GOR – Chapter 59

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GOR Chapter 59: Killing The Wyrm

The ironwood boat that was turned into a motorboat had been destroyed and the Awakened ones aboard it were all exterminated!

However, Chen Xiaolian could no longer feel sympathy for others. That was because the scent of blood from the bloody stump had already lured over the damned Zombie Wyrm!

Countless thread like figures moved towards him from under the water. The same was true for the gigantic shadow belonging to the mature Zombie Wyrm that had bitten off nearly half of the ironwood boat earlier – this scene was something that he had only witnessed in a movie called the ‘Great White Shark’.

At that moment, Chen Xiaolian could not help but become a little dazed. Thankfully, he has a strong companion. Although, it would be more accurate to say that the benefits of having a strong Guild Leader was put on display at that moment!

“Do not daze off!”

Qiu Yun’s oar fell heavily down onto Chen Xiaolian’s head. The strength behind the hit was so strong, it nearly caused Chen Xiaolian to fall into the river. However, this action immediately brought Chen Xiaolian out from his trance.

“Paddle forward! If you do not wish to die, then paddle!”

Qiu Yun gave a furious howl. He stood up and quickly took big strides, moving over Soo Soo’s head as he jumped towards the stern area.

Chen Xiaolian paddled using the oar like a madman, sparing no effort in his actions. At that moment, the speed of his hands has reached its peak…

Soo Soo herself had begun to cry out loud. The timid little girl was on the verge of mentally collapsing: the explosive flames from behind and the gigantic monster’s head that emerged from the water surface pushed the little girl’s tension filled heart to its limit. While not a hard-hearted person, Chen Xiaolian was simply in no position to go comfort the little girl.

In order to not die… paddle the boat forward!

The ironwood boat moved forward quickly as he fully displayed out his B Class strength. In addition, he no longer cared if his movements were exposed. Under those conditions, the movement speed of the ironwood boat increased by a couple notches.

Qiu Yun himself has not been idling off. Clearly, he owned a form of storage equipment as he quickly produced a metal barrel.

With just one glance, Chen Xiaolian recognized it.

That was… a barrel of gasoline!

Qiu Yun did not bother to slowly unscrew the cap of the barrel. Instead, he raised his sword wielding hand and cut down on the barrel. A layer of the metal barrel was cut off! He then quickly poured the gasoline down upon the river surface in every direction from behind the boat…

After that, he viciously kicked the barrel down the river. He then proceeded with his next step of action.

He brought out a lighter…

Chen Xiaolian was momentarily stunned by that action. His first reaction was to throw Soo Soo onto the surface of the boat. He held the little girl’s head down on the boat’s board floor and struggled to tightly place her hat on her head. “Hold your breath!”

Qiu Yun’s lighter seemingly transformed into a seed of fire as it fell into the surface of the water…

With a loud boom, a mass of flames burst out from the surface of the water and proceeded to spread out!

The gasoline caught fire immediately and spread out through the area with a “shua”! Nearly half of the river area behind them were occupied with flames!

Under the flames, the shadowy ‘threads’ upon the water surface were all turned into smoke and eventually disappeared!

These Zombie Wyrms were really weak against fire.

Chen Xiaolian maintained his current position! It was a very simplistic rationale… being bitten to death by the Zombie Wyrm or being burnt to death by the flaming gasoline…

Those 2 types of death were clearly not something Chen Xiaolian was willing to choose from!

He did not want to die!

The flames spread out to a distance of 7 to 8 metres all around them. This area seemed to fill him with a hint of comfort.

Soon however…

A gigantic shadow emerged out from beneath the sea of flames!

The huge shuttle shaped head rose, causing the waters to splash outwards and creating an enormous flower of water. In that instant, it seemed as though the flames were being suppressed.

The shuttle shaped head opened its mouth and Chen Xiaolian could clearly feel that a pair of eyes were staring at the boat that he was standing on from far away!

The most frightening part was that this mature Zombie Wyrm did not appear fearful towards the gasoline induced flames that were spreading quickly through the water surface. Perhaps, it would be more accurate to say that it showed some amount of wariness towards the flames, but was far from being terrified by it.

Thus, it was able to rush forward through the sea of flames!

Its humongous head slammed into the boat causing the boat to be tossed into the air. The boat then fell down heavily on to the river surface, nearly capsizing in the process.

Qiu Yun however, maintained a stable posture! He picked up one of the oars; without showing any hesitation, he smashed it down onto the huge head located behind them.

The Zombie Wyrm’s shuttle shaped head that was obviously bigger than Qiu Yun’s entire body was struck by the oar. Following a “kacha” sound, the highly durable iron like oar broke into two. As for the shuttle shaped head, the strike caused it to abruptly sink down into the waters.

Qiu Yun’s face had turned ugly. He clearly was not a strength type of Awakened one.

Chen Xiaolian noted what was wrong with Qiu Yun… he quickly shouted. “I will help you!”

Qiu Yun did not say anything. Chen Xiaolian summoned out the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword. Seeing the shuttle shaped head emerging out again, he did not waste any breath and immediately launched his skill!

Sword Skill, Linked Dual Strike, Cross Slash!

“Shua shua”, a beautiful cross-shaped blade mark imprinted itself onto the surface of the black coloured head… however, it was apparent that the damage was insufficient!

The shuttle shaped head tilted after getting hit. It seemed as though it had received some amount of damage and it then contracted its head.

As Chen Xiaolian’s sharp sword struck onto the other party’s head, he could feel its iron like toughness!

He could even see sparks flying out!

The toughness of this creature’s head was simply shocking!

“Its weakness is its horns!” Qiu Yun shouted aloud. Picking up the other oar, he took advantage of the moment when the shuttle shaped head tilted over to his side and vigorously slam down upon the horns!

A “pa” sound could be heard, seemingly due to something being broken. Then, a mass of black coloured viscous liquid sprayed out!

Darkness covered Chen Xiaolian’s vision. Thankfully, Qiu Yun was able to pull him away just in time to avoid being sprayed upon.

A few drops of the liquid were sprayed onto the surface of the ironwood boat. In an instant, those areas emitted a thick smoke. Those areas of the durable ironwood were being corroded as though it had just been sprayed with concentrated sulphuric acid!

Chen Xiaolian’s heart broke out in cold sweat.

The shuttle shaped head issued a cry of pain that sounded terrible. For Chen Xiaolian, that sound resembled the sounds that could be heard when pigs were being slaughtered.

Oh well, now is not the time to put on a sardonic face. The matter that distressed Chen Xiaolian most was that his Cross-shaped Medallion Sword had been lost!

Earlier, when he was executing the Cross Slash skill, his sword had struck onto the other party’s head. The impact nearly caused him to lose his grip on his sword. Then, he was abruptly pulled away by Qiu Yun. Although he managed to avoid being hit by the black corrosive liquid…

His grip loosened in the process and the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword was left embedded on the other party’s head, sticking out…

He observed as the shuttle shaped head sank down under water again after being struck by them. It also brought with it Chen Xiaolian’s Cross-shaped Medallion Sword… the hilt of the sword could be seen protruding out from the water surface.

It was as though the other party had a nail hammered onto its head.

At that moment, the boat suddenly shook!

They watched as a huge shadow collided with them from under the water! A “peng” resounded and the boat was tossed up again, flying a good half a metre up into the air!

Its head had been forced off, but this was the Zombie Wyrm’s body! It was just like a snake: its head may be beaten off, but its body was just like an iron whip lashing out towards the ironwood boat!

As the boat fell, Chen Xiaolian sat down with his buttocks to the floor and he subconsciously embraced Soo Soo to avoid them being thrown overboard. However, as he was crawling up, his blood froze!

Qiu Yun… was not on board!

A clear sound of something falling into the water rang out. Chen Xiaolian’s eyes saw Qiu Yun’s figure fall head first into the water. After that… he did not surface!

Could their strongest battle force die just like that?

Chen Xiaolian had no time to think about those as the shuttle shaped head emerged once again…

Soo Soo burst out in tears. As for Chen Xiaolian, his eyes had turned red!

He does not want to die!

He does not want to die!

He does not want to die yet!

His hands came in contact with something cold… it was the blade of an axe!

It was the item brought over by that accursed severed arm!

Chen Xiaolian grabbed it only to find that fingers of the severed arm were still tightly gripping onto the handle. After spending a moment to pull it out, he found that he could not do so. In desperation, Chen Xiaolian decided to ignore it and directly clutched onto the severed arm instead and threw the axe forward!


The axe did not hit strike the Zombie Wyrm on its head! Instead, it struck heavily down onto the hilt of Chen Xiaolian’s Cross-shaped Medallion Sword!

It was similar to how a hammer would strike down on a nail… then…

A “pu” sound could be heard!

Indeed! Chen Xiaolian was able to clearly hear that sound!

The ‘nail’ had originally only pierced lightly into the head of the Zombie Wyrm. The axe then hammered it deep down!

The Zombie Wyrm was unable to endure it anymore!

For any creature, having a nail hammered down its head would certainly be something they cannot endure!

Call it a lucky strike, a person’s Heavenly defying luck or whatever you like; but Chen Xiaolian’s axe throw coincidentally gave the Zombie Wyrm a critical blow!

The Zombie Wyrm’s body suddenly emerged from the surface of the water!

This spectacle caused Chen Xiaolian to become stunned.

The thickness of its body was roughly the size of the iron barrels used by peddlers to sell roasted sweet potatoes!

Its length on the other hand was around 20 metres!

Once again, the Zombie Wyrm released the miserable cry resembling those issued when a pig was being slaughtered. Its body thrashed about on the river and its tail was lashed out upon the cavern walls! Banging sounds echoed out; the entire cavern trembled and rocks of various sizes scattered about!

Chen Xiaolian felt most thankful for the fact that the creature could no longer open its mouth!

That was correct! It just so happened that the Cross-shaped Medallion Sword had pierced down through its mouth all the way to its chin! It had become a nail, tacking the creature’s mouth up!

The water surface roiled about violently and the ironwood boat became in danger of being overturned!

Chen Xiaolian struggled to hold on to the edges of the boat as his other hand held onto Soo Soo. He mustered all his strength to stop himself and Soo Soo from being thrown overboard.

As he was thinking that this could be the end…

Suddenly, he caught sight of a figure through the corner of his eye!

A hand emerged out from the water surface and grabbed onto the body of the Zombie Wyrm! Two hands then struggled to hold onto the Zombie Wyrm’s body before pulling its figure out onto the back of the Zombie Wyrm!

It was Qiu Yun!

Qiu Yun was in a dishevelled state and his wet hair had stuck together. However, his eyes carried with it a cold killing intent!

Qiu Yun turned and moved towards the Zombie Wyrm’s head. He reached the head at an incredible speed and produced an item. He then thrust it with all his might into the Zombie Wyrm’s head!

It was a sword!

A two-foot-long sword!

The Zombie Wyrm thrashed out in pain once again. This time, Qiu Yun had both his hands held tightly onto the hilt of the sword. Despite having his body thrown upwards a few times, he maintained his hold onto the sword hilt and did not fall!

His hands manically held onto the sword as it shook back and forth…

The Zombie Wyrm struggled for one whole minute. Then… things slowly quieted down…

Its huge body floated up to the water surface… its gigantic head was also fully revealed…

A 20 metre long and immense body floated upon the river surface. Obviously… it had lost its vitality.

Qiu Yun straightened himself and used his leg to stamp down onto the sword hilt… with a “pu”, the sword hilt disappeared down the head!

Behind them, the inflammation caused by the gasoline slowly faded. The flames had been blocking off the Zombie Wyrm hatchlings. But now it has clearly began to die out.

Qiu Yun showed no signs of panic or discontent as he jumped onto the ironwood boat. He glanced at Chen Xiaolian who was holding onto Soo Soo while also holding onto the boat.

“Well done, rookie! Now, let go of the little girl. Before the flames are extinguished, we need to paddle our way out of this river – that is if you do not want to die!”

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