DE Book 24, Chapter 27

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Book 24, The Starlord of Fogstone, Chapter 27 – Ji Ning and the Flamefairy

Karma was truly a wondrous, mysterious thing.

As Ji Ning flew towards the warship, he couldn’t help but sigh. When he had first entered the Ruins, Elder God Skysouth had relied on his army of slaves to attack Ning and attempt to seize Ning’s treasures. In truth, Ning didn’t hold much of a grudge. Anyone who entered the world of cultivation had to abide by its many unspoken rules, and combat was extremely common within the Ruins. If Ning truly had been killed, he would’ve only blamed himself for being too weak.

Back then, he had elected to flee.

After roaming about the Hundred Streams of the Windsource, he had ended up acquiring multiple Dao weapons and had mastered the Nine Chaos Seals, materializing the azureflower seal and growing dramatically more powerful. And now, as soon as he exited the Hundred Streams, he had run into Elder God Skysouth once more. If there was no enmity whatsoever between the two, Ning probably would’ve just left; that was the type of person he was. But now that there was a bit of bad blood…Ning didn’t hesitate at all in choosing to chase after him.

This, too, was karma!

“Destiny and karma truly do work in unfathomable ways.” Ning could sense the unfathomably distant and vast essence-river of destiny ebbing and surging.

He was now able to see the fate of mortals with but a single glance, discerning their future joys and sorrows.

Truly formidable cultivators, however…

Ning found it difficult to see their destinies.

Although destiny was often viewed as being abstruse, it actually operated on simple principles. Destiny was formed by the entangling of countless different strings of karma. For example, Ji Ning held a grudge against Old Man Yuan, which was why Ji Ning had ended up joining Fogstone and being stationed here on the Windsource Chaosworld! But of course, the secret workings of destiny were trillions of times more complicated than the simple ‘cause and effect’ of karma.

Ning understood another principle as well. The past was difficult to change, but the future was not.

For example, Ning might be able to see the destined life path of a mortal, but because the future had yet to actually happen, for that mortal’s destiny to be changed wouldn’t be too hard. For example, if a powerful cultivator suddenly chose to intervene in that mortal’s life, that mortal’s destiny would easily be changed.

The Book of Life and Death was a good example. It set down the destined fates of mortals, but if that mortal gained great karmic merit, his life could be completely changed.

In fact, Ning had the sneaking suspicion that some unfathomably powerful figures might be capable of reversing things that had already occurred in the past! For example…perhaps a cultivator whose truesoul was destroyed could be revived.

This was Ning’s greatest hope and goal as he continued on his path of cultivation. His greatest desire was to see his beloved wife be brought back to life.

Ning continued to chase after the warship, moving closer and closer to it, but his mind began to wander as he began to ponder on the workings of karma and destiny. In truth, he didn’t view Elder God Skysouth as much of an opponent.

A hundred Elder Gods in an Elder God Formation were very formidable and were capable of holding off even a World God for a period of time, but Ning didn’t intend to give Elder God Skysouth the chance to act as he pleased.

The warship continued to slowly fly through the mountains. Elder God Skysouth was seated on at the front of the ship, lazily watching the skies before him. Next to him was a table covered with wine and delicacies, along with two female servants who were attending to him. Behind him were six Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals who were maintaining a watchful vigilance.

In front of the warship, a blazing figure was fleeing at high speed. The area around this fiery-robed woman was filled with countless daggers of flame.

“Flamefairy.” Elder God Skysouth chortled. “You’ve been fleeing for quite some time now. I imagine you should understand that you won’t be able to escape me. If I wanted to, I could’ve caught you long ago. However, I chose not to. I can’t bear to see such an unmatchably beautiful Immortal maiden like yourself die within a place like this.”

“All I want you to do is be one of my retainers. Why must you be so stubborn?” Elder God Skysouth drained all the wine from his winecup. The female servant next to him smiled flirtatiously and quickly helped him fill it once more.

“Just a retainer?” The fleeing Su Youji laughed coldly.

“You look ravishing when you are angry, Flamefairy. Your [Libertine Dream] technique truly is alluring.” Elder God Skysouth couldn’t help but sigh in praise. “I’m not asking that much. All you need to do is serve me as a retainer while also being my pleasure-companion. What’s the point of cultivation? It is to be able to travel as far as we can on our paths with our hearts filled with pleasure. But for someone like me…I no longer have any hopes with regards to cultivation. All I can seek is excitement and pleasure, yes?”

“I train in the [Libertine Dream]. I cannot possibly become your pleasure-companion,” Su Youji sent mentally.

The [Libertine Dream] technique did not permit the user to lose her virginity.

This was a technique which Su Youji had devised for herself after she saw fragments of an ancient technique. Su Youji had improved with dramatic speed after developing this technique. She had been cultivating for less than a million years but had long ago become comparable to a supreme Elder God or Ancestral Immortal. However, because she was a Ki Refiner, she was a bit weaker than Fiendgod Body Refiners in close combat.

“The forbidden fruits taste the sweetest.” Elder God Skysouth let out a soft sigh, his voice echoing by Su Youji’s ears. “Someone like me can buy and sell even female Ancestral Immortals as chattel, but one as mesmerizing as you is almost impossible to find. I urge you to stop running. If you keep running around like this, you might wind up activating a dangerous formation of some sort.”

Elder God Skysouth was quite relaxed.

As soon as he had seen Flamefairy Su Youji, he had immediately desired to possess her and had tried to force her to become his retainer. She knew that she wasn’t a match for him and so had been willing to bow her head, but…the lifeblood oath which Elder God Skysouth had wanted her to swear had been simply too onerous. Although she was a ‘retainer’ in name, in reality she would be nothing more than a toy for him to enjoy. The reason why she was known as the Flamefairy was because she had an explosive, fiery temper. There was no way she would accept such terms.

She had trained for less than a million years. Even though she was just a Ki Refiner, she was still comparable to supreme Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals. She had an extremely high level of insight into the Dao and could quite possibly reach the World-level of power. How could someone like her possibly be willing to become someone else’s plaything?

But Elder God Skysouth was quite patient. He was willing to slowly chase after her.

He had once tried to send his servants to chase after her, but she had furiously fled at maximum speed. Skysouth had immediately recalled his servants. Such a high-speed chase could easily result in the activation of some hidden formation, and he wasn’t willing to see the Flamefairy die like this.

And so, he had slowly chased after her.

With the Flamefairy fleeing at a fairly low speed, he wouldn’t be in much danger.

In addition, since she was running in front of him while he was slowly chasing from behind, she was essentially serving as a scout for him that was helping him test and see if the area up ahead was safe or not. Where else could he possibly find a free scout like her? He needed time to tame the Flamefairy’s unruly spirit anyhow.

To tame such a peerlessly beautiful Immortal woman was no easy feat. Time would be needed…but once he succeeded…

Just the thought of it made him quiver.

“Who is there?!” Elder God Skysouth suddenly put away his warship and turned to look behind himself.

The two female servants next to him were badly frightened, but the six Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals simply looked backwards with vigilance.

Behind them was a white-robed youth who was flying straight towards them, surrounded by countless golden beads that were swirling around him.

“Careful, Master.” The six were shocked, as they all recognized Ji Ning. The two most powerful of them had used treasures to attack Ning faster than the speed of light, but Ning had broken through their attacks with one blow and then easily escaped.

“The Sentinel?” Elder God Skysouth smirked.

Whooooooosh! A large group of Elder Gods immediately appeared around him. These were the hundred Elder Gods which Skysouth carried with him at all times inside an estate-treasure. This represented the greatest force he could muster. When traveling through the Ruins, he often put on a show of being weak. When he actually got close to other Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals, he would suddenly summon all of his subordinates.

“Kill him! Let’s see if he dares to flee through this region at high speed like before!” Elder God Skysouth pointed straight towards Ning.

He was no fool. Last time, when the two had fought each other, Skysouth had quickly realized that this ‘Sentinel’ was a formidable expert who had the power of a truly transcendent Elder God in power. Thus, this time he immediately ordered all hundred of his Elder Gods to attack! Last time, Ning had been able to escape because they were in the swamps; this time, they were in a much more dangerous region. Logically speaking, he wouldn’t dare to flee at such high speed through it.



The hundred Elder Gods all immediately charged towards Ning.

“Him?” The fleeing Flamefairy, Su Youji, was glancing backwards as well. She saw that Elder God Skysouth had come to a halt and had instead turned his attention towards a white-robed youth.

She recognized that youth.

Over a year ago, this youth had flown past her. However, the two had only exchanged glances, not words.

“He’s in danger.” In her heart, Su Youji was definitely cheering for Ji Ning. She was filled with anger and hatred towards Elder God Skysouth.

Faced with a hundred attacking Elder Gods, Ning drew a thin, slender sword. This was the flexible Dao sword he had acquired earlier. It could be used as either a soft weapon or a hard weapon, and its slenderness made it very suitable for intricate, unpredictable sword-arts.


Not only did Ning not flee, he instead charged straight towards the hundred.

“He isn’t fleeing?”

“He’s courting death.”

The hundred Elder Gods were filled with confidence. They didn’t fear anyone below the World-level of power in a frontal clash. Alright, perhaps they might fear one of those legendary monsters who could defeat World-level experts despite being mere Elder Gods…but what were the chances of running into such a figure?

“Kill!” “Die!” Saber-light and axe-light flashed through the air, howling towards Ning.


Ning suddenly dramatically sped up, instantly surpassing the speed of light as he shot out in a solitary arc, moving past all hundred Elder Gods. The Elder Gods wanted to hack at him with their weapons, but none of them were able to attack faster than the speed of light. They couldn’t even touch the hem of Ning’s clothes, to say nothing of Ning himself. Ning easily moved past them.

Swoosh. Ning flew straight towards Elder God Skysouth.

“How?! Impossible!” Elder God Skysouth was truly frightened now. There were very few experts capable of moving faster than the limits of the Heavenly Daos. Generally speaking, only World Gods were capable of this! The Lord of All Fiends was one of the very few exceptions. He was so ridiculously fast that even Mother Nuwa, who had just become a World God, was unable to catch up to him.

“Stop him!” Skysouth hurriedly directed his six bodyguards to defend him.

“Quick, all of you come back!” He hurriedly ordered the rest of the hundred Elder Gods to return as well.

Whoosh. Ning had arrived.

The six bodyguards all readied their various weapons and treasures, using them to attack Ning.

“Gotta hold. Gotta hold! If I can hold for just a few moments, my Elder God Formation will make it back here.” Elder God Skysouth hurriedly manifested a three-headed, six-armed form as well. Each of his six arms wielded a long hook, and he sought to use them to defend and buy himself some time.

But alas, the white-robed youth had already arrived.

Sword-light flashed.

The attacks of the six bodyguards all missed. They did their best but were unable to even so much as touch Ning.

Slash! A sword suddenly stabbed at Elder God Skysouth’s throat. Because he wore a protective suit of armor, the sword wasn’t able to pierce through his throat, but…the powerful force contained within Ning’s sword was powerful enough to cause Skysouth’s body to be instantly disintegrated.

“You-…” Skysouth stared in disbelief at the white-robed Ning. How could this be? Even during their previous battle, this Sentinel had been limited to the speed of light. His sword-arts weren’t as fast as they were now either! Why was he so terrifyingly strong this time?

But of course, he had no idea that the azureflower mist energy in Ning’s body had made him both stronger and faster, allowing him to easily overpower the limits of the Heavenly Daos with his sword through raw strength. Ning’s sword-arts were profound to begin with, and this time they were significantly faster than before.


Skysouth’s body completely disintegrated. How could someone like him possibly endure a head-on sword-strike by a World-level expert?

His six bodyguards, his two female servants, his hundred Elder God slaves…their eyes instantly turned dim and all signs of life vanished from their bodies. They were slaves. Long ago, their lives had become inextricably linked to the life of their master! This was a way of ensuring that slaves would truly work hard to protect their masters. If their master died, they would not be able to escape death.

“To tell you the truth, you actually had a chance at staying alive.” Ning began glancing through the treasures which Elder God Skysouth had left behind. “If you had kept those hundred Elder Gods around you at all times, I wouldn’t have been able to get you.”

World-level experts were able to move faster than the limits of the Heavenly Daos. How, then, would a hundred Elder Gods in a formation be able to fight back against such a foe? All other methods were suicidal; the only method was to defeat motion with stillness.

If Elder God Skysouth had ordered the hundred Elder Gods to stay around him and protect him at all times, there was no way Ning would’ve been able to breach such a turtle-shell defense. However, Skysouth had been so confident in his ability to defeat anyone aside from a World-level figure that he had ordered all hundred Elder Gods to attack instead. This rendered his own defenses vulnerable enough that any World-level expert would be capable of effortlessly dodging past the Elder God formation to slay him!

Skysouth couldn’t really be blamed. How could he have ever imagined that Ji Ning was this strong?

“B-but…” The distant Su Youji was completely dazed by what she saw. “He flies faster than the limits of the Heavenly Daos, his sword-arts are faster than the speed of light, and his blows are so powerful as to destroy an Elder God’s armor-protected body. Seven Elder Gods and Ancestral Immortals fought against him, but they weren’t even able to touch his sword…what the hell level is this guy at?!”

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    1. Well, he only got that flower by comprehending the nine chaos seals, so anyone else would have to do the same thing.

      Also, the abilities he gets from the flower seem to be related to the insights he got out of the chaos seals, so someone else’s insights might be different, so different abilities from the flower might be expected.

    2. “a bunch of world level elder gods.”
      Did you forget that the Three Realms were about ready to implode because of how many cultivators there were and how strong they were getting?
      What do you think would happen if suddenly there were half a dozen ridiculously powerful Elder Gods created there?

      This is disregarding the fact that getting the Azureflower Energy is for mastering the 9 chaos seals, something that maybe only Lady Nuwa ever managed other than Ning.

      1. Well considering they would be drawing on the power of primordial chaos and not heaven and earth energy, world level elder gods wouldn’t pose a strain on a chaos world unless they intended to destroy it. The number of lower level cultivators was the glaring issue for the three realms because they rely on the heavenly daos.
        Mother Nuwa and Ning are basically the only two people who have studied the chaos seals, it’s not out of reach for other elder gods to comprehend them. Considering he’ll be away from the three realms for a chaos cycle it’s more than long enough to teach some people at home techniques he’s gathered/come up with.
        And I just thought it’d be nice if he formalised it into an inheritable technique because atm he really only has his sword art. The rest of it is locked away by his lifeblood oath. The three realms thing was mostly a joke…you know…a comical situation for lols.

        1. “Mother Nuwa and Ning are basically the only two people who have studied the chaos seals”
          False, the treasure spirit of the seals said that many had tried but most fell far short. That one guy with the immortal sword formation in the endwar for example, that formation was partly based on his insights from the nine chaos seals even though he only managed to master 5 or 6 of them.

        2. You made some good points on EGs using chaos energy vs. Heavenly & Earth energy used by lower level cultivators.

          You way underestimated how difficult the 9 chaos seals are to master. @kczz15 is right, many of the best cultivators have tried to learn the 9 chaos seals and failed miserably. Ning is the only one who has mastered the 9 chaos seals, and maybe Mother Nuwa too (assumption by Ning, I don’t think it’s confirmed, not sure). We should remember that Ning is a SUPREMELY rare talent even in the vast Primordial Chaos. He’s already touching upon world-level power in less than 30k cultivation years, a level most EGs will never reach in their lifetime.

          As for the 3 Realms arc being a joke, I completely feel the opposite. I don’t know the rest of DE, but I think the 3 Realms arc will remain one of my favorite part of DE, if not the favorite. The cultivation levels of the 3 Realms may be low once DE is complete, but I love how it unfolded. To me, even if DE ended after the endwar, I’d still consider it a great book. Lucky for us readers, on we go!

  3. ‘what the hell level is this guy at?!”

    MC level, way above Daolord lol. Can never die, plot armor, Dragonball type leveling up, all enemies will die eventually.

    1. It really annoys me when people say the MC (at least in IET novels), has plot armour. It’s the other way around.

      They don’t “have plot armour because they’re the MC”, they’re the MC because they’re the one who out of the practically infinite number of people in the universe who managed to get to the strongest level, generally survive and are the most interesting person from that universe to read about.

      1. I like they way you put it.

        It’s like winning the raffle with almost impossible odds. Although almost impossible, someone’s gotta win it, and that someone becomes the MC. The storyline then tells the journey on HOW and what events allowed that person to win the raffle.

      2. I like the way you put it.

        It’s like winning the raffle that has almost impossible odds. Although almost impossible, someone’s gotta win it, and that someone becomes the MC. The storyline then tells the journey on HOW and what events allowed that person to win the raffle.

        1. Yeah, pretty much that. Even if the odds are infinitely close to zero, someone out of the infinite numbers of people has to win and this is their story. Not winning because they’re the MC, they’re the MC because they won.

          1. … you do realize that when the author writes the story, he simply cannot kill off the character the entire story is focused on? There is almost no way the person can be put into permadeath or there would be no more story.

            In short, it is the reverse of what you are ranting about. If the MC can be so easily killed off, the story is either a series of short arcs focusing on many people, hence no real MC or it is a literary device that is in the perspective of someone else looking at the MC posthumously.

            The writer writes a main character that cannot be killed off lest it unfocuses the narrative. This is the ‘plot armor’ that people talk about, he/she/it will be ‘near’ death and get out or someone will come and save him/her/it or there will be an unexpected powerup. This is the author preserving his main character because without him, there is no story.

            For example, take out Chu Feng from MGA, say ‘random enemy’ literally rips him a new one. Bye bye Chu Feng. How is the story going to move forward unless you make another MC which then wastes all the relationship building and power ups that you made people read previously?

            Plot armor IS granted by the author to MCs because they ARE MCs since they have a vested interest in keeping them alive. It’s quite literally the ‘God’ of that world not allowing you to die.

          2. No, you have the backwards thinking we were talking about.

            The author doesn’t take a character and make them unkillable, that’s a bad way to look at it. Think of it like reading a history book. Take the history of Genghis Khan for example, he was a simple boy with very humble beginnings who through his cunning, determination, skill and luck, rose to form the largest land empire in the history of the earth and it’s very interesting to read his story.

            Are you going to tell me that Genghis Kahn had plot armour because the various authors of the stories about him wanted him to survive because they wouldn’t be able to write their books? We hear his story because out of the 108 billion people born in history, he is the one who had the most success. People wrote books about him because he was successful, he wasn’t successful because somebody wrote a book about him.

            It’s the same with Ji Ning, he is the ‘Genghis Kahn’ of his universe who had the most success overall and accomplished the most. That is why we are reading his story and not the story of anybody else from that universe, it’s because he was successful that he is the protagonist and not the other way around.

            That’s the best way I can think to explain it to you, the events of Ji Ning’s world have already happened and we are reading about his exploits after the fact.

          3. … what you say may be true if it was the real world, but this isn’t a real world, it is an invention of the author’s imagination, there are no ‘chance occurrences’, everything is planned according to a plotline.

            You have a serious problem if you can’t separate reality and fiction. History is not controlled by anyone. A fictitious world on the other hand is utterly controlled by the author’s plotline.

            And he will not let the focus of his story die.

          4. You have a serious problem if you can’t simply enjoy a story without screaming ‘plot armour!’ every time the protagonist has any luck or achieves anything noteworthy, but I wouldn’t expect you of all people to manage to understand that.

            If you are not capable of immersing yourself in a novel at all and are only capable of labeling every single thing that happens as “the author wanted it to happen”, then novels are definitely not for you so you should leave and find something entirely different to do for the rest of your life, as you are utterly incapable of enjoying them as they are meant to be enjoyed.

          5. That comment was hardly an attack, more an observation, which you seem to be predisposed to take as something negative.

            You have a reputation here as a fanatic kczz15, so it’s not surprising that you would go all rabid dog on someone who you ‘think’ is pissing on your favourite novel, heaven forfend that others can have a differing opinion. You should go into politics since you seem to love badmouthing others so much. Think you’ll enjoy it as you seem to be ‘utterly incapable’ of accepting that other people may have a different line of thinking than you.

          6. And that’s an attack on my character, not any attempt to refute the core of my argument.

            Either read novels like this as a history book, “The book was written about this individual because they were successful” and not “The individual was successful so a book could be written about them”, or you probably shouldn’t bother reading them at all as that’s a terrible mentality for a reader to get in to. One that will only suck out all the fun and joy from said novels.

          7. At the end of the day though your argument boils down to “This is a work of fiction, therefore the characters are only doing what the author wants them to do and if you ever let yourself think otherwise then you have serious mental problems.”, which is rubbish.

            In all truth Owl I pity you from the bottom of my heart. You can never know the true joy of immersing yourself into a story, as you were born without an imagination.

          8. “This is a work of fiction, therefore the characters are only doing what the author wants them to do and if you ever let yourself think otherwise then you have serious mental problems.”, which is rubbish.

            So the character moves around without the author’s knowledge? Sounds more like a premise for a horror story, the story that writes itself without the author’s control. What you call rubbish is reality, thus you really do have a serious mental problem.

            And surprise, surprise, people that think otherwise from you can also enjoy a story, something you probably won’t know, considering how blinkered your mindset is.

            I’d just treat it as being bitten by a mad dog, after all, there isn’t much difference between being bitten by one and being bitten by a mad fan(atic). I pity you too if you are so brainwashed that you think anything you like is flawless and perfect that no one is allowed to pass even the slightest negative comment. I better stop soon before you strap explosives to yourself and try to blow me up as well while screaming ‘IET Akhbar’. lol

          9. I hate having to repeat myself for what feels like the 10th time, but it’s fine to criticize this or any other novel FOR VALID REASONS. You don’t have valid reasons and I don’t remember you ever having valid reasons in any of your arguments prior to this one either.

            Your inability to think of the novel in the terms of “Ji Ning is the protagonist because he’s the one who won”, rather than “Ji Ning won because he is protagonist”, does not suddenly make your personal view of events correct and certainly does not change the facts of the matter. Look around you at everyone else: nobody agrees with you on this, yet you claim that your lone world view is the correct one and everyone else is wrong.

            Utterly delusional. If you were marching in a band of soldiers and were out of step, I’m sure you would try to claim it was the other 99 who were out of step.

          10. And when was it a criticism? All stories have plot armor unless it is an anthology in a grimdark world where MCs get killed off at the end of an arc. It is a necessity for writing a story, only fanatics like yourself would take what is a necessity in a story and turn it into a ‘criticism’.

            And as for truth, I didn’t know truth works on a jury system, wait one while I get a group of people to say the sun rises in the West. If enough of us do that, who knows, the Earth might reverse direction of spin. Stupid? That is exactly the line of your defence, more is correct. Which is bullshit.

            Which came frst, the MC or the ‘dangerous situation’? Which story do you know have an MC die of ‘random occurrences’ and changed MCs mid story? The only one that comes immediately to my mind is ‘Legend of the Galactic Heroes’ and the reason it managed to pull that off is literally because the entire story actually started with TWO MCs that they could kill off one.

            A single MC in a story is inviolate. For the simple reason that his death marks the end of the story and the author starting a new series. The only thing you can write post MC death are various forms of epilogues.

            If you can’t get that and think that an MC is subject to ‘random death’, then you seriously need to remember that this is an organized created world with no random factors. The only story type I know of that does incorporate random factors is the Warhammer 40k series where people send in the results of their tabletop battles and the universe gets written to that result. In all other cases, the author has a plan for their MC and it does not involve random death looking for ‘lucky’ chances.

          11. I guess I was wrong to ever think you could see past your own personal think bubble.

            The main problem is that you have absolutely no clue what plot armour is.
            That bears repeating: You’re trying to comment on a subject you have repeatedly just demonstrated you have zero idea about.

            Some stories have moments of plot armour, yes. Here’s the thing though: DE is written deliberately in such a way as to avoid plot armour being part of the equation at all if possible.

            Let me get to the crux of the matter here: Ji Ning does not have plot armour because he is not the destined one. He is not the once in 10,000 years legendary hero, he is not the only one who could do this, he is 100% replaceable in the story. The only reason we are seeing events from his point of view is because he is the one who won the intergalactic lottery and made it to the highest level of cultivation (presumably). If Ni Jing had sacrificed himself so that Houyi could kill the Mindlord for example then we could just as easily have been reading from Houyi’s perspective instead.

            Here it is again: There is absolutely no reason at all that it had to be Ji Ning’s point of view we were seeing, the position could have been filled by literally anybody in all of the infinite chaosworlds. Ji Ning is the protagonist because he made it, he didn’t make it because of destiny.

            You are one of the very few, if not the only one, who is unable to accept this truth. To you there can be no random events, everything is scripted, Ji Ning is successful only because the author wants to keep him alive for his story and you have an extremely fatalistic view of events that simply comes off as retarded. I’m trying to free your mind but it looks like it’s pointless to even try.

            “And as for truth, I didn’t know truth works on a jury system, wait one while I get a group of people to say the sun rises in the West. If enough of us do that, who knows, the Earth might reverse direction of spin. Stupid? That is exactly the line of your defence, more is correct. Which is bullshit.”
            You’re avoiding engaging with the issue at hand, by shifting attention to baseless extreme hypotheticals. You’re just trying to taint my argument with unsubstantiated conjecture and nobody is fooled save for yourself.

            As for your question about series where the protagonist dies, look up “The Hero Dies” and “Decoy Protagonist” for a long list of different series where it happens.

          12. I agree with kczz15’s way of thinking, with the author recording down the interesting character. Realistically though, everything is in control of the author. I’m not gonna argue if the author choosing to write about a strong, OP, and lucky at times character gives him plot armor or not, as that is mainly semantics. I think everyone can agree that a dues ex miracle breaks the enjoyment/harmony of the story. However, not many people (including me) enjoy reading a novel where the main character (in a novel with only one main character, like DE) dies. There would be no way to transition after that, and it would be pretty lame.

      3. “They don’t ‘have plot armour because they’re the MC’, they’re the MC because they’re the one who out of the practically infinite number of people in the universe who managed to get to the strongest level, generally survive and are the most interesting person from that universe to read about.”-kczz15

        Then how can YOU explain these lines “He got some treasures inside undermoon lake after completing it”. In the chapter there are only THREE treasures stated here while the other SIX wasn’t even mention in that chapter and was only stated LATER in the story to save the CHAPTER! So don’t think that it’s just like what you stated because no matter what you say, THERE IS PLOT ARMOR!

        1. First up, don’t type random words in ALL CAPS – shouting parts of your argument doesn’t make your argument legitimate and if anything can make it slightly harder to understand.

          Secondly: What? I’m trying to figure out what exactly your argument is but it’s poorly worded and bordering on nonsensical. How does any of that relate to plot armour?

        2. I think you fail to understand what plot armor is man. It’s not luck per se but it more often than not relates to deus-ex-machina events which keep saving MC despite him doing reckless and idiotic things all the time; it makes him literally unkillable for no other reason that he is MC in fights he should have never survived. What Ning has is not plot armor; pot armor would be if he as an Elder God got attacked by a supreme World God and not only survived, but miraculously ended up killing the attacker.

          1. So, he got assassinated. Luckily he got another body. And end up coming back more powerful. And somehow he could match up against Daofather level figures after powering up just in time to save the entire army. Twice. And somehow was the last person to get the attack in on the Mindlord and win when everyone else died. And while not an Elder God attacked by a World God, one step lower, a True Immortal attacked by an Elder God. Does that count?

            Nothing wrong with plot armor, it keeps the suspense up, but to deny its existence is a bit hard to justify.

          2. Owl, most or all the others who were in similar situations failed or at least didn’t have much success past that, which is why we see his worldview and not anybody else’s worldview.

            Your inability to think of the novel in the terms of “Ji Ning is the protagonist because he’s the one who won”, rather than “Ji Ning won because he is protagonist”, does not suddenly make your personal view of events correct and certainly does not change the facts of the matter. It’s not plot armour, you’re just being pathetic.

          3. And your inability to remember that there is no ‘random’ in a written story is disturbing kczz15. What happened to kczz14? lol

        3. @hot-pot what you said sounds like your name. A jumble of words. Please repeat what your intending to say. All I understood was “undermmin lake….”

          As for plot armor, well said kczz.

  4. Thanks for the chapter RWX! Guessing Skysouth’s death plants some sort of signal on Ji Ning so his backing can identity the killer. No way this goes down quietly.

    1. Although I see where you’re coming from, it’s not likely. If Flamefairy becomes his dao companion (i.e. sleeps with Ning), she loses her main power from that special cultivation technique. Ning won’t let that happen, and neither will Famefairy. That’s the reason why Flamefairy ran from EG Skysouth in the first place remember? And a Flamefairy with no power to help Ning is a useless retainer to Ning 🙂

      1. Dao companions don’t have to sleep together. They just share their lives and their path together. By this point I assume they don’t even need to actually have sex to reproduce or experience pleasure. Most outsiders have weird body types too so idek how many of them are even….alright that is starting to foray into erotic fanfic. Although yea, Ning seems to be quite obstinately monogamous. I wish Ning didn’t share this obsession with the dead like Linley.

        1. Though I agree that it’s possible that dao companions don’t have to do the chickabowao, but c’mon, we’re talking about the infinitely beautiful Flamefairy here 😀 .. and in the same chapter as EG Skysouth wanting to have her as a sex slave, that scoundrel!

          I like harem stories too, but Ning’s single-minded love for his waifu is one of his most endearing quality, not to mention it being one of the main driving force in him becoming so powerful.

      2. Though I agree that it’s possible that dao companions don’t have to do the chickabowao, but c’mon, we’re talking about the infinitely beautiful Flamefairy here 😀 .. and in the same chapter as EG Skysouth wanting to have her as a sex slave, that scoundrel!

        I like harem stories too, but Ning’s single-minded love for his waifu is one of his most endearing quality, not to mention it being one of the main driving force in him becoming so powerful.

        1. come on guys. even if they don’t do the chickabowao, at least Ning have someone to accompany him all the way to Vastheaven Palace. At least have a pity to our MC for wandering alone for hundred years.
          but if they do the chickabowao, and the fairy lost her wing, I’m sure our MC have lot of technique to help her power up from the scratch. If i’m not wrong Norteast gave Ning cultivation technique to World level. or he can teach her Nuwa’s technique, if she become Ning’s dao companion she no longer outsider.

        2. @dimas

          It would be pretty good if it happens that Ning ends up with Flamefairy as dao-companions 🙂
          Ning will have Flamefairy as a retainer, so at the least, he’ll have a confidante, woot!

  5. RWX, please check:

    “Over a year ago, this youth had flown past her.”

    Should be either:

    Over a few years ago, this youth had flown past her.

    A few years ago, this youth had flown past her.

    Rest well, and keep up the awesome work Ren!

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  7. “His greatest desire was to see his beloved wife be brought back to life.”
    Its understandable that he still wants her back, but its overkill to still be fixated on her after many chaos circles. He should find someone else like this flamefairy.

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