HJC – Book 2, Chapter 14.3

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Chapter 14 Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment Sets (3)

Zhou Weiqing nodded his head and said: “I know, generally geniuses are the target of much envy and jealousy.”

Huyan Aobo looked at his complacent proud appearance and almost couldn’t help but thwap him with his palm, “Damnit, Your Father, I, am starting to suspect that accepting you as a disciple is a good thing or a mistake that this old man made late in his life that will cause me to lose everything.”

Zhou Weiqing said with a grin: “Heh, Teacher, did you forget? You had just taken an oath by your Elemental Jewels a moment ago, it’s too late for regrets.”

“I ……” Once again Huyan Aobo felt the urge to choke Zhou Weiqing to death. However, he was quick he relax once again. After all, he was not a little girl like Shangguan Bing’er, having such an apprentice, although it might give him a headache, but from another perspective, such an apprentice would obviously have a much strong survival capabilities than an honest child.

“Teacher, I have made a mistake, do not be angry. Have you ever heard of any other places where Heavenly Jewel Masters with the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye has appeared?” Zhou Weiqing asked curiously.

Huyan Aobo looked at Feng Yu, and they both shook their heads simultaneously. Huyan Aobo said: “The Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel should have appeared before, but that belongs to the realm of Heavenly Jewel Masters. Both I and Feng Yu are ordinary Jewel Masters, and we have very limited understanding regarding Heavenly Jewel Masters. In this world, many places belong to the domain of Heavenly Jewel Masters specifically. I believe that there definitely should have some Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewels existing, but where or how many is not to my knowledge.”

Zhou Weiqing said: “So mysterious!”

Feng Yu sighed and said: “Although Heavenly Jewel Masters are considered a type of Jewel Master, but in fact, Heavenly Jewel Masters are many levels above ordinary Physical and Elemental Jewel Masters. It is not just that the total sets of Jewels already outnumber the ordinary Jewel Masters, but even a Heavenly Jewel Masters of the same level as an ordinary Jewel Master will be a lot stronger. For example, I have nine Physical Jewels, but if I am compared to a Heavenly Jewel Master with nine sets of Heavenly Jewels, it is like the difference between heaven and earth. Even if there were a hundred of me, we would still probably lose to one of Upper Level Heavenly Zong Jewel Master like that. Little Fatty, you have an exceptional talent, and you need to treasure it well and work hard.”

Zhou Weiqing nodded and said: “I will.”

Huyan Aobo hesitated and said solemnly: “Since you have already chosen to enlist in the military, after that little girl has completed her Consolidated Equipment, you can go back to the military compound with her first. The Heavenly Bow Empire is not fighting any war now, and the military compound is one of the best places to conceal your Alexandrite Cat’s Eye Jewel. That little girl should also be able to protect you, and you can practice hard there, train up and store your strength. When you reach 16 years old, your teacher will naturally look for you and teach you the arts of creating Consolidating Equipment Scrolls.”

“Okay, good.” Zhou Weiqing complied happily. Although he did want to learn how to make the Consolidating Equipment Scroll, but he also did not want to leave Shangguan Bing’er, and having these two extra years would be just great.

Huyan Aobo continued saying: “Although the possibility of you promoting to your second set of Jewels in two years is not likely, but I must still remind you. From now on, all your Physical Jewel Consolidating Equipment needs to be permitted by me your teacher, you cannot use any other Consolidating Equipment Scrolls easily.”

Zhou Weiqing said with a smile: “Teacher you can rest assured that I will never buy one when I have a free one to use. Furthermore, I do not have the money.”

Huyan Aobo’s face fell, “I am not joking with you, this relates seriously to your future achievement. Ok, I must tempt you in order to ensure you this boy will listen. Feng Yu, let him have a look.”

Feng Yu and Huyan Aobo have been staying together for many years, and he naturally understood the meaning of his words. With a very serious look on his face, he held up his right hand, and layers of gentle light appeared from his wrist and dispersed outwards. Nine Jade Physical Jewels simultaneously appeared around his wrist.

Feng Yu was only a Physical Jewel Master, and thus his Physical Jewel was a mixed coloured Jade. About one-third of it was the Icy variant, while the other two-thirds was actually totally the Red Jade, for Physical Jewels that represented the Coordination boost.

The nine Red/Icy Jade Physical Jewels encircled Feng Yu’s wrist, and although he had not activated much Heavenly Energy yet, but Zhou Weiqing could sense an admirable and indomitable aura when he looked at him.

Just at this moment, all of a sudden, five of the nine Physical Jewels around Feng Yu’s wrist flew off quickly; they had moved so fast that Zhou Weiqing had not clearly seen which order those five Physical Jewels had been.

After those five Physical Jewels flew apart, they fell onto the forehead position between the eyebrows, chest, lower abdomen as well as two at the shoulders of Feng Yu respectively. The five Physical Jewels seemed to melt into Feng Yu’s body, starting from the forehead, where a twin-coloured hard helmet of similar appearance to his Physical Jewel appeared. It was then followed by a Heart-Protection Mirror at his chest, then a Protective Waistband around the waist, and finally a shoulder pauldrons on the shoulders.

Once the five Physical Jewels had finished Consolidating in their respective Equipments, a strange scene followed. Each of the respective armour pieces shot out rays of light which spread out and linked up with each other, connecting in a bright flash suddenly. The armour pieces which had only protected the five individual positions had suddenly turned into a full-body armour. to turn into the whole body armor unexpectedly. It seemed though that besides the five main positions, the other areas of the armor seemed rather shadowy and a bit unreal, but they definitely covered and protected the whole of Feng Yu’s body.

The suit of armour was not very beautiful, and did not have any unnecessary patterns or designs, but it seemed simple and in harmony, giving forth the impression of intense strength. Feng Yu seemed to look like a totally changed person after Consolidating this suit of Armor, as if all his actions were graced by a halo of light, making it seem as if any movement of him held an explosive strength that could burst out upon his will.

Huyan Aobo, as the Consolidating Equipment Master, explained from the side: “Do you see that? If they are just ordinary Consolidated Equipment, those five Physical Jewels of his can be said to be rather trash, being only able to defend such a small part of the body, how much use can it be at a cost of five Jewels? However, after these five Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment, they actually protected the entire body, that is the main difference. With this whole body armor, even if Feng Yu is facing a Upper Level Heavenly Zong Jewel Master, he will at least be able to last several rounds of attacks, and not be instantly killed.”

“This is the final and deepest secret of Consolidating Equipment – Set Armors. When a full set of Consolidated Equipment Scrolls are used by the same Jewel Master, they will be able to resonate and communicate with each other, allowing an improved overall superimposed protection range. To create such a Consolidating Equipment Set Scrolls, it requires at least the Grandmaster standard like myself. However, even for myself, I can at most only create a set of five or six Physical Jewel Consolidating Equipments. Yet, when a set consists of more Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipments, the entire set will become much more formidable.”

“Legend says that Consolidating Equipment Masters of the Zong Level can create Sets that include eight Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipments. Only God Level Masters can create Sets that are composed of ten Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipments. You have currently already Consolidated the Overlord Bow now. In the future, you will at most be able to have another 11 more Physical Jewels to Consolidate Equipment, of course that is on the condition that you are capable of breaking through to the Heavenly Zong Level. However, in any case, since you have the genius talent of the Alexandrite Cat’s Eye, it is possible you reach this Level. Therefore, from the next Physical Jewel onwards, you need to prepare for your Physical Jewel Consolidated Equipment Set! You definitely cannot waste any more Physical Jewels.”

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