GOR – Chapter 305

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GOR Chapter 305 Angel Reappears

A silver flash burst into existence in the sky above and descended like a meteor!

A shuttle shaped metal object whose body shone with a silvery lustre descended from the Heavens!

As the shuttle-shaped object was swiftly descending, two pieces of metal wings rapidly materialized, looking similar to two sharp swords.

The object was an oddly shaped circular metal body, made of unknown materials, releasing a faint green glow. It seemed to be formed of two circular rings connected to each other, with the larger ring encasing the smaller ring!


A humming sound vibrated outward!

A translucent ripple spread out from a spot above the circular ring! In but a blink of an eye, the ripple had quickly expanded outward like a shockwave!

It was like a burst of light and the drone hovering in the air that was caught in the expanding ripple abruptly emitted sparks from every part of its metallic body. Crackling sounds could be heard as flames erupted from its body before it finally fell down the ground.

As for the last remaining dune buggy, it too was caught in the ripple and its engine died out.

Floating Angel!

Has reappeared!

Roddy quickly jumped onto a rock and whistled out to the sky. The metallic rings responded by swiftly shooting toward Roddy.

The metallic rings instantly split apart and the parts then transformed into countless fragments, which flew toward Roddy.

The fragments rapidly affixed themselves upon Roddy’s body, forming a full body… silver coloured war armour!

Following a swooshing sound, a long and dazzling pair of silver wings spread open from behind the war armour! Green coloured sparks glowed beneath the pair of wings as the turbine there abruptly let loose a stream of green coloured flames, sending Roddy shooting up into the sky. Roddy’s body transformed into a green beam of light and he drew a streak through the sky!

Although the ripple earlier had shut down the dune buggy’s movement capability, the men inside the dune buggy did not sit by idly. They quickly went to operate the machine gun on the dune buggy and used it to shoot at Roddy!

Roddy who was up in the sky saw that; the pair of wings behind him folded together, enclosing him inside. The moment the hail of bullets came close to him, the pair of wings emanated a green coloured arc of light, causing those bullets to stop in place while creating minor ripples in the air. None of the bullets could make contact with him!

Another member from the other party pulled the same weapon that had to be carried on the shoulder. He bellowed and launched out a beam of light using the weapon.

Roddy who was still in mid-air saw the incoming beam and he sneered.

He raised his right hand and green flames that were three feet long appeared from his palm!

Ion Pulse Blade!

Roddy watched as the beam shot toward him. His armour’s turbine suddenly increased its power and he charged toward the beam head on!


The green coloured Ion Pulse Blade cleaved the incoming beam neatly into two, causing it to disperse away!

The flames from the turbine gushed out as Roddy rapidly moved forward.

The two fellows in the dune buggy exclaimed loudly. Denzel shouted at them from the side, “Abandon the car! Run!”

The two of them quickly disengaged from the weapons they were carrying on their shoulders and jumped out of the dune buggy in a wretched manner. Then, they ran away furiously, one on the left and one on the right.

In the next instant, Roddy arrived before the dune buggy and the green coloured Ion Pulse Blade in his hand descended…


The dune buggy was beautifully cleaved into two!

Roddy himself became like a beam of light, piercing through the dune buggy that was cut in half.

Directly after that, the dune buggy exploded into smithereens!

“That… what kind of weapon is that?” The corners of Han Bi’s eyes twitched and he was unable to restrain himself from exclaiming.

“It’s a… mech armour! Floating Angel!” There was a dazed look in Nagase Komi’s eyes and she bit her lips tightly. “I’ve seen that thing before!”

Roddy retracted the Ion Pulse Blade.

He saw that several of Denzel’s companions had surrounded him. They were operating in teams of two.

Some of them simply pulled out their firearms and shot away with wanton abandon at Roddy.

However, it was obvious that the firearms they were using were not ordinary firearms. This Feral Tiger Guild was clearly a standard technological type guild.

Guns with flat shaped muzzles that were science fictional in appearance appeared in their hands and a hail of laser beams bombarded Roddy!

Roddy’s metal wings folded itself once more, encasing his body within it like a form of defensive system.

At the same time, three miniature metal objects suddenly emerged from the external surface of the pair of wings. After the three objects emerged, they quickly transformed into three miniature cannon muzzles!

Floater Cannons!


Denzel’s scalp tingled at what he saw and he quickly shouted. Seeing a glow appearing from the cannon muzzles, he shouted and charged forward!

A huge metal shield appeared in Denzel’s hand.

Then, he charged toward Roddy!

Beams of light were unleashed by the Floater Cannons!

Two swooshing sounds could be heard and two members of Feral Tiger Guild that were crouching on the sandy ground and shooting at Roddy were sent flying from the attacks!

Seeing what happened, Denzel felt as though his eyes would pop out. He quickly shouted and the shield in his hand shone with a dazzling radiance!

The Floating Cannons’ detection capabilities were then seemingly drawn toward him and they turned to face Denzel.

Several beams of light shot out and Denzel held the shield aloft, taking the brunt of the Floater Cannons’ barrage without falling!

He was able to rush forward, rapidly closing the distance between him and Roddy. Then, his body suddenly leapt up into the air.

The muscles on both his hands expanded and he tossed the metal shield heavily like how one would throw a discus!

A booming sound was created as the metal shield streaked through the sky toward Roddy like a Frisbee!

This time, Roddy was forced to open up the wings and an Ion Pulse Blade materialized in his right hand. Seeing the incoming Frisbee, he swung the Ion Pulse Blade in a hacking motion…


The huge impact caused Roddy who was floating in the air to fall back a distance of over 10 meters!

His Ion Pulse Blade struck the metal shield only to create crackling sounds and sparks! However, who knows what the metal shield was made of. It had actually managed to endure the blow without becoming damaged! It successfully pushed Roddy back a distance of over 10 meters before flying back to Denzel and slipping into his hand.

Denzel stood upon the sandy wasteland while breathing deeply. He cast a cold stare at Roddy who was hovering in mid-air.

“You! You are not a member of Thorned Flower Guild! It is impossible for the people from Thorned Flower Guild to have a Floating Angel! You are someone from Zero City!”

Roddy continued to hover in the air. He brandished the Ion Pulse Blade, pointing the tip at Denzel and said, “You are the one who ambushed me first! Now you question my identity?”

Denzel did nothing to mask the rage on his face. Olin who was behind him rushed to his side. He said in a whisper, “Two of our fellow brothers were pretty badly hurt by the Floater Cannons. Given how badly hurt they are, it’s best if we get away from this place as soon as possible. I need to attend to their wounds.”

Hearing that they had not been killed, Denzel’s face eased up slightly. He raised the strange metal shield in his hand and said in a loud voice, “My target is Thorned Flower Guild! Since you are not a member of Thorned Flower Guild, then you are not my target! About what happened earlier… let’s just forget about it! Although you lost a Thunderstorm Tank, I had also lost a drone and my vehicles. Just consider this a mistake on my part! Humph!”

Denzel had said those words with his head held high, seemingly unafraid of the Floating Angel hovering up in the sky. He then turned around and said to Olin, “Retreat!”

“Oy! After launching a sneak attack on me, you think you can just sweep it under a rug with a ‘It’s a misunderstanding’? You’re just going to leave like this?”

Roddy’s figure descended slightly and the three Floater Cannons floating around him had their muzzles aimed at Denzel who was on the ground.

Denzel raised his head. He narrowed his eyes as he cast another cold stare at Roddy, “I know you are someone from Floating Angel Guild of Zero City… however, don’t think that I am afraid of you! If push comes to shove, we’ll just fight to the death against you! However… unless your Floater is in perfect mode, you should stop thinking about stopping me!

“However, even using the perfect mode once would end up requiring a long time for the recharging process. At present, the real instance dungeon quest had yet to be issued out. Are you willing to go all out against me in a battle where you don’t know what the outcome may be? Are you willing to throw away the precious energy reserve of your Angel mech armour?”

“… … …”

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[TL: The Floater belongs to Nicole. But before she died (Chapter 155), she commanded her Floater to ‘help’ Roddy. Somehow, that resulted in Roddy ‘getting’ the Floater.]


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