GOR – Chapter 287

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GOR Chapter 287: Player Mechanism Safe Zone

“What secret does this instance dungeon holds?” Chen Xiaolian asked coldly as he stared at Ta Wang. “You had better not be lying. If I find that you are lying, I will just chop you up.”

Ta Wang’s body shuddered.

There was a complicated expression on his face as he said in a hoarse voice. “You… how can you directly attack me? The instance dungeon had stated that this preparation phase forbids us from harming other participants… how could you do it?”

Chen Xiaolian coldly replied, “That is my business. You are the prisoner right now; there is no reason for me to answer your question.”

“… all right.” Ta Wang replied, “I’ll surrender. I have only one request. If I tell you this secret, you must give me your word that you will not kill me!”

Chen Xiaolian did not hesitate to reply, “Very well. I promise you; assuming you tell me the truth.”

Pausing for a bit, he then continued, “However, you had better not lie. I have a special skill that can determine if you are lying.”

Ta Wang’s heart grew tense as he looked at Chen Xiaolian with a complicated expression.

Naturally, Chen Xiaolian do not possess any skill to determine if he was lying. He was simply bluffing. However, Chen Xiaolian was very confident that this fellow would never put his life as a betting chip.

After nearly a minute of silence, Ta Wang finally spoke up.

“Can… can you give me some water to drink?”

“You’ll get it after you finish speaking.” Chen Xiaolian did not budge an inch.

“… all right.” Ta Wang gave a bitter smile. He forced himself to sit up straight and his eyes drifted toward the distance where his cut off arm lay. After hesitating for a moment, he said, “This instance dungeon is the system’s punishment instance dungeon. However, there is something that not many people know. There are some special differences between punishment instance dungeons and normal instance dungeons.”

“For example?” Chen Xiaolian’s face betrayed not a single emotion.

“For example… Players will not be entering punishment instance dungeons. This is an instance dungeon made specifically for Awakened ones. Additionally, punishment instance dungeons are generally of the fearsome competitive type…”

Hearing all those, Chen Xiaolian became impatient and he said coldly, “If those are the only differences you are going to talk about, do I still need to listen to your nonsense?”

Ta Wang’s heart grew tense and he quickly said, “No, no! Don’t be impatient, I am not finished!”

“Then let’s get to the main point. If you keep this up, I will only think that you are trying to stall for time,” Chen Xiaolian said coldly. “I’ll give you one minute. If you still can’t say anything that interests me…”

Ta Wang swallowed his saliva before stretching out his forked tongue to lick his lips. “All right, all right. I will get to the main point. What I meant to say is, although a punishment instance dungeons are something that the Development Team designed specifically for Awakened ones, they are still instance dungeons in essence. They are in fact, similar to other instance dungeons.”

“My interest is still waning… main point!” Chen Xiaolian harrumphed.

Ta Wang’s head was soaked with cold sweat and he quickly said, “No! No! Don’t be impatient! This matter is a bit complicated. I need to make it understandable.”

“You still have 30 seconds.” Chen Xiaolian turned to check his watch.

Ta Wang cursed inwardly: Damn it! This fellow’s level of patience is just too horrible!

Truth be told, there was something Ta Wang did not know. Chen Xiaolian was purposely putting on a façade of impatience in order to use this need to hurry up and the resulting atmosphere to pressure him. Chen Xiaolian constantly pushed him in order to cut down any time he might have to calm down and think about what tricks to pull on Chen Xiaolian.

“Fact of the matter is, like the system, all instance dungeons that were created were originally meant for Players. Thus, the foundation of instance dungeons have settings made for Players. Later on, due to the appearance of Awakened ones, the Development Team modified the normal instance dungeons so that it could accommodate both Players and Awakened ones. Then… while normal instance dungeons were modified to accommodate both, punishment instance dungeons were modified to specifically play host to Awakened ones.

“However, no matter how you modify it, the core essence of the system was set up for Players. That is why…”

When he heard that, Chen Xiaolian finally sensed something worth listening to.

His eyes flickered and he interrupted, “So, the original configuration of punishment instance dungeons was meant to be for Players. No matter what they modify it into, even if they had modified it into something specifically for Awakened ones, the fundamental directives of the instance dungeon cannot be changed and should still have those so-called ‘Player mode’?”

“Yes. Take a tank for example. No matter how you modify it, make it a land based, water based or dual compatible tank, it is in essence still a tank.

“Another simplification would be a portable hard drive. Originally, there should be two USB ports on the hard drive. One for Players and one for Awakened ones. All they did was seal up the USB port meant for Players. However, the hard drive still contains the contents and modes specific to Players…”

When Ta Wang said that, Chen Xiaolian’s body flinched in shock!

“Get to the main point!” Chen Xiaolian said in a hushed tone.

Ta Wang’s eyes twitched. It appeared that there was some hesitation in him. However, when he looked at the sword in Chen Xiaolian’s hand… his opponent was able to violate the restriction set by the system and harm him at a period of time that the system had stated to be a safe period. This type of monstrosity was not someone that a minor character like him could deal with!

Reaching that conclusion, Ta Wang finally dispelled the last vestiges of struggle he had within his mind.

“I do not know the specific details. Perhaps those original settings might contain some secrets regarding the Upper Plane. I believe you understand without me saying it. Any information regarding the Upper Plane could never possibly be acquired,” said Ta Wang with a wry smile. “However, I do know a bit about these instance dungeons. Using a certain special method, it is possible to find some original configuration of this instance dungeon. There exist some rules and benefits meant for Players.”

“Oh?” Chen Xiaolian’s eyes lit up.

Rules meant for Players… benefits?

“This is something inherent to every punishment instance dungeon,” Ta Wang quickly said. “Every instance dungeon, be it a normal instance dungeon or a punishment instance dungeon. Even normal instance dungeons were originally configured for Players. It is only later on that normal instance dungeons were modified to accommodate both Players and Awakened ones while punishment instance dungeon were modified for Awakened ones. However, they were all modified from things meant for Players.

“Take for example a system’s programming. The basic parts of a programming will never be changed. No matter what kind of modification they do to it, all they are doing is patch it. The main program will not be changed.

“It just so happens that I know how to find something that belongs to the original setting in this punishment instance dungeon.

“How should I put it? It is the equivalent of a ‘safe zone’ found in most games. This safe zone is a feature of Player mode that has been sealed away. A simpler way to put it would be that somewhere in this instance dungeon is a small area. This area is temporarily cut off from all outside contact by the system. That area contains this instance dungeon’s Player mode.

“Although this small area had been sealed away, it still exists within this punishment instance dungeon.

“As long as you can find that small area, you will be able to enter the safe zone.

“This safe zone exists within this punishment instance dungeon. Thus, even after you entered it, the system will still think that you are within this punishment instance dungeon.

“However, precisely because it is the original safe zone, the modified program for punishment instance dungeons could not be recognized. In other words, you will not be subjected to the restrictions placed on you by a punishment instance dungeon.

“See? This is an incredible way to cheat the system.

“After entering a punishment instance dungeon, you don’t need to worry about whether you could complete the quests given at all. You don’t have to worry about failing the quest and killed as punishment …

“All you need to do is find the Player safe zone that has been sealed away and enter it. After that, just wait inside for the instance dungeon storyline to conclude, thereby leading to the end of the instance dungeon – it doesn’t matter if your quest ended in success or failure, you can leave intact.

“The reason for that is because the system will automatically consider you as a ‘Player’ once you have entered the safe zone. In punishment instance dungeons, all rewards and punishments for Players have been turned off.”

Listening to that, Chen Xiaolian was shocked!

He then looked at Ta Wang and asked in a suspicious tone, “This is such an important secret. How did someone like you come to know about it?”

Chen Xiaolian’s heart was filled with distrust!

This fellow only had average strength. Although his skill was peculiar and somewhat disgusting, his strength could not possibly be considered top-grade.

This was a huge secret involving the mechanism of the punishment instance dungeon. How could a minor character like him know about it?

Considering how big the implications of this secret was, Chen Xiaolian would not be surprised to hear it coming from the mouth of Mr San or Miao Yan.

However… to hear it from this passer-by…

This was the equivalent of going to the supermarket and encountering an auntie who was buying vegetable who suddenly pulled you near and tell you that she possess the nuclear codes of the US government…

Wasn’t that just nonsense?

Seeing the look of suspicion in Chen Xiaolian’s expression, Ta Wang was quick to speak out, “I am telling the truth! I… this matter is something that I found out by chance.”

Chen Xiaolian was silent and he coldly regarded the fellow.

Ta Wang bit his teeth and sighed. “I… I know this guy who is from Zero City.”

“Mm? Zero City?”

“My good friend.” After saying that, Ta Wang’s expression turned complicated and his voice dropped to a whisper. “A few years back, we were sucked into an instance dungeon. However, his talent is very good and he was quickly recruited by one of the guilds within Zero City. Me… I am bad in comparison and had to struggle just to survive.

“But… thankfully, he still remembers our friendship and had always taken good care of me.

“My strength is very bad and I would often fail when participating in instance dungeons. That is especially so in large-scale instance dungeons. If I try to take the lead, I would only end up as cannon fodder.

“That is why… in order to save my life, that friend of mine told me this secret.

“Ever since then, whenever I participate in an instance dungeon, I do not need to risk my life to complete the instance dungeon quest. If the situation becomes dangerous, I would quickly find a place to hide. Then, I would wait for the instance dungeon to end and allow the system to judge that I have failed the instance dungeon quest.

“After I have been sent back to the outside world, I will be designated to participate in a punishment instance dungeon.

“However, since I know the secret of the punishment instance dungeon, I can safely make it out of the punishment instance dungeon every time. As long as I find that Player mode’s safe zone, I can hide inside and wait for the punishment instance dungeon to end.

“Using this method, I am able to live for a very long time. All the way until today.”

Chen Xiaolian sighed.

This was indeed a BUG in the system.

It was a very useful way to cheat.

However, even though this loophole was good to use, it came with a fatal side effect.

Instance dungeons existed to throw Awakened ones into a chaotic struggle to survive. Through each crucible, the Awakened ones would be able to enhance their strength, will and become strong.

Using this trick could indeed allow one to survive through many instance dungeons.

However, their strength will not grow much.

Take this fellow standing before him as an example. He should have been using this loophole to survive through many instance dungeons. Considering how many instance dungeons he had gone through, he must surely be a veteran.

However, his strength… from what Chen Xiaolian could judge after their confrontation earlier, he was far weaker compared to Lun Tai and Bei Tai.

This fellow was likely only slightly stronger than Chen Xiaolian was after he survived through the deserted island’s underground palace.

Even so… despite this drawback, this BUG was still a very alluring one! If it were to be properly utilized, it could be a very useful thing to have!

“How do we find this Player mode’s safe zone in this punishment instance dungeon?”

Hearing the question, Ta Wang became silent.

He stared at Chen Xiaolian and said, “This secret will be the final answer… if I say it out, that would be the equivalent of putting my life in your hands. I would have no cards in my hand at all then.”

Chen Xiaolian looked at him and nodded his head. “What requirements do you have before you are willing to spill it?”

“It’s very simple. I will bring you to it.” Ta Wang shook his head and continued, “Here in the outside, you can kill me off at any given moment. However, once we enter the Player mode’s safey zone, that place forbids any battle from taking place. Any battle will be blocked by the original system. It is truly a safe zone. I can bring you to the place! Short of that, I will never tell you anything.

“I am not a fool. If I say it out now… you will definitely kill me!”

Ta Wang said in a decisive tone.

Chen Xiaolian pondered his words for a moment. He was not too surprised by Ta Wang’s attitude.

It was only normal for him to take such a stance. Since he could survive this long inside the world of instance dungeons, he was naturally not a fool.

“All right,” said Chen Xiaolian while nodding his head. “We have an agreement. I will not kill you and you will take me to the safe zone in exchange. However… I don’t feel at ease with you beside.”

“You can tie me up or use whatever methods you have to control me. I know I am no match for you, I will not resist – I just want to live.”

Chen Xiaolian showed a peculiar smile and pulled out a roll of Black Widow spider silk.

The Black Widow spider silk was very tough and cannot be cut by ordinary swords. It was more durable than steel wire, yet pliable. It was very useful for tying people up. Although Ta Wang was an Awakened, his physical attributes was not that high and thus had no ability to extricate himself from the Black Widow spider silk.

Ta Wang was quick to identity what Chen Xiaolian pulled out.

“Black Widow spider silk?” Ta Wang’s eyes grew more fearful. “You killed a Black Widow before? That is an [A] class monster.”

Chen Xiaolian harrumphed.

Truth was, the Black Widow that he killed was a weakened version. It just so happened to be in a weakened state after spawning its eggs, allowing Chen Xiaolian to pick up a huge bargain.

If not for that, an [A] class monster in top shape was not something that Chen Xiaolian would be able to kill. Even if he managed to kill it, it would probably end with a pyrrhic victory – that was if he did not have Bai Qi.

After tying the fellow up, Chen Xiaolian suddenly thought of something. “Right, what is your name?”

“… my name is Ta Wang.” Ta Wang said with a wry smile. “I have no guild. I am a solo Awakened. You should understand; joining a guild would be inappropriate due to my circumstance.”

Chen Xiaolian nodded his head and he grew more trusting of the loophole that Ta Wang had informed him.

He had utilized a special trick to survive through the instance dungeons. It was only natural that he could not allow others to find out about it. Thus, he did not join any other guild.

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