Emperor Chapters 414 to 416

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Chapter 414
Chapter 415
Chapter 416

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And so, yet another Patreon goal has been met!

With the latest goal being met, there will now be 16 regular chapters a week and an extra 5 chapters will be released.

However, since the double daily chapters goal was met four days ago (Monday) and its 7 extra chapters were already released this week, we will be taking a different approach.

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At the start of this week, we were still committed to a single regular chapter a day, but this was doubled on Monday. As a result, on Monday, we have released double regular chapters until today. The extra 7 chapters were released over Monday and Tuesday.

With the recent goal being met, the weekly chapters increased to 16 from 14, but it hasn’t even been a week yet since the double regular chapter goal. Therefore, we will add a regular chapter for today and tomorrow to reflect the increase from 14 to 16.

For today and tomorrow, there will be 3 chapters, and all 3 will be considered regular chapters. The 5 extra chapters from the recent goal will be released next week, so there will be a total of 21 chapters.


Tl;dr: 3 chapters today and tomorrow, 16 + 5 chapters next week.

Please understand that it’s very taxing on us to pump out this many chapters.

Thank you all for the support and enjoy the chapters!

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  1. Wow, that’s a lot of chapters per day, I hope you can meet up with the quota, but if not then just notify us beforehand for a rest, best of luck to the team !

  2. Thanks for the constant releases. I like how this novel drops a lot of the bullshit and is exactly what it means to be. An OP MC who is constantly doing something with, in my opinion, minimal filler.

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