GOR – Chapter 309

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GOR Chapter 309 Simulation

Energy smelting and repair of equipment could be implemented together.

In the little town outside, there were plenty of damaged and abandoned equipment. All of those could be smelted into energy!

It was also possible to combine the efforts. Place those abandoned equipment that he considered to be useless to him into the smelting furnace and turn them into energy. Then, use the energy to repair the rest of the damaged equipment that were of use to him!

By doing so…

Chen Xiaolian thought back to all the abandoned mechs, tanks, weapons and equipment left in the town outside…

Trash could be transformed into treasures!

“This is good stuff!”

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

He walked out of the Main Energy Control room and returned to the Central Control room outside.

This underground base should be the valuable legacy that Kaiser had mentioned.

Truth be told, something like this was absolutely worth far more compared to some weapon or equipment.

Thinking about it, Chen Xiaolian then rushed to the round metal orb floating in the Central Control room. He carefully observed the surface of the metal orb.

There was an issue…

This base… could it be moved away?

This was a key issue!

If it could not be moved, then all of this would be meaningless for him!

At the end of this instance dungeon, he would have to leave this place. If he was unable to take this base away with him, then what’s the point of it having powerful abilities?

To Chen Xiaolian’s joy, he was able to find an option on the surface of the central metal orb.

“Base miniaturization.”

Chen Xiaolian was overjoyed.

A few minutes later however, Chen Xiaolian was left confounded!

Let’s put it this way, the base could indeed be miniaturized and then taken away.

According to what Chen Xiaolian could understand from the description he found, this seemed to be the case.

The miniaturization function could be used to move the base around. After utilizing the miniaturization function, the base would shrink and transform into a spatial device. That spatial device should be quite small in size.

The purpose of this function was to allow the owner of the base to relocate the base under certain circumstances.

For example, if the base was under attack by a powerful enemy. Or if the location of the base was facing issues with suddenly changing terrain or others of the like.

According to the description there, this base possessed powerful capabilities. It could be placed in all types of terrain and weather.

Underwater, up in the sky, up in the mountains… regardless of what the terrain may be, it would be able to automatically adjust to its surrounding environment.

There was an issue however… there was a very high price involved in order to move it!

The miniaturization function required a vast amount of energy.

One miniaturization process would require a minimum of 15 % of the total energy capacity that the base could store.

That was the equivalent of 15,000 points of energy!

At the moment, the base only had… 190 points of energy.

Chen Xiaolian was absolutely stupefied by that.

It was a simple enough of a mathematical problem… 15,000 – 190 = 14,810.

14,810 points of energy!

Assuming he utilized the smelting furnace for it… a Cross Medallion Sword could be smelted for 160 points… he would need…

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

The abandoned mechs, tanks, aircrafts, armour, equipment, weapons outside… if he were to drag all those crap inside, it might be possible for him to accumulate 14,810 points of energy.

But… can I?

Let’s not consider others first… even if I do go move them… those mechs and the other items… how am I to move them here alone?

Move each of them over here using the Storage Watch?

There was a limit to how much the Storage Watch could store and he would have to go at it alone. Considering how many damaged objects there were out there, how long would he have to go about for this endeavour?

Additionally, that damnable Lancelot was still loitering inside this little town. He would never give Chen Xiaolian the chance to slowly gather up the equipment!

Having reached that line of thought, Chen Xiaolian gritted his teeth!

No! This base must be acquired!

Most importantly…

If this base truly possessed the same function as Zero City…

Then, those functions such as the repairing of weapons and equipment, smelting of energy, training ground etc…

Those functions were simply secondary!

If this base was truly similar to Zero City…

Don’t forget, what was Zero City famed for?

Its ability to block off the system rules!

If he could have such a shelter to act as a base of operations, he would not have to worry about being selected by the system for instance dungeons anymore!

It was the equivalent of acquiring a life-saving item!

How could Chen Xiaolian miss out on such a wonderful item?

Even if he had to put his life on the line, he must still try to bring it back with him!

Chen Xiaolian hugged his knees as he sat inside the Central Control room. There, he carefully considered his options.

The first obstacle that he needed to remove was the Fallen Avenger!

As long as that problem remained, he would be unable to move the abandoned equipment outside into this place.

How should he solve this problem?

There was no way he could beat him head-on.

If so, Chen Xiaolian’s biggest trump card would be Bai Qi.

He could also use the Goddess of Dawn’s Overwhelming Sunlight Purification attack. Additionally, by using the blessing of the Sword in the Stone, he would be able to use it twice.

However, the Overwhelming Sunlight Purification might not be able to eliminate the Fallen Avenger. Chen Xiaolian judged that the chances of defeating the Fallen Avenger by combusting of the total amount of attributes on him would too low.

Bai Qi would be his best bet.

If Bai Qi were to fail, then he could unleash the Overwhelming Sunlight Purification.

However, Bai Qi’s cooldown…

Chen Xiaolian checked the system.

There were nine more hours remaining.

There was another unknown source of danger… according to the system, Player mode would be merged with the punishment instance dungeon.

The one hour period for that was now down to…

25 minutes!

Chen Xiaolian felt somewhat disturbed… after the instance dungeon had completed their merger, would this Player mode change?

What he was concerned about was this base that was located within this little town.

What if, after the instance dungeons had merged together, this little town was erased away as a result… if this base were to be erased away, Chen Xiaolian would not even have the tears to show for it.

The safest option was to miniaturize this base within 25 minutes and take it away.

Damn it!

Chen Xiaolian slammed his fist heavily on the floor.

Then, he suddenly heard a strange sound coming from behind.


It was the sound of metal being twisted!

Chen Xiaolian was shocked… could it be that my punch has become so powerful?

However, after he subconsciously turned around, his entire body broke out in cold sweat and his heart began pounding in a frenzy!

A huge iron-clad hand had pierced through the metal wall that he had used to enter the base earlier. The hand then began to brutally tear the metal wall!

The sound of twisting metal continued to echo out as the metal wall was being torn out of shape!

The entire arm had made its way inside and it began to go about enlarging the crack created on the wall! Through the crack, the armoured figure wrapped in black coloured flames grew visible.

The Fallen Avenger!

The damned Lancelot!

Crunch! Crunch!

The metal was twisted and half his head began poking inside!

The pair of flaming ghastly eyes stared intently at Chen Xiaolian!

Chen Xiaolian was shocked: How did he find me?

There was no time for him to consider the question!

The crack had grown larger to the point where half of the Fallen Avenger’s body had made its way in. At the same time, his other hand was struggling as he raised the black coloured long sword and stabbed it in through the cracks. The edges of the sword carved the metal wall, causing the crack to become even bigger!

The sound of twisting metal filled the room!

Chen Xiaolian jumped to attention; he took advantage of the fact that the Fallen Avenger was stuck within the crack and cleaved down heavily on him!

Sword in the Stone, Killing Blow skill unleashed!

The edge of the blade brutally hacked down on the Fallen Avenger’s shoulder, cutting through the armour!

However, Chen Xiaolian could clearly sense that the sword was not effective. Although it had cut through the enemy’s armour, this enemy was a spirit entity. The Sword in the Stone was unable to truly deal damage to this enemy.

The Fallen Avenger stared at Chen Xiaolian and unleashed a loud roar.

A sharp and grating roar startled Chen Xiaolian!

Thankfully, the Sword in the Stone was able to sense it and activate its skill to eliminate all negative spiritual effects.

This fellow’s spiritual attack is very powerful. Chen Xiaolian thought to himself. If not for the Sword in the Stone, he would not be able to exchange too many rounds with this Fallen Avenger.

Additionally… since this fellow could arrive here, then… that ‘Qiu Yun’ should have died, right?

Since the Sword in the Stone’s attacks were ineffective, Chen Xiaolian subconsciously wanted to turn around and run away!

Since he could not beat it, he could only choose to escape.

However… within this base, the Fallen Avenger was presently occupying the only entrance and exit point that Chen Xiaolian knew of!

He turned toward the central metal orb and began to quickly search around the available options on the metal orb.

Is there any other entrance or exit?

He tapped open each and every option as he searched frantically while the sound of twisting metal coming from behind him served as something akin to an alarm.

“Mm? Defence mode?”

Chen Xiaolian suddenly saw this option. His heart gave a pound and he quickly tapped on it.

The moment his palm pressed down, he saw a red light flash out from the metal orb.

A green light suddenly shone out on the surface of the surrounding walls and especially on the wall that the Fallen Avenger was breaking through.

Crackling sounds could be heard as the Fallen Avenger’s body that was caught in the middle of the green lights shuddered. He roared out in pain!

Chen Xiaolian could clearly sense it. The green light shone onto the Fallen Avenger’s body and caused the black coloured flames to become dimmer.

It worked?

In the next instant, a prompt appeared, causing Chen Xiaolian to swear!

“Insufficient energy, defence mode suspended? Damn it!”

The green light disappeared.

Chen Xiaolian let out a string of expletives and turned around to look at the Fallen Avenger. The fellow had already pushed one leg in through the crack!

He can’t stay here anymore!

The entrance passageway had been exposed. To Chen Xiaolian’s irritation…

Just by looking around, Chen Xiaolian was able to discover the difficult situation he was in!

He was presently inside the Central Control room. The Central Control room was usually the most important area of a base. For safety reasons, there would usually be only one passage to serve as an entrance and exit passageway.

Other than that, there were no other places to escape to!

A loud booming sound reverberated through the room from behind him as the Fallen Avenger finally made his way in through the crack!

Chen Xiaolian’s body shuddered and he turned and ran.

Thankfully, as the Fallen Avenger was about to give chase, his body jerked. He lowered his head to find that his left leg had gotten stuck within the cracks.

While the Fallen Avenger was pulling his left leg out, Chen Xiaolian had already dashed into one of the doors on the left!

“Training Ground.”

Chen Xiaolian rushed into the Training Ground and closed the metal door behind him. He quickly pressed his palm on the metal orb beside.

“Please select the background for training simulation…”

Chen Xiaolian quickly browsed through the images.

He then quickly selected each of them.

To his frustration…

“Insufficient energy, cached background could not be simulated. Please select a smaller sized background or recharge the energy source.”

Smaller sized background? Damn it!

His mind raced quickly and he tapped the ‘Upload background for simulation’ option.

The metal walls of the training ground instantly transformed into a dazzling whiteness.

After the whiteness disappeared…

Chen Xiaolian stared. There was an odd expression on his face.

His surrounding had completely changed. The empty room with metal walls had transformed into a…


This was where he had encountered Lancelot for the first time. This was also where he had found the hilt of the Sword in the Stone!

Lancelot had stood watch as the guardian of this chapel. However, Chen Xiaolian tricked him and eventually killed him!

The furnishings inside the church were completely similar to how Chen Xiaolian remembered it.

The size of this chapel was not that big. Thus, it could be simulated.

Chen Xiaolian who was standing in the middle of the chapel looked around. He observed the stone pillars standing around him and the cross right before him… and the dilapidated stone desks and wooden benches…


A loud noise came from the doors of the chapel! The doors were utterly destroyed as the Fallen Avenger’s figure appeared in the doorway. Then, the Fallen Avenger took a big step forward!

There was a peculiar expression on Chen Xiaolian’s face as he retreated step after step. His hand held onto the Sword in the Stone and he had his back facing the cross. He stared anxiously at the Fallen Avenger!

This was the only thing he could think of. And the only way to possibly turn things around!


Chen Xiaolian pointed the Sword in the Stone at the Fallen Avenger and the tip of the sword glowed with a silvery glow.

“Lancelot! Do you still remember this sword? Do you still remember the oath you made in ages past? As a proud knight, you turned your back on your faith?”

Chen Xiaolian shouted loudly.

The Fallen Avenger had already taken a step inside. Hearing Chen Xiaolian’s words, the Fallen Avenger’s pair of flaming and ghastly eyes became startled!

In that moment, it would appear as though he had stopped moving. Although he did not say anything, his pair of flaming and ghastly eyes were staring right at Chen Xiaolian… or more accurately, they were staring at the cross behind Chen Xiaolian!

And also… the item in Chen Xiaolian’s hand, the Sword in the Stone!

“Lancelot! Do you even remember your own name? Do you still remember this place? For a thousand years, you kept watch over this place! For a thousand years, you guarded the sacred artefact!”

With great difficulty, the Fallen Avenger took another step forward.

His body seemed to be trembling somewhat as he seemed to be struggling against something…

Chen Xiaolian became excited: It’s working!

“The power of darkness must not be allowed to taint the light of the Lord! This is a sacred ground where one waits upon the Lord. And yet, you would invite such vile darkness inside this place? Lancelot! Have you fallen to the dark side?!”

The Fallen Avenger suddenly spread open both his arms and emitted a painful howl!

A booming sound erupted as a result and Chen Xiaolian could feel the shockwaves charging toward him. He placed both hands together and moved the Sword in the Stone in front of him.

Next, the roaring sound washed over him and he felt as though it was never going to end. This Fallen Avenger was a being with truly terrifying powers. The stone desks and pillars began cracking under the onslaught of the shockwaves. As for the dilapidated wooden benches, they were all shattered into fragments!

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