Emperor Glossary


Illustrations of most of the female characters in the story. Be warned, most of these characters show up later so this can be considered a spoiler.

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Names and Meanings of the Female Characters

Name + Meaning (I changed the order to make it more sensible in English for some names. Some meanings are somewhat forced in English for they are only names afterall. Some words have multiple/completely different meanings as well depending on what they pair up with)

1. Zi Cuining – Violet Jade Essence

2. Li Shuangyan – Plum Frost Countenance

3. Su Yuhe – Jade Lotus

4. Su Yonghuang – Harmonious Emperor

5. Chen Baojiao – Lovable Jewel

6. Xu Pei – Praise and Respect

7. Xu Binglan – Martial Ice Indigo Flower

8. Princess Zhong Zhou (Middle Continent)

9. Princess Xie Su (Elegant Shade)

10. Bai Jianzhen – Pure Geniune Sword

11. Chi Xiaodie – Little Butterfly

12. Mei Suyao – Apricot Jade Essence

13. Bing Yuxia – Expression of the Summer

14. Ye Chuyun – Early Cloud

15. Immortal Xu Chong (Profound Power)/Magu – Magu’s name is harder. It is not as elegant as the other name, perhaps due to her poor childhood/origin – Hemp Aunt(But more of a girl in this sense)

After a bit more research, Magu is the goddess of immortality in daoist mythology.

16. Lu Baiqiu – White Autumn

17. Lan Yunzhu – Beautiful Bamboo

18. Qiurong Wanxue – Autumn’s Late Snow

19. Phoenix Girl Shen Ran/Divine Burning Phoenix Girl

20. Empress Bi Shui/Jade Water Empress

21. Lan Yunzhu

22. Lady Zi Yan – Violet Mist

23. Jian Wushuang – Incomparable Arrow

24. Yuan Caihe – Color of the Lotus

25. Strange Girl – Strange Girl 🙂

26. Ming Yexue – Night’s Snow

27. Empress Hong Tian/Grand Heaven Empress

28. Miao Chan – Clever and Graceful

29. Long Jingxian – Immortal Frightening Dragon

30. Long Jingxian and Jian Wushuang

31. Two of the four Blood Ancestors

32. Su Zhen – True

33. Si Yuan – Full (Moon)

34. Su Yonghuang and Chen Baojiao

35. Wolong Xuan – Hidden Dragon Jade

36. Ye Xiaoxiao – Little-Little.


Note: This glossary will only be updated with new terms from the latest chapters. A new glossary is currently being created and will replace this one once everything is ready.



  • Li Qiye’s current items
  • Li Qiye’s current cultivations
  • People
  • Places
  • Body levels
  • Cultivation levels
  • Terms


    1. Li Qiye’s Current Items

    Serpent Punishing Stick: Came from the Demon Forest (I’m sure everyone remembers this one)
    Yin Yang Sea of Blood – Li Qiye’s Longevity Treasure. Obtained from the Nine Saint Demon Gate.
    Myriad Heavenly Cauldron – Originally the Alchemist God’s Heavenly Cauldron. This frog cauldron is the best cauldron in the Nine Worlds and escaped from the grasp of the Alchemist God. Later in the Evil Infested Ridge, Li Qiye eventually caught it again.
    Tetra-War Bronze Chariot

    1. Li Qiye’s Current Cultivation

    Invisible Dual Blades martial technique
    Primordial Kun Peng
    Kun Peng’s Six Variants – Heaven Transformation, Earth Transformation, Dark Space Transformation, Tsunami Transformation, Sea Transformation, Galaxy Transformation
    Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law
    Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique
    Kun Peng’s Minor Six Form Merit Law
    Daylight Sky Merit Law
    Daylight Sky Immortal Secret

    1. People

    Li Qiye – Main character. Originally a shepherd in the Desolate Era before being imprisoned by the Heaven Demon Grotto for an extremely long amount of time (more than one million years at least). “Qi” meaning seven and “Ye” meaning dark.
    Old Devil – Old man from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Rumor has it that he is a bastard child of a past Sect Master.
    Alchemy God – Considered the most powerful alchemist in the Nine Worlds. Alchemy God is also the title for someone who has reached the apex of the Dao of Alchemy. His Heavenly Cauldron was called the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron and it holds the secrets behind the Alchemy God’s Grand Canon.
    Immortal Emperor Xue Xi (Blood Seal) – An Immortal Emperor. Not much is known currently.
    Immortal Emperor Min Ren (Bright Benevolence)- The founder of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, disciple of Li Qiye.
    Black Dragon King –
    Nan Huairen – A disciple and hall master of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. His master is Protector Mo.
    Demon King Lun Ri – Master of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. His original form is unknown; power is in the Virtuous Paragon ranking, not sure which classification.
    Protector Mo – A Protector of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and master of Nan Huairen. Later became the leader of the second generation at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect due to the reform that was spurred by the conflict with the Heavenly God Sect.
    Sectional Leader Fu – Belongs to the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Power around the Named Hero classification.
    Li Shuangyan – Prime descendant of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. She is Li Qiye’s fiancé.
    Du Yuanguang – Outer disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Had some fun with Li Qiye.
    Protector Hua – Nine Saint Demon Gate’s protector. Power around the Royal Noble classification. Master of Xu Hui.
    Xu Hui – An inner disciple of Nine Saint Demon Gate, and his master is Protector Hua. He was the one who wanted reparations for Li Qiye killing Du Yuan Guang and he was also Li Qiye’s opponent for his trial.
    Disciple Zhang – Friend of Nan Huairen. He was responsible for showing Nan Huairen and Li Qiye around the Nine Saint Demon Gate at the start of the story.
    Grand Protector Yu He – Nine Saint Demon Gate. Around the Enlightened Being classification. He runs the marriage trial.
    Jian Chen – Nine Saint Demon Gate. One of the four Supreme Elders and is able to even make the current Demon King respect him.
    Immortal Emperor Xiu Shui (Flowing Sleeve)- Beautiful female Immortal Emperor

    Immortal Emperor Bing Yu (Icy Feather) – Another beautiful female Immortal Emperor
    Elder Cao Xiong – Incense Sect elder, does not like Li Qiye and wants his disciple to be the next sect master.
    Leng Shizhi – 25. Cao Xiong’s disciple.

    Elder Gu Tieshou – Incense first elder
    Elder Sun – Really close to Protector Mo and Nan Huairen
    Su Yonghuang – Incense sect master, still had not made an appearance, currently cultivating in a different place.
    Immortal Emperor Tun Ri (Swallow Sun) – Friend with Li Qiye in the past, unknown whether he was a disciple like Min Ren as well.
    Immortal Emperor Ba Mie (Dominating Extermination) – Another Immortal Emperor that had helped out Li Qiye.

    Immortal Emperor Ta Kong (Trampling Emptiness) – Rival of Grand Elder Mu and the Black Dragon King.
    Grand Elder/Mu Shaodi – Rival of Ta Kong, defeated Ta Kong three times in his life. Current status is unknown.
    Sectional Leader Zhou – Previous instructor at the Cleansing Jade Peak
    Zhang Yu – Disciple at the Cleansing Jade Peak
    Luo Fenghua – Disciple at the Cleansing Jade Peak – Age Life Wheel, Baseless Fate Palace, Prolong Physique
    Xu Pei – Female disciple at the Cleansing Jade Peak
    Elder Qian – Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect
    Fierce War Marquis/Lie Zhan Hou
    Qu Daoli – Disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. He initially appeared in chapter 28 where he was one of the few that showed a courteous manner to Li Qiye at the Scripture Library. Therefore, in chapter 83, Li Qiye made him the leader of the third generation due to the reform that was spurred by the conflict with the Heavenly God Sect.
    Grandpa Sheng – Alchemy Master of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. He was invited to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to help refine Li Qiye’s Physique Paste in chapter 84.
    Niu Fen – a snail at the sixth solution found in the Ancient Land of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.
    Zi Shan Hou – Imperial Decree guy
    Zhen Wei Hou – Introduced in chapter 99 at the Evil Infested Ridge. He’s friends with Dong Sheng Long.
    Hun Yuan Hou – Ridge – Origin Hou
    Jiang Zuo Hou – From the Jiang Zuo Clan. A new genius and a Royal Noble.
    Virtuous Monarch Jiang Zuo – Introduced in chapter 100 as Min Ren’s rival. Rumors have it that when Min Ren was younger, he was defeated by this character. However, he still lost the Heaven’s Will to Min Ren in the end.
    Immortal Emperor Fei Yang (Flying/Soaring) – Desolate Expansion Era. Southern Heavenly Kingdom. So-called Immortal Emperor of the Nan Tian Clan.
    Nan Tian Hao – One of the two geniuses, a prince.
    Young Monarch Nan Tian – Crown prince of the Southern Heavenly Kingdom
    Dao Child Sheng Tian (Long Xiangtian) – End of chapter 104
    Heavenly Prince Qing Xuan
    Chen Baojiao – Chapter 105, princess of Jade Valley.
    Immortal Emperor Qing Xuan (Azure Mysterious) – Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s first Immortal Emperor.
    Immortal Emperor San Dao (Three Blades) – Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s second Immortal Emperor.
    Formation Progenitor – Created the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation. A tiny portion of this array is in the hands of Li Shuangyan.
    Little Silly – RIP.
    Leng Chengfeng – 14. Eldest disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.
    Jiang Zuo Tieyi – 120. Showed up when Jiang Zuo Hou took his cavalry to surround and attempt to capture Li Qiye for his Emperor Merit Law.
    Tu Buyu –
    Shi Gandang – The old servant of Chen Baojiao. Chen Baojiao’s grandfather saved his life, so he decided to serve her and not the whole Chen Clan. When Chen Baojiao went to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Shi Gandang also went with her. He is an Enlightened Being.
    War God Mu – From War God Temple, about to die.

    Immortal Emperor Jiao Heng (Arrogant/Overbearing) – 156 – undefeated his whole life. First Immortal Emperor of the Human race.
    Shopkeeper Gu – Clan Master of the Gu Clan. Also in charge of the Ancient Intent Fasting
    Immortal Emperor Long Ming (Dragon/Imperial Darkness) – 163. Built the Dragon Ming Ancient Dynasty.
    Immortal Emperor Yan Wu (Hateful Existence)- 164.
    Jewel Pillar Saint Child – 166.
    Elder Yun – 168. Nine Saint Demon Gate’s First Elder. He was the one that was sent flying by the Heavenly Guardian.
    Lei She – 168. One of the four Supreme Elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. He’s at the Ancient Saint realm.
    Chi Yun – 169. Also one of the four Supreme Elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. He’s at the Ancient Saint realm. Lei She calls him older brother and Elder Yun calls him master.
    Immortal Emperor Ye Ti (Night Cry)- 172, founder of the Divine Sword Sacred School. Killed the most people in history?
    Ji Kongjian – 173.
    Saint Child Qishan – 178.
    Wan Shengjian – 180.
    Martial God/ Wu Progenitor – 191
    Sacred Ancestor/ Wu Sacred Ancestor – 190
    Lion Monarch Ba Xian (Tyrannical Immortal) – 191
    Immortal Emperor Gu Chun (Ancient Purity) – 195.
    Qing Xuan Yuanhe – 199
    Six Jiang Zuo Kings – 197
    Young King Nantian –  198
    Chi Yun – Supreme Elder of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.
    Bai Jianzhen – Descendent of the Sword God Sacred Ground.
    Elder Jiang – 210.
    Ancestor Chi Xian – 213.
    Princess Xiu Se – 215.
    Princess Zhong Zhou – 227.
    Immortal Emperor Tian Tu – Zhong Zhou’s era, might be an Ancient Ming.
    Mu Chen – Ancestor of Water God Temple – 237

    Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan (March to Battle/War) – 238
    Heaven Protector Goddess/Zi Cuining – 239 – Heaven Protector Palace’s descendant.
    Gu Zun (Venerable Gu) – 240.
    Qingxuan Xiong – National Teacher of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom 245
    Chi Xiaodao – 251 (Little Saber)
    Chi Xiaodie – 255 (Little Butterfly)
    Sikong Toutian – 257 (Stealing Heaven)
    Sima Longyun – 258. Get his Physique from this chapter too.
    Bing Yuxia – 259.
    Mei Suyao – Immortal Soulbone 272.
    Immortal Emperor Nu Zhan – Furious Battle 273, Eternal River.
    Immortal Emperor Guan Feng – Observing Phoenix or Phoenix Gate, 273, Eternal River.

    Saint Child Qian Yue (Thousand Mountains) – Courting Mei Suyao, 273
    Great Child Yao Guang (Zu Huangwu) – 274, Brilliance Ancient Kingdom
    Deity Jikong Wudi – 274.
    Old Man Ren – Heaven’s Secret Valley – 274
    Peng Keng – 286.
    Immortal Emperor Hao Hai – 288.
    Buddhist Emperor (Di Shi) – 288.
    Le Yi – 292. Heavenly Dao Academy’s prodigy. He was the one who Peng Keng sent to greet Li Qiye when he went to the Heavenly Dao Academy.
    Huangfu Feng – 298.
    Gui Fushu – 300. Brilliance Ancient Kingdom. Junior of Great Child Zu Huangwu. Zenith Era Hall.
    Ancestor Lei – 328. Heavenly Dao Academy.
    Ye Chuyun – 337.
    Immortal Emperor Qian Li (Thousand Carp) – 379.
    Old Man Yang – 379. Village head of the Soaring Remembrance Village
    Monk Dazhi (Jian Xuan) – 379. Great Wisdom Temple’s abbot. 439. Nether Crossing Swamp’s descendant.
    Lu Baiqiu – 384. Region Lord of the Thousand Islands at the Static Stream Country.
    Xuan Shaojun – 393.
    Protector Xiao – 396. Thousand Carp River protector.
    Daoist Heaven Calculating – 398. Heart-ghost Tribe.
    Daoist Bao Gui – 400. Thousand Carp River’s sect master.
    Yan Long – 402.
    Elder Lin – 404. Yan Long’s master, an elder of the Thousand Carp River.
    Venerable Yang (Grandpa Yang) – 405. High elder of Thousand Carp River. From Soaring Remembrance Village, Yunzhu’s backing.
    Venerable Wang – 406. High elder of Thousand Carp River.
    Elder Zhi – 422. Snow-shadow Tribe.
    Peng Zhuang – 422. Snow-shadow Tribe.
    Qiurong Wanxue – 422. Snow-shadow Tribe’s chief.
    Yin Moon Prince – 425.
    Divine Spark Prince – 426.
    Divine Spark Princess (Phoenix Maiden) – 426. Di Zuo’s fiancee.
    Di Zuo – 426. The Divine Spark Princess’s fiance. One of the Sacred Nether World’s three heroes.
    Chan Yang – 426. One of the Sacred Nether World’s three heroes.
    Tian Lunhui – 426. One of the Sacred Nether World’s three heroes. All-Eras Ancient Kingdom descendant.
    Mo Lidao – 434.
    Ye Sha – 437. Nightwalker Sect.
    Golden Child – 441.
    Huang Jiaofu – 454.
    Ghost Monk – 456. Young Lord of the Zen Ghost Tribe.
    Hundred Clans Child – 456. From the Kingdom of Gods.
    Titanic Crescent Saint Child – 456.
    Ghost Insect Evil Child – 457.
    Qin Guangwang (Imp) – 476.
    Xian Fan – 501. Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom’s descendant.
    Jadewater Queen – 536. Queen of the Charming Spirit race.
    Long Zuntian – 538. Dao mentor of Di Zuo.
    Guardian God – 575.

    1. Places

    Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect – Emperor Min Ren’s sect. Located within the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom.
    Heaven Protector Palace – Black Dragon King’s sect. Not much is known here yet.
    Nine Saint Demon Gate – Rules over the Old Ox country.
    Heavenly God Sect – The strongest sect in the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom.
    Heavenly Jewel Kingdom – Not much is known here yet.
    Mortal Emperor World – One of the Nine Worlds. Humans seem to be the strongest here but other races are around. Also known as Emperor Boundary or Emperor Country.

    • Grand Sea – North
    • Hundred Cities – East
    • Crimson Earth – South
    • Desolate Wasteland – West

    Grand Middle Territory – The middle of the Mortal Emperor World. This is where all the actions are currently taking place.
    Nation – Generalization of a land. Can be a country, Kingdom, or Ancient Kingdom.
    Country – Smallest classification of all the nations. This is not to say they are tiny, the scale in the novel is quite huge.
    Kingdom – Between a country and Ancient Kingdom in size.
    Ancient Kingdom – Bigger classification of nations. Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect used to rule over one. A bigger classification would consist of smaller nations so they can overlap.
    Eternal Everlasting Existence – 119. Even higher level than Ancient Kingdom
    Old Ox Country – Governed by Nine Saint Demon Gate
    Forbidden Burial Ground – 12 in total. Tombs that are dangerous with great treasures.

    Immortal Land – places of immortals or strong cultivators.
    Ancient Earth –
    Ferocious Earth – 165
    Forbidden Ghost City – Land of the dead.
    Demon Forest – Where the Serpent Punishing Stick came from. Another forbidden place.
    Land of the Old Bloods – A location unknown so far in the current world. This was where Li Qiye found the Heavenly Guardians of the Nine Saint Demon Gate.

    War God Temple – A powerful sect in the Grand Middle Territory. Li Qiye had considered joining this temple.
    Chaotic Heart Forest – The first trial for Li Qiye at the Nine Saint Demon Gate. This forest has a total of 14 levels and it tests the willpower.
    Saint Cavern – Located within the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Nin Saint Virtuous Paragon left behind this cave to store treasures, but the descendants were not able to open it up until Li Qiye came.
    Ancient Land – Ancestral land of a sect.
    Evil Infested Ridge – “First battleground” of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect after Li Qiye’s return. The Evil Infested Ridge opens once every hundred years and allows others the chance to obtain treasures. Previously controlled by the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect 30,000 years ago.
    Southern Heavenly Kingdom
    Mysterious Cyan Ancient Kingdom
    Flying Dragon Lake – Introduced in chapter 99. Another sect in the Grand Middle Territory.
    Violet Cloud Sect – Introduced in chapter 99. Another sect in the Grand Middle Territory.
    Jiangzuo Clan – Introduced in chapter 100. The clan with an ancestor that was the rival of Min Ren.
    Nantian Clan – Introduced in chapter 103.
    Jewel Pillar Sacred School – Introduced in chapter 105.
    Jade Valley Country – Introduced in Chapter 105.
    Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom – 114
    Soaring Immortal Sect – 117
    Mysterious Bamboo Mountain – 150
    Divine Sword Sacred Ground – 150
    Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground – 150. One of the twelve burial grounds in the Mortal Emperor World.
    Ancient Sky City (Corpse City) – 153
    Ancient Intent Fasting – 155, store in Corpse City
    Eternal River School – 157
    Gu Clan – 157
    Immortal Dao City – 162.
    Multitude Immortal Pavilion – 163.
    Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom – 164.
    Refined Cloud Country – 170.
    Strange Mountain Sacred Ground – 170.
    Space Trample Mountain – 173. Created by Immortal Emperor Ta Kong.
    Mysterious Mountain Sacred Ground – 178.
    All Heaven Grotto – 182.
    Eastern River Su Xiu Clan – 191

    Western River Wu Clan – 191
    Immortal Goal Ancient Sect – 195. Eastern Hundred Cities
    Ye Feng Clan (Dark Phoenix) – 195.
    Tortoise Country – 195 Northern Grand Sea
    Heavenly Dao Academy – 210.

    • Elegant Peak – 358

    Jewel Heart Ancient School – 213.
    Thousand Emperors Gate – 214.
    Little Sea Village – 240. Where the descendent of the Heaven Protector Palace came from.
    Brilliance Ancient Kingdom – 250.
    Ice Feather Palace – 250.
    Lion’s Roar Gate – 253. Rules over Lion’s Gate Country. Chi Clan.
    Eastern Descent City – 255.
    Furious Immortal Saint Country – 258.
    Heaven’s Secret Valley – 274
    Tiger’s Howl School –
    Everlasting Courtyard – 281.
    Buddhist Burial Plateau – 287.
    Sleeping Dragon Cliff – 289. Northern Grand Sea.
    Heaven Sweeping Mountain – 289
    Thousand Mountains Sacred Ground – 308?

    Pure Lotus School – 337. Southern Crimson Earth.
    Sacred Nether World (Ghost Immortal World) – 357 (379)

    • Misty Field – North
    • Distant Cloud – South
    • Nether Border – East
    • Green River – West
    • Ancestral Domain – 386.

    Thousand Carp River – 379, Sacred Nether World, Distant Cloud. Immortal Emperor Qian Li

    • Soaring Remembrance Village (Soaring Remembrance Manor) – 379. Within the country.
    • Great Wisdom Temple – 379. Outside the village.
    • Thousand Carp Lake – 399. Ancestral ground, center of the river.

    Prime Ominous Grave – 383.

    • Secret Realm – 505. The amount of Secret Realms is unknown and they are not within the Grave Realms.
    • Grave Realm – 505. Five in total.
      • Earth Realm
        • Heavenly Cemetery – 524.
      • Water Realm
      • Metal Realm
      • Wood Realm
        • Lost Alchemy Garden of the Immortals – 524.
      • Fire Realm

    Thousand Islands – 383.

    • Azure City – 384.
    • Corner of Mourning – 390.

    Mollusk Tribe – 390.
    Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom – 395. Sacred Nether World.

    • Immortals’ Domain – 501. At the mouth of the Immortal Kingdom.

    Nightwalker Sect – 397. Distant Cloud, consists of Nightwalker Tribe.
    Coiling Dragon Country – 397.
    Sky-Towering Gate – 397.
    Ironstone Valley – 397.
    Heart-ghost Tribe – 398.
    Titanic Crescent Sacred Ground – 402.
    Myriad Bones Throne – 407.
    City of Ghosts (Necropolis) – 421.
    Crossing City – 421.
    Snow-shadow Tribe – 422.
    Nether Crossing Swamp – 424. Immortal Emperor Ming Du’s sect. Jian Xuan (Monk Dazhi) is the descendant.
    Divine Spark Country – 426.
    Penta Realm Gate – 434.

    • Shifting Mountain Pass – 434.

    Sky-devil Gate – 434.

    • Sky-devil Tribe.

    Ghost Fate Sect – 436.

    • Ghost River – 436.

    Hundred Bones Sacred Tribe – 441. Golden Child is a member.
    Ancient Immortal Ground – 442. There are six of these immortal grounds in total. The Heavenly Jade Cicada lives in one of them.
    Ancestral Flow – 451.
    Yin Yang Gate – 451.
    Insect-King Lineage- 451
    All-Eras Ancient Kingdom – 451
    Ancestral Realm – 455.

    • Ancestral City – 498.

    Zen Ghost Tribe – 456.
    Kingdom of Gods – 456. – Hundred Clans Child.
    Insect King Imperial Lineage – 461. Insect King Ghost Tribe.
    Kingdom of Heaven – 466.
    Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe – 497.
    Hidden Earth Ghost Tribe – 499.
    Hundred Saints Clan – 499.
    Nine Dragons Peak – 499.
    War Clan – 499.
    Iron Ghost – 499.
    Origin Sect – 513.
    Jadewater Country – 536. The Jadewater Queen is its ruler.
    Deities Country – 536.
    Bronze Tree Tribe – 537.
    Myriad Form Tribe – 566. Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds origin.

    1. Physique/Life Wheel/Fate Palace Levels

    Mortal – Capable of cultivating all physique methods, even though it will be extremely difficult.
    Houtian – Limited to only Houtian Physiques.
    Xiantian – Capable of upgrading to higher ranks of physiques.
    King – 24 King Physiques.
    Saint – 18 Saint Physiques.
    Immortal Physique – 12 Immortal Physiques. May be learned from the Physique Scripture.

    1. Cultivation Levels + Bestowed Titles – Nine Worlds

    1 Palace Foundation – First Entrance, Second Awakening, Third Bloodsurge
    2 Palace Expansion – Merit Law’s Building, Essence Development, Earth’s Extension
    3 Yun Physique – Blood Strengthening, Body Tempering, Body Baptism
    4 Provisional Palace – One Starting Palace, Two Gushing Springs, Three Igniting Fires, Four Breaking Grounds, Five Rising Pillars
    5 Inner Longevity – First Treasure Tempering, Second Essence Polymerization, Third Flowing Life Wheel.
    6 Heaven’s Mandate – One Offering True Fate, Two True Understanding Searching, Three Turning Mysterious Truths, Four Transforming Dao Law
    7 Warrior Canopy – Devouring Haze, Blood Soaring the Firmament, and Resplendent Fate Palace.
    8 Purified Rebirth – Physique Connection, Physique Cleansing, Life Advancement
    9 Heaven’s Primal – Wisdom Opening, Fate Tempering, and Bridge Creation.
    10 Soul Creation (Originally Fertility God) – Named Hero (Title)
    11 Mysterious Fate – Royal Noble (Title) – New Noble (Palace Opening), King Noble (Beseech the Heavens), Rebelling Noble (Rebel Against the Heavens), Fate Destroying Noble (Decapitate the Calamity). Four Palaces – Heavenly Noble
    12 Star Plucking – Enlightened Being (Title)

    • 8 stars – Heaven Rider
    • 9 stars – Eternal Prestige (?)

    13 Ancient Saint – Little Saint, Young Saint, Grand Saint, Heaven Restoration Saint, Dao Restoration Saint,

    • Palace Opening, Domain Formation, City Creation

    14 Heavenly Sovereign – Little Sovereign (9 rings), Grand Sovereign (30 rings), Jewel Sovereign (50 rings), World Sovereign (81 rings), and Era Sovereign (99 rings)
    15 Heavenly King – Hundred Heavenly King, Thousand Heavenly King, Myriad Heavenly King, Existence Heavenly King, Earth Heavenly King, and World Heavenly King
    16 Virtuous Paragon – Early Era Virtuous Paragon, Rising Era Virtuous Paragon, Peaceful Era Virtuous Paragon, Prosperous Era Virtuous Paragon, Grand Era Virtuous Paragon
    17 Immortal Emperor

    1. Terms

    Heaven’s Will – Will of the heavens, of the Nine Worlds. An Immortal Emperor carries the Heaven’s Will. No details have been revealed yet.
    Merit Laws – Cultivation techniques. These have different levels corresponding to the cultivator who created them. For instance, an Immortal Emperor would create Emperor merit laws.
    Longevity Law – 110
    Fate Merit – 110
    Technique Form – 110
    Physique Law –
    Life Wheel – Appears behind the head and resides in the neck. The Life Wheel represents the longevity of a cultivator and will have a level that corresponds to each cultivator at birth. These levels are the same as the ones for the Fate Palace and Physique.
    Fate Palace – Appears on top of the head and hidden in the Ni Gong meridian. The Fate Palace can be considered the dantian in other novels. Each cultivator has a Fate Palace, and one must “knock” on the palace gate and open it in order to begin cultivating. The more “doors” you open inside your Fate Palace, the more profound your cultivation can be. At birth, you will have a Fate Palace level, which follows the same classification as Life Wheels and Physiques.
    Physique – The physical body of a cultivator and is protected by the heart. Physiques can have many different types and have the same classifications as Life Wheels and Fate Palaces.
    Blood Force (lower case) – A move utilizing your blood force, dependant on your physical strength and physique.
    True Energy (lower case) – A type of energy.
    True weapons/armors/treasures – stronger version
    Life weapons/armors/treasures – weaker version
    Longevity Treasures – Treasures for the Life Wheel.
    Heavenly Guardians – Any objects/beings that protect a sect/location
    Dao Protector (changed from Fate Protector) – A stronger/older cultivator/existence that protects a younger one as he trains.
    Heavenly Beast – More respected creatures
    Dao Bones – 111?, from the remains of Heavenly Beasts. Used to create Life Treasures.
    Beast Marrow – Get chapter count later. From the remains of Heavenly Beasts. Used to create Physique Pastes.
    Longevity Spirit – A type of creatures along with Heavenly Beast in the wild.
    Longevity Blood – A refined blood essence from the Life Wheel. A drop of Immortal Emperor’s Longevity Blood would allow for a mortal to live for one thousand years according to the legends.
    Life Ring – 111, from the remains of Longevity Spirits. Used to create Longevity Treasures. Similar to trees, each year of life for a Longevity Spirit would result in one ring.
    Auspicious Beast – Mentioned in chapter 85. More on this later.

    Eternal Demon – Powerful demons
    Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures – The Physique Scripture is one of the Heavenly Scriptures. The others are not yet known.
    Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures – Not much is known for now.
    Physique Scripture – Yin and Yang, Hardness and Softness, Pure and Taint! One of the nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures.
    Space Scripture – 227.
    Extreme Yang Immortal Physique – Stemmed from the word, “Yang”. Su Yonghuang’s Physique.
    Solar Immortal Physique – Stemmed from the word, “Yang”. Immortal Emperor Min Ren’s Physique. Su Yonghuang was cultivating this Physique Law at the beginning.
    Complete Sky Saint Physique – Su Clan, Su Yonghuang natural born Physique. One of the legendary six special Saint Physiques.
    Minor Sky King Physique- Su Clan
    Mutual Sky King Physique – Su Clan
    Heavenly Devil Physique – Saint Physique – Su Clan’s female ancestor
    Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique – Li Qiye – one of the two from the word “Taint”
    Sky Destroyer Immortal Physique – other Physique from the word “Taint”
    Life Reduction (lower case) – is when the Life Wheel weakens
    Fate Calamity (lower case) – is a fated time of calamity
    Primordial Chaos Energy – Li Qiye’s energy that built his Physique
    Heavenly Magnificent Treasures
    Pure Crystal Physique – Li Shuangyan’s King level Physique. This was the Physique that she was born with. The Pure Crystal Physique has the same body type as the Substance Jade Physique and can become the Pure Jade Physique.
    Substance Jade Physique – A King level Physique that shares the same body type as the Pure Crystal Physique. This can become the Saint level Pure Jade Physique.
    Pure Jade Physique – Li Shuangyan’s Saint level Physique. She was cultivating this Physique before Li Qiye granted her the Void Imperfection Physique.
    Void Imperfection Physique – Stemmed from the word, “Pure”. Li Shuangyan’s Immortal level Physique.
    Phoenix Bearing Method – Li Shuangyan’s Fate Law. Origin of this merit law was explained in chapter 88.
    Swan Cloud Method – Li Shuangyan’s Life Law.

    Soaring Immortal Physique – Stemmed from the word, “Pure”. Immortal level Physique.
    Golden Wolf Physique – Du Yuanguang’s physique, introduced in chapter 10.
    Silver Eagle Physique – Xu Hui’s physique, introduced in chapter 17. It is a Houtian rank physique.
    Tyrannical Sacred Spring Physique – Chen Baojiao – 132
    Alchemy Master – Someone with the ability of refining Fate Pills, Life Medicines, and Physique Pastes. The process involves using various ingredients and a cauldron to refine them. The maximum number of refinements is nine for Physique Pastes and Life Medicines while Fate Pills can have up to nine transformations. The higher the number of refinements or transformations, the greater the ability of an Alchemy Master as well as a higher quality product.
    Heavenly Cauldron – More on this later.
    Fate Pill – Pills that helps to heal your Fate Palace. An Alchemy Master must refine the ingredients in a Heavenly Cauldron to create a Fate Pill.
    Longevity Medicine – Medicine that helps to heal your Life Wheel. An Alchemy Master must process the ingredients in a Heavenly Cauldron to create a Life Medicine.
    Physique Paste – A paste that helps you “remould” your body when cultivating a physique. An Alchemy Master must boil the ingredients in a Heavenly Cauldron to create a Physique Paste. Physique Paste ranking found on chapter 85.
    Golden Powder – Another product of Alchemy Masters. Although there are established systems for the creation of Physique Pastes, Life Medicines, and Fate Pills, the method to produce Golden Powder medicines hasn’t been clearly defined.
    Spirit Medicine (lower case) – More to come.
    Heaven’s Vein (lower case) – Mentioned in chapter 18. No more information is available at this time.
    Earth’s Vein (lower case) – Mentioned in chapter 18. No more information is available at this time.
    Master Palace – Where the True Fate of a cultivator resides. The Master Palace is the Fate Palace every cultivator is born with and cannot be replaced. Also known as the True Fate Master Palace. The Master Palace comes with… (Backtrack and update)
    Servant Palace/Vice Palace – These are the new Fate Palaces created through cultivation. The first one to be created would be when you reach the Provisional Palace realm.
    Twelve Palaces – In theory, a cultivator can have a total of twelve Fate Palaces, which would be known as the Twelve Palaces. The total number of people that have achieved this were “essentially non-existent.”
    Ni Gong Meridian – Where new Fate Palaces reside.
    Inner Physique – The core of a Physique. Created after the first baptism after using a Physique Paste to refine the body.
    Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation – Update later.
    Six Wise Monarchs Formation – 113
    War God Su’s Formation – Chapter 98
    Formation Array – From WGSF
    Formation Station – From WGSF
    Emperor’s Power (lower case) – Backtrack and update
    Immortal Intent (lower case) – Backtrack and update
    Hou – If you see this in the name and it’s at the end, treat it as a title. So Zi Shan Hou = Marquis Zi Shan
    Heavenly Ancestral Calamity Snail – The type of snail that Niu Fen belongs to.
    Cassia Lotus Tree – 109
    Daylight Sky Merit Law – 70
    Daylight Sky Immortal Secret – 110
    Grand Dao Life Metals – 113 – used for Life Treasures
    Grand Dao Metal Rune – 113 – created from refining Grand Dao Life Metals
    Grand Dao Life Rune – 114 – Found within Grand Dao Life Metals. The more runes within the metal, the more precious it would be.
    Destiny Refined Crystal – Used for True Treasures
    Refined Crystals (lower case) – Currency
    Sinister Bird Plant – 111
    Heaven Extermination Devil Ape – 123. A one million year old Heavenly Beast. Had the honors to finish off the pests from the Jiang Zuo Clan as well as numerous other greedy cultivators.
    Cultivating Life Treasure – Inside the Fate Palace.
    Six Dao Sword – Sword obtained in the Evil Infested Ridge. Li Qiye gave it to Li Shuangyan because, as a sword maid, one needs to have a sword.
    Jade Spiral Merit Law – A foundational merit law of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.
    Feng Shui Treasure Earth – 151
    Dragon Vein –
    Earth Corpse – 151
    Treasure Lord – 160. Cultivators who are not yet dead. They bury themselves in Feng Shui Treasure Earths in hopes to prolong their lifespan.
    Earth Immortal – 160. Similar to Treasure Lords, but they are buried in Dragon Veins instead.
    Ancient Heavenly Earth Messenger – 161
    Immortal Writ – 157. Comes from the high heaven.
    Ancient Heavenly Robe – 160.
    Ancient Heavenly Medicine – 161.
    Sacred Mountain Physique – 166. Jewel Pillar Saint Child’s Physique. One of the King Physiques.
    Era Blood Stone – 168. Supplements to aid people that want to suppress their blood force. The longer you wish to suppress the blood force, the more stones will be required, as well as an increase in quality of the stones.
    Spatial Pouch – A storage item that contains a space much larger than the actual size of the pouch. Essentially an interspatial ring in other xianxia.
    Heavenly Sky Plate – 174.
    Six Dao Yin Yang Sword Formation – 179. Li Shuangyan’s sword formation created from the enlightenment of the Six Dao Sword.
    Emperor’s Edict – 181?
    Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law – 183.

    • Nine Sun Annihilating God Law was the origin

    Heaven Traversing Eight Saber – 192.

    • River Traversing Saber – 485.
    • Hateful Water Saber – 485.
    • Looping Sky Saber – 485.
    • God Slaying Saber – 488.

    Tyrannical Immortal Saber – 192.
    Tetra-War Bronze Chariot – 202.
    Divine Beast Protector – Beasts protecting sect 206
    Trinity (Heavenly) Swords – Li Qiye’s sword art.
    Grand Yin Destruction Palm – 217.
    Fragmented Realm Spatial Disk – 217. Crafted from the Spatial Scripture, one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures.
    Sky Shaking Truncheon – 218.
    Imperial Violet Hammer – 226. Life Treasure of Immortal Emperor San Dao.
    Myriad Star Water – 234. Ultimate treasure – nine runes treasure metal.
    Pristine Worldly Metal – 234. Ultimate true mantra metal.
    Heavenly Testament (lower case) – 234. Formed from the true mantra of the nine golden runes.
    Immortal’s Blood Spear – 241.
    Nine Words True Bow – 251.
    Nine Nine Eighty-One Transformations
    Rotten Underworld Bean – 257
    Ghost Ancestral Tree – 267
    Ghost’s Origin Ancestral Key – 268
    Soulbone – 272.
    Alaya Heavenly Fragrant Dao – 279. Mei Suyao’s technique.
    Thousand Hands Against the Nine Worlds – 282.
    Thousand Martial Divine Gaze Dao – 283.
    Time-space Chaos Glint – 306.
    Heavenly Accumulation – 317
    Grass Sword Attacking Immortal Law – 324.
    Primal Soul – 325.
    Black Tortoise Rod – 325. Immortal Emperor Fu Ma’s Life Treasure.
    Yin Yang Refining Immortal Mirror – 326.
    Chaos Cauldron – 329.
    Heaven Cutting Gate – 340.
    Eternal River; Setting Sun Boat – 343
    Worldly Prime Liquid – 345.
    Primordial Kun Peng – 356. Upgrade from Kun Peng’s Six Variants.
    Imperial Massacre – 361. Ultimate attack of emperor Life Treasures.
    Heavenly Annihilation – 373. Ultimate attack of emperor True Treasures.
    Resplendent Break – 381. Immortal Emperor Fei Yang.
    Dream Wishing Tree – 383.
    Cyclical River of Fate – 411. Lan Yunzhu’s Heaven’s Will Secret Law.
    Elusive Heavenly Vase – 412.
    Yang Night-turtle – 430 (508).
    Ghost Algae Trunk – 436. 1 trunk for 30 Yang Nightfish.
    Vermillion Stone – 437.
    Immortal Moon Margin – 438.
    Nightsoul Aqua – 443.
    Heaven Sealing Pentagate – 444.
    Dragon-subduing Fist – 454. Huang Jiaofu’s manual.
    Nether Insect King – 461.
    Zen Ghost Secret Formation – 473.
    Exquisite Jewel – 506. One of the Thousand Carp River’s Immortal Emperor Life Treasures. Personally refined by Immortal Emperor Qian Li.
    Night Era Flower – 555.
    Hundred Saints Imperial Formation – 557.
    Imperial Spear – 564. Di Zuo’s true fate weapon.
    Myriad Fists – 566. Li Qiye’s fist dao.

    • First fist — Solar Fist – 566.
    • Second fist — Indestructible Diamond Fist – 566.
    • Third fist — Extreme Yang Fist – 566.
    • Fourth fist — Soaring Immortal Fist – 566.
    • Fifth fist — Golden Sealing Fist – 567.
    • Sixth fist – Void Fist – 567.

    Origin Sealing Spear – 577. Obtained from the Ancestral Flow Master.
    1- Primordial(?) Era
    2- Legendary/Gods Era – Belonged to the legends, cannot be studied.
    3- Desolate Era – Li Qiye was in this era at the very beginning, where he was turned into the Dark Crow by the Heaven Demon Grotto.
    Existences were weak
    Longevity Spirits and Heavenly Beasts were rampaging
    Existences searched for the Heaven’s Will, and began to cultivate the Heaven’s Dao to shoulder the Heaven’s Will

    4- Desolate Expansion Era – After this era, the Physique Scripture never again appeared in the world until now.
    Heavenly Devil, Charming Spirit, and Stone Golems ruled the world
    Human race moved to the Mortal Emperor World
    First human Immortal Emperor created a sanctuary for the human race at the Mortal Emperor World – this Mortal Emperor never lost a battle before and spent his whole life searching for a foe that could defeat him
    Different races went to different worlds, and established their own sanctuaries
    5- Ancient Ming Era
    Ancient Ming ruled the Nine Worlds
    The Dark Crow created a coalition of the Nine Worlds to destroy the Ancient Ming
    6- Emperors Era
    Began with Immortal Emperor Min Ren, ended with Immortal Emperor Ta Kong

    Many Immortal Emperors appeared in this era
    7- Difficult Dao Era
    Heaven’s Will was broken because of the Black Dragon King
    The paths between the Nine Worlds were cut off
    8- Current Era
    Li Qiye’s Era
    Metal Grades
    Grand Dao Life Metal – 1-3 runes
    King Iron – 4-5 runes
    Saint Copper – 6-7 runes
    Immortal Gold – 8-9 runes
    Potential Terms (Unknowns)
    Dan Herb (lower case) – 98?
    Godly Ore (lower case) – 98?
    Treasure Metal – 98?
    Longevity Wheel – 98
    Eight Desolaces (lower case) – 103 – I’m pretty sure this is another way of saying the entire world.
    Immortal Medicine – 117
    Charming Spirit – 89. A new race introduced. Most likely resembles elves.
    Heavenly Devil – 89. A new race introduced. Most like resemble apparitions.
    Ghost Immortals – 161.
    Stone Golems – 89. A new race introduced. Most likely resemble stone golems.
    Emperor’s Foundation (lower case) – 89? Left behind by an Immortal Emperor, this foundation can be used to establish a sect or others of the likes.
    Filthy Fruit – 123
    Diverse Serpent Fruit – 123
    Heavenly Gaze – 131? A technique that enhances eyesight
    Primordial Foundation – of the Six Dao Lotus and Evil Typha Tree
    Underworld Boat – 150
    Foreign Dao Mysterious Treasure – 156
    Early People – 157
    Violet Diamond Cauldron – 162. Second defining treasure of the Violet Cloud Sect. Refined by a supreme sect master of the Violet Cloud Sect.
    Frost Dragon Sword – 162. Used Dao Bones of a 2.3 million year old Frost Dragon to craft.
    Ancient Stone Fruit – 162.
    Demonic Blue Spring – 162.
    Jagged Sword Striking Immortal Technique – 162.
    Heavenly Ancient Treasure Box – 162.
    Heavenly Ancient Earth Messenger Adornment – 162.
    Frightened Corpse Gong – 162.
    Crimson Gold Insect Devour – 163
    Mysterious Ancient Pagoda – 163
    Dragonfish Transformation Mirror – 163
    Void Intention Silver Cicada Shell – 164.
    Murdering God Banner – 164.
    Fate Adversity – 165.
    Heavenly Rainbow Swan – 170.
    Condensing Silver Sacred Leaf – 171.
    Fiery Dragonfish – 171.
    Nine Longevity Fish – 171.
    Six Beast Formation – 171.
    Extreme Mysterious Chilled Gold – 195.
    Seven Celestial Heavenly Monarch, War God of the Stone Golem Race, Demon Emperor of Long River, Evil Saint Flood-Dragon, Sacred Lord Myriad Poison – 231.
    Heaven’s Wrath (Khien) – weakest?
    Heaven’s Extermination – strongest?
    Heaven’s Tribulation – cultivation advancement
    Four Palaces = Domain
    Eight Palaces = Kingdom
    Twelve Palaces = Heavens
    Cloud Immortal Steel – 328.
    Sacred Child Bao Xin – 337.
    Emperor Era Ancient Talisman – 349.
    Evil Devouring Energy – 362.
    Phoenix Treasure Iron – 363.
    White Tiger Grand Vein – 362?
    Path of the Grand Era

    Path of the Heavens
    Ghost Locust Tree – 384.


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