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Chapter 168 : Jewel Pillar Saint Child (2)

After Li Qiye was comfortable after being settled, Li Shuangyan — from outside — brought back a message to Li Qiye: “The Gate sent news. They have prepared the items you need, and the elders will bring them here in two days.”

“Good, I am planning to go to the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground one more time.” Li Qiye nodded and slowly said.

“We’re going into the Burial Ground again?” Chen Baojiao, who was tidying up items for Li Qiye, suddenly became moved after hearing this.

“Go! Why wouldn’t we go?” Li Qiye was all smiles as he said: “Burying the dead for the War God Temple — this is simply just a business. The good items in the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground aren’t things that you guys can imagine. Since it is hard to deal with Earth Immortals, we should trick a few good things from them.”

Hearing Li Qiye’s words, the two great beauties, Li Shuangyan and Chen Baojiao, couldn’t help but to glance at each other. Tricking treasures from Earth Immortals? Only very few people could do this ah.

“How is it at the War God Temple?” Li Qiye casually asked.

Li Shuangyan shook her head and said: “I don’t know the exact details. Master sent a message that he was together with the War God Temple’s elders. However, I heard that the War God Temple will not preemptively move their ancestor, and they will wait a few days before the Underworld Boat actually appears before coming here.”

“It seems like the old man of the War God Temple is really about to go under. With pathetically low amount of remaining life force, he cannot easily move the Era Blood Stone.” Li Qiye understood the meaning behind the actions of the War God Temple this time.

The powerful heaven-defying generation that were not willing to die would use a large amount of Longevity Medicine to prolong their lifespan. The moment when these drugs lose their effects, they would suppress their blood force and halt their life. However, this was not an easy matter, and it required a large amount of Era Blood Stones to cover them. The longer the time, the more Era Blood Stones were required, as well as more precious Era Blood Stones! Thus, to suppress the blood force and halt one’s life, not everyone could afford to do this.

“There is still some time before the appearance of the Underworld Boat. We will take a little break first before entering the Heavenly Ancient Corpse Burial Ground again. And after this matter is finished, we will bury the old man from the War God Temple.” Finally, Li Qiye nonchalantly declared.

Even though Li Qiye said to take a break for a bit, in actuality, he was not free for even a second. While staying in the courtyard, he continued on with his harsh cultivation.

Li Qiye sat in the room and moved his Life Wheel while his Fate Palace opened with his True Fate emerged. At this time, the True Fate inside Li Qiye’s Fate Palace was surrounded with chains of universal laws that were as thin as silk. Even though they were fine as silk, each of these universal law silks were rattling like iron chains.

At this point, the Kun Peng of the Kun Peng’s Six Variants was suspended above the True Fate. The world’s essence poured down like a waterfall and cleansed Li Qiye’s True Fate. When the world’s essence was refined by the True Fate, it turned into the universal laws that hovered outside his body and they intertwined into one place.

At this time, Li Qiye was in the Heaven’s Mandate realm, and within this amount of time, he borrowed the godly power of the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law along with the Kun Peng’s Six Variants to break through two levels in one breath.

At the Heaven’s Mandate realm, there were four levels. From low to high, they are: One Offering True Fate, Two True Understanding Searching, Three Turning Mysterious Truths, Four Transforming Dao Law.

For cultivators, the Heaven’s Mandate realm meant a time where the True Fate was crazily refined. This was done in order to create a foundation for the future when the True Fate would be refined into the Primordial Soul.

Li Qiye was currently absorbing the world’s essence with his endlessly rotating Life Wheel as the Yin Yang Sea of Blood washed the Life Wheel with the undulating Yin Moon and Yang Sun. Drop after drop of Longevity Blood fell down into the Life Wheel and were refined, allowing the True Fate to become stronger and bigger!

“Boom–” Some time later, the Kun Peng poured down an endless amount of world’s essence. At this moment, the True Fate quaked and, in the blink of an eye, the True Fate spewed out a blindingly bright magical light. Suddenly, the Kun Peng disappeared and turned into one magical rune after another, and the True Fate activated these magical runes while clanking sounds rang about. All of the universal laws interwove into a dao paper, and the magical runes stemming from the Kun Peng’s Six Variants below the True Fate engraved a seal on top of the dao paper.

“Clang…” just like the sound of a great bell. The moment when the last magical rune fell down onto the dao paper, in a flash, a complete Kun Peng’s Six Variants was formed along with a True Fate’s Seal. The formation of a True Fate’s Seal signified that all of the profound truths were refined inside the True Fate. At this second, universal laws were no longer universal laws; they became a part of the True Fate!

Then, the True Fate’s Seal flew out and disappeared from inside the True Fate like being buried in quicksand. In this moment, the True Fate exuded a rolling magical light. Momentarily, the True Fate was lifted up and it absorbed all of the spirit energy in one breath. Suddenly, the Spring of Life, the Tree of Life, the Cauldron of Life… All of the Energy of Life, the Fire of Life, and the Water of Life continuously flew without pause into the True Fate, the tyrant of the entire Fate Palace. In addition, the fire inside the Cauldron of Life was burning all the way to the sky while the Spring of Life was flowing endlessly…

At this time, Li Qiye’s body shook and suddenly regained his wits. He was happy since he finally broke through to the Heaven’s Mandate third level — Turning Mysterious Truths and stepped into the Transforming Dao Law level! As long as his Transforming Dao Law reached grand perfection, it would be the first step into the Warrior Canopy realm!

In reality, Li Qiye was not the only one practicing hard. Even the younger generation like Nan Huairen and Qu Daoli didn’t go out. They stayed behind in the courtyard for a harsh cultivation session.

The one practicing the craziest and most diligently was Chen Baojiao. She courageously and stubbornly pushed forward with an unmatchable momentum. Regarding Chen Baojiao’s will to cultivate, anyone would click their tongues in amazement and tingle in cold chill in admiration for her craziness.

No one would have thought that a country toppling beauty like Chen Baojiao would cultivate in such a dangerous manner! However, Chen Baojiao’s efforts were rewarded. Even though she destroyed her dao foundation to started over from scratch, her cultivation speed was faster compared to anyone else, and she could easily break the record of any genius!

Li Qiye originally wanted to reach the Warrior Canopy realm, but because of Elder Yun’s arrival, he had to stop his cultivation.

“Elder Yun is here, and he brought along all of the items you needed.” Li Shuangyan immediately brought the message of Elder Yun’s arrival to Li Qiye.

Hearing the message, Li Qiye immediately stopped cultivating and went to meet Elder Yun.

“Young Noble Li, His Highness made me bring all of the items you needed here for you” Seeing Li Qiye, Elder Yun could be said to be very courteous, and he told Li Qiye.

Elder Yun was the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s First Elder. That year, when Li Qiye went to the Nine Saint Demon Gate, he was the one who was kicked flying away by the stone statue.

Elder Yun, as the Nine Saint Demon Gate’s First Elder, was a Seven Celestial Enlightened Being, and he could even push the limit to become an Eight Celestial Enlightened Being. He had a very high ranking regardless of whether he was in the Nine Saint Demon Gate or Old Ox Country; he was a prominent character.

But today, this Elder Yun of the Seven Celestial Enlightened Being level was very respectful and polite towards Li Qiye.

Elder Yun handed a Universal Pouch to Li Qiye. After opening it and finding that all of the items wanted by him were there and nothing was short, Li Qiye couldn’t help but praise: “The Nine Saint Demon Gate’s strength is indeed not ordinary; you are even able to find such rare medicinal herbs.”

Elder Yun busily smiled. The truth was that in order to obtain these medicinal herbs, the Nine Saint Demon Gate had to expend an abnormal sum.

“Hmph, you’re only a little brat. What outstanding virtues does he have to be worshiped like this by the Nine Saint Demon Gate!” At this time, a very raspy voice sounded along with the footsteps of one man followed by a young man.

Li Qiye looked up and saw that it was an old man who wore treasure-like clothing that had a mysterious crown along with a blood energy that resembled a rainbow. One step forward was accompanied by continuous thunders like the moving of mountains. He — step-by-step — moved forward and the grand earth gave way, giving the feeling that each of his steps was traversing an entire world. This old man’s entire body was exerting and devouring refined energy, and faintly, there were eight stars floating up and down around him.

The young man behind the old man was Leng Chengfeng. At this moment, Leng Chengfeng seemed deferential.

Seeing the old man coming in, Elder Yun changed his expression and even Li Shuangyan, standing next to Li Qiye, sank her expression.

“Uncle Lei, you came as well?” Elder Yun quickly went forward to greet. He didn’t think that a Supreme Elder of the Sect would also come as well. At the same time, he could smell a whiff of unfortunate information.

Lei She was one of the few Supreme Elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, a very heaven-defying Ancient Saint. To the current world that had experienced the Difficult Dao Era, an Ancient Saint was very unfathomable. They were able to create clouds with one swing of the hand and start the rain with one turn of the palm!

“This is related to the rise and fall of my Nine Saint Demon Gate, how could I not come here personally? Hmph, if such a grand matter was lost in the hands of a little child, where will my Nine Saint Demon Gate’s face be placed at!?” The old man coldly spoke. From beginning to end, he didn’t glance at Li Qiye once. In his eyes, Li Qiye… A junior of this level was not enough to reach the apex. When seeing him, Li Qiye must be respectful.

Elder Yun did not know what to say. As the first elder of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, he naturally knew one of the reasons clearly. Lei She was not only a Supreme Elder, but also the grandmaster of Leng Chengfeng.

Demon King Lun Ri was fond of Li Qiye, and he even left Li Shuangyan to stay by Li Qiye’s side. This was opposed by a few elders of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, especially the first branch of Supreme Elder Lei She.

Lei She had wanted for Leng Chengfeng to marry Li Shuangyan, and he even proposed this marriage to Demon King Lun Ri! In Lei She’s view, Leng Chengfeng was the oldest brother of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, and he was also the favorite successor of his. And Li Shuangyan was a genius disciple and the future successor of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. The two of them becoming dao companions — nothing could be better.

However, Lei She’s marriage proposal was refused on the spot by Demon King Lun Ri, and Li Shuangyan herself did not agree to this marriage.

Later, Demon King Lun Ri then wanted to leave Li Shuangyan at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. How could Lei She not be strongly opposed to this matter? It was even more needless to say that he did not view Li Qiye favorably.

Lei She was identified as a Supreme Elder and an Ancient Saint. It could be said that he considered himself to be high, high above, and he essentially didn’t place a junior like Li Qiye in his eyes. He didn’t glimpse at Li Qiye at all from start to finish.

However, Li Qiye was even more unbridled and didn’t even lift up his eyelids at all. He was too lazy to even give Lei She a glance!


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