GOR – Chapter 298

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GOR Chapter 298 Hunting Culkin II

As Chen Xiaolian was placing the last bullet into the bullet magazine, his heart suddenly pounded as a trace of vigilance rose up within his heart.

He stood up just in time to hear a loud boom coming from the floor below.

As smoke billowed upward, he quickly descended the staircase to reach the second floor.

The trap Chen Xiaolian set on the first floor by the staircase had been activated. The two hand grenades he set up using the Black Widow spider silk had exploded!

Huge amounts of debris flew about on the first floor as even the stairs had been blown to pieces by the explosion.

Chen Xiaolian stood on the second floor and looked downstairs. Seeing that the first floor was a complete mess, he sneered. “Hide? Can you?”

Culkin was crouched in the corner. Earlier, he had been too eager to rush up the staircase and he ended up activating the trap. However, this level of trap was insufficient to harm someone like him. Before the hand grenades exploded, he was able to put sufficient distance between him and the explosions.

Even so, that was good enough for Chen Xiaolian. He was not hoping for this trap to hurt Culkin – it simply needed to serve as a warning for him.

Culkin moved while remaining hidden within the shadows. His movement speed was so fast that it was hard to monitor his movements. However, Chen Xiaolian ignored that. Both his hands raised up to reveal the AK submachine gun, which he then used to spray bullets down!

Tat tat tat tat!

The muzzle flash sprayed out as bullets hailed down upon a vast area of the first floor.

The barrage of bullets swept around back and forth and Culkin was soon incapable of continuing his attempt to stay hidden. He was forced to jump out of the shadows. In face of the incoming barrage of bullets, his figure moved as fast as lightning to slip past the gaps between the bullets and he shot toward the second floor!

Chen Xiaolian chuckled. After emptying his bullet magazine, he tossed away the AK submachine gun and quickly retreated. He ran along the staircase and headed up to the third floor.

The moment Culkin reach the second floor, he heard a tiger like roar coming from the side. A Four-Eyed War Cat charged at him.

Two of Garfield’s doppelgangers had been seriously wounded earlier. Thus, Chen Xiaolian could only summon out this one doppelganger.

The instant Culkin stepped on the second floor, he was greeted by an incoming paw from the doppelganger! A piercing wind blew across his face as Culkin jerked his head back. Next, a loud crash could be heard as the Four-Eyed War Cat shot across him to smash one of the staircase pillars apart.

“Four-Eyed War Cat?” Culkin was surprised for a bit.

Garfield roared and unleashed his ‘Cat’s Roar’ skill at Culkin. A transparent sphere of air shot toward him.

Culkin displayed an astonishing level of speed. He dodged continuously and his body that was in the middle of the air twisted in three different directions before moving back into a ready state. Then, he moved forward once more. Garfield slapped down with his paw once more only to strike thin air. However, his paw then landed on the wall of the second floor, creating a large hole on the wall.

Culkin sneered and said, “A little beast like you dares to ambush me?”

Be it in terms of strength or speed, one Garfield doppelganger was no match for Culkin. Culkin landed a kick on Garfield’s body and sent him smashing through the wall.

After he was done dealing with Garfield, Culkin raised his head to look up to the third floor and said, “Do you need to keep on hiding?”

Chen Xiaolian remained silent. He quickly checked the time on his watch before picking up a handgun, which he pointed down and shot out at random.

Culkin swiftly moved to the staircase despite the incoming bullets. Chen Xiaolian watched as Culkin reached the stairs and responded by biting off the pins on two grenades and tossing them down.

The sound of the grenades rolling down caught Culkin’s attention and his eyes narrowed as he noticed the grenades. He quickly jumped up into the air. As his body was still in the middle of the air, he extended his hand and summoned out a circular shaped metal cover.

The shockwave and shrapnel from the exploding grenades struck the metal cover. Then, Culkin who was safely hidden behind the metal cover landed on the stairs behind the railings. He sneered and said, “What other abilities do you have?”

Chen Xiaolian did not reply him. He simply shot at Culkin with the handgun until it was out of bullets and tossed the handgun away.

Culkin took that moment to charge up to the stairs on the third floor.

As he was about to reach the third floor, Culkin’s body suddenly jolted to the side and a thudding sound could be heard right after!

A military blade shot right past his nose and stabbed into the wall behind him. The force behind the throw was such that the blade went all the way in until only the hilt was left sticking out!

“Vicious!” Culkin sneered. “You’ve got a pretty good reaction. Just who are you?”

He was finally able to get a clear look at Chen Xiaolian who was standing on the third floor.

Chen Xiaolian had a scarf over his face and only his eyes could be seen. Those eyes stared coldly at Culkin.

Feeling something familiar about those eyes, Culkin was quick to become more vigilant.

There was another military blade in Chen Xiaolian’s hand while the Sword in the Stone remained slung across his back. His body was set in a crouching position, ready for battle.

“The monster you lured over just now caused my companion to die. Now, you are going to have to hand over your life as repayment.” Culkin harrumphed and a shining dagger appeared in his hand.

“Oh? One actually did die?” Chen Xiaolian spoke in a contemptuous tone.

Hearing his voice, Culkin became startled. There was a shocked expression on his face, “You… it is you?”

Chen Xiaolian kept his eyes focused on Culkin’s body, especially his hands and legs. Then, he slowly pulled off the scarf covering his face. After revealing his face, he said, “Humph, we meet again.”

When Culkin was able to fully identify Chen Xiaolian’s face, his face quickly contorted! There was coldness in his eyes as he said, “So, it’s you! In other words… what happened earlier was not an accident! You deliberately lured the monster to us!”

“What do you think?” Chen Xiaolian revealed a devious grin.

Culkin quickly assessed the situation.

His instincts told him that this was dangerous!

Assuming… if this fellow knew who he was and what his circumstances was… if so, it would appear that this fellow had lured him over on purpose. Additionally, it seemed as though he was already prepared?

Considering all these factors… wouldn’t that mean he was now in danger?

“After separating in London, I have always been missing you,” said Chen Xiaolian through gritted teeth. His face was set in a sneer. “Truth be told, meeting you here is truly an unexpected but pleasant surprise for me!”

“Just someone I once defeated!” Culkin sneered back and said, “Back in London, you managed to escape only because there was a master like Mr San there. But now…”

“Haha!” Chen Xiaolian laughed and said, “Even though I am now alone, I can still kill you off. Do you believe me?”

Culkin fell silent and he suspiciously observed the room.

It was not that long ago since their confrontation in London and Culkin had quite a deep understanding of this fellow’s strength – in terms of a one on one battle, this fellow was most certainly not a match for him.

But now, how could he be so confident?

Mm, back in London, he was able to summon out a very strange man in white.

However, that man in white appeared to be something he could not control…

“Are you planning to summon the man in white again?” Culkin carefully assessed his surroundings and took a deep breath. “If I have to guess, that must be some form of magic puppet, right? However, it seems you don’t have full control over it. Aren’t you afraid of getting attacked by it once again?”

Chen Xiaolian slowly moved his feet backward and said, “Why do I get the feeling that you are feeling nervous?”

Culkin narrowed his eyes and replied, “Nervous? I’ll just have to kill you first, Guild Leader Chen Xiaolian!”

“… … …” Chen Xiaolian’s feet continued to move backward and he said, “We’ve fought each other twice, but I still don’t know who you are. Back then, Qiu Yun’s name was brought up. It would appear that both of us knew Qiu Yun. If so, who are you and what is your connection with Qiu Yun?”

Culkin gripped the dagger and slowly approached Chen Xiaolian. He said, “You want to know who I am? Very well… remember well, my name is Dong Shi!”

“Dong Shi [1]!” Chen Xiaolian’s pupils contracted and he continued, “You really are Dong Shi! You are one of the founders of Meteor Rock Guild? Qiu Yun’s… brother?”

“I am not in the mood to be telling stories to you here,” Culkin coldly said. “Die! When you have been refreshed as a normal person, I might go visit you when I am in the mood. Then… I’ll kill you again!”

Chen Xiaolian felt a chill going down his spine.

This fellow was truly vicious!

He won’t even let go off someone who had been refreshed!

“Back in London, you were lucky,” Culkin said coldly. “Although the man in white that you summoned has quite the skill – did you think I don’t have any killing moves of my own? Come on then, I’ll finish you off right here. Consider this as me parting ways with Meteor Rock Guild.”

Chen Xiaolian slowly stepped backward while Culkin stepped forward.

Soon, he was already out in the terrace!

It was at that moment that a loud roar reverberated outward from downstairs! It was as though the roar had originated from the darkness itself!

Shrouded in black coloured flames, the Fallen Avenger had appeared on the street beneath the building! Next, he dashed furiously into the warehouse!

Culkin had also heard the roar.

As for Chen Xiaolian, he leaned his head over the terrace railing and saw the Fallen Avenger charge in through the first floor. When he saw that, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He had won his bet!

Once he entered a state of combat, he would end up revealing his position to the Fallen Avenger, thereby luring the Fallen Avenger toward him!

Just now, he had deliberately did all those to buy time… as expected, the Fallen Avenger did rush over!

In this duel between him and Culkin, the biggest weakness that Culkin had was his lack of intel.

He had been assuming that the Fallen Avenger was merely a monster of this instance dungeon. He did not know that the Fallen Avenger was a monster who was specifically seeking Chen Xiaolian out. As long as Chen Xiaolian entered a state of combat, he would end up bringing the Fallen Avenger toward him!

Just now, when they were confronting one another on the second floor and all the way to the third floor, Chen Xiaolian had deliberately did all he could to buy time. Time needed not to fight Culkin, but to get the Fallen Avenger over here!

Hearing the roar, Culkin’s face sank!

He was shocked to realize that the monster was able to locate this place – according to his speculations; the explosions that Chen Xiaolian had set up should have lured this terrifying monster far away.

The stairs at the bottom exploded as the Fallen Avenger jumped up to the third floor like a cannon ball. His body smashed through the third floor before landing heavily on the floor!

At that very moment, the three fellows in the room formed the points of a triangle!

The pair of ghastly and flaming eyes on the Fallen Avenger glanced at Culkin only to slowly turn his attention toward Chen Xiaolian. He roared at Chen Xiaolian and raised his black coloured long sword.

Chen Xiaolian responded by laughing. He raised he military blade in his hand and rushed Culkin!

His target of attack was Culkin! It appeared as though he simply did not care about the Fallen Avenger that was right beside them!

Culkin swore furiously. He had originally intended to run away. However, with Chen Xiaolian rushing him like this, he had no choice but to dodge.

Chen Xiaolian stabbed forward with the military blade but was deflected by the dagger in Culkin’s hand. Their bodies shuddered from the impact and Culkin attempted to retreat once again. However, Chen Xiaolian went into what appeared like a mad state and he charged forward to attack Culkin once more, ignoring everything else.

Culkin continued retreating while the Fallen Avenger’s black coloured sword was slashing down at Chen Xiaolian’s back!

Chen Xiaolian abruptly twisted his body and rolled away. Tossing away the military blade, he then pulled out the Sword in the Stone that was slung across his back!

The moment he held onto the Sword in the Stone, a skill was activated and his body was instantly restored to its optimum state!

This skill that could restore him to his peak in an instant was so Heavenly defying that Chen Xiaolian was startled!

He swung the sword to block off the sword strike from the Fallen Avenger. The impact shook him and threw him backward.

However, Chen Xiaolian took advantage of the momentum to direct himself toward the terrace railing!

A hook had been fixed on the railing. And tied to that hook was… the Black Widow spider silk!

Meanwhile, Culkin was standing at a position that was only two meters away from the Fallen Avenger. Not knowing that the Fallen Avenger’s target was Chen Xiaolian, he instinctively brandished his dagger. This attempt by Culkin to resist the Fallen Avenger ended up enraging him. He lashed out with a backhand sword strike at Culkin, knocking him to the side. Culkin who had to stagger backward felt heat in his hands. He lowered his gaze to see that the blade of his dagger had been melted by black coloured flames!

Culkin’s heart sank!

He then raised his head to see Chen Xiaolian sitting on the railing.

“Goodbye, Dong Shi!”

Chen Xiaolian laughed while waving something in his hand.

It was a… card!

Attack Exemption Card [2]! Within half an hour’s time, no system monster will attack him!

Chen Xiaolian had been holding onto this exemption card all this while. Now that he was facing off against Culkin and the Fallen Avenger, he decided to pull out this card!

Originally, this exemption card was not too useful against the Fallen Avenger… after all, the Fallen Avenger phase would last for 24 hours. This card could only last for half an hour…

But now…

The card in Chen Xiaolian’s hand was activated and it rapidly transformed into a sphere of golden light before disappearing!

The Fallen Avenger who was already upon Chen Xiaolian abruptly bellowed loudly. Rage could be seen within his ghastly pair of flaming eyes as he grudgingly retreated.

“As expected, it is useful.” Chen Xiaolian laughed and tied a rope across the Black Widow spider silk. After doing that, he turned back to Culkin and laughed. “Goodbye, Dong Shi! You can stay here and slowly deal with him!”

After saying that, he jumped off the terrace.

The other end of the spider silk was nailed to the top part of the distant clock tower. It tilted down at the right angle and Chen Xiaolian was able to glide down quickly.

Culkin shouted furiously. In but an instant, he clearly understood what was happening.  As he attempted to reach the terrace to escape as well, the Fallen Avenger suddenly roared out once more. Then, the Fallen Avenger was upon Culkin!

Since Chen Xiaolian had utilized the Attack Exemption Card, the Fallen Avenger would not be able to attack him within this half hour.

Thus, as the only one in the vicinity, Culkin became this monster’s… target of attack!

A few seconds later, Chen Xiaolian made it into the clock tower.

His body crashed through a glass window and he rolled down on the ground. He quickly jumped up and swung the Sword in the Stone, cutting the Black Widow spider silk!

With that, Culkin had lost this escape route.

The only other path of retreat for him would be to force his way through the Fallen Avenger!

As for who could kill who… to Chen Xiaolian, either one would be good news.

Additionally… he had a final parting gift to the both of them… more accurately, it was for Culkin!

Chen Xiaolian picked up the walkie-talkie, took a deep breath and said, “Qimu Xi! The last button! Blow it up!”

Qimu Xi who was leaning by the window heard Chen Xiaolian’s voice coming from the walkie-talkie. Showing no hesitation, she pressed the final button on the detonation device.


The loud sound from an explosion spread outward! Qimu Xi who was looking out the window was flabbergasted at what she saw!

The explosion had come from… the place that the two of them were hiding at…

The three-storey warehouse!

The bastard had actually installed explosives at their hiding spot! Additionally, judging from the degree of the explosion, the amount of explosives used was likely considerable!

The flames scorched the sky as it devoured the three-storey warehouse! It utterly collapsed!

The figures belonging to the Fallen Avenger and Culkin were buried inside the warehouse…

“Even if I fail to blow you up, you can forget about running away that easily.” Chen Xiaolian who was standing atop the clock tower watched the flames from the explosion.

It was highly unlikely for the explosion to kill off the Fallen Avenger. But, it should be enough to damage Culkin…

Even if the explosion did fail to kill Culkin, the Fallen Avenger should be able to.

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1 Dong Shi was first mentioned in Chapter 89.

2 Attack Exemption Card is a reward they obtained in the Tokyo instance dungeon in Chapter 123.


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