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Book 10, Entering the Immortal Estate, Chapter 3 – Witchriver Immortal Estate!

Youngflame Nong said, “This is a small test my clan has given me. They’ve charged me with investigating an ancient Immortal estate. As for whether or not I’m able to acquire the aid of others, the clan won’t care! I won’t lie to you; this Immortal estate belonged to a Celestial Immortal. Although he died countless years ago, his estate is filled with many dangers, and the Diremonsters who were trapped within have constantly propagated. I imagine that there are quite a few monsters living there now…and there are some unknown dangers as well. Thus, I need some helpers. If you are willing to help me, then I will remember this favor.”

These words caused the faces of Ji Ning, Mu Northson, Ninelotus, Yu Wei, and Adept Vastriver to change.

The estate of a Celestial Immortal?

Although the vast world was covered with countless Immortal estates, those generally belonged to Loose Immortals or Earth Immortals. Estates of Loose Immortals or Earth Immortals might be quite alluring to ordinary Zifu Disciples, but they were much less intriguing to the likes of Ning’s group; after all, Ning’s group had constant access to many living Loose Immortals and Earth Immortals. For example, Ning’s master was Immortal Diancai!

But a Celestial Immortal’s estate? That was completely different!

“Everyone, what do you think?” Adept Vastriver sent.

Ninelotus sent, “Youngflame Nong is one of the Four Dukelings of the imperial capital; given his status, if he says he will remember this favor, he definitely will. For the sake of this favor along…I feel that we can help him. Once he becomes the next Godplume Duke, if he is willing to help us out even slightly, we will benefit tremendously.”

“Let’s not rush into it. I feel that the servant next to him is extremely dangerous,” Ning sent. His subconscious had begun to warn of him a tremendous threat long ago, and the threat came from that servant. “If he has such a formidable helper already, why does he need our help? Let’s not rush into it and ask a bit more.”

“Mm, makes sense,” Adept Vastriver concurred.

“I’ll follow you, senior apprentice-brother,” Northson said simply.

“Let’s wait and see first,” Yu Wei agreed.

Although Ninelotus was more inclined towards accepting, clearly, Ning’s influence was a bit stronger within this group. The main reason was because, when a group of geniuses were together, they would value ability the most. The most powerful of their group was Ji Ning, Yu Wei, and Vastriver.


Youngflame Nong could tell from the looks on the faces of Ning and the rest that they hadn’t yet been convinced. He thus continued, “This Celestial Immortal was known as Immortal Witchriver! He was an aquatic Diremonster who gained insight into the Dao and became a Celestial Immortal. In the past, his fame was widespread. Afterwards, he fought with other Immortals of the Three Realms and perished. The key to his Immortal estate was acquired by my Youngflame clan. However, my clan was in no rush to investigate. That’s why I’m certain that after Immortal Witchriver died, nobody has entered.”

“In addition, this Immortal estate is the lair of a Celestial Immortal; it definitely has many precious items inside, such as spirit-herbs, precious magic treasures, spirit-pills, unique refining materials, and more. There might even be Immortal-ranked magic treasures within!”

By now, Yu Wei and Adept Vastriver’s eyes were shining. Ning and Northson couldn’t help but feel stirred as well. An Immortal-ranked magic treasure? Right…the vast majority of Loose Immortals and Earth Immortals didn’t have Immortal-ranked magic treasures, but Celestial Immortals definitely would, and not just one! It was very possible that they might leave one behind in their homes.

“My goal is to achieve mastery of this Immortal estate; as for the treasures within, so long as you can acquire them, they will be yours. I definitely won’t fight with you for them. Even if I truly want them, I’ll give you a satisfactory offer for them and won’t force you.” Youngflame Nong looked towards Ning’s group. “This is my promise, and the promise of the Youngflame clan.”

Ning’s group exchanged glances with each other while secretly sending mental messages.

“We can go take a look,” Adept Vastriver sent. “Entering a Celestial Immortal’s estate is a rare opportunity to begin with. It is just as young master Youngflame said…without the key to the estate, there’s no way to enter at all. It’s a rare opportunity for us to enter alongside him.”

“He’s the young master of the Youngflame clan…the Youngflame clan’s promises are worth trusting,” Yu Wei sent.

“I’ll follow you, senior apprentice-brother.” Northson’s words were the same as before.

“Ji Ning?” Ninelotus looked towards Ji Ning.

Ning was intrigued as well now.

Youngflame Nong look at them, then added, “Based on what I know, although Immortal Witchriver was a Diremonster, he was a Diremonster Sword Immortal, and had an extremely high level of insight into the Dao of the Sword. I imagine that his sword technique must be recorded down within his home.”

Ning’s eyes lit up.

“It seems as though junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning has been moved,” Adept Vastriver sent with a laugh. “Everyone, let’s decide…should we go?”

“We can make the trip,” Yu Wei said. “Although it will be dangerous…if the Youngflame clan is willing to allow their young master to go, the danger level shouldn’t be too ridiculous.”

“Go,” Ninelotus sent.

Northson looked at Ning.

“Let’s go take a look,” Ning nodded.

“Fine, I’ll go as well.” Northson revealed a smile.


Adept Vastriver was the oldest of the group, and so he was the one to speak out. “Young master Youngflame, the five of us are willing to accompany you to the Witchriver Immortal Estate.”

“Haha, excellent!” Youngflame Nong’s eyes were shining. He clapped his hands, then said happily, “With the help of the five of you, I will definitely succeed!”

“Everyone, if there are any preparations you need to make, make them quickly,” Youngflame Nong said hurriedly. “We need to head to the Witchriver Immortal Estate as soon as possible.”

“We’re all free,” Adept Vastriver said with a laugh. “I’m afraid that junior apprentice-brother Ji Ning might need to make some minor arrangements, however.”

“Senior apprentice-brother Ji Ning, you go make your arrangements. We’ll wait for you here,” Northson laughed as well.

They were guests; naturally, they could leave at any time. Ning, however, had to make some arrangements for his clan.

“Everyone, please wait a few moments.” Ning immediately transformed into a streak of light, flying towards Brightheart Island.

Brightheart Island. Autum Leaf, Little Qing, and the Whitewater Hound had been waiting here the entire time.

“What’s going on? Who is that person?” Little Qing asked.

Ning looked towards Autumn Leaf. “Autumn Leaf, the person who came on that warship is a young master of an ancient, powerful clan known as the Youngflame clan. He’s asked us to help him carry out some matters…I need to temporarily leave for a period of time. I’ll hand everything on Brightheart Island over to you to handle. As for the Ji clan, help me send word that I’ll return soon.”

“Alright.” Autumn Leaf nodded obediently. Whatever Ning wanted to do, Autumn Leaf would quietly support.

“Let’s go, Little Qing, Uncle White,” Ning laughed.

“We’re off!” Little Qing instantly transformed into a streak of mist, then reformed and wrapped herself around Ning’s arm as a little snake. As for the Whitewater Hound, he just quietly padded along besides Ning.

In going out and adventuring, one would naturally bring one’s spirit-beasts along.

“I want to see how incredible this Celestial Immortal’s estate is.” Ning felt a bit eager. Suddenly, he had a thought; “It’s best to be cautious. I should bring that treasure along and carry it on me. Supposedly, there are some places where magic treasures cannot be taken out of storage-type magic treasures.” A black armband appeared around, then wrapped itself around Ning’s arm. His magic clothing, in the appearance of furs, quickly covered it, making it disappear.

This black armband was one of the two major unique items which Ning had acquired from the underwater estate.

Ning still felt quite confident of his chances in this trip to the Celestial Immortal’s estate. He had overcome the fourth level of the Wargod Hall and had reached the Wanxiang level as a Fiendgod Refiner…the two treasure selection chances he had gained, Ning had used to choose protective items, not Earth-ranked magic treasures!

This was what the giant yellow bear had said: “It’s best to be careful. In the past, Rampart died at the Wanxiang Adept level. The Wanxiang level…it’s neither high nor low; you aren’t a weakling, but you also aren’t a true power yet either. It’s the level with the highest chance of death. Although this protective item can only be used once, its power is extraordinary. You can view it as a second life for yourself.”

The third time Ning had chosen a treasure, the giant yellow bear had said something similar: “This unique protective is the most suited for you; in the past, Daoist Threelives felt a sudden moment of interest and personally fashioned it.”

Aside from the Nethercold Swords which Ning had chosen the first time, Ning had used his other chances to choose protective treasures!

It must be understood that the set of Nethercold Swords, in and of itself, was already an extremely valuable treasure. It vastly surpassed the protective treasure which Immortal Diancai had previously given Ning; that protective treasure, for the current Ning, was a bit lacking. The two protective treasures which Ning chose this time, however…were no lower in value than the Nethercold Swords. Given that they were assessed by the underwater estate as top-grade, they were naturally extraordinary.

“With these two protective treasures, I should have enough resources to deal with any sudden, unexpected dangers,” Ning mused to himself. “Time to go.”

Ning had a little azure serpent around his arm, and a Whitewater Hound by his side. He immediately flew into the air.


“Ji Ning, you also have spirit-beasts?” Youngflame Nong, who was waiting for him on the warship, immediately laughed upon seeing the little azure snake on Ning’s arm. “I have one as well. Come on out, Crimsonfire.”

Instantly, a crimson-headed serpent reared its head, emerging from the skin on Nong’s arm. This crimson serpent had a single horn on its head, and its eyes were gold.

“A Redscale Salamander?” Ning and the others were all secretly shocked. Godbeasts had the blood of Fiendgods, but there were differences amongst Godbeasts; normal Godbeasts were capable of transforming at the Zifu level, such as the Whitewater Hound and the Azure Skysnake! However, according to legend, some truly powerful Godbeasts would only be able to transform into human form after becoming Celestial Immortals. Those Godbeasts were truly fearsome.

Redscale Salamanders were extremely famous; they had to at least reach the Primal level before being able to transform! They were far more exalted than Azure Skysnakes and Whitewater Hounds.

“Hisssss.” The Redscale Salamander gave the Azure Skysnake and the Whitewater Hound a glance, then buried its head once more into Nong’s skin.

“Hahaha, Crimsonfire still isn’t able to take human form, so he’s quite depressed.” Youngflame Nong sat at the highest, principal seat of the warship, with Ning and the others seated below him. “Come, come, come. Let’s drink together. After we enter the Witchriver Immortal Estate, we won’t be as relaxed as we are now.”

“A toast to you, young master Youngflame.”

Adept Vastriver, Ning, Northson, Yu Wei, and Ninelotus all raised their cups. As for Xue Hongyi and Bu You, who were seated at the very bottom, they also raised their cups.

“Hahaha…” Youngflame Nong’s laughter rang out. Clearly, he was in an exceedingly good mood. And why wouldn’t he be? Although Xue Hongyi and Bu You were both two-clawed Raindragon Guards, compared to Ji Ning, the most brilliant genius of the Black-White College, and compared to the two reincarnated Immortals, Yu Wei and Adept Vastriver, Bu You and Hongyi were on a lower level.

His casual detour to Swallow Mountain’s Serpentwing Lake had resulted in five more helpers, each of whom were extraordinary! Even the slightly weaker Mu Northson was a genius of the Dao of Constructs. Those who walked the Dao of Constructs were innately skilled at fighting those who were of a higher level. In turn, Ninelotus was the next leader of the Dongyan clan; how could she not be in possession of some powerful protective items?


They drank and made merry with each other. After just two days, they arrived at the place where the Witchriver Immortal Estate was hidden.

“The Witchriver Immortal Estate is in the distant Skyrove Mountains.” Youngflame Nong, standing at the front of the ship, pointed towards a distant, towering mountain range. He seemed quite resplendent and valiant.

Ning and the others followed his gaze, filled with anticipation as well.

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