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Sorry, this is an upcoming novel that is not yet ready for release to the general public.

Only VIP accounts are allowed a sneak peek!  For a VIP account, sign up for a Wuxiaworld account and/or then subscribe here!

What is a VIP account?

VIP accounts are monthly subscribers who help fund this site and keep it running!  VIP members get an ad-free account and other perks, such as special flairs and sneak peeks to upcoming novels.

What are 'upcoming novels' and why aren't they generally available?

Upcoming novels are novels with less than 50 translated chapters that are in the queue to join Wuxiaworld and be free for everyone to read, but aren't quite 'ready' yet.  This could be for a number of reasons, such as the release rate not yet being steady, the translator wanting to launch with a larger pool of chapters,  or minor licensing issues which we believed will soon be resolved (for example, an oral agreement with rights holders that is pending final signing due to lawyers  wrangling over language). Whatever the case may be, for 'upcoming novels' translators have already begun translating but are not yet ready to take the chapters 'prime time'.  'Upcoming novels' is a way for us to further reward and thank our loyal VIP subscribers by giving them sneak peeks at this.

How long will it be before an 'upcoming novel' is ready for the main site?

Honestly, it's hard to say. In general, once an upcoming novel has at least 50 chapters, we should be ready to go unless the issues are of a legal/licensing nature.  We want to go as much as you do! Just wait for the announcements.

How quickly will 'upcoming novels' be updated?

No regularity or rhythm whatsoever. These aren't meant to be regularly followed novels, just extended and tasty teasers of exciting projects to come.  If you really like certain 'upcoming novels', make sure you let us know in the comments of those chapters and practice your old-school F5 skills!