HJC – 2 Releases

It’s good to be back. First of all, I’d like to apologise for my long absence. As Ren has mentioned, I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues and things got really out of hand for me in the past few months. I’m truly sorry for dropping out like that so suddenly, and more so because I failed to communicate to anyone else here about this.

I truly do wish to continue working on HJC and finishing it. I’m really grateful for Ren in giving me this second chance. I hope you all will let me prove it to you all too.

Here are 2 releases (173.2 and 173.3) for you guys.

Thank you.

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    1. Hey zen glad to have you back brother! I hope all is well with you and your family! I also can’t wait to get reading again this is one of my favorites on Wuxiaworld! A lot of love from the US.

  1. YEeeeEEEEEESSsssSS! Thanks!

    One thing though, please please please for the love of explosion, if you ever feel like you need a 1 day break or something tell us and im pretty sure we will all understand. Communication is da key <3

  2. Welcome back Zen we missed you! Everyone was wondering where you went and was sad to hear nothing glad your back and thank you ren for giving him a second chance real life can be a pain sometimes hope you just keep communication and least just say gonna be in hiatus or something thanks for the two chapters!

  3. Welcome back Zen! Good to have you back and will be looking forward to the continuation of HJC! I hope everything is ok with your offline issues but if they come back to bite you, just let us know and we (or at least I and many like-minded readers) will happily wait for things to blow over for you and give you time to sort stuff out without complaint 😀

  4. Glad you are back. Now prove to all your fans what you meant with work. As the saying goes: actions are better than words.

    Wish u the best and have a great day

  5. ZEEEEEEEEEEENNNNNNNNN !!!!!!!!! •Angry screaming•
    You god damn mute of a translator! • Still angry screaming•

    With a Big smile and a gentle voice: “Welcome back!”

    “But you dare ask for an apologise with only 2 chapter for your return!! This is unacceptable!!!” •More angry screaming• “Get back to work !!!”

    I hope you understood all of this was for the joke, glad you are back and you are back in shape judging from your defenetly not rusty Cliffhanger chosing skills!

  6. Hi Zen, I’m an avid reader of HJC and many other light novels, right now HJC is my favorite one, never commented before, didn’t have an account, but had to create one now that you’re back, probably you won’t even see this but just wanted to show gratitude for your work and for you coming back guns blazing with 2 chapters a day, knowing that you had some personal issues in your life, I totally understand that you had almost no contact with WW, there are bigger things in life and if shit happens… anyways, hope stuff gets better for you, and thank you for your job, keep up!

  7. Welcome back Zen you beautiful bastard! 😀 Really missed HJC and would have hated for someone else to pick up, your translations are amazing one the few translators that makes the humour in the original come through the translation.

  8. Welcome back Zen!
    Hope everything’s better now,or at least on the way to be
    Remember you are allowed to take breaks,even the hardest workers need breaks
    Thank you for the chapters and welcome back
    Looking forward to you continued work!
    Hope you feel better!

  9. I am so happy that original Zen is coming back. Thank you so much Zen, you are the best! We never had any problem with you in the first place as your translation is first class it is just that you never reached out to your fans.

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