Emperor Chapter 71

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Chapter 71 : Ghost Pavilion (1)

“I heard there are ghosts there.”

Nan Huairen told Li Qiye with a mysterious manner.

“Since it is called the Ghost Pavilion, ghosts would be a normal thing. Without ghosts, how could it be called the Ghost Pavilion?”

Li Qiye laughed.

Seeing Li Qiye without any anxiety, Nan Huairen jumped anxiously and busily said:

“Brother, I’m not joking with you. There are really ghosts at that place! There are really ghosts there! If you don’t believe me, you can go ask my master!”

Protector Mo was also present. Hearing Nan Huairen, he pondered for a moment, and then he said:

“The Ghost Pavilion is indeed ominous. It is better to be careful even though I’ve never heard of anyone dying in the Ghost Pavilion. I did hear that the first elder was unbearably hurt, suffering many losses in there. Whether there are ghosts or not, a conclusion cannot be drawn, but there are definitely some ominous things at that place.”

“Ghosts, eh.”

Li Qiye gazed towards the far direction, farther than far, and he finally smiled cheerfully. He said:

“If there are actual ghosts, I would like it even more; why is there the need to be afraid of ghosts?”

At this moment, he couldn’t help but to smirk, and he bursted out laughing.

Nan Huairen, regarding his first brother’s “heavy taste”, became silent. Regarding these ominous ghosts, others just wanted to escape; however, first brother said that he liked them.

Nan Huairen was really concerned about Li Qiye, and he still wanted to persuade him; however, his master, Protector Mo, gently shook his head, so he became silent instead.

Protector Mo didn’t try to convince Li Qiye. From his perspective, Li Qiye already had his own ideas. He trusted that Li Qiye’s actions didn’t warrant their worries.

In the end, Li Qiye smiled, and he said to Nan Huairen’s group.

“Let us go! We will go see the Ghost Pavilion!”

Nan Huairen had no other options, and he had to resign to his fate. He followed Li Qiye to see the Ghost Pavilion, but along the way, he was muttering:

“Brother, if you meet a ghost, do not say I didn’t warn you; there are real ghosts there.”

With Nan Huairen’s continuous verbose speech like a married housewife, Li Qiye could only smile.

In reality, the matter of Li Qiye heading to meditate at the Ghost Pavilion, the disciples at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had all heard. The moment the Ghost Pavilion was brought up, the disciples all shivered in fear.

A deadly pale disciple said:

“Staying half a year at the Ghost Pavilion? I wouldn’t do it, not even for a day. I would rather stay in a punishing frozen cave than the Ghost Pavilion!”

Another disciple shook his head and said:

“Don’t even mention the frozen cave, I would rather go to the Dark Dried Valley than the Ghost Pavilion.”

Other disciples started to speak:

“Regarding the Ghost Pavilion, even Uncle Da Dan was afraid of it.”1

The disciple continued:

“Uncle Da Dan could be considered the most courageous person in our sect. Five years ago, he didn’t believe in the evil occult, so he made a bet with us to go into the Ghost Pavilion. The second day, the sun had not risen, and he escaped and even pissed his pants in terror.”

“Little bastard, revealing my shortcomings; do you want to be beaten?”

A middle-aged man, who was standing to the side, glared at him and yelled. This middle-aged man was incomparably rough looking; it was clear that this person was the uncouth fellow, Da Dan.

Even though this disciple was glared at, there were other disciples that curiously asked:

“Uncle, what happened at that time? What happened that night?”

This uncle, questioned by the disciples, gave in; he contemplated for a moment, shook his head, and then he said:

“The Ghost Pavilion has ghosts, frightening ghosts; maybe not just one, but many many ghosts.”

A disciple curiously asked.

“Li Qiye going to meditate in the Ghost Pavilion; how long do you guys think he can last?

A disciple exclaimed.

“I’m willing to bet that he won’t make it through one night.”

Another disciple coldly scowled, and he said:

“A whole night, hmph! From my perspective, I’m afraid that once night falls, he would have peed in his pants. The Ghost Pavilion is not only notorious in name; there are definitely ghosts at that place!”

At the moment, many disciples in the sect were gossipping. All of them said that there were ghosts there, but what type of ghosts, no one knew.

In fact, regarding the Ghost Pavilion, even the protectors were afraid of it. First Elder went to the Ghost Pavilion once, and he tried to use his Emperor merit law to suppress the ominous aura of the Ghost Pavilion. No one could believe that on the second day, the first elder, wornout, came out of the pavilion. He couldn’t suppress the evil aura in the Ghost Pavilion.

Since then, no protectors or disciples dared to not know their own strengths and venture into the Ghost Pavilion. Originally, the world’s spirit energy of this peak was quite good, but because of the Ghost Pavilion rumours, no one was willing to come to this peak to cultivate.

Currently, this peak was the scene of declination. The surrounding ten miles were declining as well. Even the flowers and trees were sickly looking; it was as if they were affected by the ominous aura of the pavilion.

It was said that a few ten thousand years ago, the disciples of this peak formed their own branch. This peak used to be prosperous for generations. However, later on it became haunted; this place started to decline until no disciples were willing to step into the place again.

When Li Qiye was standing on top of the peak, basking in the view of the mountains and rivers in this area, he couldn’t help but become solemn. This fading scenery was not only because no disciples were willing to go there, but one could faintly feel uneasy; it was like there was something below, exerting evil energy.

In the last ten thousand years, all of the past disciples of the sect considered this place to be ominous; it seemed like this was not without reasons.

Also standing next to Li Qiye, Nan Huairen felt a cold chill behind his back, as if a ghost was staring at him. It gave him sudden goosebumps; if Li Qiye wasn’t with him, he would never be willing to go to this evil place.

Regaining his wits, Li Qiye observed the big pavilion on the peak; the building named ‘Ghost Pavilion’ had began to rot. Looking at the pavilion in front of his eyes, he couldn’t help but to gently sigh.

The Ghost Pavilion, in reality, was meticulously crafted with many interesting charms. It was built on top of a peak; it was as if it was part of nature, causing others to feel that it and the peak was integrated into one.

From the decoration of the pavilion, it could be understood that the sect greatly valued it in the past. Unfortunately, because of the ominous aura, the sect had to forsake it.

The Ghost Pavilion was not large in size, but it was very detailed; it could be praised as it was beautifully refined. However, the current pavilion was covered in dust and spider webs, as well as wild grass and weeds. Even the wild squirrels and birds considered this place their home.

Entering the pavilion, stepping onto the floor made out of ten thousand year old Jade Pine caused a creaking sound. In the midst of the atmosphere inside, a coward would be scared shitless; especially since there were sounds of bats scurrying rampantly, increasing the evil atmosphere.

“This place used to be an important ground of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, but unfortunately, it is completely deserted and ruined now.”

Protector Mo nostalgically said.

It was not just Protector Mo reminiscing, even Li Qiye’s heart was sighing softly. That year, on the long winding road of the Dao, before Immortal Emperor Min Ren carried the Heaven’s Will and his sweeping of the nine heavens and ten earths, inside this pavilion, Li Qiye used to teach the zither Dao to little Min Ren!

Regarding this story, when he was still the Dark Crow, he used to tease Min Ren for his worthlessness at playing the zither. If he had to become a zither performer for his livelihood, Li Qiye was afraid that he would starve to death.

Back in those days, Min Ren regarding Li Qiye’s ridicule, he also couldn’t do anything besides bursting into loud laughter.

Without Li Qiye’s command, Protector Mo and Nan Huairen busily cleaned the inside and outside of the Ghost Pavilion. After they were finished, the pavilion seemed a lot brighter, the dark atmosphere was partly swept away; however, even then, the pavilion still felt quite sinister.

After preparing all the daily essentials for Li Qiye, they reported back to Li Qiye.

After seeing the preparations from the two, Li Qiye gently nodded his head; he finally said:

“This is fine, however, I will sleep in the grand hall; there is no need to prepare a room specially for me. Also, Huairen, go bring me a zither.”

“Zither? What do you need a zither here for?”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, Nan Huairen was surprised. Normally, very few cultivators would elegantly play the harp and watch the moon.

Li Qiye smilingly said:

“Over here used to be the Zither Pavilion with extremely beautiful sceneries. At night, to be able to enjoy the moon and play the zither, how wonderful is this matter?”


Nan Huairen couldn’t endure and gently whispered:

“Big brother, this place is the Ghost Pavilion. At night, there will be ghostly matters… Yo-you, you are still in the mood to play the zither?”

“Smelly brat, don’t ruin my mood; hurry up and go!”

Li Qiye, a thirteen year old boy, called Nan Huairen a brat, seemingly like an old grandpa, but Nan Huairen happily smiled and ran away.

At the moment when the two, master and disciple, were arranging matters, Li Shuangyan also followed and especially observed this Ghost Pavilion. She carefully analyzed it, without letting go of a single detail.

Li Shuangyan currently watched the four large pillars inside the grand hall, and she was in a daze. The four large pillars were made from ten thousand year old Jade Pine. After countless years of baptism, they were without any sign of deterioration. On top of that, each of these pillars were densely packed with veined patterns. Actually, not only the four pillars were covered with these patterns, the entire Zither Pavilion was covered in these patterns, but the pattern’s colors were very faint. If one did not focus, it was essentially difficult to see.

Li Shuangyan, a genius with a Saint Fate Palace and Emperor Physique – no matter where she went, she would be the heaven’s proud daughter. As she watched these patterns, she immediately felt that they were extraordinary. A genius like her was meticulously analyzing, wanting to see through the mysterious truths inside. However, during her observation, she found that these patterns were not Dao runewords or magical incantations. She couldn’t shake off the feeling that there was a mystery indescribable by words inside.

“Do you see anything special?”

Li Qiye went next to her, and he comfortably smiled at Li Shuangyan who was observing the patterns.

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  1.  Da Dan means big courage


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