HJC – Book 3, Chapter 19.1

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Chapter 19 Demonic Right Leg (1)

A cold light flashed in Zhou Weiqing’s eyes and he said: “This is not something we can change. Caught between these two big empires, we have no route of escape. Perhaps others can run away, but both Elder Sis and I will never be able to do so. Godfather is a great king, and he has done much and made a lot of progress in governing and improving the country. Alas, our strength is just too small and weak. We can only take things a step at the time now and do our best.”

Xiao Ru Se smiled faintly and gave a gratified nod: “It is good that you think like this, it makes elder sis very happy. Little Wei, we are alone here now, just us brother and sister. Although you are still young, there are some words that I want to remind you.”

“What words?” Zhou Weiqing asked.

Xiao Ru Se said with a solemn look on her face: “If one day, when the war situation is just too disadvantageous, everyone or anyone can die for our country, but only you must not.”

Zhou Weiqing was startled, “What, why?”

Xiao Ru Se’s beautiful eyes narrowed slightly: “There is only hope when we live. You are different from any other person. You are His Majesty’s Godson, and also the only son of Admiral Zhou. You have the rallying power in the Empire that no one else will have. More importantly, you are a Heavenly Jewel Master, someone with infinite potential and talent. I have also heard of the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye, and it is something that exists in legend, an incomparably formidable Elemental Jewel. I believe that as long as you have the time, one day, you will have the ability to change the course of events. Do not think that elder sis is joking. Your cultivation now may be shallow and weak, and you was may not understand truly how terrifying Heavenly Jewel Masters can be. Heavenly Jewel Masters have always made impressive history in the continent, and the most recent one was approximately 15 years ago. A formidable Heavenly Jewel Master, for the sake of his beloved, charged alone into the Wan Shou Empire. Along the way, every road he took, every place he visited, he killed anyone who tried to stop him. When he arrived in the capital city of the Wan Shou Empire, the Wan Shou City, he had already killed thousands of Jewel Masters and Heavenly Beasts from the Wan Shou Empire. At last, when he finally arrive in front of the Emperor of the Wan Shou Empire, he got news that his beloved was not seized by the Wan Shou Empire, and just left without them being able to stop him. At that time, beside the Emperor, there were over a hundred Zong Level Physical and Elemental Jewel Masters, and more than 30 powerful Zong Level Heavenly Jewel Masters, yet nobody could stop him. It is said that this man had 11 sets of Heavenly Jewels.”

As she told the story, Xiao Ru Se’s eyes revealed a rapt, charmed look, perhaps even a slightly adoring look. “Little Wei, I believe that your talent is certainly comparable to that Senior, perhaps you must even surpass him. If one day, you can cultivate and reach his level, who would dare touch our Heavenly Bow Empire? Even if the empire is in crisis, you will be able to turn the tide then. I believe that you can do even better than Uncle Zhou in the future. Promise Elder Sis that no matter what happens in the future, you must always remain calm.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded silently. For the first time since he was born, he felt a heavy weight upon his shoulders. This burden was placed there because his Heavenly Jewels had Awakened, but he would not flinch or shirk away. His natural disposition was to be free and uninhibited, but deep down his bones he was just as stubborn as his father Admiral Zhou.

Xiao Ru Se gave a smile and said: “Dumb kid, relax. Elder Sis was just pointing out the worst possible situation. With Uncle Zhou around, it will not be that easy for us to fall into such a situation. Anyway, I digress. What are you planning to do with Shangguan Bing’er? Don’t forget, in the Heavenly Bow City there still is Difuya.”

Zhou Weiqing curled his lip and said: “Difuya? Forget it. That girl, I will not be able to enjoy her. If not for the appearance of that black pearl, perhaps I would already have been killed by her. When I left home, didn’t I leave a note to my father? There shouldn’t be any issue.”

Xiao Ru Se laughed as she said: “You are dreaming. Your father might agree without any issues, but do you think His Majesty will agree? Do you know how many times Uncle Zhou has accompanied His Majesty into danger, how many times he risked his life to rescue him? Even if you are not the talented Heavenly Jewel Master that you are now, and you were still the same as before, His Majesty would still force Difuya to marry you. Kings do not say things lightly after all.”

Zhou Weiqing’s face fell immediately, and he pleaded: “What can I do then? Elder sis, you must help me find a solution! You don’t want me to suffer everyday facing Difuya, that proud chick with her eyes on top of her head, right?”

Xiao Ru Se gave a cold humph, “Ideas aren’t free you know, shouldn’t I get any reward?”

Zhou Weiqing grinned and said: “Heh, Elder Sis, if you are trying to fleece me, you have the wrong man. This little brother is totally cleaned out.”

Xiao Ru Se said: “I don’t want your money. Little Wei, how about this, if you accept one condition from me, I’ll give you some advice.”

Zhou Weiqing looked teasingly at Xiao Ru Se’s beautiful face, “Kiss you again? That will be no problem!”

“Bah, you’re asking for a beating again? Be serious! You must promise me, if some day you really become the pillar of the empire, you must support me in becoming the prime minister.”

Zhou Weiqing stared in wide-eyed surprise at her. He had really never expected that the condition that Xiao Ru Se put forward would be that, and was struck dumbfounded for a moment. “Elder Sis, your ambition is really not small! You really have a desire for rank.”

Xiao Ru Se gave a cold humph and said: “How could you, a little brat, understand? I just want to show that no matter what men can do, women can also do it equally well. I want to let the men of the world see the strength of women. On what basis do women have to stay at home to do housework, to only be able to assist the husband and teach the kids? Why is it that only men can have power and influence? My lifetime goal is to use my own skill and power to stand above men as well.” 1

Zhou Weiqing gave her a big thumbs up, saying: “Now I truly understand the meaning of that saying Women’s headdress not given to men. 2 Elder Sis, I support you!  However, if you get married in the future, wouldn’t there be a lot of pressure?”

Xiao Ru Se gave another cold humph: “When I started practicing archery, I already promised myself that I would not marry my entire life. Why should I waste my energy on men? I have many things that I want to accomplish. At most, I’ll find a man to have a child with in the future, then kick him away!”

Zhou Weiqing blinked, “Elder Sis, how about this? Instead of giving the advantage to others, why not let me have the advantage then. After all, we are close. Being able to do bad things without taking responsibility, that’s my favourite! Heh.”

“Get lost!”

The next morning, dawn had just broken, but the military compound outside the Heavenly Bow City which had been there for several months had vanished quietly. By the time the sun had risen, the land outside the city gates had returned to its original smooth state. Under the leadership of the Fifth Regiment, Third Battalion’s Commander, Shangguan Bing’er, the entire camp of 3000 soldiers, along with a large amount of military baggage and rations as well as an approximately 5000 strong baggage train, headed south towards the border of the Kalise Empire.

Having such a huge baggage train was necessary. Simply speaking, in war, it was normal to have a 1:1 ratio of support personnel and soldiers in the army. For those elite branches like Heavy Infantry, they required almost two support personnel to support each soldier, while Heavy Cavalry Soldiers might even need more than four support personnel to assist. Only then could these elites display their maximum strength in the battlefield. This was also one of the reasons why such elite troops cost so much to maintain.

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  1. The first Women’s Rights Society!
  2. A direct translation of 巾帼不让须眉了. Basically means Women can be better than men. 巾帼 is the women’s headdress in ancient times, while 须眉 referred to men. In the past, women had very low societal rank, and if a woman had great accomplishments, this saying was used.


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