carefully, and as soon as he deemed that Ye Paopao wasn’t like Crow, he heaved a sigh of relief. That scene earlier had definitely imprinted itself in his mind.

“Fei Li Battle Team, Ye Paopao.”

“Mi’Ou Battle Team, Zhu Heisan.”

The judge shouted out: “Second fight, begin!” There were after all twelve fights in total today, and they had no time to delay.

Ye Paopao flicked his wrist, and the Consolidated Staff appeared in his grasp. As for Zhu Heisan, he immediately charged forward towards Ye Paopao, a completely black Consolidated Dagger held in his right hand He moved extremely swiftly, and in a few steps he had reached Ye Paopao.

Ye Paopao’s Physical Jewel was the Yellow Jade signifying toughness, and was mainly for defense. Facing the opponent’s charge, he lifted his left hand calmly, and a Consolidated Shield appeared in front of him.

Naturally, as compared to Lin TianAo, his shield was much weaker, and also a lot smaller, a round shield with a mere 1 chi diameter. However, there was a sparkling sapphire socketed on the front of the shield – his Elemental Jewel.

*Ting* a soft sound rang out as the two clashed for the first time. Perhaps the Mi’Ou Battle Team were worried after the first loss, and they sent out another four-Jeweled Heavenly Jewel Master for this second fight. Furthermore, this Zhu Heisan’s Physical Jewel was the Agility Dragonstone Jade.

Although Zhu Heisan’s first attack was blocked by Ye Paopao’s Consolidated Shield, but his attack did not stop there, as he erupted into a flurry of attacks, a green light shining forth from his left wrist as his entire person seemed to become a bolt of furious lightning, as several dozen attacks encroached upon Ye Paopao’s position from all directions.

Back in the rest room, Shangguan Bing’er cried out in surprise: “Ultimate Agility Heavenly Jewel Master!” Indeed, that Zhu Heisan was another Ultimate Agility Heavenly Jewel Master like Shangguan Bing’er, with the Emperor Tourmaline Elemental Jewel and the Dragonstone Jade Physical Jewel.

“We do not to worry that much.” Zhou Weiqing said calmly. “The Water Attribute Element has the strongest control amongst the lower levels. Our luck is relatively good.”

As soon as Zhou Weiqing finished speaking, the scene on the battlefield chaned once more. Facing Zhu Heisan’s whirlwind-like flurry of attacks, Ye Paopao knew that he would not be able to dodge them. With a wave of the staff in his hands, an ice shield appeared behind him, coalescing in place to defend his back and sides. As for the Consolidated little round shield in his left hand, he moved it swiftly, blocking off Zhu Heisan’s attacks from the front, and holding his own.

With the Defense Physical Jewel, Ye Paopao was well versed in long ranged offense and closed range defense. Furthermore, during this period of time, he had been humbly learning much from Xiao Yan, and he had definitely learnt much, improving in terms of Control of Heavenly Energy, Usage of Skills and general combat abilities, causing his overall power to jump up by leaps and bounds.

Zhu HeiSan fully displayed his speed, making use of his Stored Skill Gale, causing his entire body to seem like green smoke as he sped up, as his attacks seemed to flow from all directions. Alas, every attack seemed to be blocked or countered somehow. Ye Paopao was not fast, but his defense was steady, with his Ice Shield Skill and the Consolidated Shield in his left hand, he was able to block off wave after wave of attacks.

Zhu HeiSan was naturally faced with the same problems as Shangguan Bing’er. As a Ultimate Agility Heavenly Jewel Master, their greatest weakness was their lack of offensive power. Ye Paopao with his defensive Physical Jewels was able to hold his ground and stave off all the attacks, and Zhu HeiSan was unable to break through and actually deal damage.

Most of the watching audience did not realise that as the two fought and clashed constantly, a diluted, faint Icy mist slowly sprang out from Ye Paopao’s feet. To outsiders, it might seem like the mist from the Ice Shield, but this mist actually spread out slowly, pressed down closely to the ground. In the time that the fight had taken, it had slowly spread out to a ten yard radius surrounding the pair.

Just as Zhu HeiSan’s flurry of attacks paused for a second as he regained his breath, only then did that icy mist suddenly spring up in action silently. All of a sudden, Zhu HeiSan felt that the temperature of the air dropped drastically. Just as he was about to retreat, he heard Ye Paopao say softly: “Freezing Field!”

In that instant that the Icy Mist sprang forth, Zhu HeiSan felt as if his body was surrounded by countless particles of ice, clinging onto his body with a bone chilling cold freezing his very flesh down to his meridians, causing them to harden.

At such a critical moment, it was down to who had the better trump card. Zhu HeiSan did not hesitate at all, waving his right hand, and three bouts of green light shot forth from his hands into the air. It was three throwing darts, with each imbued with the power of his Dragonstone Jade.

Who would have thought that for Zhu HeiSan’s four Physical Jewels, three of them were actually the exact same weapon, and just flying darts!

As the three darts flew into the air, they struck each other in midair, abruptly sticking to each other. In the dense green light, they seemed to meld into a single large dart, yet not losing its insane speed as it drew a beautiful green arch in the sky, speeding forth towards Ye Paopao’s right chest.

Of course, as an Ultimate Agility Heavenly Jewel Master, Zhu HeiSan knew about his own lack of offensive powers. His three darts were an Assembly Set just like Lin TianAo’s shield, bringing about a similar effect. However, in his case, it was used for attacking, and it was only made of three Jewels. Added on to the fact that its base offense wasn’t extremely high, as such, it was still a lot weaker if compared to Lin TianAo’s shield.

Still, that was only in relation. The three flying darts merged together was definitely not something to be overlooked, greatly increasing Zhu HeiSan’s offensive powers. Adding on the the fact that it came as such a huge surprise and speed, Ye Paopao was not even able to react.

In the Resting House, Zhou Weiqing’s expression changed. It all happened too fast that even he was unable to reach forward to help even if he wanted to.

However, at such a moment of critical danger, the calmest person was actually Ye Paopao. Earlier, when Zhu HeiSan had waved his right hand at him, he had already started making preparations.

The Icy Mist of his Water Attribute Elemental Heavenly Energy that he had released earlier, along with his Freezing Field Skill, he knew it had definitely dealt a large blow to Zhu HeiSan, at least restricting his speed. Without question, Zhu HeiSan’s had just used a skill in an attempt to strike out before he got Controlled fully. In truth, Ye Paopao’s battle skill and instincts were not that lacking, and he had been trying to force his opponent’s hand, who had fallen right into his expectations.

*Swoosh* the Consolidated Flyin Dart flew right through Ye Paopao’s right chest. However, Ye Paopao was not injured at all, because right at that instant, two Ye Paopaos appeared on the stage.

Water Attribute Seven Star Rated Support Skill, Mirror Image. The user could use Water Attribute Heavenly Energy to form a phantasm which was exactly the same as their own main body. At the same time, when using this skill, all Water Attribute Abilities were boosted. At Ye Paopao’s current four-Jeweled cultivation level, it would actually boost his Water Attribute Abilities by almost twenty percent.

Even though he had been prepared for it and unleashed it at the fastest possible speed, he still only just managed to barely dodge his opponent’s massive blow with that Mirror Image skill. Indeed, Ye Paopao was given an alarming scare, causing him to break out in cold sweat. Zhu HeiSan’s power was definitely beyond what he had expected.

The three Assembly Set Flying Dart missed its target, and it swiftly returned back to Zhu HeiSan’s hands. However, Ye Paopao would not give him any further chances to attack.

With the Icy Mist and Freezing Field boosted by the Mirror Image Skill, their effect grew stronger, and Zhu HeiSan’s speed had been restricted, almost fully controlled, and he felt as if his entire body was frozen in place.

A plain looking ice shield pressed hard against his body and arms, causing him to be unable to unleash his Flying Darts once more. When he tried to retreat, he found another three Ice Shields pressing against him from behind, locking him in place.

As an Ice Spear began forming in Ye Paopao’s hands, a cold female voice rang out from the Mi’Ou Battle Team. “We admit defeat for this loss.”

Ye Paopao did not pursue his attack. After all, although Zhu HeiSan’s earlier attack with his Consolidated Assembly Set Darts was shocking, he had only aimed it at his right chest, not at his heart. The two did not have any deep hatred for each other, and forcefully attacking and injuring the opponent was absolutely unnecessary, even foolish.

Quickly releasing his Ice Spear, and Zhu HeiSan from his ‘prison’ of Icy Mist and Shields, Ye Paopao gave a slight bow and smiled towards Zhu HeiSan, saying: “You’ve let me win.” 1

Zhu HeiSan said a little vexedly: “Ahh, I have lost out. I should have gone all out and used my three Jeweled Assembly Set right from the get go, perhaps I might have had a bigger chance.”

In truth, in terms of overall combat prowess and power, Zhu HeiSan was no weaker than Ye Paopao. However, he did not want to reveal his powers so quickly, but Ye Paopao was tougher than he expected and seized the opportunity swiftly, otherwise the match would have been a lot closer, and the result up in the air.

Once again, the Judge proclaimed the victor to be the Fei Li Battle Team, and both sides bowed to each other politely before descending the stage.

That was a rather normal fight indeed, but before the audience could recover, the immense and shocking Crow suddenly appeared in their vision once more.

Naturally, she was back on stage for the third fight, the 2v2!

Another explosion sounded out again as Crow jumped up onto the stage. Zhou Weiqing grinned, unlimbering his muscles swiftly as he stretched quickly, before he walked towards the stage.

“Little Fatty, be careful.” Shangguan Bing’er said concernedly. Earlier, the triple Assembly Set Flying Darts had given her a small shock. Indeed, this Heavenly Jewel Tournament was a collection of young talents, and no one could be estimated, as no one knew what secret or unique skills could be seen.

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Do not worry, you know my motto, safety first!”

Seeing that Crow had ascended the stage for a second time, Wu Zhengyang rushed out unhesitatingly from the Mi’Ou Battle Team again. He had really been vexed by his first loss, and he wanted to gain back his face, or he would be too embarrassed to even stay in the team.

Right behind Wu Zhengyang, a young lady followed from the Mi’Ou Battle Team. She looked to be around twenty five years of age, with a small, almost delicate, frame. Her features were above average, but with a cold expression on her face as she examined Crow with a wary look.

Crow looked to Zhou Weiqing and asked softly: “How do we do this?”

Zhou Weiqing’s smile froze as he said: “How do we do this? What do you think, finding a sexual partner? 2We deal with one each, that gigolo is yours, and the beauty is mine. Fair enough?”

“Alright.” Crow nodded immediately in agreement.

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  1. That’s the literal translation of 承让, it’s a polite term used in chinese martial arts combats where the victor is just being humble. We can take it as a phrase similar in meaning to ‘Good fight.’ or the sort.
  2. He is making a pun on words, or misreading her words. Basically Crow said ‘怎么搞’ – which means ‘How do we do this?’, but 搞 also has another slang meaning of ‘having sex’… hence his words.


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