GOR – Chapter 294

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GOR Chapter 294 Devious Warfare

Seeing the armoured vehicle with tank treads moving toward him, Chen Xiaolian’s face contorted.

As expected, there are other Awakened ones here.

He finally found the answer to the sound of explosions and the flames that he saw just now!

They were at a critical moment and Chen Xiaolian had no room to hesitate. In but an instant, he made a decision.

He stepped on the throttle and led the SUV to head toward the armoured vehicle.

“What is going on?”

Lei Hu who was inside the armoured vehicle spoke out, “This place…”

“Sure enough, someone else is here!” There was a glint in Culkin’s eyes and his face turned heavy. “It’s coming right toward us!”

By then, the distance between the two of them was too short. Even if they wanted to open fire, they had no time to aim their weapons at the SUV. When there was less than 10 meters between the SUV and the armoured vehicle, the SUV suddenly turned, slamming into the edge of the road. A series of loud noises could be heard as the SUV scraped its way across the surface of the building on the other side while moving past the armoured vehicle!

Grating sounds pierced their ears as the SUV and the armoured vehicle scraped past each other and sparks burst about as a result.

After moving past the armoured vehicle, Chen Xiaolian brought the SUV to an abrupt halt – roughly 10 meters away from the armoured vehicle.

He pulled up the scarf he wore around his neck to cover his face so that his eyes were the only thing that could be seen.

When the two vehicles had sped past each other just now, Chen Xiaolian had been able to clearly identify the one in the first passenger seat of the armoured vehicle. The face of the one who was sitting there…

That was…the fellow who looked exactly like Qiu Yun!

As the saying goes, meeting an enemy would cause your eyes to turn red.

However, he was quick to assess his present situation!

He was alone in this Player mode area – as for Qimu Xi, her battle strength could practically be summed up as a negative value.

Additionally, there was a terrifying Fallen Avenger hot on his heels. Confronting this ‘Qiu Yun’ right now would only place him in a disadvantageous position.

After his SUV sped past the armoured vehicle, Chen Xiaolian deliberately halted the SUV and retrieved a loudspeaker with voice changing function from his Storage Watch. He rolled down the windows and shouted, “A change has happened within the system! We need to get rid of the system monster at the back! That is the only way we can leave this instance dungeon!”

Those words were heard by both Culkin and Lei Hu.

Lei Hu said, “Guild Leader?”

Culkin waved at him, his eyes flickering as he stared at what lay before their armoured vehicle.

A knight whose body was covered in black coloured flames walked forward from across the road. In his hand was a long and incredibly large sword!

“System monster?” Culkin frowned.

Although he had heard what Chen Xiaolian said, Culkin was a cunning and cautious character. He would not instantly believe those words just like that.

However, a ‘monster’ did appear before them, making it a necessity for them to deal with it.

“Reverse our vehicle!” Culkin quickly decided.

Lei Hu operated the armoured vehicle to move in reverse.

However, Chen Xiaolian had already pulled Qimu Xi out of the SUV and left the SUV stranded in the middle of the road!


The rear of the armoured vehicle slammed into the SUV and both vehicles jolted!

Culkin swore loudly, “Bastard!”

Lei Hu quickly said, “That fellow used his car to block off the road!”

The vehicle that Chen Xiaolian had left there was a very durable and large SUV!

If Culkin and his team had been driving a tank, he might have been able to trample through the SUV and move forward.

However, they were just driving a light infantry type of armoured vehicle, not a tank.

At that moment, they were stuck in the middle of the road. It would be difficult to slam the SUV out of their retreat path while the Fallen Avenger had already gotten closer toward them!

They had been forced into a corner!

Culkin harrumphed coldly and said, “No other way around it. We fight!”

He went up to the machinegun and aimed it at the Fallen Avenger before pulling the trigger!

The large-calibre machinegun fired away with a firepower that was far superior compared to a normal machinegun!

The hail of bullets rushed forward, striking the huge body belonging to the Fallen Avenger and causing him to retreat backward. In the end, he was even blown off his feet!

The machinegun muzzle rotated quickly as the bullets shot out in furious succession!

The large bullets rained down upon the Fallen Avenger’s surroundings, tearing apart the doors, wooden walls and windows of the houses located by the road!

The thunderous firepower of the machinegun nearly submerged the Fallen Avenger!


After jumping off the SUV, Chen Xiaolian and Qimu Xi had hidden inside an alley by the road. There, they watched as the Fallen Avenger was subjected to the massive firepower of the machinegun.

The Fallen Avenger fell with one knee on the ground with a bang and his body staggered. He was barely able to keep his upper body straight amid the tempest of bullets.

Suddenly, he raised the black coloured long sword in his hand…

Numerous black coloured flames roared into existence from the surrounding and swiftly converged upon the sword blade…

Chen Xiaolian’s face quickly contorted.

Culkin who was shooting at the Fallen Avenger saw the knight raise its long sword. He watched as the number of black coloured flames swirling toward the sword increased in density until it became a black coloured sphere…

“Not good!”

Culkin’s expression rapidly sank and he shouted, “Lei Hu, get out!”

He tried to reach out with his hand to pull Lei Hu out. However, he also saw the Fallen Avenger standing up. The knight took one step forward; next, using two hands to grip his sword, he slashed down with a mighty swing!


A huge black coloured sphere flashed out. Next, the power of the swing swiftly transformed it into a flat shaped slash that flew forward!

As it pierced through the air, it appeared as though the surrounding air was forced to back down before its might!

Having no time to grab Lei Hu, Culkin could only bite his lips and throw his body off the vehicle with a loud shout. His body fell to the left side of the road.

Behind him, Lei Hu who was inside the vehicle saw the black coloured slash rushing toward him. He too, shouted as he attempted to jump out from the vehicle…


A violent explosion rang out!

Amid the sound of the explosion was the sound of metal becoming twisted and broken!

The powerful shockwave threw Culkin’s body into the air and he crashed severely into a wooden house across the road.

The armoured vehicle with tank treads was split beautifully in half by the lightning like black coloured sword flash!

The armoured vehicle’s body, weapons station, rear… all of them were neatly divided into two!

Next, another explosion erupted!

Orange coloured flames soared high up as a gigantic fireball shot up into the sky.

At least half the road was engulfed within the intense heat wave and flames! Numerous wooden planks, doors, windows and fences were destroyed in the process!

Torn metal debris spread out everywhere!


The first thing Culkin saw after coming out of the ruins of a wooden house was the armoured vehicle in the middle of the road. All that was left of the vehicle was a wreckage that was being consumed by intense flames.

He roared out furiously, “Lei Hu!”

It was impossible for anyone to survive an explosion of such a magnitude!

Although Culkin was a cold and brutal person, Lei Hu was a trusted companion who was the equivalent of a close relative to him. How could he not feel pained after losing such an important person?

Even though he roared loudly at what he saw, he did not jump out to fight to the death with this opponent.

What remained of his sense of reasoning made Culkin suppress his rage.

Judging by the power of the one attack unleashed by the ‘monster’, Culkin judged that this opponent was very strong! Even if he did jump out, he might not even be a match for the monster!

“How… how terrifying…”

Qimu Xi who had observed the armoured vehicle explode quavered.

“Don’t look anymore, hurry up and move.” Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath and said in a hushed tone. He pulled Qimu Xi up and moved across the alley toward the other side of the town that was far away from the armoured vehicle.

“We… are we leaving just like this?”

“Yes, we’ll let those fellows go fight the monster,” replied a sneering Chen Xiaolian.

Culkin leaned his body to the front as he carefully observed the monster that was standing in the middle of the road.

What he saw shocked him.

After having unleashed the terrifying sword slash, the black coloured flames that were swirling around the knight’s body seemed to have become dimmer in intensity – clearly, that sword slash had consumed a great deal of his strength.

However, he then casually stepped toward the flaming wreckage of the armoured vehicle. He held his black coloured long sword with one hand as he walked. When he was right beside the wreckage, he extended his other hand toward the flaming wreckage and opened up his palm…

The flames ravaging the wreckage rapidly transformed into streams of fire that was being sucked away. Those streams of fire flowed around his outstretched palm before being absorbed into his body.

As for the flames on the wreckage, they quickly faded, growing faint before dissipating away!

In the end, even the embers there had disappeared. Not even smoke was left! All that remained was a cold chunk of metal wreckage.

Nothing more but cold wreckage!

What was even more shocking to Culkin was the fact that, among the streams of fire that the monster had extracted was one with a hint of green. That stream of fire was also sucked into the monster’s palm!

Although the green light was extremely faint, it did not escape Culkin’s eyes.

Although Culkin do not know what the green coloured light was, his instincts told him that it was not some trifling matter!

After considering that, Culkin clenched his teeth and he carefully made his retreat. His figure disappeared into the air.

After moving over 50 meters across the little alley, Chen Xiaolian turned his head back and saw that the Fallen Avenger was not chasing after him. That made him feel somewhat relieved.

“To the left!” Seeing a room that resembled a bar on the left, Chen Xiaolian quickly rushed inside, pulling Qimu Xi along with him.

The wooden counter of the bar was completely covered with dust while various leaflets were scattered across the floor. Dilapidated cowboy hats and whips could be seen hanging on the walls.

After leading Qimu Xi into the bar, Chen Xiaolian then led her through one of the door at the back. They moved past a corridor and into the backyard.

“Turn over!”

Chen Xiaolian pointed to a wall.


Qimu Xi was left dumbfounded by that.

Chen Xiaolian sighed and walked forward. Then, he held Qimu Xi up and pushed her up across the wall by her ass.

Qimu Xi screamed sharply; her body was pushed past the wall and she fell down the ground. The fall was so painful that tears nearly trickled down her eyes.

However, as the girl was getting into a seated position, she suddenly heard a growling sound coming from beside her!

She raised her head and saw a body that was decomposed all over. A ravenous wolf with decomposed body was standing beside her, its flesh hanging down from its jaws. Beneath it was the remains of another ravenous wolf. A major part of this ravenous wolf’s body had been mauled away.

The ravenous wolf stared coldly at Qimu Xi and saliva dripped down its jaws, revealing its sharp fangs…

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