FYI – Server Work Going On 7:30 AM – 9:30 AM (EST)

Like the title.  Just giving you guys a heads up!

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  1. Hello there, excellent work done! =)
    (A quick note: in Stellar Transformations, Book 6, cap. 16, the ‘next chapter’ link leads to Book 7 cap. 2 instead of the 1st cap)

  2. Cool thing about being on the west coast is that these kind of things are usually done by the time I wake up lol. And thank you grand master Ren I enjoy this site tremendously. Also on a side note this website is the sole reason I’m failing math so thank you for that as well.

  3. Umm for some reason i cannot access the homepage or forum section of the site, it keeps asking me to flush the dns or restart apache, and i only know how to do the first one.

    edit ps the dns flush isnt working

  4. Just joined and props to you Bro. BTW I get an error message when trying to access the forum page just checking if it’s a browser problem or its on your end

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