GOR – Chapter 189

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GOR Chapter 189: Conflict

Colombo was once again slumped down onto the sofa. Although he was only in his pyjamas, the heating in the room was sufficient for him.

However, cold sweat suddenly appeared upon his forehead.

The imagery within the photos was undoubtedly very bloody, very cruel and very terrible.

However, as a professional in the field of forensics, Colombo’s reaction was better than Dr Mu’s back then.

His face gradually turned green and pale.

Suddenly, he jumped up, threw the mobile phone on the table, turned and ran into the toilet by the room.

It was not long before they heard the sounds of vomiting coming out from the toilet.

“I thought… I didn’t think that a forensics expert would be so delicate,” said Chen Xiaolian as he smiled wryly.

Chen Xiaolian signalled Lun Tai with his eyes. Lun Tai immediately entered the toilet and helped Colombo out from the toilet.

“I… can I get a change of clothes please?” said Colombo. He appeared to be in an unsteady state.

“Of course, this is your house,” answered Chen Xiaolian who then gave a faint smile.

The fellow turned around and entered a room. Not long after, he walked out, having changed into a new pair of long trousers and a sweater.

His emotional state appeared to have improved somewhat. He said, “Gentlemen! This is not a small matter! I would like to ask… these pictures…”

“They were taken from the murder scene,” Dr Mu quickly said. “I… may be the first witness.”

“You… you were at the scene?”


“You saw the corpse… I mean, the scene within the photos…”

“They’re the same,” Dr Mu’s face was extremely pale. “Moreover… it seems highly probable that I might have caught sight of the murderer!”

“Oh, my God!” Colombo shuddered. He abruptly raised his head to look at them all. “I need to ask… you people, did you people report this to the police?”

“… …” Dr Mu did not say anything.

“Wait!” Colombo exclaimed. “Mu! Don’t tell me that you did not report something so serious to the police? Are you people crazy? You need to report this immediately! Oh, Hell! You people did not by chance run over here right after leaving the murder scene? I am a forensics expert! Not a police!”

“Don’t panic,” said Chen Xiaolian. He pulled over a chair and sat himself opposite of Colombo. “Please calm down first.”

“Calm down? Who are you?” Colombo frowned as he regarded Chen Xiaolian. “Kid, this is no joking matter!”

Ah… kid?

The corners of Chen Xiaolian’s lips twitched… unfortunately, with his age, he lacked the ability to persuade others.

“Listen up, Mr,” Chen Xiaolian said slowly. “Please listen carefully to the things that I will be saying next. I also ask that you temporarily stop viewing me as a child. Can you do that?”

Colombo furrowed his eyebrows.

At that moment, Dagger, who was standing by the window suddenly interrupted in an impatient and frosty tone, “Why are you spouting so much nonsense? Don’t you know that time is limited? Idiot!”

It appeared that he was not able to bear with it any longer. He suddenly walked over, pulled out a dagger with his hand and directed it at Colombo. He spat out viciously, “Now is not the time for you to ask questions! We need your cooperation! Understand? You better be obedient…”

“What are you doing!” Chen Xiaolian’s face warped and he immediately stood up, placing himself before Dagger. “Put down your knife!”

“What did you say?” Dagger replied with widened eyes, hostility exuding out from his face. “You fledgling rookie! Do you even know how to get through an instance dungeon? What is the point of talking nonsense with an ordinary person? Use the fastest method to get the information we need! That is all we should do!”

Chen Xiaolian took a deep breath. He stared at him with a cold expression on his face and said, “I will count to three. Put down the knife and step back!”

“Hah!” said Dagger. He raised his eyebrows and directed his dagger at Chen Xiaolian. “Make me!”

Both Lun Tai and Bei Tai were already standing by Chen Xiaolian’s side. Bei Tai furiously retorted, “You bitch! Show our Guild Leader some respect!”

“A bunch of trash!” Dagger harrumphed. “Come on. I would like to see how strong you are!”

Monster was standing before the door as he coldly looked at Chen Xiaolian and his team. As for the Titan brothers, they were occupying the left and right side of the living room.

It appeared that the Chen Xiaolian and his team had been surrounded.

The atmosphere was tense and could explode at any moment!


Phoenix suddenly shouted out.

She suddenly got up. She walked forward until she was standing before Dagger. She placed one hand onto Dagger’s wrist and forced it down.

With a calm look on her face, she asked, “Dagger, did I say you could pull out your dagger?”

“… … …” Dagger’s eyelids twitched as he looked at Phoenix. His eyes exuded dissatisfaction, yet he dared not speak up.

“I am asking you a question here,” Phoenix slowly repeated. “Did I say you could pull out your dagger… did I?”

“… … no,” The word hissed out through the gaps in his teeth.

“Since I, the Guild Leader, have yet to give you the command, what makes you think you can act in such a rash manner?” Phoenix’s tone lightened. However, despite the lightened tone of voice, a light flared out from her eyes.

Dagger forcefully gritted his teeth.

“Although I have said this many times before in recent days, I will reiterate this once more,” said Phoenix as she stared into Dagger’s eyes. “You need to control your emotions, Dagger! Also… if you want to be the leader and give orders, then… please wait until after I am dead. Can you do that?”

Dagger’s face twisted for an instant. Then, he quickly lowered his eyelids. He exhaled and whispered, “I am sorry… Guild Leader.”

Phoenix personally sent a look at each of her team members. The Titan brothers turned back toward their respective corners while Monster went back to the door. The monkey that was on the cabinet climbed up to his shoulder. It then chattered out a few times.

“All right, gentlemen. Please calm down,” said Phoenix. She turned around and cast a pleasant gaze at Chen Xiaolian. “We are still cooperating together.”

Chen Xiaolian took a profound gaze at the young woman and frowned. He replied, “All right. We are indeed still cooperating together. However… I think that some people should restrain themselves.”

Dagger snorted. He walked to the window and directed his gaze outside.

“Well then, since that issue’s solved, we should get down to business,” said Phoenix. She clapped her hands and asked, “Mr Colombo, do you have coffee in your house?”

“… yes…” Colombo answered subconsciously. Then, he suddenly shouted out, “What were you thinking of doing just now? Damn it! Were you thinking of threatening me? You need to get out of my house right now! At once! Immediately! This instant! Otherwise, I will report to the police! I… I…”

Chen Xiaolian felt troubled. He threw a dirty look at Dagger’s back and turned around. He did his best to put on a pleasant face as he faced Colombo and spoke, “I am sorry…”

“I do not want your apology! I want you to leave my house right now!” Colombo was thoroughly enraged.

Dr Mu opened his mouth, “Colombo, I am really sorry…”

“F**k you!” Colombo swore. “You scram too!”

Chen Xiaolian was able to understand what Colombo was currently feeling.

A group of people, led by his own friend barged into his house in the middle of the night. Then, one of them actually pulled out a dagger to threaten him… regardless of who it may be, they would still be outraged.

“You need to calm down,” Chen Xiaolian sighed.

Son of a bitch! Things were going so well, but now, we’ll have to become the bad guys.

He signalled Lun Tai and Bei Tai with his eyes. Both Lun Tai and Bei Tai moved to the left and right side respectively and held Colombo. Then, they pushed him down onto the sofa.

Although Colombo had quite the firm body, how could his pitiful strength compare with the two brothers? Thus, he was forced to sit down on the sofa.

“Mr, I really did not want to be rude,” said Chen Xiaolian as he sat down opposite of him. “Additionally, you are also Dr Mu’s friend. Since Dr Mu is a friend of mine… I do not wish to offend you.”

As he spoke, Chen Xiaolian slowly pulled out a gun. He then placed the gun on the table.

This action of his left Colombo terrified.

“No no, you, you …”

“Be at ease, I will not harm you,” Chen Xiaolian said. The expression on his face was very sincere. However, tens of thousands of ‘motherf**ker’ words stampeded through his mind… this senior is being forced to be a wicked bastard argh!

“You, what exactly do you want from me!” Columbo who was clearly frightened asked.

“It’s about this case, we need your professional opinion,” Chen Xiaolian slowly said.

“Case… ah right!” Colombo suddenly recalled about it. “You should report to the police! Understand? That is a very serious murder case! You have to report it and let the police deal with it! You shouldn’t come find me! I am just a forensics…”

“This is not an ordinary case,” Chen Xiaolian slowly said. He raised his head to look at Dr Mu. “I think that it would be better for you to explain things to him.”

Dr Mu sighed and he sat down. He picked up Phoenix’s mobile phone and reopened the photos before placing them in front of Colombo.

“My friend… perhaps, you are feeling very angry and furious at this moment. However, please finish listening to what I have to say. Even if after this… even if you do not want to recognize me as a friend after this, for now, I really need your help.”

“… …” Colombo fixed a complicated gaze at Dr Mu.

After that, Dr Mu began to narrate his story.

Ten minutes later, Dr Mu finished narrating his story. Colombo stared at him with a dazed expression on his face. It took a long time before he could recollect himself.

“My… my ears must be playing tricks on me. Or… Mu, have you gone cuckoo? Or have every one of you here gone bonkers?”

Colombo mumbled, “The Hell… Jack the Ripper from over a hundred years ago… the same murder case is happening at this time period? And it is happening in Whitechapel as well?

“Bloody Hell! You are telling me you actually encountered a ghost?

“The deceased transformed into a ghost? Bloody Hell! Damn! That is impossible! I am a doctor! There is no such thing as a ghost in this world!”

Colombo was manic about disbelieving it…

“No such thing? Impossible?” Phoenix suddenly laughed out. She stepped forward and walked until she was before Colombo. She said, “Mr, please watch me carefully.”

Colombo turned his attention toward her. He became stunned, his eyes widened and his mouth was left gaping!

Phoenix … … she was floating in front of him!

The young woman’s feet hovered thirty cm above the floor.

Hovering in the middle of the air!

“You you you you you… …”

“There are many things in this world that you do not know about,” Phoenix said while smiling coolly. Then, she descended upon the floor. “Now that you’ve seen something that you have never believed in before… since you have seen it for yourself, then… I will tell you this; everything that Dr Mu had told you earlier is the truth. We are not lying to you.”

“… Oh God, oh God…”

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