Karma Launch Promotion

Now, we're going to be looking at getting as many ways as possible for readers to earn karma, and I'm super excited to let you know that for launch, we are partnering once again with Perfect World for a free 10,000 golden karma promotion, equivalent to ~300+ free chapters!  They were very positive about the last one, and when they heard that we were launching the karma system, they decided to chip in as well!  Anyone who clicks on the WW/PW banner at the top of the home page and installs the game through it, and who then reaches level 60 (should only take a few days) in Perfect World Mobile before the end of the promotion (Nov 26) will be able to input their Perfect World UID into a special page (tentatively coming up Nov 1st) to automatically receive 10,000 golden karma! This golden karma will be exactly the same as regular golden karma that you yourself might've purchased!  Free karma for everyone*!

*Caveats - Each person/account is only eligible for this promotion once.  You must download the game via the Wuxiaworld link.  Additionally, although PWM is available in most (120+) countries, it is currently not yet available in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Phillippines, Russia, and the CIS countries.

"But wait!" You might say. "Ren, I already downloaded this game during the last promotion.  Am I still eligible!?" That's a great question! After discussing this subject with PWM, we came to this accord; if you downloaded/installed the game via Wuxiaworld and have yet to reach level 60, as soon as you hit level 60 you will still receive the 10,000 gold karma!  PWM, however, was understandably reluctant to extend this promotion to those who already hit the targets during the previous promotion, as their goal is to bring in more gamers.  Soooo... I decided, screw it, I'll foot the bill on this one.  Even if you already downloaded the game via the Wuxiaworld link in September and already hit level 60 or higher, you will still be eligible; Wuxiaworld will give you 10,000 golden karma out of our pockets!  We have to be fair to our first adopters and treat y'all right :)  Same as everyone else, all you will have to do is input your PWM user ID into the special redemptions page that is coming up November 1st!

I'm hoping this is just the first of many more promotions to come, and that this entire experiment will be a grand success.  Thanks to everyone for your support!  Oh - existing VIP's, per previous feedback from the last round, we're making it so that you just see the 'regular' Wuxiaworld banner up top, so if you are interested, make sure you are on the site anonymously or on a different account when downloading!

Please select the below options to redeem your free golden karma, if you have fulfilled the requirements described above!

Tap character icon in the top left of the screen, then select the Others tab