GOR – Chapter 295

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GOR Chapter 295 The Only Use

The ravenous wolf whose body was decomposing stared at Qimu Xi with a pair of crimson red eyes. Qimu Xi who saw that was unable to restrain herself and she screamed out sharply.

The wolf bared its fangs and pulled up the corners of its jaws. It would appear that the wolf was about to bite Qimu Xi. However, a foot descended from the sky to slam the wolf’s head into the ground! The wolf’s head was smashed like a tomato and its eyes rolled out toward Qimu Xi’s feet.

Seeing the disgusting brain matter splattered all over the place, Qimu Xi nearly vomited.

“What are you looking at me like that for?” After straightening himself, Chen Xiaolian asked her in an impatient tone.

He kicked out with his feet and some of the blood on his feet flew onto Qimu Xi’s body. That caused the girl to scream out. Chen Xiaolian stepped forward and grabbed her by the shoulder. As he was doing so, his feet inadvertently stepped on one of the wolf’s eyeballs, crushing it beneath his boots.


Qimu Xi was finally incapable of holding it in. She used the wall to support her body as she heaved out the contents of her stomach. Chen Xiaolian however, was in no mood to be gentle with this little girl. He simply pulled her and led her along.

Qimu Xi was dragged by Chen Xiaolian as he ran frantically. She did not even know how many streets have they ran across. All she knew was that she had run until her lungs felt like they would tear. Her vision darkened and she felt a searing pain in her lungs; then, she was incapable of even gasping for breath anymore.

In the end, Qimu Xi’s body became limp and Chen Xiaolian simply threw her over his shoulder and continued to run.

As Qimu Xi was thinking to herself that she would likely die right there, Chen Xiaolian finally stopped moving. Then, he kicked open a door and rushed inside what seemed like a small warehouse belonging to a workshop of sorts.

It was a three-storey building. The first floor was the warehouse with a spiralling staircase in the middle. The second floor and third floor were both empty. They were unable to figure out what those were for. At any rate, there was nothing in there.

There was a circular shaped terrace on the third floor. However, a good portion of the railing had decayed.  Observing from atop the terrace, they were able to get a good view of almost every part of the little town.

“This is a good place!” After taking a glance, Chen Xiaolian expressed his satisfaction with this place.

The aspect that satisfied him the most was that, this three-storey warehouse building occupied a good location. There were no other buildings within 10 meters with the same height as it. A clock tower could be seen far away, roughly 50 meters away. The clock tower appeared to be of roughly the same height as the warehouse building.

Chen Xiaolian pondered what to do. Then, he tossed Qimu Xi into a room while he stood on the terrace. Next, he quickly retrieved a compound crossbow from his Storage Watch and began setting it up.

He tied a string of Black Widow spider silk on an arrow with a hooked barb. Placing the arrow on the crossbow, he then aimed the crossbow at the clock tower. He took a deep breath and pulled the trigger.


The arrow shot out in the darkness and a light “thud” could be heard. Chen Xiaolian reached out with his hand and tested its firmness. After determining that it was strong enough, he then found a sturdy railing and tied up the other end of the spider silk on it.

“Mm, this counts as a backdoor.” Chen Xiaolian breathed a sigh of relief.

Qimu Xi was seated inside a room where she gasped for breath. It took her a few minutes to stabilize her breath. After that, she saw Chen Xiaolian running hastily down the stairs. Only after a few minutes had passed did he climb back up.

“I’ve installed some traps on the door of the first floor and the stairs,” said Chen Xiaolian with a sigh. He leaned against wall beside the railing and glanced down at the street beneath them. He exhaled and continued, “We’ll hide here. If that monster chases us…”

“Can’t you beat it?” Qimu Xi blinked and suddenly asked in a gingerly manner.

Chen Xiaolian pursed his lips to the side and said, “Of course I can’t. What is so surprising about it? I am not invincible.”

Qimu Xi became worried. She asked, “It… will it chase us all the way here?”

“I don’t know.” Chen Xiaolian shook his head.

This development was something far beyond what he had calculated.

The appearance of the Fallen Avenger was something he had not accounted into his plans – he had originally thought that the Fallen Avenger would not appear inside a punishment instance dungeon.

And Culkin… although Chen Xiaolian was presently unaware of Culkin’s name, he had not expected to encounter this enemy of his inside this Player mode area.

He had arranged for Roddy to move outside in the punishment instance dungeon where he would impersonate a member of Thorned Flower Guild to set Culkin up and cause the other participants to alienate him.

Unexpectedly, Culkin would make his way here – it would appear that this enemy of his also knew about the secret regarding Player mode!

Still, he did manage to make a gain from this.

Culkin’s appearance had helped him stave off the Fallen Avenger for a bit.

Just now, Chen Xiaolian had witnessed how the Fallen Avenger had used just one slash to cut the armoured vehicle and destroy it.

The other side must have suffered a loss as well. At the very least, Chen Xiaolian was certain that there were other companions of Culkin inside the armoured vehicle!

Chen Xiaolian had confirmed this through the use of the radar and the function of the green dots.

The other party that was composed of two people was now only one.

Next up…

They were in quite a delicate situation.

Chen Xiaolian quickly considered their circumstances.

This little town appeared to be sealed off… no, it would be more accurate to say that he had yet to figure out the way to leave this little town – there was certainly a way to leave this place. However, he was temporarily in the dark about the rules of this game.

The present situation within this little town was that of… a tripartite!

The most powerful faction among them should be the Fallen Avenger.

Chen Xiaolian and the one who resembled Qiu Yun formed the other two factions.

One matter of utter distinction was that Chen Xiaolian had already identified Culkin as his enemy from London.

However, Culkin did not know who Chen Xiaolian was yet.

The green dot on the radar had disappeared.

Chen Xiaolian secretly harrumphed. After exiting their combat state, the participants’ coordinate would no longer be revealed within the radar.

Chen Xiaolian believed that he too, had disappeared from his enemy’s radar.

“We are presently at a tie for now. No, it would be more accurate to say that I am presently in an advantageous spot.” Chen Xiaolian knitted his eyebrows as he quickly pondered their situation.

This hiding place that he found was very satisfactory. He had also set up a few traps… now, he’ll just have to wait and see who will find this place first.

“If I am him, what would I do?” Chen Xiaolian began speculating.

In the battle earlier, they lost an armoured vehicle and a team member. Such a loss would certainly enrage him.

If so, he would likely be furious at me – even though he had yet to realize that I am his enemy from the London instance dungeon.

Generally speaking, there would be several possibilities on what he would do next.

First, he would find some place to hide – after having confronted the Fallen Avenger; he would not choose to fight the monster head on.

Second, he might come find Chen Xiaolian – since Chen Xiaolian was the one who lured the monster to them, it would be either for the sake of avenging his lost team member or… to form an alliance with Chen Xiaolian. Form an alliance to defeat that monster.

The corners of Chen Xiaolian’s mouth curled into a sneer.

If the Fallen Avenger were to find him first, then Chen Xiaolian would have nothing to say. All he could do then was to run – by his estimation, there was no way for him to fight the Fallen Avenger by himself. It was likely that he would have to wait for Bai Qi’s cool down to end before doing anything.

If the one to find him was the one who resembled Qiu Yun, then Chen Xiaolian was confident that he could give that fellow one Hell of a time!

Chen Xiaolian turned to Qimu Xi and leaned toward her. He looked at her trembling face and smiled. “Come, I will show you a magic trick. Are you interested?”

“Eh? Magic?” Qimu Xi looked at Chen Xiaolian in surprise.

Chen Xiaolian pulled out a remote control.

There were over 10 buttons on the remote control. Chen Xiaolian pressed one of them…


Two streets away, flames suddenly burst out of a house and soar to the sky. The resulting sound of the explosion rushed outward! In the middle of the night, the flames from the explosion were particularly conspicuous!

“Ah!” Qimu Xi screamed out and Chen Xiaolian quickly covered her mouth. He frowned and said, “What are you screaming for? Lower your voice!”

“This, this is…”

Chen Xiaolian revealed a faint smile and said, “Did you think I was just running around aimlessly when I was carrying you just now? I tossed some explosives out. When we were running, I had deliberately ran in circles twice and tossed some explosives inside quite a number of houses… look, this thing in my hand is the remote control.”

After saying that, he pulled Qimu Xi up to her feet. Next, he pulled out a pair of binoculars to look at the distant house that had exploded.

As expected, a loud roar soon reverberated out from somewhere far away.

The Fallen Avenger’s figure appeared like a flash from the end of the distant street before charging into the house in question.

A series of loud noises followed and the house was hacked to pieces by the black coloured long sword in his hand!

Watching the Fallen Avenger in his act of demolition, Chen Xiaolian secretly clicked his tongue. He glanced at Qimu Xi who was beside him and saw that her face had turned pale.

“We, why… why don’t we use the bombs to kill it?”

“If those bombs could do the trick, I would have done so long ago,” answered Chen Xiaolian with a sigh of frustration.

When the Fallen Avenger was subjected to the large calibre bullets from the armoured vehicle’s mounted machine gun earlier, the only thing he seemed to have felt was an annoying itch – Chen Xiaolian did not think that normal plastic explosives could kill someone like this.

“The only use we have for bombs right now is to create explosions to lure him far away,” Chen Xiaolian said in a hushed tone.

Qimu Xi nodded her head as she looked at Chen Xiaolian, seemingly only partially understanding what he had said.

“All right, now we’ll rest. Take this opportunity to build up our strength again.” After thinking for a bit, Chen Xiaolian then retrieved two energy bars. He tore open the first and gave it to Qimu Xi while he wolfed down the second one.

He pulled off the scarf on his face so that his mouth could eat the energy bar. It was then that Qimu Xi could get a clear look at his face. In that instant, Qimu Xi felt herself feeling somewhat surprised.

This ruthless fellow who had been treating her in an overbearing manner… had a very youthful appearance. He was likely not that much older than her. Additionally, he had quite the fair looking face. He simply did not look like someone who would act in such a ruthless manner.

“Why are you staring at me?” Chen Xiaolian asked with a frown.

“Ah! Nothing!” Qimu Xi was startled by the question and she quickly turned her head to the side.

Chen Xiaolian tossed a pair of binoculars down and said, “Take it. Right now, it is time for you to make a contribution.”


“You are responsible for keeping watch,” Chen Xiaolian said coldly. “I’ve had to fight just now, so I need to rest now. You’ll be responsible for watching over those two streets around us, understand? This might be the only thing you can do. You won’t be able to help at all if a fight erupts!”

Qimu Xi timidly picked up the binoculars and said, “I will do my best.”

Chen Xiaolian ignored her and leaned to the side. He crossed his arms together, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

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