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Yanbi Xiaosheng (厌笔萧生)


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Qidian’s Synopsis
Ten million years ago, Li Qiye planted a simple water bamboo into the ground.
Eight million years ago, Li Qiye had a koi fish pet.
Five million years ago, Li Qiye cared for a little girl.
In the present day, Li Qiye woke up from his slumber; the water bamboo reached the apex of cultivation; the koi fish became a Golden Dragon; the little girl became the Nine Worlds’ Immortal Empress.

This is a tale regarding an immortal human who was the teacher of the Demon Saint, Heavenly Beast, and Immortal Empress.

Bao’s Synopsis
A boy that was imprisoned for millions of years had regained his mortal body. He became a disciple of the declining Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect where its patriarch used to be his disciple. Now, he will bring this sect back to its former glory.

This is his journey to reach the apex and take revenge on those who had imprisoned him.

This is his story of meeting old friends and making new companions.

This is his path of traversing the Nine Worlds and becoming the next ruler of the Heavens.

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Short Stories
Emperor Dao Huai
Emperor Primal Stone
The Crow In The Rainy Night 1
Mysterious Emperor; Departure
An Eaves Tile


Chapter List

Chapters 1-99
Chapter 1 – Old Devil (1)
Chapter 2 – Old Devil (2)
Chapter 3 – Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect (1)
Chapter 4 – Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect (2)
Chapter 5 – The Fiancé (1)
Chapter 6 – The Fiancé (2)
Chapter 7 – Nine Saint Demon Gate (1)
Chapter 8 – Nine Saint Demon Gate (2)
Chapter 9 – Brutal (1)
Chapter 10 – Brutal (2)
Chapter 11 – Arrogance (1)
Chapter 12 – Arrogance (2)
Chapter 13 – Chaotic Heart Forest (1)
Chapter 14 – Chaotic Heart Forest (2)
Chapter 15 – Miracle (1)
Chapter 16 – Miracle (2)
Chapter 17 – Demon King Lun Ri (1)
Chapter 18 – Demon King Lun Ri (2)
Chapter 19 – Always Arrogant No Matter The Occasion (1)
Chapter 20 – Always Arrogant No Matter The Occasion (2)
Chapter 21 – Saint Cavern (1)
Chapter 22 – Saint Cavern (2)
Chapter 23 – Nine Saint Princess (1)
Chapter 24 – Nine Saint Princess (2)
Chapter 25 – Heavenly Crow Peak (1)
Chapter 26 – Heavenly Crow Peak (2)
Chapter 27 – Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law (1)
Chapter 28 – Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law (2)
Chapter 29 – Twelve Immortal Physiques (1)
Chapter 30 – Twelve Immortal Physiques (2)
Chapter 31 – Kun Peng’s Six Variants (1)
Chapter 32 – Kun Peng’s Six Variants (2)
Chapter 33 – Invisible Dual Blades (1)
Chapter 34 – Invisible Dual Blades (2)
Chapter 35 – Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique (1)
Chapter 36 – Hell Suppressing Immortal Physique (2)
Chapter 37 – Tu Bu Yu (1)
Chapter 38 – Tu Bu Yu (2)
Chapter 39 – Princess’s Arrival (1)
Chapter 40 – Princess’s Arrival (2)
Chapter 41 – Princess Can Only Be A Maid (1)
Chapter 42 – Princess Can Only Be A Maid (2)
Chapter 43 – First Elder’s Plan (1)
Chapter 44 – First Elder’s Plan (2)
Chapter 45 – Not Convinced? I’ll Beat You Till You Are Convinced! (1)
Chapter 46 – Not Convinced? I’ll Beat You Till You Are Convinced! (2)
Chapter 47 – Dao Instruction Life Teaching (1)
Chapter 48 – Dao Instruction Life Teaching (2)
Chapter 49 – The Most Vicious Dao Instruction (1)
Chapter 50 – The Most Vicious Dao Instruction (2)
Chapter 51 – Immortal’s Teaching Is Only As Good As This (1)
Chapter 52 – Immortal’s Teaching Is Only As Good As This (2)
Chapter 53 – Yin And Yang Sea Of Blood (1)
Chapter 54 – Yin And Yang Sea Of Blood (2)
Chapter 55 – Heavenly Cauldron (1)
Chapter 56 – Heavenly Cauldron (2)
Chapter 57 – Alchemy Master, This Was Only A Hobby (1)
Chapter 58 – Alchemy Master, This Was Only A Hobby (2)
Chapter 59 – Conspiracy (1)
Chapter 60 – Conspiracy (2)
Chapter 61 – Godly Might (1)
Chapter 62 – Godly Might (2)
Chapter 63 – God of War Formula (1)
Chapter 64 – God of War Formula (2)
Chapter 65 – Causing Clouds and Rains by Turning One’s Hand (1)
Chapter 66 – Causing Clouds and Rains by Turning One’s Hand (2)
Chapter 67 – Violet Yang Ten Sun (1)
Chapter 68 – Violet Yang Ten Sun (2)
Chapter 69 – Scheming (1)
Chapter 70 – Scheming (2)
Chapter 71 – Ghost Pavilion (1)
Chapter 72 – Ghost Pavilion (2)
Chapter 73 – Su Yu He (1)
Chapter 74 – Su Yu He (2)
Chapter 75 – Soldiers Approaching the City Walls (1)
Chapter 76 – Soldiers Approaching the City Walls (2)
Chapter 77 – One Hand Kills a Thousand Enemies (1)
Chapter 78 – One Hand Kills a Thousand Enemies (2)
Chapter 79 – Marquis of Violet Mountain (1)
Chapter 80 – Marquis of Violet Mountain (2)
Chapter 81 – Mortal King’s Might (1)
Chapter 82 – Mortal King’s Might (2)
Chapter 83 – Daylight Sky Immortal Secret (1)
Chapter 84 – Daylight Sky Immortal Secret (2)
Chapter 85 – King Physique Paste (1)
Chapter 86 – King Physique Paste (2)
Chapter 87 – Void Imperfection Immortal Physique (1)
Chapter 88 – Void Imperfection Immortal Physique (2)
Chapter 89 – Cleansing Incense Ancient Land (1)
Chapter 90 – Cleansing Incense Ancient Land (2)
Chapter 91 – A Snail (1)
Chapter 92 – A Snail (2)
Chapter 93 – Master is a Beautiful Woman (1)
Chapter 94 – Master is a Beautiful Woman (2)
Chapter 95 – Complete Sky Saint Physique (1)
Chapter 96 – Complete Sky Saint Physique (2)
Chapter 97 – Accepting the Ancestor (1)
Chapter 98 – Accepting the Ancestor (2)
Chapter 99 – Evil Infested Ridge (1)

Chapters 100-199
Chapter 100 – Evil Infested Ridge (2)
Chapter 101 – Marquis of Suppressive Might (1)
Chapter 102 – Marquis of Suppressive Might (2)
Chapter 103 – Southern Heavenly Kingdom (1)
Chapter 104 – Southern Heavenly Kingdom (2)
Chapter 105 – Dao Child Shengtian (1)
Chapter 106 – Dao Child Shengtian (2)
Chapter 107 – Emperor’s Possession (1)
Chapter 108 – Emperor’s Possession (2)
Chapter 109 – Godly Tree Covering the Sky (1)
Chapter 110 – Godly Tree Covering the Sky (2)
Chapter 111 – Sky Shouldering Ape (1)
Chapter 112 – Sky Shouldering Ape (2)
Chapter 113 – Verdant Copper (1)
Chapter 114 – Verdant Copper (2)
Chapter 115 – Little Silly (1)
Chapter 116 – Little Silly (2)
Chapter 117 – God (1)
Chapter 118 – God (2)
Chapter 119 – Heavenly Prince Qingxuan (1)
Chapter 120 – Heavenly Prince Qingxuan (2)
Chapter 121 – Common Target (1)
Chapter 122 – Common Target (2)
Chapter 123 – Heaven Extermination Devil Ape (1)
Chapter 124 – Heaven Extermination Devil Ape (2)
Chapter 125 – Furiously Massacring a Thousand Enemies (1)
Chapter 126 – Furiously Massacring a Thousand Enemies (2)
Chapter 127 – Six Dao Lotuses (1)
Chapter 128 – Six Dao Lotuses (2)
Chapter 129 – Evil Slaying Battlefield (1)
Chapter 130 – Evil Slaying Battlefield (2)
Chapter 131 – Secret of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School (1)
Chapter 132 – Secret of the Jewel Pillar Sacred School (2)
Chapter 133 – Evil Root Underground (1)
Chapter 134 – Evil Root Underground (2)
Chapter 135 – Six Dao Lotus, Evil Typha Tree (1)
Chapter 136 – Six Dao Lotus, Evil Typha Tree (2)
Chapter 137 – Treasure of the Gods (1)
Chapter 138 – Treasure of the Gods (2)
Chapter 139 – Evil Typha Drinking Blood (1)
Chapter 140 – Evil Typha Drinking Blood (2)
Chapter 141 – Decapitate the Evil Typha Tree (1)
Chapter 142 – Decapitate the Evil Typha Tree (2)
Chapter 143 – Alchemist God’s Grand Canon (1)
Chapter 144 – Alchemist God’s Grand Canon (2)
Chapter 145 – Silence in all Directions (1)
Chapter 146 – Silence in all Directions (2)
Chapter 147 – Six Dao Sword (1)
Chapter 148 – Six Dao Sword (2)
Chapter 149 – Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique (1)
Chapter 150 – Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique (2)
Chapter 151 – Underworld Boat Coming into Being (1)
Chapter 152 – Underworld Boat Coming into Being (2)
Chapter 153 – Ancient Sky City (1)
Chapter 154 – Ancient Sky City (2)
Chapter 155 – Competing Wealth with me? (1)
Chapter 156 – Competing Wealth with me? (2)
Chapter 157 – Early People’s Nine Languages (1)
Chapter 158 – Early People’s Nine Languages (2)
Chapter 159 – Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground (1)
Chapter 160 – Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground (2)
Chapter 161 – Dealing with the Dead (1)
Chapter 162 – Dealing with the Dead (2)
Chapter 163 – Middle Continent’s Treasures (1)
Chapter 164 – Middle Continent’s Treasures (2)
Chapter 165 – Ants Moving a Coffin (1)
Chapter 166 – Ants Moving a Coffin (2)
Chapter 167 – Saint Child Bao Zhu (1)
Chapter 168 – Saint Child Bao Zhu (2)
Chapter 169 – Ancient Street (1)
Chapter 170 – Ancient Street (2)
Chapter 171 – Unopenable Stone Chest (1)
Chapter 172 – Unopenable Stone Chest (2)
Chapter 173 – Heavenly Sky Plate (1)
Chapter 174 – Heavenly Sky Plate (2)
Chapter 175 – An Eaves-Tile Bringing about a Calamity (1)
Chapter 176 – An Eaves-Tile Bringing about a Calamity (2)
Chapter 177 – Mysterious Eaves-Tile (1)
Chapter 178 – Mysterious Eaves-Tile (2)
Chapter 179 – Slay Genius (1)
Chapter 180 – Slay Genius (2)
Chapter 181 – Stomping Genius Beneath (1)
Chapter 182 – Stomping Genius Beneath (2)
Chapter 183 – Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law (1)
Chapter 184 – Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law (2)
Chapter 185 – Old Ghost (1)
Chapter 186 – Old Ghost (2)
Chapter 187 – Old Ghost’s Small Shop (1)
Chapter 188 – Old Ghost’s Small Shop (2)
Chapter 189 – Honoring the Ancestors (1)
Chapter 190 – Honoring the Ancestors (2)
Chapter 191 – Tricking the Martial God (1)
Chapter 192 – Tricking the Martial God (2)
Chapter 193 – Lion Monarch Ba Xian (1)
Chapter 194 – Lion Monarch Ba Xian (2)
Chapter 195 – Mysterious Dead Person (1)
Chapter 196 – Mysterious Dead Person (2)
Chapter 197 – Calamity Befalls the Nine Saint Demon Gate (1)
Chapter 198 – Calamity Befalls the Nine Saint Demon Gate (2)
Chapter 199 – Bloody Battle (1)

Chapters 200-299
Chapter 200 – Bloody Battle (2)
Chapter 201 – Tetra-War Bronze Chariot (1)
Chapter 202 – Tetra-War Bronze Chariot (2)
Chapter 203 – I’m Arrogant, I’m Domineering (1)
Chapter 204 – I’m Arrogant, I’m Domineering (2)
Chapter 205 – Attacking the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s Heavenly Grotto (1)
Chapter 206 – Attacking the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom’s Heavenly Grotto (2)
Chapter 207 – True Invincibility (1)
Chapter 208 – True Invincibility (2)
Chapter 209 – Wu Clan’s Descendant (1)
Chapter 210 – Wu Clan’s Descendant (2)
Chapter 211 – Underworld River’s Secret (1)
Chapter 212 – Underworld River’s Secret (2)
Chapter 213 – Thousand Emperors Gate (1)
Chapter 214 – Thousand Emperors Gate (2)
Chapter 215 – Bai Jianzhen’s Three Swords (1)
Chapter 216 – Bai Jianzhen’s Three Swords (2)
Chapter 217 – Sky Shaking Truncheon (1)
Chapter 218 – Sky Shaking Truncheon (2)
Chapter 219 – Grand Dao Saint (1)
Chapter 220 – Grand Dao Saint (2)
Chapter 221 – Pixiu Treasure Jar (1)
Chapter 222 – Pixiu Treasure Jar (2)
Chapter 223 – Physique Devil Devouring the Heavens (1)
Chapter 224 – Physique Devil Devouring the Heavens (2)
Chapter 225 – One Physique Surpassing the Great Tribulation (1)
Chapter 226 – One Physique Surpassing the Great Tribulation (2)
Chapter 227 – Princess Zhong Zhou (1)
Chapter 228 – Princess Zhong Zhou (2)
Chapter 229 – Empress Hong Tian (1)
Chapter 230 – Empress Hong Tian (2)
Chapter 231 – Contention for the Underworld Boats (1)
Chapter 232 – Contention for the Underworld Boats (2)
Chapter 233 – Myriad Star Water (1)
Chapter 234 – Myriad Star Water (2)
Chapter 235 – A Stone Egg was Born (1)
Chapter 236 – A Stone Egg was Born (2)
Chapter 237 – Refining the Pristine Worldly Metal (1)
Chapter 238 – Refining the Pristine Worldly Metal (2)
Chapter 239 – Heaven Protector Goddess (1)
Chapter 240 – Heaven Protector Goddess (2)
Chapter 241 – Immortal’s Blood Spear (1)
Chapter 242 – Immortal’s Blood Spear (2)
Chapter 243 – Refining Dan like Roasting Beans
Chapter 244 – Heavenly Jewel Mortal King
Chapter 245 – Our Heroic Blood is not Cold and Our Magnificent Aspiration Reaches the Clouds
Chapter 246 – Reigning over the Nine Worlds and Sweeping through the Eight Desolaces
Chapter 247 – Smiling while Massacring Ten Thousand Enemies!
Chapter 248 – Dealing with the War God Temple
Chapter 249 – A Long Journey
Chapter 250 – Remembrances at the Eastern Hundred Cities
Chapter 251 – Chi Xiaodao
Chapter 252 – Old Pond Golden Turtle
Chapter 253 – Lion’s Roar Gate
Chapter 254 – Chi Xiaodie
Chapter 255 – Chi Xiaodie’s Doubts
Chapter 256 – Nine Nine Eighty-One Transformations
Chapter 257 – Sikong Toutian
Chapter 258 – Sima Longyun
Chapter 259 – Ice Feather Palace
Chapter 260 – Crossdressing Bing Yuxia
Chapter 261 – Grave’s Auction
Chapter 262 – Competition for the Rotten Underworld Bean
Chapter 263 – You’re Still Too Inexperienced To Compete Against Me
Chapter 264 – Turning Something Rotten Into Something Magical
Chapter 265 – A Wooden Ruler Bringing About A Storm
Chapter 266 – Sky-High Price
Chapter 267 – Heaven Cutting Tablet
Chapter 268 – Wooden Ruler’s Secret
Chapter 269 – Fate Changing
Chapter 270 – Tyrannical Lion Physique, Heavenly Turtle Fate
Chapter 271 – Chi Xiaodao’s Secret Crush
Chapter 272 – Goddess Mei Suyao
Chapter 273 – Dao Preaching Event
Chapter 274 – Heaven’s Secret Valley
Chapter 275 – Princess Bao Yun
Chapter 276 – Arrogance With No Consideration For The Opponent
Chapter 277 – Hu Yue
Chapter 278 – Goddess Toppling Myriad Kingdoms
Chapter 279 – Alaya Heavenly Fragrant Dao
Chapter 280 – Princess As A Servant
Chapter 281 – Hundred Battles Godking
Chapter 282 – Ancestral Divine Temple
Chapter 283 – Thousand Martial Divine Gaze Dao
Chapter 284 – Space Crossing Earthworm
Chapter 285 – Little Autumn
Chapter 286 – Old Daoist
Chapter 287 – Ancient Secret
Chapter 288 – Nine Words True Bow
Chapter 289 – The Storm Began
Chapter 290 – Deity Jikong Wudi
Chapter 291 – Heavenly Dao Academy
Chapter 292 – Le Yi
Chapter 293 – Magu
Chapter 294 – Eternal Physique
Chapter 295 – As Many Beauties As There Are Clouds
Chapter 296 – Grand Era Hall
Chapter 297 – Heaven-Shaking Ploy
Chapter 298 – I Am A Proper Person
Chapter 299 – Beautiful Bing Yuxia

Chapters 300-399
Chapter 300 – Huangfu Feng’s Provocation
Chapter 301 – Gui Fushu
Chapter 302 – Slaughtering Ghost And Slaying Phoenix
Chapter 303 – Great Child Yao Guang
Chapter 304 – The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom Is Nothing
Chapter 305 – Working Together
Chapter 306 – Great Disaster Begins
Chapter 307 – Like A Tiger Stalking Its Prey
Chapter 308 – Portal From The Legends
Chapter 309 – Small Trouble At The Marriage Proposal
Chapter 310 – Chi Xiaodie’s Feelings
Chapter 311 – Arrogance Before The Crowd
Chapter 312 – Smilingly Debating Against the Crowd
Chapter 313 – Bing Yuxia’s Strength
Chapter 314 – Forced Marriage
Chapter 315 – Kill Without Mercy
Chapter 316 – Only Using One’s Hand Versus Two Experts
Chapter 317 – Thousand Hands Against The Nine Worlds
Chapter 318 – Geniuses Are Nothing But Ants
Chapter 319 – The Enemies’ Joint Attack
Chapter 320 – Watching The Enemy’s Destruction With A Smile
Chapter 321 – The Battle Begins
Chapter 322 – Sweeping Through
Chapter 323 – Jingwei’s Azure Sun
Chapter 324 – Invincible Sword and Saber
Chapter 325 – Emperor Weapons Appearing
Chapter 326 – Stealing Emperor Weapons
Chapter 327 – Great Calamity
Chapter 328 – Blood Stains The Academy
Chapter 329 – A Scheme To Bury All Enemies
Chapter 330 – Perimeter Of The Wise Sages
Chapter 331 – Aftermath Of The Battle
Chapter 332 – Timeless Portal’s Secret
Chapter 333 – Immortal Xu Chong
Chapter 334 – Realm God
Chapter 335 – The Prescription
Chapter 336 – Entering The Timeless Portal
Chapter 337 – Ye Chuyun
Chapter 338 – Gathering of Geniuses
Chapter 339 – Mysterious Entrance
Chapter 340 – The World Tree
Chapter 341 – Climbing the World Tree
Chapter 342 – Choices Above The World Tree
Chapter 343 – Karmic Flame Scissors
Chapter 344 – Above the Top
Chapter 345 – Fortunes in the World Temple
Chapter 346 – Worldly Prime Liquid
Chapter 347 – Supreme Noble
Chapter 348 – The Void Gate
Chapter 349 – Contesting For The Void Gate
Chapter 350 – Profound Mysteries of the Void Gate
Chapter 351 – Teasing The Goddess
Chapter 352 – Saving the Realm God
Chapter 353 – Realm God’s Recovery
Chapter 354 – Everyone’s Creations
Chapter 355 – One Thought Creating Myriad Physiques
Chapter 356 – One Body Two Physiques
Chapter 357 – Meeting the Realm God
Chapter 358 – A Difficult Meeting
Chapter 359 – Immortal Xu Chong
Chapter 360 – Chi Xiaodao In Trouble
Chapter 361 – Tiger’s Howl School
Chapter 362 – Charging into the Tiger’s Howl School Alone
Chapter 363 – Underground Secret
Chapter 364 – Tiger Emperor Citadel
Chapter 365 – The Start Of The Battle
Chapter 366 – Dual Dominating Beauties
Chapter 367 – Battle Against The Tiger’s Howl School
Chapter 368 – Tiger’s Howl Ancestor
Chapter 369 – Eight-Winged Divine Tiger
Chapter 370 – Battle Against the Divine Tiger
Chapter 371 – Realm God Coming Into Being
Chapter 372 – Realm God Sweeping Through The Brilliance Ancient Kingdom
Chapter 373 – Four Ominous Images
Chapter 374 – Intimidating The Eastern Hundred Cities
Chapter 375 – Preparing For The Journey
Chapter 376 – Past Grievances
Chapter 377 – Departure
Chapter 378 – Entering The Sacred Nether World
Chapter 379 – Soaring Remembrance Village
Chapter 380 – The Village’s Secret
Chapter 381 – Immortal Emperor Fei Yang’s Inheritance
Chapter 382 – Ghost-expelling Monk
Chapter 383 – Dream Wishing Tree
Chapter 384 – Lu Baiqiu
Chapter 385 – Collecting Tree Resin
Chapter 386 – Mysterious Lady In Blue
Chapter 387 – Nine Celestials Enlightened Being
Chapter 388 – Thousand Islands’ Mystery
Chapter 389 – Lady in Blue’s Departure
Chapter 390 – Corner of Mourning
Chapter 391 – Undersea Shrine
Chapter 392 – Ancient Saint
Chapter 393 – Don’t Provoke Me
Chapter 394 – Suppressing A King With One Hand
Chapter 395 – Beginning Of The Storm
Chapter 396 – A Fiance Out Of Nowhere
Chapter 397 – Breaking The Marriage Arrangement
Chapter 398 – Daoist Heaven Calculating
Chapter 399 – Pressure From The Thousand Carp River

Chapters 400-499
Chapter 400 – Finding The Fiancee
Chapter 401 – New Son-In-Law
Chapter 402 – Yan Long
Chapter 403 – The Fiancee, Lan Yunzhu
Chapter 404 – Flirting
Chapter 405 – The Storm Of A Marriage
Chapter 406 – Thousand Carp River’s Arrangement
Chapter 407 – Venerable Yang
Chapter 408 – A Kiss
Chapter 409 – One Triumphant Move
Chapter 410 – Yin Yang Pond
Chapter 411 – Golden Temple
Chapter 412 – Immortal Emperor Qian Li
Chapter 413 – Golden Willow Crest
Chapter 414 – Turmoil
Chapter 415 – Negotiation
Chapter 416 – Approaching Battle
Chapter 417 – Declaration of War
Chapter 418 – Patriarch’s Spirit
Chapter 419 – Day Turned Into Night
Chapter 420 – On The Road Once More
Chapter 421 – Necropolis
Chapter 422 – Snow-shadow Tribe
Chapter 423 – Companion
Chapter 424 – City of Ghosts
Chapter 425 – Ferry
Chapter 426 – Nightsea
Chapter 427 – Catching Nightfish in Nightsea
Chapter 428 – Abundant Harvest
Chapter 429 – Explaining
Chapter 430 – Scoundrel’s Plot
Chapter 431 – Plenty of Excuses To Frame Someone
Chapter 432 – Massacre
Chapter 433 – Follow Me
Chapter 434 – Penta Realm Gate
Chapter 435 – Shifting Mountain
Chapter 436 – Ghost River
Chapter 437 – Finding Treasures At The Ghost River
Chapter 438 – Immortal Moon Margin
Chapter 439 – Monk Dazhi Is Afraid Of His Wife
Chapter 440 – Divine Spark Prince
Chapter 441 – Golden Prince
Chapter 442 – Telling A Story
Chapter 443 – Not Everyone Is A Storyteller
Chapter 444 – Heaven Sealing Pentagate
Chapter 445 – Mysterious Little Coffin
Chapter 446 – Distant Legend
Chapter 447 – Night Attack
Chapter 448 – Crushed With One Hand
Chapter 449 – Who The Hell Is Your Brother-In-Law?
Chapter 450 – Nightsea Becomes Clear
Chapter 451 – Ancestral Flow
Chapter 452 – Ancestral Flow Master
Chapter 453 – The Fleeting Past
Chapter 454 – Huang Jiaofu
Chapter 455 – Secret Of Nightsea
Chapter 456 – The Gathering At Nightsea
Chapter 457 – Entering Nightsea
Chapter 458 – Conjuring The Storm
Chapter 459 – An Unbelievable Scene
Chapter 460 – Deadlock
Chapter 461 – Ghost Insect Evil Child
Chapter 462 – Titanic Crescent Saint Child
Chapter 463 – A Few Secrets Of The Nether Crossing Swamp
Chapter 464 – Crossing The Sea
Chapter 465 – The Other Shore
Chapter 466 – Other Shore’s Secret
Chapter 467 – Meditation
Chapter 468 – Tian Lunhui
Chapter 469 – Disappearance Of The Black Sea
Chapter 470 – Learning The Dao At The Other Shore
Chapter 471 – Treasure of the Oasis
Chapter 472 – Prelude To The Bloody Massacre
Chapter 473 – Easily Massacres All Enemies
Chapter 474 – Extinguishing
Chapter 475 – Inside The Kingdom Of Heaven
Chapter 476 – Imp Qin Guangwang
Chapter 477 – Another Farewell
Chapter 478 – Leaving
Chapter 479 – Imminent Catastrophe
Chapter 480 – Great Bounty
Chapter 481 – Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden
Chapter 482 – Going Through The Bloody Path
Chapter 483 – The Approaching Storm
Chapter 484 – Solo Against All
Chapter 485 – Battle Begins
Chapter 486 – Combat
Chapter 487 – Nightwalker King
Chapter 488 – Bloody Training
Chapter 489 – Massacring Tens of Thousands of Enemies
Chapter 490 – Divine Spark Bloodburn
Chapter 491 – The Eighteen Beasts
Chapter 492 – Resplendent Break
Chapter 493 – Phoenix Maiden To Battle
Chapter 494 – Coming Of The Phoenix
Chapter 495 – Kun Peng Versus Phoenix
Chapter 496 – Worldwide Fame
Chapter 497 – Bronze-Carapace Insect Tribe
Chapter 498 – Yin Yang Master
Chapter 499 – Simple Precious Tree

Chapters 500-599
Chapter 500 – Di Zuo’s Arrival
Chapter 501 – Xian Fan
Chapter 502 – Five Elements Immortal Armor
Chapter 503 – Prime Ominous Grave’s Opening
Chapter 504 – Corpseblood Cloud
Chapter 505 – Ominous Grave’s Secret Realms
Chapter 506 – Secret Realm Elves
Chapter 507 – Legendary Grand Creation
Chapter 508 – Exchange
Chapter 509 – Obtaining The Treasure
Chapter 510 – Realm’s Defining Treasure
Chapter 511 – Mysteries of the Destiny Stones
Chapter 512 – Adventures in the Metal Realm | (April Fools – Birth of a Creation)
Chapter 513 – Divine Dragon Mountain | (April Fools – Impending Doom)
Chapter 514 – Dragon Mountain’s Destiny Stones | (April Fools Teaser)
Chapter 515 – Searching For Destiny Stones
Chapter 516 – The Stone At The Peak
Chapter 517 – Arrogant Stone
Chapter 518 – All The Destiny Stones Competing For A Master
Chapter 519 – Most Arrogant Stone Accepts A Master
Chapter 520 – Flirtatious Banter
Chapter 521 – Diamond Carp
Chapter 522 – Wood Realm
Chapter 523 – Dangers In The Wood Realm
Chapter 524 – Lost Alchemy Garden Of The Immortals
Chapter 525 – Ultimate Alchemy Location
Chapter 526 – Cultivating in the Alchemy Garden
Chapter 527 – Cultivation
Chapter 528 – Twelve Fate Palaces
Chapter 529 – Secret Among Grave Secrets
Chapter 530 – Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng
Chapter 531 – Threat
Chapter 532 – Opening The Coffin
Chapter 533 – Mysterious Lamp
Chapter 534 – Immortal Medicines Begging To Be Taken Along
Chapter 535 – Simple Mountain Immortal Kingdom’s Quest For Treasure
Chapter 536 – Jadewater Queen
Chapter 537 – Mysterious Old Pond
Chapter 538 – Long Zuntian
Chapter 539 – Divine Spark Phoenix Maiden’s Scheme
Chapter 540 – Competition
Chapter 541 – Leisurely Stroll
Chapter 542 – Tian Lunhui
Chapter 543 – Tian Lunhui’s Strength
Chapter 544 – Disappearance
Chapter 545 – Treasure Inside The Pond
Chapter 546 – Bronze-Carapace King
Chapter 547 – The United Crowd
Chapter 548 – Diamond Saint Physique
Chapter 549 – Change Of Mind
Chapter 550 – Fighting Against The World
Chapter 551 – Declivity-Mountain Bell
Chapter 552 – Bare Hand Blocking Emperor’s Weapon
Chapter 553 – Myriad Enemies Annihilated With A Wave Of The Hand
Chapter 554 – Phoenix Maiden’s Death
Chapter 555 – Night Era Flower
Chapter 556 – Another Meeting With The Diamond Carp
Chapter 557 – Hundred Saints Imperial Formation
Chapter 558 – Dark Star
Chapter 559 – Mysterious Living Thing
Chapter 560 – Di Zuo Waits For The Battle
Chapter 561 – The Storm Is Here
Chapter 562 – Azure God-Monarch
Chapter 563 – Myriad-Form Rend
Chapter 564 – Kun Peng Versus Golden Dragon
Chapter 565 – Imperial Spear
Chapter 566 – Myriad Fists
Chapter 567 – Ultimate Attack
Chapter 568 – Aphotic
Chapter 569 – Di Zuo’s Death
Chapter 570 – Titanic Crescent’s Three Ancestors
Chapter 571 – Swallowing Three Ancestors
Chapter 572 – Earth Realm
Chapter 573 – Heavenly Cemetery
Chapter 574 – Meeting The Lost Mythical Island Again
Chapter 575 – Ancestral City Lord
Chapter 576 – Sweeping Through In An Unbeatable Manner
Chapter 577 – Path Of Death
Chapter 578 – Headless Man
Chapter 579 – Captain Of The Divine Guard
Chapter 580 – Decree Of The Heavenly God
Chapter 581 – Battling The Physique Tribulation
Chapter 582 – The Great Disaster
Chapter 583 – Thirteenth Palace
Chapter 584 – Completed Palace
Chapter 585 – Blood Ceremony
Chapter 586 – Thousand Carp’s Reversion
Chapter 587 – Monk Dazhi Taking Action
Chapter 588 – Human Race’s Counterattack
Chapter 589 – Heavenly Annihilation; Great Massacre
Chapter 590 – Another Heavenly Annihilation
Chapter 591 – Killing Till True Treasures Have To Escape
Chapter 592 – Invincible Headless Man
Chapter 593 – Horror-struck
Chapter 594 – The Prison On The Divine Island
Chapter 595 – Ghost-Devourer
Chapter 596 – Legend Of The Devourer
Chapter 597 – Don’t Shed Tears During Goodbye
Chapter 598 – Threatening The World
Chapter 599 – Massacring the Ancestral City

Chapters 600-699
Chapter 600 – Primal Ghost-Cannons
Chapter 601 – Killing An Army Of Million With The Force Of One
Chapter 602 – Five Fiend Lords
Chapter 603 – Ghost Ancestral Tree
Chapter 604 – Heaven Outcast True God
Chapter 605 – Immortal Emperor Fei Yang
Chapter 606 – Thirteen Immortal Emperors
Chapter 607 – Destruction Of The Ancestral Realm
Chapter 608 – Stone Medicine World
Chapter 609 – Shi Hao
Chapter 610 – Madam Zi Yan
Chapter 611 – Teaching
Chapter 612 – Void Imperfection Physique
Chapter 613 – Golem Race
Chapter 614 – Crimsonwolf Grass
Chapter 615 – Aghast
Chapter 616 – Bai Weng’s Recruitment
Chapter 617 – Ancient Pine Demon Monarch
Chapter 618 – Personally Visiting The Humble Abode
Chapter 619 – Refining Pills Like Frying Beans
Chapter 620 – Giant Bamboo Country
Chapter 621 – Recruiting Talents
Chapter 622 – Most Arrogant Throughout the Eons
Chapter 623 – The Past Is Gone With The Wind
Chapter 624 – Arrogant Girl
Chapter 625 – A Tongue As Sharp As A Blade
Chapter 626 – Second Encounter With The Arrogant Girl
Chapter 627 – Golem Square
Chapter 628 – My Time Is Very Precious
Chapter 629 – Auction
Chapter 630 – Imperial Cauldron
Chapter 631 – Money Is One Thing I Don’t Lack
Chapter 632 – Alchemy Fowl
Chapter 633 – Priceless Fowl
Chapter 634 – Immortal Emperor Wan Shi’s Rock
Chapter 635 – Longevity Fruit
Chapter 636 – Mysterious Wooden Horse
Chapter 637 – Bloodsoul Worm
Chapter 638 – Destruction Of The Lie Clan
Chapter 639 – Still A Legend
Chapter 640 – Meeting Again
Chapter 641 – Invitation
Chapter 642 – Matchless Dao of Alchemy
Chapter 643 – Dao Of The Ointment
Chapter 644 – Legendary Immortal Nectar
Chapter 645 – Laying Bare
Chapter 646 – Giant Bamboo Country’s Alchemy Garden
Chapter 647 – Huangfu Hao
Chapter 648 – Qing Yu
Chapter 649 – Ominous Star Flower
Chapter 650 – The Dao Of Cultivating Flower
Chapter 651 – Man-eating Ominous Star Flower
Chapter 652 – Green Bamboo
Chapter 653 – Your Disappearing Fragrance
Chapter 654 – Which Path To Take?
Chapter 655 – Madam Zi Yan’s Abdication
Chapter 656 – The Huangfu Clan’s Vengeance
Chapter 657 – Critical Juncture
Chapter 658 – Forcing An Abdication
Chapter 659 – Opening The Gates To Welcome The Enemy
Chapter 660 – Playing With The Enemies
Chapter 661 – Verbal Extortion
Chapter 662 – Massacring Clans With A Smile
Chapter 663 – Warning To The World
Chapter 664 – Huangfu Clan’s Countermeasure
Chapter 665 – Leisurely Cultivation
Chapter 666 – Mysterious Carriage
Chapter 667 – Yuan Caihe
Chapter 668 – Heavenly Peak Divine School
Chapter 669 – Legends
Chapter 670 – Old Demon Tie Yi
Chapter 671 – Tie Yi’s Secret
Chapter 672 – Water Outlet
Chapter 673 – Dragon Princess
Chapter 674 – Draco-Bulls Leaving The Water
Chapter 675 – Secrets Of The Draco-Bull
Chapter 676 – Imperial Draco-Bull
Chapter 677 – Challenge
Chapter 678 – Starshattering Bow
Chapter 679 – Watch Me Die
Chapter 680 – Rebirth
Chapter 681 – Mantra Arrow
Chapter 682 – Parting
Chapter 683 – Allpine Mountain
Chapter 684 – Birthday Celebration
Chapter 685 – Tie Yi’s Affair
Chapter 686 – Madam Zi Yan’s Hesitation
Chapter 687 – Mysterious Girl
Chapter 688 – Maple King
Chapter 689 – Gathering Of Guests
Chapter 690 – Dao-sense Peak
Chapter 691 – Secret Of Dao-Sense Peak
Chapter 692 – No Strangest, Only Stranger
Chapter 693 – God’s Hands
Chapter 694 – Alchemy Materials On The Line
Chapter 695 – A King Medicine Is Only A Radish Or Cabbage
Chapter 696 – Radiant-Sea Alchemy Saint
Chapter 697 – Sleeping On A Beauty’s Lap
Chapter 698 – It Is Only Pill Refinement
Chapter 699 – Death Before Accepting Defeat

Chapters 700-799
Chapter 700 – Becoming Ashes
Chapter 701 – Yellow Silk Cloth
Chapter 702 – Person Inside The Yellow Cloth
Chapter 703 – Secret
Chapter 704 – Tie Yi’s Secret Past
Chapter 705 – Scheme
Chapter 706 – Plenty Of Ways To Frame Someone
Chapter 707 – The Play
Chapter 708 – Immortal Devouring Evil Jar
Chapter 709 – Slaying Enemies Like Butchering Chickens
Chapter 710 – Dark Mantis God-Monarch
Chapter 711 – A Mighty Showing
Chapter 712 – Allpine Treefather
Chapter 713 – Emperor Suppression Art
Chapter 714 – Origin Of The Emperor Suppression Art
Chapter 715 – The Deal
Chapter 716 – Lightning Field
Chapter 717 – Dispelling The Tribulation
Chapter 718 – Lightning Eye
Chapter 719 – Grand Birthday
Chapter 720 – Controlling The Black Dragon
Chapter 721 – Allpine Treefather’s Turn
Chapter 722 – Xian Clan
Chapter 723 – Black Fox
Chapter 724 – White Cloud Master
Chapter 725 – Ambushed
Chapter 726 – Kingdom-toppling Beauty
Chapter 727 – Ming Yexue
Chapter 728 – Ye Qingcheng’s Origin
Chapter 729 – Alchemy City
Chapter 730 – The Prelude To The Conference
Chapter 731 – Li Qiye’s Preparations
Chapter 732 – Devil Hand Sacred Doctor
Chapter 733 – Observant Mansion
Chapter 734 – Observant Monarch
Chapter 735 – Poisonous Wound
Chapter 736 – Devil Pondleech
Chapter 737 – Peerless Medicinal Skill
Chapter 738 – Cao Guoyao
Chapter 739 – White Hair Alchemy God
Chapter 740 – Cloud Soaring Venerable
Chapter 741 – Cloud Soaring Venerable’s Scheme
Chapter 742 – The Bewitching
Chapter 743 – Before The Storm
Chapter 744 – Imperious
Chapter 745 – Young Noble Pei Yu
Chapter 746 – Beat Him
Chapter 747 – Heaven’s Will Crystal Physique
Chapter 748 – Battle
Chapter 749 – Breaking The Crystal Physique
Chapter 750 – Expanse King
Chapter 751 – Dark Serpent
Chapter 752 – Alchemy Dao of Wood Mastery
Chapter 753 – Tiny Vine Turning Into A Giant
Chapter 754 – Moonplucking Arach
Chapter 755 – Engulfing Serpent, Lightning Fly
Chapter 756 – Divine Steeldemons
Chapter 757 – A Sky Full Of Stars
Chapter 758 – Xian Clan Of The Alchemy Kingdom
Chapter 759 – Confrontation
Chapter 760 – Surging Undercurrent
Chapter 761 – Ming Yexue’s Plan
Chapter 762 – Xian Clan’s Alchemy Ancestor
Chapter 763 – The Mighty Tie Yi
Chapter 764 – Massacring The Xian Clan
Chapter 765 – Sacred Ancestor
Chapter 766 – Black Bones
Chapter 767 – Invincible Bones
Chapter 768 – Alchemy Kingdom’s God-Monarch
Chapter 769 – Brightflame Imperial Cauldron
Chapter 770 – Divine Beast Zither
Chapter 771 – Phoenix
Chapter 772 – Conclusion Without Fighting
Chapter 773 – Close Conversation
Chapter 774 – Duel Against The White Haired Alchemy God
Chapter 775 – Secret of the Phoenix
Chapter 776 – The Phoenix Rebirth
Chapter 777 – The Bet Begins
Chapter 778 – Longevity Medicine Refinement
Chapter 779 – The Most Unbelievable Refinement
Chapter 780 – Heavenly Medicine
Chapter 781 – Crushing Defeat
Chapter 782 – Heaven Restoration Salve
Chapter 783 – Medicine Inviting The Heavenly Flame
Chapter 784 – The Legendary Black Fox
Chapter 785 – Alchemy Kingdom’s Plan
Chapter 786 – Immortal Emperor’s Cage
Chapter 787 – Slaying God-Monarchs
Chapter 788 – The Kingdom’s Surrender
Chapter 789 – Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor
Chapter 790 – The Curtain Falls
Chapter 791 – Tie Yi’s Great Mission
Chapter 792 – Blood Writ
Chapter 793 – Ming Yexue’s Secret Identity
Chapter 794 – Releasing The Phoenix
Chapter 795 – Before The Journey
Chapter 796 – Parting
Chapter 797 – Jian Wushuang’s Second Challenge
Chapter 798 – Bet
Chapter 799 – Unkillable

Chapters 800-899
Chapter 800 – Heaven Suppression Fist
Chapter 801 – Gifting Of The Bow
Chapter 802 – The Journey Begins
Chapter 803 – Training
Chapter 804 – Old Turtle
Chapter 805 – Tie Clan
Chapter 806 – Tie Lan
Chapter 807 – Ox King
Chapter 808 – The Sly Ox King
Chapter 809 – Gathering At The Palace
Chapter 810 – Bird King Sheng Fei
Chapter 811 – Ruthless Abandon
Chapter 812 – The Beguiling Venerable
Chapter 813 – Drumming Up Support
Chapter 814 – Jian Wushuang’s Arrival
Chapter 815 – Reforming Jian Wushuang
Chapter 816 – Exquisite Body
Chapter 817 – The Tombskull Sect
Chapter 818 – Four-eyed Basilisk
Chapter 819 – The Basilisk That Loves To Boast
Chapter 820 – Miao Chan
Chapter 821 – Great Armies Surrounding The Tie Residence
Chapter 822 – Matchless Archery
Chapter 823 – Ancient Treeking
Chapter 824 – Slaying Paragons
Chapter 825 – Corpse God
Chapter 826 – Diamond God
Chapter 827 – Transformation of the Corpse God
Chapter 828 – Jian Wushuang Breaking The Crystal Physique
Chapter 829 – Destroying The Three Sects
Chapter 830 – Mysterious Girl
Chapter 831 – Long Jingxian
Chapter 832 – Dragon-Tiger Monarch
Chapter 833 – Crazy Girl
Chapter 834 – Miao Chan’s Wisdom
Chapter 835 – Treasure From The Rock
Chapter 836 – Ruins Of The Celestial Realm
Chapter 837 – Legend Of The Dark Hand Behind The Curtain
Chapter 838 – Flirtatious Banter
Chapter 839 – Opening The Bi’an Beastworld
Chapter 840 – Ye Qingcheng’s Plan
Chapter 841 – Venerable Basilisk
Chapter 842 – Flirting
Chapter 843 – Temptation
Chapter 844 – Cultivator’s Primary Principles
Chapter 845 – Ancestral Tomb
Chapter 846 – Origin Of The Divine Beast Realm
Chapter 847 – Celestial Array Young King
Chapter 848 – Kiu
Chapter 849 – Challenge
Chapter 850 – Golden Serpent With The Golden Crow
Chapter 851 – Arrow Defeating The Golden Crow
Chapter 852 – Imperial Edge
Chapter 853 – Mei Aonan
Chapter 854 – Golem
Chapter 855 – Secret Of The Past
Chapter 856 – The Mythical Immortal Emperor Slaying War
Chapter 857 – The Word Love Causes The Most Pain
Chapter 858 – Ye Qingcheng’s Scheme
Chapter 859 – Opening Of The Beast World
Chapter 860 – The Magical Bi’an Beastworld
Chapter 861 – Fortunes And Creations
Chapter 862 – Eighteen Young Celestials
Chapter 863 – The Proud Mei Aonan
Chapter 864 – A Handsome Man As Cold As Ice
Chapter 865 – Divine Monastery
Chapter 866 – Unbeatable Legion
Chapter 867 – Bi’an City
Chapter 868 – Golems In Bi’an City
Chapter 869 – Demonic Lion Legion
Chapter 870 – Golden Crow Regalia
Chapter 871 – Fighting The Golden Crow
Chapter 872 – Slaying The Golden Crow Prince And The Lion Emperor
Chapter 873 – Entering The Swamp
Chapter 874 – Ye Qingcheng’s Might
Chapter 875 – Bloodhand Butcher
Chapter 876 – Corporeal Zone
Chapter 877 – Plan Culminated From Millions Of Years
Chapter 878 – Gathering Of Heroes
Chapter 879 – Imperial Osseous Bow
Chapter 880 – Eighteen Sects
Chapter 881 – War Is Here
Chapter 882 – Stone-Dragon God
Chapter 883 – Scorpion God
Chapter 884 – Unbreakable Emperor
Chapter 885 – Imperial Grandchild
Chapter 886 – Ye Qingcheng’s Plot
Chapter 887 – I Am The Law
Chapter 888 – Heavenly Annihilation
Chapter 889 – One Fist Shattering Ye Qingcheng
Chapter 890 – Coiling Dragon Banner
Chapter 891 – Decapitating Godkings
Chapter 892 – Destroying Imperial Weapon
Chapter 893 – Attacking The Stony Edge Kingdom
Chapter 894 – Mo Peng
Chapter 895 – Brave Tiger’s Spire
Chapter 896 – The Surrendering Of A True Treasure
Chapter 897 – Soul Annihilation
Chapter 898 – Heavenhoof Ravine’s Plan
Chapter 899 – Allpine Treefather Displaying His Might

Chapters 900-999
Chapter 900 – Solo Against Two Godkings
Chapter 901 – Three Emperors Formation
Chapter 902 – Destruction Of The Heavenhoof Ravine
Chapter 903 – Yang Vine
Chapter 904 – Stealing The Creation Of The Land
Chapter 905 – Destroying The Physique Tribulation
Chapter 906 – Destroy The Life Reduction
Chapter 907 – Crystallized Sea Sect’s Destruction
Chapter 908 – Mei Aonan’s Chance
Chapter 909 – Before The Departure
Chapter 910 – The Future Path
Chapter 911 – Entering The Drystone Courtyard
Chapter 912 – The Person At The Base Of The Precipice
Chapter 913 – Distant Past
Chapter 914 – Talking Stone Duck
Chapter 915 – Untraceable Past
Chapter 916 – Boundless Darkness
Chapter 917 – Timesource Vine’s Seed
Chapter 918 – The Legendary End Point
Chapter 919 – What Are You?
Chapter 920 – Another Bet
Chapter 921 – Secret In The Pond
Chapter 922 – Sky Dome
Chapter 923 – Blood Forefather’s Four Ladies
Chapter 924 – Origin Of The Blood Race
Chapter 925 – Blood Race’s Secret
Chapter 926 – Blood Pond
Chapter 927 – Legends Of The Blood Forefather
Chapter 928 – Dao Sword
Chapter 929 – Void Trap Desert
Chapter 930 – Heavenly Dao’s Beginning
Chapter 931 – The Secret Within The Secrets
Chapter 932 – Suhang Country’s Yi Chuan
Chapter 933 – An Old Acquaintance Is Coming?
Chapter 934 – Waterside Garden
Chapter 935 – Meeting An Old Friend
Chapter 936 – Ye Chuyun
Chapter 937 – Inseparable
Chapter 938 – Heavenguard Sect
Chapter 939 – Sect Master Forheaven
Chapter 940 – Su Zhen
Chapter 941 – Su Zhen’s Background
Chapter 942 – Meeting An Old Friend
Chapter 943 – Captivating Goddess
Chapter 944 – Spank Your Sweet Buttocks
Chapter 945 – Holy City
Chapter 946 – Half-moon Princess
Chapter 947 – Arcane Guru
Chapter 948 – Crimson Night Duke
Chapter 949 – Dracotree
Chapter 950 – Watering The Dracotree
Chapter 951 – Jadebee
Chapter 952 – Si Yuanyuan
Chapter 953 – Si Yuanyuan’s Decision
Chapter 954 – Entering Holy City
Chapter 955 – Tiger Hill
Chapter 956 – Dragon Platform
Chapter 957 – The Provocative Crowd
Chapter 958 – Obtaining Dragon Platform’s Treasure
Chapter 959 – Swiftsword Marquis’ Quick Draw
Chapter 960 – Crimson Night Kingdom’s Supreme Elder
Chapter 961 – Death Without A Burial
Chapter 962 – Chi Zixian
Chapter 963 – Hidden-dragon Mountains
Chapter 964 – Existences Inside The Vast Sea
Chapter 965 – Some Old Tales
Chapter 966 – Deal
Chapter 967 – Skybearing Monarch
Chapter 968 – Lin Tiandi
Chapter 969 – Challenging The Crimson Night Kingdom
Chapter 970 – Hatred
Chapter 971 – Thunder Tower
Chapter 972 – Unstoppable
Chapter 972 – Thunder Tower Lord
Chapter 973 – Climbing The Thunder Tower
Chapter 975 – Bloodbull Godfiend
Chapter 976 – Deal
Chapter 977 – Changing Time
Chapter 978 – Strange Phenomenon At The Godwar Mountain
Chapter 979 – Nobility Is Not Preordained By The Heavens
Chapter 980 – Entering The Godwar Mountain
Chapter 981 – Meeting Yi Chuan Again
Chapter 982 – Dao Passing
Chapter 983 – Overbearing Blood Race
Chapter 984 – Killing The Enemies
Chapter 985 – Too Weak
Chapter 986 – Breaking An Imperial Weapon Bare-handed
Chapter 987 – Sneak Attack
Chapter 988 – Suppression
Chapter 989 – Reversal
Chapter 990 – Risking It All For Love
Chapter 991 – Mysterious Underground World
Chapter 992 – Bronze Citadel
Chapter 993 – Visiting The Prime Peak
Chapter 994 – Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation
Chapter 995 – Storm God
Chapter 996 – Blood Devouring Curse
Chapter 997 – The Treasure Inside The Little Golden Coffin
Chapter 998 – Immortal Emperor Chen Xue’s Sentiment
Chapter 999 – Mysterious Youth

Chapters 1000-1099
Chapter 1000 – Destroying The Saber Emperor School
Chapter 1001 – Wang Clan
Chapter 1002 – Wang Dongtian
Chapter 1003 – Meeting Old Friends Again
Chapter 1004 – Unbeatable Immortal Physiques
Chapter 1005 – The Leader
Chapter 1006 – Massacre
Chapter 1007 – Turned Into Ashes
Chapter 1008 – Meeting
Chapter 1009 – Happy Time
Chapter 1010 – Buddhist Funeral Plateau
Chapter 1011 – That Item
Chapter 1012 – Wo Longxuan
Chapter 1013 – The Hat Wearing Youth’s Identity
Chapter 1014 – Nameless Little Temple
Chapter 1015 – Sutra Room
Chapter 1016 – Sleeping Dragon Cliff’s Origin
Chapter 1017 – Seeking Buddhism
Chapter 1018 – Meeting The Middle Continent Princess Again
Chapter 1019 – Hatred Caused By Love
Chapter 1020 – Secret Of The Past
Chapter 1021 – Love Or Hate
Chapter 1022 – Bai Jianzhen
Chapter 1023 – Bing Yuxia
Chapter 1024 – Spirit Mountain
Chapter 1025 – Eighteen Temples Of Spirit Mountain
Chapter 1026 – Zen Void Temple
Chapter 1027 – Buddhist Debate
Chapter 1028 – South Emperor
Chapter 1029 – Challenging The Four Buddhas Temple
Chapter 1030 – Eight-faced Radiant Bodhisattva
Chapter 1031 – Invincible Dharma
Chapter 1032 – Enlightening
Chapter 1033 – One Thought To Become Buddha
Chapter 1034 – Beneficence Bodhisattva
Chapter 1035 – Farewell Forever, Young Master
Chapter 1036 – South Emperor Seeking Guidance
Chapter 1037 – Mythical Immortal Monarch
Chapter 1038 – Vedas Vajra
Chapter 1039 – Seeing Mei Suyao Again
Chapter 1040 – Mei Suyao’s Beauty
Chapter 1041 – Soaring Heavenly Saintess
Chapter 1042 – The Mortal Monarch
Chapter 1043 – Lesser Deva World’s Appearance
Chapter 1044 – The Legendary Lesser Deva World
Chapter 1045 – Venerable Dry Peak
Chapter 1046 – A Brewing Storm
Chapter 1047 – One Word Opposing A God Monarch
Chapter 1048 – One Challenging The Horde
Chapter 1049 – Only Domination
Chapter 1050 – I Alone Am Invincible
Chapter 1051 – Vaisravana Vajra
Chapter 1052 – Venerable Ninesword
Chapter 1053 – Broken Metal
Chapter 1054 – Soaring Immortal Emissary
Chapter 1055 – Direct Confrontation
Chapter 1056 – Unbeatable Style
Chapter 1057 – Blood Everywhere
Chapter 1058 – Only Rampant Arrogance
Chapter 1059 – Bing Yuxia’s Beauty
Chapter 1060 – Mei Suyao’s Path
Chapter 1061 – Sleepless Night
Chapter 1062 – Bai Jianzhen
Chapter 1063 – Bing Yuxia’s Choice
Chapter 1064 – Lesser Imperial Devil World
Chapter 1065 – Sacrosanct Moontree
Chapter 1066 – Heaven Relinquish Devil King
Chapter 1067 – Wooden Sword Dark Saint
Chapter 1068 – A Sword’s Sharpness
Chapter 1069 – Blazing Devil
Chapter 1070 – Fire God’s Calmheart
Chapter 1071 – Shen Menghui
Chapter 1072 – Azure Mysterious Eight Ancestors
Chapter 1073 – Lacerate
Chapter 1074 – Dark Maxim Palace
Chapter 1075 – Saber Against Immortal Physique
Chapter 1076 – The Unstoppable Chen Baojiao
Chapter 1077 – Stagnation Domain
Chapter 1078 – Threat
Chapter 1079 – Heaven Relinquish Devil King
Chapter 1080 – Deal
Chapter 1081 – Devil World’s Secret
Chapter 1082 – Entering The Dark Maxim Palace
Chapter 1083 – Heavenly Emperor Lin’s Background
Chapter 1084 – Insect Pipe And Mechanical World Vessel
Chapter 1085 – Evil Slaying Platform
Chapter 1086 – Imperial Border
Chapter 1087 – Lost Era
Chapter 1088 – Metal Corpses
Chapter 1089 – Tiny Old Man
Chapter 1090 – Pinnacle Lifewater
Chapter 1091 – Transplanting The Myriad Age Tree
Chapter 1092 – Nine Worlds’ Chief Ambassador
Chapter 1093 – Northbound
Chapter 1094 – Kingdom Of Emperors
Chapter 1095 – Deterring The World
Chapter 1096 – Standing Strong Against An Imperial Weapon
Chapter 1097 – Five Emperors
Chapter 1098 – Three Grand Imperial Kings
Chapter 1099 – Decision

Chapters 1100-1199
Chapter 1100 – Di Wei
Chapter 1101 – Elusive Heavenly Golden Water
Chapter 1102 – Challenge
Chapter 1103 – Warm Up
Chapter 1104 – Mighty Spear
Chapter 1105 – Divine Ascension War Emperor Dao
Chapter 1106 – Heaven Suppression Fist
Chapter 1107 – Ambush
Chapter 1108 – Long Distance Chase
Chapter 1109 – Knowing That There Is A Tiger On The Mountain Yet Still Continuing To Climb
Chapter 1110 – Divine Ancestor
Chapter 1111 – Immortal Dao Decapitator
Chapter 1112 – Bu Lianxiang’s Rage
Chapter 1113 – Love And Hate
Chapter 1114 – A Love Lasting For Million Years
Chapter 1115 – The Journey Begins
Chapter 1116 – Hard To Say
Chapter 1117 – Meeting Little Autumn Again
Chapter 1118 – Nihility Temple
Chapter 1119 – Myriad Thoughts Pot
Chapter 1120 – A Gambling Bout
Chapter 1121 – Buddhist Debate
Chapter 1122 – Leaving
Chapter 1123 – Space Scripture
Chapter 1124 – Shaking The Plateau
Chapter 1125 – Qian Suyun
Chapter 1126 – Eternal Parting
Chapter 1127 – The Storm
Chapter 1128 – Siege Before The City Walls
Chapter 1129 – Mysterious Prisoner
Chapter 1130 – Mu Shaodi
Chapter 1131 – Ancient Triangular School
Chapter 1132 – Counter-offensive
Chapter 1133 – Xiao Qingtian
Chapter 1134 – One Halberd Rampaging The Nine Heavens
Chapter 1135 – Benevolent Armament
Chapter 1136 – Sweeping Through The Opposing Horde
Chapter 1137 – Immortal Emperor
Chapter 1138 – Grand Completion Eternal Physique
Chapter 1139 – The Invincible Magu
Chapter 1140 – Fallen Imperial Corpse
Chapter 1141 – I Alone Am Invincible
Chapter 1142 – Magu’s Oath
Chapter 1143 – Old Devil’s Past
Chapter 1144 – One Mistake; An Eternal Sin
Chapter 1145 – Geezer Su
Chapter 1146 – Indignation
Chapter 1147 – Apricot Vase
Chapter 1148 – Deepest Love
Chapter 1149 – Hidden Immortal Hall
Chapter 1150 – Old Xian’s Decision
Chapter 1151 – Appointing A Successor
Chapter 1152 – Setting Out
Chapter 1153 – Parting
Chapter 1154 – Great Maelstrom
Chapter 1155 – Secret Of The Maelstrom’s Depths
Chapter 1156 – The Beginning At The Heaven Spirit World
Chapter 1157 – Golden Isle
Chapter 1158 – Life Origination
Chapter 1159 – Golden Isle Lord
Chapter 1160 – Ye Xiaoxiao
Chapter 1161 – You Have To Marry Me
Chapter 1162 – The Fiery Ye Xiaoxiao
Chapter 1163 – Ye Xiaoxiao’s Mysterious Bloodline
Chapter 1164 – Mysterious Girl
Chapter 1165 – Exquisite Valley Lord
Chapter 1166 – Kong Qinru
Chapter 1167 – Humans Are Only Sojourners
Chapter 1168 – Peacock Land
Chapter 1169 – Peacock Tree
Chapter 1170 – Fate Of The Peacock Tree
Chapter 1171 – Replenishing Life For The Peacock Tree
Chapter 1172 – Teng Jiwen
Chapter 1173 – Deal With Teng Jiwen
Chapter 1174 – Ongoing Plan
Chapter 1175 – Heavenvine Citadel
Chapter 1176 – Heavenvine Citadel Lord
Chapter 1177 – Ancestral Vine’s Calamity
Chapter 1178 – Negotiation
Chapter 1179 – Hao Yuzhen
Chapter 1180 – Fairness
Chapter 1181 – Teng Jiwen’s Ability
Chapter 1182 – Kill Without Mercy
Chapter 1183 – Sunflower Forefather
Chapter 1184 – Vine Controller
Chapter 1185 – The Missing Calamity
Chapter 1186 – Calamity
Chapter 1187 – Treatment
Chapter 1188 – Shallow Beach
Chapter 1189 – Ye Tu
Chapter 1190 – Void Imperfection Schoolmaster
Chapter 1191 – Bloodline
Chapter 1192 – Bottomless Trench
Chapter 1193 – Zhuo Jianshi
Chapter 1194 – Mythical Divine Weapon
Chapter 1195 – Teeming Sea Tribe
Chapter 1196 – Eating Dragon Tendon
Chapter 1197 – Dao Attendant Lin
Chapter 1198 – Lively Coral Forest
Chapter 1199 – Needlefish

Chapter 1200 – Teeming Marquis
Chapter 1201 – Archdevil Armored Shark
Chapter 1202 – Untethered Vessel
Chapter 1203 – Charming Fragmented Realm
Chapter 1204 – The World Beneath The Creek
Chapter 1205 – Mysterious Statue
Chapter 1206 – Divine Well
Chapter 1207 – Void Imperfection Water
Chapter 1208 – Conveniently Dispatching The Enemies
Chapter 1209 – Delivering The Skull As A Present
Chapter 1210 – Ancestral Whale
Chapter 1211 – Beginning Of The Grand Scheme
Chapter 1212 – The Prelude Before The Storm
Chapter 1213 – Ophidian Treant
Chapter 1214 – A Funny Story
Chapter 1215 – Golden Crow Monarch
Chapter 1216 – Teeming Tribemaster
Chapter 1217 – One Massacring One Million
Chapter 1218 – Declaration Of War From A Million Kingdoms
Chapter 1219 – The Teeming Fish On The Offensive
Chapter 1220 – Blood Refining All The Teeming Fish
Chapter 1221 – Life Replenishment
Chapter 1222 – The Frightened World
Chapter 1223 – Quiet Aftermath
Chapter 1224 – Liu Ruyan
Chapter 1225 – Three Women Competing For One Groom
Chapter 1226 – Buzhan Feng
Chapter 1227 – Origin Of The Buzhan Clan
Chapter 1228 – Imperial Edict
Chapter 1229 – Skeletal Horse
Chapter 1230 – Dongting Lake
Chapter 1231 – Hundred-Saints Hall
Chapter 1232 – Zhang Baitu
Chapter 1233 – Zhang Clan
Chapter 1234 – Old Plaque
Chapter 1235 – Minor Zen School
Chapter 1236 – Rainbow Island
Chapter 1237 – Hong Yujiao
Chapter 1238 – Scolding
Chapter 1239 – Rainbow Fish
Chapter 1240 – Destroying The Dao Foundation
Chapter 1241 – Dragonhark Valley
Chapter 1242 – Zhang Baitu’s Dao Enlightenment
Chapter 1243 – Dragon Sound
Chapter 1244 – Dao Breakthrough
Chapter 1245 – Dragonwell City
Chapter 1246 – Jian Clan
Chapter 1247 – Jian Xiaotie
Chapter 1248 – Hong Tianzhu
Chapter 1249 – Contract
Chapter 1250 – Marriage Proposal
Chapter 1251 – Bloodshark Scion
Chapter 1252 – Birthday Celebration
Chapter 1253 – Jian Clan
Chapter 1254 – Quarrels
Chapter 1255 – Miss Lin
Chapter 1256 – Torn Body And Crushed Bones
Chapter 1257 – Cemetery
Chapter 1258 – Past Feelings
Chapter 1259 – Gathering Of Heroes
Chapter 1260 – Divine Reflection Seductive Gaze
Chapter 1261 – Crushing Your Head
Chapter 1262 – The Person In The Coffin
Chapter 1263 – Jian Wendi
Chapter 1264 – Garden In The Sky
Chapter 1265 – Old Man
Chapter 1266 – A Joke For The Ages
Chapter 1267 – Bidding Farewell
Chapter 1268 – Besieged
Chapter 1269 – Foreign Aggression And Internal Turmoil
Chapter 1270 – Glory Of The Ancestors
Chapter 1271 – Forced Abdication
Chapter 1272 – Drawn Swords and Bent Bows
Chapter 1273 – Spirits Of The Ancestors
Chapter 1274 – Suppression
Chapter 1275 – Bloodshark Sovereign
Chapter 1276 – Indomitable Battalion
Chapter 1277 – Imitation Trident
Chapter 1278 – No Mercy
Chapter 1279 – Seavinity Banner
Chapter 1280 – Public Execution
Chapter 1281 – Massacring The Enemies
Chapter 1282 – Turning Over A New Page
Chapter 1283 – Be A Maid?
Chapter 1284 – Lin Miao
Chapter 1285 – Departure
Chapter 1286 – Giant Dragon Mountain Range
Chapter 1287 – A Pair Of Eyes
Chapter 1288 – Item Left Behind
Chapter 1289 – Rootless Duckweed
Chapter 1290 – Martial Sisters
Chapter 1291 – Two Beauties In Waiting
Chapter 1292 – Lithodidae Overlord
Chapter 1293 – Xiong Qianbei
Chapter 1294 – Wooden Coffin
Chapter 1295 – Woman In The Coffin
Chapter 1296 – Fairy
Chapter 1297 – Bones Island
Chapter 1298 – Mu Shaolong
Chapter 1299 – Old Zhu
Chapter 1300 – The Lord Of Bones Island
Chapter 1301 – Borrowing A Boat
Chapter 1302 – Meng Zhentian
Chapter 1303 – Ever-present Threat
Chapter 1304 – Smugness
Chapter 1305 – A Single Stomp
Chapter 1306 – Sima Yujian
Chapter 1307 – Darkcorpse Evil Water
Chapter 1308 – Provocation
Chapter 1309 – The Trap
Chapter 1310 – Blazing-serum Treants and Ice-spirit Sea Demons


171 thoughts on “Emperor’s Domination – Index” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. This Daoist has to disagree.

      This Novel is just as Childish as WQDK and BTTH. Li Qiye is same level of retard as Yun Che and Lin Dong.

      The translator does put in great effort though, and is very regular.

      1. I can see you’re point about it being as childish but the differences for me is that it doesn’t try to hid it. This story is just straight up the MC being OP as shit coz he knows everything. And I feel the author does a good job of making that story enjoyable as you learn more and more about him and the world.

        So to me it doesn’t have that bullshit plot armor feeling coz you knew from the start that he already has everything figured out.

        1. This novel is not for me.
          Read up till 200 chapters.
          This novel is everything a OP novel shouldn’t be. The main character is so OP that the readers feel no tension. Why worry about anything if the MC never looses? Why should I care about any characters when I already know whatever happens nothing bad is going to happen to MC and crew?
          Usually good OP’s like Sherlock Homes you can see the MC being clever and think to yourselves ‘OH! why didn’t i think of that, the answer was so obvious!’
          But here another random power upgrade saves the day. hurrah! Who gives a f**k?
          Another thing good OP’s do is make the Side characters face death. If the MC doesn’t loose, there is a good chance that side characters which we care about could die. There is nothing of that sort in Emperor Domination. We don’t care about the side characters. We don’t care about their hopes, aspirations or their dreams. No character development is given to them.
          No major growth is seen in any characters. You can skip hundreds of chapters and the story is still the same, Going round and round. No point, just a waste of time.
          Granted if I read Emperor Domination when I first started reading OP’s I would have maybe enjoyed this novel. But now OP’s have become same old. There are very few OP’s that I like.

          1. This is not the focus of the novel, the focus is in the world building (one of the best world buildings of all the novels I’ve read btw), and he was literally the strongest creature of the nine world’s, so he is growing and scheming for something bigger, and we have fun seeing this grow.

          2. Making a good OP mc is indeed hard, but this one isn’t as bad as you decribe it.

            mc here is a millions year old monster who was the teacher/mentor of almost all the powerful heroes during said years.

            As you said, a good op mc type of story need to focus on other things than just the mc destroying everything on his way.
            The synopsis from qidian actually hint at the focus of this novel :
            -“Ten millions years ago, Li Qiye planted a simple water bamboo into the ground, today the bamboo reached the apex of cultivation”.

            The most enjoying part in this novel, beside the “no-fu*k given / try me b*tch” attitude of mc, are the moments like “What ? You want to use this powerful monster to kill me ? Sorry but this monster was actually my pet millions years ago”.

            mc is the all-knowing teacher of the world and slowly learning what he did all those years ago, what things he left in the past, what treasures, secrets, etc… is what make this novel pleasant to read for me.

            Almost all the focus is on the world building rather than characters (Even if the characters are not as bad as you make it sound like), 9 (10) worlds, billions of miles, thousands of sects/kingdoms. And mc left his footprints almost everywhere, which we are slowly discovering.

      2. Please everyone ignore the comment from “Daoist LastWish”!! Every word he said is complete nonsense. Childish? The MC is overpowered yes, but using the word childish is just foolish! This novel is nothing like WQDK and nothing like BTTH, to be honest to compare ED with these two novels is just idiotic. Li Qiye a retard like Yun Che?? These two characters do not have a single similitude, their character as different as left from right. Overall it baseless nonsense what this foolish “daoist” said.

        1. If you cannot see the similarity that doesn’t mean that more discerning people cannot. These two characters are exactly the same. The so called ‘difference’ is just fluff, mere window dressing.

          I suppose you think that ED, WQDK and BTTH are greatest novels ever written.

          Enjoy yourself, don’t mind this old daoist.

          1. Considering that you cannot seem to keep the different main characters straight (Yun Che is from ATG, not BTTH — that’s Xiao Yan), perhaps one shouldn’t pay too much attention to your opinion.

            The similarity you’re referring to is simply because they are all main characters of xianxia stories. You might as well say all main characters of detective novels are the same, because they’re all smart and make deductions based on clues.

            You ignore the actual differences between the characters by calling them “window dressing”. Yes, funnily enough, if you don’t take their differences into account, it’s very easy to claim things are the same! A screwdriver and a hammer are both tools, obviously they’re the same thing! One hammers nails, one screws in screws; they’re both used to drive in things that fasten things to other things! The differences are just fluff, mere window dressing.

          2. LNs aren’t so important that I need to remember the main character names, especially since the characters are so forgettable and can be exchanged between the novels without changing anything.

            Yeah, Chen Chang Sheng and Yun Che are the same, after all they are protagonists of the Xianxia novels. Sherlock Holmes and Miss Marple are the same too, being protagonists of detective novels.

            Also, if that’s the best analogy you can come up with, then I suggest you stop reading novels and stick to using screwdrivers and hammers.

            “Actual Differences” Lol.

          3. Denigrating examples of xianxia literature on a site dedicated to xianxia literature is kind of like pissing in the pool you’re swimming in.

            Whether or not you acknowledge the differences, they are there. I have no issue keeping the different protagonists straight. Yes, they share many qualities. Just as Miss Marple and Sherlock Holmes do. That doesn’t make them the same character. It simply means they belong to the same genre.

            As for my analogies, I try to ensure they’re simple enough that the people they’re directed at can understand them. Perhaps I evaluated you too highly previously. Mea culpa.

          4. “As for my analogies, I try to ensure they’re simple enough that the people they’re directed at can understand them.”
            *insert supa hot fire roast meme

          5. Yun Che and LQY are completely different. Yun Che literally knows nothing and its his luck that gets him his powers. Hes accidentally died like 3 times and barely relied on plot armor to survive. Hes sex crazed and the writer puts him into unwinnable situations on the regular due to inexperience. As opposed to LQY? LQY uses his schemes to do everything. His vast knowledge is what he uses more often than his cultivaton. The writer for ED has not once needed the MC to depend on plot armor to succeed. If you think these characters are the same, then i guess you are blind.

          6. I agree with Daoist LastWish in this one… I couldn’t handle the stupidity of the side characters in this one… and hell those massive info dumps and copy paste writing really make me annoyed… I was basically Scrolling those part waiting for a meaningful dialog or event to appear.
            And Li Qiye is stupid as a canary(I know he is crow). He is smart because the author tell us, there is no defining trait of his besides his arrogance( which is understandable considering the stupid world created by a stupid author he exist in).

            P.S. What the hell is with everyone underestimating him again and again, I have seen a brat getting beaten by him in one punch but still want to fight him alone?? ( there are a lot of examples out there but can’t give them out due to spoilers reasons)

          7. I apologise to IDanielHolm, but I have to agree with Daoist Lastwish, (or atleast, with what I think he/she is saying, though the explanation is somewhat lacking, and so I’m extrapolating). I feel issue doesn’t lie with the tropes that define a genre, but how an author can utilize them to make a memorable story irrespective of having to adhere to them.

            Disclaimer: I might get the names of the protagonists wrong, but that is my problem, and doesn’t reflect my lack of respect for the novel.

            Getting back to the issue… the overpowered, arrogant MC is a staple in xianxia, and that is fine, along with stupid (and I mean Darwin Award level idiotic) villains, but good authors spin this well. Case in point,t Ji Ning (?) from Desolate Era has the same characteristics, but the author makes him much more relatable by not making him a pointless arsehole to everybody for the sake of it. Leylin Farlier of WMW is an unapologetic prick, but hides it under a veneer of normalcy to slip under the radar. The protagonist of “My Wife is a CEO” (can’t remember his name), is also an arrogant MC just like the examples of WQDK, BTTH, ED, but is shown to be doing so to avoid forming new human connections and avoid getting hurt. This is the exact same reason (or similar enough) as the examples above for having a lousy attitude, but is not done through sloppy writing by occasionally throwing these out-of-context remembrances or third person POV’s in, but rather by making it a part of the narrative itself.
            And these are just the examples of MC’s with static characters and no inherent character development (which is sloppy character writing in and of itself). Stories which manage to do both, like “Charm of Soul Pets”, “Gate of Revelation”, “Terror Infinity”, “Skyfire Avenue” etc. are examples of good story and character writing with comparable amounts of action and ‘Hell-YEAH’ moments.

            Anyway, kind of lost track, but yes, some of the above novels fall into a very distinct pattern which cannot be attributed to their genre, though, like any art form, if you like it, good for you, and have fun; and don’t mind us. Our tastes simply differ.

          8. Also, and this is not relevant to this discussion, but I have to get this off my chest… WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS UP WITH HOW FEMALE CHARACTERS ARE TREATED????? There is flirting, and then there is sexual harassment, and boy, does the MC not even leave it to any sort of doubt in his favour.
            And what, I ask you, is up with the almost painful (No, you know what, it’s bloody painful) anti-LGBT message when he keeps ‘advising’ that girl Bing Yuxia (?) to not cross-dress or be a lesbian. I read through the comments on those pages to see if anybody mentioned it, but it was all fanboy/ (fangirl? is that a word?) comments. This being one of the first logical discussions I’ve seen in this novel not involving plot points or issues; I just had to mention this.
            I apologise for the rant…

          9. Allow this elder to add in an observation.

            When you read a novel that has a lot of (and by a lot, I mean 500+) chapters, the binge reading gets you into the zone and you simply glaze over a majority of the shortcomings of the novels. As such, you truly get to enjoy the story.

            On the other hand, once you catch up with the latest chapters and start reading the chapters one by one as they come out, then the shortcomings of the novel become glaringly obvious. Because you know can’t simply skim the chapter and get to the good parts in the next chapter or two. This, is probably what Daoist LastWish experienced.

            I have experienced a similar thing with Ancient Godly Monarch. Really loved this novel (LNMTL version, because I couldn’t wait) until I started reading the chapters day by day. Then the unnecessary elongation of events, characters that just so happen to be dick-heads because the MC has an issue with their family, arrogant people left-right-and-center…..all of it finally got to me. Now, every time the author does that, I’m annoyed out of my mind. Sadly, I’m already hooked and just want to know how it ends.

            Anyway, I hope this brought a different perspective to the you, in the future, reading this

          10. Okay here are some answers to some of the questions asked. why are they all arrogant? Answer: let’s say you’re a university student alright and you are hailed as one of the top 20 or 30 in the whole university as an extremely smart/genius student alright and in the university there is like 300k or 400k student’s wouldn’t that make u kind of proud and arrogant against those in the lower ranking? Now then as to why they keep on challenging him again and again in complete arrogance. Imagine u r like the 7th or 6th on the university and then some new student that didnt even enter the rankings come and humiliate u infront of everyone that and he somehow won in a very shady way wouldn’t u think it was by luck or something.
            Now there is that as to why he is op answer is simple he is like a PhD professor that has a PhD in litrally every science, leterriture, history and art. Basically he knows everything and then some middle school and high school students think that they know more than him and challenge him now what would u think the outcome would be? Exactly! Comeple rape. However thing is they do not know he is a professor otherwise they wouldn’t dare compete with him and they just think he is some random dude from the streets.
            As to how the women are treated. Please do not forget that this is chinese not the west, they have their own values, own ways and own thinking. What we see unacceptable doesn’t mean they also see it that way. To put and exampl in the west calling someone fatty is insulting them however to the chinese thats not insult at all, its merely a fact or a characteristic of them aka they are fat. So please dont jude them according to your own standerds they have their culture as well as their own standards. Now in related to plot armour, he never even once used it, what he used was his schemes and wits. He always had a plan that and as a student learning a new subject sometimes u dont know where to start or how to start it but if u r a professor who already know all that by heart u know exactly what to do and how to start. Even if u never studied it before u know exactly how to learn it in the fastest of ways same thing with him in cultivation he knows what to do and how to do it to become op really fast that and he left for himself some stuff to help him become op, keep in mind he has been planning this for litrally millions of years so even his back ups have back ups plans from A to Z and from (ا الي ي) arabic letters as in he has a plan from all the alphabets of all languages (it is millions of years after all).
            Oh and reason for his own arrogance is he’s a god daim professor that litrally knows everything the world knows and has to offer even the god daim stars and nothing to him of course he is arrogant the dude litrally made history himself and influnced the whole worlds he litrally made systems for a loooott of things and is like the grandfather of all in everything

          11. I’d like to reply to Tkstein’s claim about the way women are treated here and I’d like to tell you that this story isn’t a story about the modern world and so it really shouldn’t have the same view on LGBT as we have right now in our world.
            And although this story is repetetive and well quite poorly written I really enjoy seeing Li Qiye go on a rampage every now and then

          12. Ummmm… Hello fellow daoists just want to ask WHY THE **** are you trying to outdo each other (Sorry for the language(I hope I don’t get kick))… For those who love this novel just think those haters as a side characters just like the mc does.. Oh by the way I love this novel no matter what those sides says…. sorry for the bad english… Flies away

          13. @Tkstein
            “Ji Ning (?) from Desolate Era has the same characteristics, but the author makes him much more relatable by not making him a pointless arsehole to everybody for the sake of it. Leylin Farlier of WMW is an unapologetic prick, but hides it under a veneer of normalcy to slip under the radar. The protagonist of “My Wife is a CEO” (can’t remember his name), is also an arrogant MC just like the examples of WQDK, BTTH, ED, but is shown to be doing so to avoid forming new human connections and avoid getting hurt.”
            To continue where you left off, Li Qiye is as arrogant as the heavens because he has f**king ruled this whole realm for millions of years already. He, as a mortal, could already kill experts of the 15th level of cultivation after talking to stone statues. Why? Because he’s the one who brought those statues to this world back when he was immortal/indestructible. This novel has 9 known worlds, and he has things in each and every one of them, in addition to knowing most their secrets like the back of his hand. He has taught numerous apex existences, wiped out many sects and lineages, eradicated an entire race which ruled and enslaved the 9 worlds at some point etc.. AND YOU STILL WANT HIM TO GIVE HALF A FVCK TO EVERY TOM, D**K AND HARRY? You must be joking. The thing is, Li Qiye rightfully acknowledges being the most arrogant person himself. He’s not particularly shy about it either- it’s just as natural as breathing to him. I would be the same had I been a ruler for several million years.

            I used to be quite annoyed at how he doesn’t give a damn about anyone early in the story, but only later after knowing more about him did I realize how insignificant those characters must’ve looked.

          14. gogo318 …

            For you to utter such words “stupid author”, you must be a very good author yourself, and must have written very good LNs over the course of your “very good author” life.

            It is, after all, depends on each person’s preferences, and to bring those preferences to a higher level and say “stupid” is not a smart criticism, rather, a terrible insult. I am a Patreon and had supported Bao the translator, and although I find the repeating phrases for every chapter (to which I didn’t mind), I still look forward to everyday’s new releases. It all boils down on how patient one is, and how imaginative the person is (patiently imaginative) in reading the novel despite the flaws. I find the flaws intentionally included by the author to mess up the impatient readers or give excitement to the patient ones.

            Mind you, the story past the Stone Medicine World gets better, and lots of explanation were provided for the mysteries that were introduced in the onset of the novel, while new mysteries are also revealed (surely, later these will be explained also). The ED lore is getting clearer for every chapter that is released.

            So let’s just sit back and binge read ED. Criticize, but do it on a smart way, not on a very insulting manner. hmmm?!

      3. I think it’s much more similar to tales of demons and gods. Both are born to a new or younger body and both are knowledgeable about the future past. I disagree with the retard and childish thing. . . The only off part for me are the words / phrases / expressions are quite exaggerated or poetic. But all in all, it’s great.

      4. How much of this novel have you actually read. Because I assure you this novel is great and the Mc is not a retard at all he acts any way he wishes and his mind is very meticulous and intelligent. This novel is great and has had a great amount of time and effort put into it by its author and is thus very complicated. Daisy Lastwish is completely wrong and has obviously not read much of this novel at all. I recommend to read his novel and to the give up on it as its very good.

        1. God dammit auto correct why you do this to me?

          What I meant is Daoist Last wish is really wrong and has obviously not read too much of this novel. I recommend reading this novel and not giving up on it as it is very good and satisfying to read. The author has obviously put a great amount of effort into this novel and has spent a long time on it

      5. LOL I like ED I used to like BTTH but started the manga first and cant find that point in the noval I love WDQK. I dont think your rite If you dont like it why post just stop reading it. And Yun che is ATG so you most just be a troll. ISSTH is my fav. But as my momma taught me if you aint gat nothing nice to say dont say nothing at all. If you think you can do better then DO IT. Dont complain.

      6. I’m not gonna really argue, I’m just wondering exactly what you are expecting from Xianxia novels?

        Also, what exactly makes the characters you mentioned ‘retarded’. Can you at least offer some examples? Do you mean that they don’t require much brainpower on the reader’s part to understand? Or do you mean they actually behave like retards? I haven’t read either of the novels you mentioned, but Yun Che is from another that I have read. I really don’t see him munching on plastic and painting on the wall with his own shit, so I have to disagree.

        If you mean he’s not a profound thinker, I’ll have to ask you to consult my first question… What exactly are you expecting from Xianxia novels?

        1. I do agree that this story doesn’t require an immense amount of brainpower to read… The OP of this comment thread read it, so obviously it can’t be that difficult.

          I just don’t think that is inherently a negative thing.

        2. Atleast people aren’t straight out cussing at each other, even the snarky remarks are quite witty. I haven’t gone through this book but I plan on giving it a read. To be honest with you, I kinda understand what the ‘retard’ bit points to but I don’t think that you should call it that.

          They probably mean that its a ‘routine’ LN, choosing to portray the MC in the current popular fashion. Character traits are like what the cool kids like to dress up in. They are arrogant (✔), stupidly brave & impulsive (✔), fighting against opponents who are too strong while being bullied (✔), could be a rebirth/reincarnation with a heavy trail leading to revenge for betrayal (✔), start off as the bottom fodder or born super weak (✔), driven out by the family or uncaring tribe (✔), abandoned by fiance (✔), system (✔), constantly fighting someone or the other or someone always wants to egg the MC off so he’s forced to fight which further escalates matters! (✔) etc.

          This is the standard scenario for most of these popular ones. Yeah, its repetitive but there really isn’t any original scenario left to go around! Chinese authors are quick to copy and rip each other off! Its funny because some of them even try to go with a similar image theme to trick readers! I have also read some popular LN’s that are almost a 70-80% rip off a super popular one! Yet they got over 2.5k+ chapters going simply because the original was so good. Which it really was. Its surprising that the translators haven’t touched these books at all! Perhaps, they will in the future.

          Anyway, I respect everyone’s likes and dislikes. Personal differences exist because we’re all different! I’ll be sure to post what I think of this book after I’ve gone through enough chapters. I remember checking it out on raws back in the day, it appeared boring to me. But maybe the English translations would make it better? Let’s see!

    2. So I went through a 1000 chapters or so, here’s my opinion on this book – Its pretty good! Quite impressive and enjoyable! If you like domineering characters with lots of beauties, constant fights, bloody-massacres and an OP protagonist; then this is the book to read! Li Qiye is very arrogant, overbearing and bloodthirsty! I frankly love it all, minus the point where he kinda’ ends up killing some beauties along the way as well, which is a pity!

      Guys arguing, please be more friendly! Do not call the character a retard etc. Its offensive to us who actually enjoy the read.

  1. It’s quite a unique story and I pretty much enjoy this story’s MC quite a bit. After doing some searching online it seems as of today the chapter for this book (in chinese), is up to chatper 2276… and while the english is still 300 ish. I hope this story gets translated up-to-date or at least be finished I go into retirement lol.

    PS; don’t take me wrong, I really appreciate for the translators to get stories done, and am really thankful for them to have the time to do so, but at the same time I am really eager to keep reading more while this story is getting only a chapter a day. I hope more and more translators can come and get as much chapters done as possible. Thanks again for the hardwork! 🙂

  2. Good day Mr.Translator Sir… Is it possible to put the titles of the chapters too besides the chapter number… Because there are times that I do back reading to freshen my memories or relieve my boredom while waiting for the new chapter but it is a bit difficult to browse with only the chapter # in it…

      1. Thank you most esteemed Elder for fulfilling this humble disciple’s request.
        I am forever in your debt Eternal Ruler of the Wuxia World’s Immortal Emperor Realm.

  3. ImmortalEmperorBao
    Uma vez que o livro se tornou livre, muitos voluntários se ocuparam em traduzí-lo para inúmeros idiomas, tais comos Árabe, Português Brasileiro, Alemão, Italiano, Espanhol, etc.
    Eu gostaria de agradecer a você .
    O seu trabalho é muito apreciado porque ele leva o Debian para milhões de pessoas que não poderão ler antes de ser traduzido .

    Muito Obrigado pelos capítulos !!! 🙂 🙂

  4. Hi is there a prequel to this story? I feel like I’ve read about Emporer Min Ren somewhere I just can’t think of where and if there is a story about him, could I please have the title of the story ?

    Thank you

    PS this chat box isn’t very friendl

      1. I feel like i’ve read something somewhere before about Min Ren, a child in his clan being bullied in his clan Li Qiye as the dark crow takes an interest in his abilities having watched Min Ren for a couple of weeks. He is diligent, hard working and has talent. Li Qiye has decided to train this child, as he himself dislikes bullies.

        I don’t know I just feel like I’ve read about Min Ren somewhere before.

        PS. To some this story may seem to be childish, however it has a good story line and the Author has done a great job in keeping the flow of the story. So thank you for translating it :), having read thousands of books in the last 10 years of my life I can tell you that this has come to be a godsend for me who is getting sick of reading broken litterature by authors who don’t know how to keep a story flowing and/or cut their own stories off, in hopes of keeping a reader interested for the next story in the line.

        1. Well, I also had some feeling like that at first … but the thıng is , I have been a bookworm all my life and could not be satisfied just by read,ng the stories. I needed lores and stuff like that . Then everytime i couldn’t find some lore, , would fill in the blanks and make a lore out of my imagination so i can say this also is a case of imagination overriding memories… also this is how i started writing 😛 may as well give it a try

  5. i just have catch up to you …
    because I’m not a native english speaker.
    a had a lot of problems to read at first. thats way i took me 3 week to complet it. 🙂

  6. Is there like a list of the cultivation levels in this novel? Cause seeing the cultivation levels here leads me to be confused, I have no idea what’s stronger than the other plus there seems to be 3 different cultivation levels?

  7. Currently reading chapter 486 and I have a think to say, this novel awesome it’s one of my favourite novels. MR. TRANSLATOR thanks for your hard work and keep it up looking forward to you next chapter translations

  8. Did the math, currently 486 chapters translated, translator releases minimum of 17 chapters per week and 7 chapters have been released for the week. So when the week ends there chaper count will be at least 486+10 = 496 (approx 500). So author will need to translate (2300-500) 1800+ chapters.
    Chapters translated (min):
    Weekly => 17
    Monthly => 17×4 = 68
    Yearly => 68×12 = 816
    duration => 1800/816 = 2.205 years (from next week onwards)
    Mr. Bao you have a lot to do, keep it up. thanks for your hard work until now and for the future. I’ll be cheering ? for you ?

  9. This novel is neither good nor bad. It’s OK.
    Not a “must read” but you can read it while waiting for your favorite novels to have more chapters.

    If you just look for a novel with an arrogant, domineering, all-knowing and OP MC you might consider it as a really great novel, though.
    He basically saw and experienced nearly everything the 9 realms have to offer during his millions years of existence as the Crow God. He is totally unimpressed by kingdom toppling beauty (met countless of them), generational genius (trained countless of them) or immortal treasures (own a whole lot of it). I’m surprised the MC doesn’t suicide to escape the boredom of such life.

    The MC becomes more powerful as the story goes on but he never grow or change as a character since nothing major ever happens. No desperate fight, no great loss, no upturning event, no true love. Everything happens smoothly. Smoothly to the point if being boring.
    520 chapters and I can barely remember what happened so far. Story isn’t that bad at all but nothing surprised me and nothing worth remembering happened.
    At least not all other characters are brainless dead dog who exist only to be trampled by/cheer for the MC compared to other novels like this one.

    Might sound like a bad review but I would give it a 2,5/5.

    1. Very good review! I was hesitating to read it with all these mix reviews.. But now I’m fixed, I won’t read it x) I like when the MC is OP, very knowledgeable, etc..
      But I like when love is a real part of the story, you said 520 chapters and nothing is worth remembering …
      thank you!

      Ps: although I won’t read this novel, thanks for your hard work mr. Translator!

  10. This one is brilliant, it’s pretty generic but also takes the matters from a different view. It has a calculating yet mostly relaxed mc who just focuses on reaching the apex … you know his focus is what got me really good . he feels like meng hao in TDG storyline … something like that i guess… also thanks to to the Immortal Emperor Bao and the team ( sorry for not being able to remember all names its almost morning here ) for translating ED .

  11. Brother bao thank you for the translation. I love this story n the mc.
    Can there be more updates daily? I can only request.
    And brother bao an update needs to be made to the glossary. With pictures if possible.

  12. Translator has almost reached his goal to work on the translation full-time, so I hope you make it translator 🙂

    Stories really enjoyable, my favourite so far. There are distinct problems with it, such as the info-dumps it likes to give out, but it is the best novel at capturing the idea of ‘mystery’ in xianxia, and it is always a very enjoyable read. MC is likeable, the girls are also likeable and make sense. To iterate further on the girls, they’ve been constantly adored and spoiled since birth and are at the top in their current world. Arrogance and confidence will undoubtedly arise from that sort of situation, no matter who you are. After the MC expands their worldview, their real personalities start to come out.

    I wouldn’t say this story has a harem, but I wouldn’t say it -doesn’t- have a harem either. I really like the idea of sword maids, I find the concept interesting. I don’t know if other novels do it? I’m sure some must. MC is definitely arrogant, but he isn’t twisted. He has a firm heart that has been forged through countless struggles, so he already knows what he desires and what he can’t stand etc. the MC likes gentle women, their strength or status or anything doesn’t mean much to him. Only their heart does.

    Well enough rambling. I really recommend this. The story isn’t life-changing, but it is a really pleasant story that leaves a happy feeling with you. The ‘love’ part of the story isn’t unnecessarily problematic and filled with drama. It is just a nice read. That is all I ask of a story. Wish there were more.

  13. i like this novel. you can’t just destroy a sect, because every sect/clan had hidden trump card. either from inheritance or bought. not like ATG or MGA.

  14. hi guys, can i ask where you guys find an update for emperor domination epub?

    i tried to look at the dotnovel but this one doesn’t get that much of updates there..

    and please forgive me if my questions is out of the rules, kindda new here and enjoying the author and the translator works.

    thx alot once more time. and also thx alot for those who give me the information also. 😉

  15. True to its title “Emperor’s Domination”, one can expect an arrogant and overpowered MC AF. It’s like reading a biography of an old man, who in his veeeery long existence, has acquired knowledge and god abilities and can only see everyone around him as servants and lowly beings compared to him. The author tries his best to make the story interesting but as a reader, I can’t relate to an MC who parades himself as a supreme being every now and then. The plot is also below generic type since you can expect the MC to kill enemies everytime he encounters them without any instance of retreating. I hope the this novel gets better (I’ve reached 400) in later chapters and surprise me to see the MC fail or retreat even once. The back stories are interesting enough for me to keep on reading and the translator has done a very good job on this novel.

  16. I know that the translators are doing their best, but the translations are awful.

    They are completely ruining the poetic motion of the writing.

    For example, they use “Block my path” instead of “Block my way”.

    Another point is that they are using irrelevant sound descriptions such as boom instead of bang.

    Finally, they are changing sentence format to what a teenager would write. An example would be, “this guy”. Another would be using the word grand, instead of incomparable.

    Quite frankly, this novel is not meant for ten year old children, but the translation is being written that way. It is completely disappointing.

  17. The most exciting and badass novel I had ever read. With fast update every 1-2 day. I hope i can support bao by giving donation but i dunno how. Btw thanks a lot to author and translator.

  18. this is greatest novel but i havent read it yet so i cant tell you all the details.. but because im reading it you have to read it as well otherwise it doesnt count

  19. i do not know if this was said before or if it is like this for everyone else but when i try to use the link for chapter 656 it takes me to chapter 654 instead

  20. This is my first time reading it and i hope it wont disappoint me. I am not a demanding reader nor a very critic one.. Im not much into MCs with a very righteous character and id rather like them being a lil crazy (or having a very peculiar traits) sometimes likre Grisia Sun of of LoSK or Meng Hao’s craze for money or something similar to those. I just really hope it suits my liking.

  21. For fellow readers who are interested in this- be prepared for:
    Arrogant/Scheme-y (like imagine when a snotty 8 yr old calls you a dumbass and you scoff because that child is not aware of your adult strength- MC is you) MC who knows everything and could probably destroy a continent if he wanted to.
    Sequences where the MC reminisces when the top powerhouses were aware of his godlike existence and finding and using god like items from those same dead powerhouses.
    Battles that are dragged out and redundant and mostly consists of people calling the MC trash, and the MC calling the people trash right back for 3-6 chapters (not a hyperbole). When the actual battle starts MC uses a single move to end his enemy. Then another 2 chapters of people in the area in awe.
    Satisfaction when he shows more than glimpse of his power and wrecks everything.

    Honestly why doesn’t he just go straight to the strongest “genius” and destroy the guy and his annoying sect and/or group, because people keep calling him trash in every area and its annoying (of course he unleashes a slimmer of his power to small fry, which leads to more stronger small fry to call him trash and it repeats)- he takes wolf hiding amongst sheep to a new level in a negative way.

    Over all read this if you want some brain dead reading and get some satisfaction every 15-20 chapters or so. The writing reminds me of dragon ball z/super episodes- blah blah blah blah holy shit blah blah blah blah oh thats cool blah blah etc. If you like scrutinizing the chapters rather than skimming, I advise not to read until it reaches like 1200-1500 chapters atleast so you won’t get frustrated at these chapters and get enough “good” chapters to make up for the many crappy ones. Although I really hate this type of writing and feel much annoyance in each chapter, I feel very interested in the adventure in the MC and willing to wait a entire year for it to get enough chapters to binge.

  22. This is a straight up (already) OP character dominating everything and everyone (aka Emperor`s Domination) and we are just here to find out how he already got there several times already and what he found/stashed away before.
    Nobody is here to see how he gets to the top , but how he dominates everything that comes hes way.
    Basically the title says allot about the story and we are just here to find out how and who 😀

  23. Umm.. Translator I have a request, can you please increase your speed. I know that your working hard and your current speed is decent but the problem is if u maintain your current speed than it will take like 2 years to reach the current raw chapters and it is continues so that will take altleast 3 to 5 years for you to complete, if the author complete it in a year. So if u can plz increase your speed🖐️🤛

  24. Definitely worth the read. Don’t mind the early comments of some readers for they have just read the early part of the novel. For this novel have almost 3K chapters at Qidian, that those readers won’t even have the chance to like this novel more. The lore is getting clearer- from characters introduced earlier, but never had the chance to be elaborated, to some names that were just mentioned once, all gets clear. Never mind the phrases always mentioned every chapter, they are there to somewhat distract the reader’s thoughts. The most important one is how would the novel goes, and how will it end.

    I am Bao’s supporter at Patreon, and to say he is just a decent translator is understatement.

  25. Just google translated the Synopsis from QiDian, and after seeing it, I reached a new level of appreciation for Our amazing translators here at WW, Thanks to all, Bao, Nacht, and Light!

    Thousands of years ago, Li seven nights planted a bamboo.
    Eight million years ago, Li seven nights raised a carp.
    Five million years ago, Li adopted a little girl at seven nights.
    Today, Li seven nights woke up, Tsui Chuk practitioners into gods, carp turned into a dragon, the little girl became the nine bounds of the female emperor.
    This is a story of nurture, an undead tribe boy formed a demon god, develop a celestial beast, developed the story of the female empress.
    Please pay attention to the author’s public number “Xiao House Army.”

  26. Damn it, I love everything about Li Qiye.
    He is your grandfather who you thought passed away.
    He kicked your father’s ass, so what are you?
    He knows everything there is to know, what schemes work against him?

    I love the nostalgic feelings the author conveys perfectly. The feeling of being eternal, when everything around you fades away and you’re the only one left.

  27. Alright, I’ve been reading since day one, here’s my little quick review for this novel.
    If you are tired of traditional character story friendship make you stronger build up from weak to strong development plot armor bullshit then this is for you.
    Main character is head up the ass arrogant piece of shit that dominates all other through violent and wisdom that he obtain through millions of years roaming.
    I mean if you are a low-key narcissist, bit and piece of arrogance, passive egocentric, the type of mmorp player who would hit level cap and farm the best gear set possible and transmorg them as level 1 gear just to fk with new players or noobs who aint aware then this is for you.
    This novel is focused on the main character alone, no need for sidekicks crap, there are 9 worlds so a lot of world building that’s for sure, but keep it mind don’t expect the main character to stay in 1 world.
    And the enjoyment come from seeing HOW the main character stomp ant and crickets who happen to stay in his way.

  28. Equating a novel as *good* or *great* based on “seeing how the main character stomp ant and crickets who happen to stay in his way” is not even up to amateur levels. The novel goes from decent to worse as one progresses in chapters. Why is this so? Because as you read farther in, you begin to realize one trick ponies are being recycled with different names. Who cannot write a whole series of chapters that involve “you offend me now die” and subsequent battle scenes. This is a one trick pony. Also, the author can’t really hold a candle to say Mars who is writing Against The Gods. Why? ATG has a progressive plot with many character goals that also increase in scope and importance as the character grows through the story. Mars obviously knows what he is doing unlike this author who not only breaks a cardinal rule of trying to minimize information dumps of background story, but actually drives up a convoy of dump trucks of such info dumping into the story repeatedly.

    By spending a great deal of effort in regularly time traveling the reader back to the MC’s past, this actually moves the story backward more than forward. I do think the author counts on a small niche of readers that could care less if there is a decent plot with interesting objectives and would rather simply read about hack and slashing all the way through. So, like I said, it’s much easier for an author to write something like this error-filled novel than one that works with proven writing techniques like ATG. That would by why ATG is rated higher than this novel among readers as well.

    The translator is great. I only wish such a translator could be assigned to ATG and a few other better written novels here.

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