DE Book 24, Chapter 35

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Book 24, The Starlord of Fogstone, Chapter 35 – The Order

It was often said that the Fogstone Dominion held a total of nine World-level experts. This, however, referred to the ones who permanently resided within this region.

The Fogstone Dominion held sway over ninety-six chaosworlds. Over the course of many years, it had given birth to quite a few World-level experts. Many of them, such as the Starlord’s father, had ended up leaving the Badlands Territory and adventuring through other lands! In truth, there were many World-level experts who drifted through other territories. Even the Starlord himself had visited quite a few territories, despite being fairly young.

At present, there were nine World-level experts on the planet of Fogstone. The Starlord, World God Blackmist, and Immortal Skyram were all members of the Fogstone lineage. As for the other six, they were treated something like distinguished guests and honored vassals.

“If the Starlord wishes it, then I agree to take part in this battle. I will do everything I can to support our side in our campaign against the Blacklotus Empire, but if the situation goes south, I’ll still have to focus on keeping myself alive,” a bald, golden-robed elder said in a slow voice.

“Let everything happen according to the plan. I agree as well.”



“Haha, I’m reminded of the days when I adventured through the outside world. I’ve been secluded here on the planet of Fogstone for far too long. It is time for a good fight!”

“Since the Starlord has paid such a hefty price, we naturally are willing to agree!”

In the end, the nine World-level experts all agreed to join the battle against the Blacklotus Empire.

The Starlord nodded.

“Second Uncle, I’ll have to trouble you to pay a visit to the Badlands Everworld and purchase the ‘Minor Thousand Elder Gods Formations’ and the ‘Minor Thousand Ancestral Immortals Formations’,” the Starlord said.

“Done.” World God Blackmist nodded.

“Everyone, when the time comes, just follow the plan. It’ll make everything easier for you,” the Starlord said. “I don’t insist on you killing too many foes; I just need you to help me tie them down.”

“Don’t worry, Starlord.”

“A minor task for people like us.”

“Given the price you’ve already paid, Starlord…I can’t see how the Blacklotus Empire can possibly win.”

These vassal World-level experts, including Chaos Immortal Abyssus, were all couldn’t help but secretly sigh in amazement at how ancient and deep-rooted a lineage the Fogstone lineage was. They were actually capable of purchasing a ‘Minor Thousand Elder God Formation’ for the Fogstone Army!

In truth, over the course of countless years, the Fogstone Dominion had actually come into possession of three such formations. In order to strengthen their hand even more, they were going to purchase three sets of those formations for Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals. Immortal Abyssus, the most unfathomably powerful of the six vassals, was also loaning one of his own formation sets as well.

These formations allowed a thousand Elder Gods or Ancestral Immortals to join together in battle. Roughly three hundred cubes of chaos nectar was needed for each. Most World-level experts wouldn’t be able to afford such a price. All their possessions combined wouldn’t necessarily be worth that much.

A so-called ‘Major Thousand Elder Gods Formation’ actually allowed a total of nine thousand to assemble together in battle. However, those formations were far too expensive; they were worth almost as much as an Eternal weapon! However, these formations were also ridiculously powerful; once a World-level expert was trapped within this formation, he would definitely perish!


The Windsource Chaosworld. The Eastcalm mountains.

Ning was seated in the lotus position within the Heavengazer Tower of Radiance, working on the Seventh Cycle of the [Starseizing Hand].

Although most of his time was spent on sword-arts, he still needed to alternate through other areas of cultivation as well. During the past few centuries in the Windsource Chaosworld, Ning had been able to use his insights into the [Fogstone Apocalypse] and the [Nine Elements Annihilation] to roughly sketch out how the Seventh Cycle of the [Starseizing Hand] would work.

“Master.” A voice suddenly called out from outside.


Ning opened his eyes. He hadn’t blocked out sound from the outside world, and so he was able to hear what was happening outside the Heavengazer Tower.


Ning appeared out of nowhere within a study. He waved his hand, causing the Heavengazer Tower which had been atop the table to disappear.

Creeeeak. He pulled the door open. Outside the study stood Elder God Wilddog.

“Master, orders have come from the planet of Fogstone.” Elder God Wilddog said hurriedly, “The three captains stationed here have all been summoned already.”

“Orders?” Ning was startled, then nodded. “Let’s go take a look.”


“What? Everyone is to return to Fogstone?” The golden-robed Elder God Mountain Eater called out in shock.

“There’s no longer a need for troops to be stationed here on the Windsource Chaosworld?” The other two captains, Tearwell and Soulflight, were completely shocked as well.

As for Ning, he looked at the messenger before him.

The messenger said respectfully to Ning, “General, captains, this order comes from the Starlord himself. You can see it for yourself.” As he spoke, he handed over a glowing golden scroll over to Ning.

Ning unfurled the scroll and gave it a thorough reading.

The words on the scroll had been etched with divine power, and their aura was indeed the aura of the Starlord’s.

“The three of you can take a look as well.” Ning handed the scroll over.

Elder God Mountain Eater, Immortal Soulflight, and Elder God Tearwell accepted the scroll and looked through it, puzzled. None of them questioned the validity of the order, as there was no way the scroll or the messenger could be faked. Anyone capable of making a scroll that could fool them was powerful enough to not need to do such a thing!

“This is an important border region, but he’s actually withdrawing all troops? This has never happened before in all the years I’ve been here,” Elder God Mountain Eater said in a low voice.

“Very well.” Ning nodded then instructed, “Since the Starlord has ordered it, all of us should immediately return to Fogstone. Also…the decree states that we have to withdraw in a stealthy fashion.”

“Right.” The three captains all nodded.

Ning left Swordfather Triult in the Eastcalm mountains, so as to protect the Immortals and Fiendgods who lived in the surrounding area. All the others, such as Flamefairy Su Youji or Elder God Wilddog, followed Ning in leaving this place.

They moved in stealth. Ning led his retainers as well as the hundreds of Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals of the Fogstone Army away from the Windsource Chaosworld and travelled to the planet of Fogstone.

Upon reaching Fogstone…Ning realized that thousands of Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals had all gathered here.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen so many Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals.”

“This many?”

The soldiers all sighed in amazement, then began to break up into groups of four or five.

“General, the Starlord has summoned you.” Things wouldn’t be as relaxed for Ning as they were for the ordinary soldiers. He was immediately summoned into the Starlord’s estate.

The Starlord’s estate.

Four figures were seated within a side chamber.

“Eh?” Upon entering the side chamber, Ning immediately saw those four seated figures. All of them had extraordinary auras and different appearances.

“Greetings, generals.” Ning was the first to speak out.

“I heard that our Fogstone Army has gained a new general who sparred against World God Blackmist. A pity that by the time I heard of this, fellow Daoist Sunrise, you had already left Fogstone.” A tall, muscular, scaled alien cultivator dressed in white robes was the first to respond.

“Greetings, Sword Immortal Sunrise.”

“Brother Sunrise, we should spar as well if we have some free time.”

The four generals all behaved in a fairly friendly manner towards Ning. They were on the same side, after all, and they had all sworn lifeblood oaths to support each other. Naturally, they would be quite a cohesive force.

Soon, the sixth general arrived as well as Elder God Imperius.

“The Starlord has arrived.” The seven turned to stare towards the outside, sensing the vast astral aura approaching. Moments later, an astral-robed man stepped into the hall.

“Greetings, Starlord.” The six generals and Elder God Imperius all bowed respectfully.

The Starlord sat down in the principal seat. “You can be seated as well.”

“Thank you, Starlord.” Ning and the others all sat down.

“I’ve summoned all of our Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals to Fogstone. I imagine you have your own guesses as to why.” The Starlord had a smile on his face.

Ning and the others were all quite curious. Given that the Starlord had summoned all of their many scattered armies…there definitely had to be an important reason behind this.

“The entire Fogstone Army is going to mobilize. Every World-level expert and every soldier is going to move out…and assault the Blacklotus Empire,” the Starlord said.


Everyone was shocked.

Ning was shocked as well. Although he was awaiting a good chance to act against the Mindlord, he was still stunned upon hearing this news. Generally speaking, the various organizations within the Badlands Territory would only engage in small-scale skirmishes against each other. These skirmishes were only meant to temper the Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals within their ranks. Things would rarely escalate to the point of a full-blown war! Wars on that level…they had a tremendous impact on the area and would result in horrifying casualties.

Although the Fogstone Dominion had nine World-level experts, the Blacklotus Empire had six! In addition, a battle between cultivators wouldn’t be solely dependent on mere numbers alone. A single powerful World-level expert could very possibly counter seven or eight weaker World-level experts. An extremely powerful one, such as World God Northrest when he wielded Violetjewel, could easily slay ten ordinary World Gods who stood in his path!

Thus, numbers didn’t mean everything. No one could say for certain what the various World-level experts hid up their sleeves.

“Our plan has already been drawn up,” the Starlord said. “The seven of you will each take control over 999 Elder Gods or Ancestral Immortals! You’ll form a total of six ‘Minor Thousand Elder Gods Formation’ and one ‘Minor Thousand Ancestral Immortals Formation’.

“Seven formations?” Ning was secretly shocked by this.

A formation that allowed a thousand Elder Gods to join their power would be able to surround and kill some of the weaker World-level experts! Even powerful ones would be stymied for a time by them!

“Imperius will be responsible for the Ancestral Immortals, while the six of you will be responsible for the Elder Gods. I’ll give you all a month to familiarize yourselves with these formations,” the Starlord said. “A month from now, we shall head out towards the Blacklotus Empire.”

“Acknowledged.” The six generals and Elder God Imperius all assented in unison.

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