DDOS Attack on Wuxiaworld Confirmed

Hey guys, just wanted to give you an update. I previously informed everyone here that Wuxiaworld seemed to be under a DDOS attack, and that I was turning on DDOS protection from Cloudflare. The stats are now in, and this DDOS attack has been confirmed.  See below the jump for more details.

For those of you who are interested, this appears to be a ‘layer 7’ DDOS attack at the application layer, a type of attack that basically ‘mimics’ human behavior to overwhelm a server. For those of you who are curious what it is like, let me show you some pictures. The first is of my normal traffic. As you can see, it has remained fairly stable over the past seven days. The second is of the threats.

As you see, the threats spiked dramatically on April 3rd, continued throughout April 4th, and is continuing today.  How dramatic is it?  Well, while we normally have around ~2-3 million hits (which are different from pageviews) per day, over the last 48 hours, we have been getting ~70 million hits from sources Cloudflare has categorized as ‘threats’ every day.  No wonder the server was crumbling until I turned on the “I’m Under Attack” DDOS protection; we were getting hit with 20-30 times our normal traffic!  And no wonder whenever I turn it off, even for 5-10 seconds, the server load begins to spike almost instantly!  If we had no Cloudflare, we would be getting crushed.

The same is true when I looked at the bandwidth usage.  While on a normal day we would use 30 gigabytes of bandwidth, yesterday, we were hit with 300 gigabytes of usage.  This number is actually fairly low compared to most DDOS attacks, and it’s mainly because ‘layer 7’ attacks are much less bandwidth intensive than other types of DDOS attacks.

I’m not sure if it is someone with a grudge against me, someone trying to troll the community, or just someone doing it for the ‘lulz’, but for now, we are indeed under DDOS attack, so I’ll have to leave the DDOS protection on.  Thank you all for your patience during this period of time.  While I know that occasionally getting the ‘five second pause’ page is annoying, it is better than having no website at all, right?  Thanks all!

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105 thoughts on “DDOS Attack on Wuxiaworld Confirmed” - NO SPOILERS and NO CURSING

    1. Like Ren said, probably there is no real benefit, it is either a personal grudge or something like an website that specializes in translation and sees itself as a rival of wuxiaworld does not like the way this site operates or would rather have no competition at all.

      I do know on 4chan while they do praise the donation system Ren has since he can deliver 2-3 chapters daily because of it there are also a lot of people that think that if a donation-based system was the norm eventually every translator would delay chapters on purpose and so and so. Of course, this is not here nor now so there is no point in even discussing something like that.

      My personal guess is some chinese guy doesn’t want CD translated and tried to use a zombie network to down the site. I mean, I really can’t see a reasonable explanation since as far as we know IET isn’t contrary to the translations (Ren said he informed the guy and there was no answer about it) and having the service Ren provides is notharmful to anybody at all (actually to anyone that thinks that wuxiaworld is tough competition and therefore would like it not to exist they should reconsider since a lot of people began reading wuxia and novels in general because of CD, which means that Ren not only “sold” to the existing market, he also expanded the market to “sell”, meaning more people reading other stories as well).

      tl;dr : it isn’t obvious and the “culprit” will never be caught, but I speculate his motivation is either against the donation system or the fact that CD is being translated to english, both not really good explanations but the best I could think of.

        1. it could easily be from china because using a zombie system im going to assume he is proxying it and isnt stupid enough to do it directly from his own location (most likely running it from various IPs from locations all over the US)

      1. hmmm, it could be agaisnt the donatino system, but it is not that “new” this sort of hate on this section of entertaiment

        there could be no reason too, like why people like swatting on streamers?, why are there metal detectors on high schools at the us?

        the world is not insane, people living in it , are insane and they want to see the world burn just for the lolz :/

      2. you know… these are strong conspirational theories… I’m not saying it’s impossible but in my opinion it’s someone who’s bored and found out how to do a DDoS attack… I mean, we learned about this stuff last semester and the guys at the dormitories were constantly trying to smurf or ddos each other and their sites… these days DDoS is not that easy to achieve, seeing as this site is under attack and we’re still reading stuff…

    2. A few other sites (similar hobbies to this) that have had cloudflare and disabled it have got ddosed soon after. I wouldn’t be surprised if it orchestrated it.

    1. Zhugenaut, the main consequence for most users is that once a week (if it lasts that long) or whenever you go on a new IP, you’ll have to wait five seconds while the software ‘validates’ your request. For a few users who use nontraditional browsers, those browsers might not work. Some RSS/bot-based feed requests might also be broken, including (for me, unfortunately) Google’s crawlers, which might impact my pagerank and the ability of new people to find the website.

      1. Ah so that’s what that was.

        It’s really not that bad so don’t worry about it. I’m sure we all have 5 seconds to spare to read our chapters.

          1. i can, and im on iphone… it does take longer than the 5 seconds but it will still load(i read exclusively on my iphone so no mistake about it) so maybe its something else?

          2. Tried it on my iPhone and iPad, no problems…aside from the fact that I have to wait everytime my cellphone tower changes cause a new IP is assigned to me

      2. The google thing might acutally be a big hit, considering this is an add funded site. If you didn’t have the donation option you’d prob be in a bigger pinch 😀

  1. Hi RWX,
    Thanks for your translations.
    I’m pretty curious about that threat traffic. Any chance you made a packet capture? Something like tcpdump -c 1000 -w traffic.pcap -i eth0 port 80

    1. Hi Jelly, welcome to the community! I actually cannot, because I don’t have full admin/shell access, since this is a partially managed solution, I have limited access rights >.<

  2. Who are the blasphemer’s that dare to attack our God’s divine church?!
    Preposterous! I shall pray for their obliteration by the mighty sovereign of spatial refresh, so they will never laugh or cry again!!!

    1. hey, we wouldnt gain anything from it either, since theres always the possibility that haeru might get mentioned in the next chapter, personally, im happy if he even gets mentioned on a side note TT_TT

      1. lol poor haeru i wish he was more involved in the story but alas maybe the author is just saving him up for future chapters like he did with delia

        1. Okay, I figured I was right because I know what it is, or how its done guess I didn’t know the terminology, usually its done to extort some company, or people to it to troll or piss people off I still remember [email protected] ass lizard taking xbl down in december for no reason.

  3. Sorry, it must have been the Spatial Refreshings fault, after a few of us reached the Deity level we could attack millions of times in a blink of an eye.

  4. Out of all the people that could possibly be DDOS’d why would they pick this site? You power through doing 2-3 translations a day for months what could possibly make them want to DDOS this website what the hell. I hope they stop because very few people put as much effort into translation as you do Ren and it’s pretty scummy that these people feel the need to do this to you.

  5. Well, i will dedicate some wise words i once heard from some handsome guy..

    The Victory of this upcoming war will never be in doubt. Its cost will…What are in doubt, in all our minds, are whether there would be any of us left to dedicate our cemetery at the end, or whether the last Spatial Refresher would die knocking out the last trollers keyboard

    -The Legendary Supreme Dragon Overlord.

      1. Nono, it seems like you got a bird brain for beauty my friend but don´t you worry.. It´s a normal occurrence
        Cause like a wise handsome warrior once said..

        Beauty can be anything but what is it that decides what´s ugly then? it´s culture in our world that decides that. Different cultures think differently!

        – The Legendary Supreme Dragon Overlord.

  6. It must be some dickhead who just discovered how DDOS and like the prick he is, is randomly targeting sites, especially those like this; translation/manga/anime sites as those they themselves frequent just so they can see what happens.

    The unfortunate few who do not have a system in place such as cloudflare to limit the malicious attack suffer. All for their own vanity. Faggot.

    1. but sadly it´s broken since we sometimes have to wait 5 secs, 5 seconds is enough for you to become meat paste in a battle my friend

          1. ooh nice.. would be interesting to see that.. btw where am i at?

          1. Seems like i need to train more.. it´s all the raws fault.. should have trained mine Spatial refreshing instead of wanting to read the next chapter as soon as possible

  7. Damn… glad you invested in heavy duty servers and cloudfare.
    Hope this shit will be over with soon! Love your site and work, Ren.
    Keep it up! We luves you

  8. Hi i just had to make an account to go on and say i love this site and the storys so far, but ever since the DDos started i can´t connect on my firefox browser, and i was wondering if anyone know how i can bypass that problem or if im stuck using IE browser.

  9. what we need is a back up link for chat incase it does go down (hopefully not), so our reader knows where to go and be updated preferably, Ren make a 2nd facebook just for Wuxia

  10. People are just jealous that he is receiving so much support from the fans. But at the same time its not like he is dangling the donations over our heads. He promises 2-3 reg chapters a week, which is already above average. With donations, before it was 3 a day now its 2, but regardless, most translation sites with a FULL TEAM, get out 3 chapters per day. By himself getting that much out is absolutely ridiculous. At-least 15 chapters per week? Look anywhere if anyone else has that.

    So whoever is doing it, you won’t beat us, so just join us!

    1. nope, i doubt it´s about the donations/money.. sites like gogoanime, mangabee and goodmanga have also been attacked and i doubt they receive donations.. or maybe gogoanime do but nothing close to ren´s level

  11. Which mortal dares to attack Wuxia World!!!! Heathens!!!! You will burned by the flames of infinitum your soul will be destroyed so that you won’t even be able to reincarnate.

  12. ha??? what kind ungrateful bastard did this?? I know that I too do some stupid things when I’m bored but this is really despicable!!! attacking a free translation site, what the hell is to gain from this?! *sooo angry *
    whoever’s doing this, go rot in hell bastard!

    ren I think I heard someone attacking sites like these recently (mangabee,gogoanime,goodmanga… ) I dunno if they are the same type but they all shut down for a week or so for maintenance, would we have to shut down for maintenance as well????
    plz no! I just came back from that hellish studying session! *crying*

    1. YUZU9, no worries, we are doing perfectly fine! I just have to keep the super-security turned on while this lasts. You shouldn’t notice much of an impact!

  13. Maybe somebody saw how much money you are making with donations, and thought to scare you with an attack, then extort some easy money out of you to make it go away.

    Whatever the case is, I hope this doesn’t spoil things for you. I would hate to see you go.

    1. Mmmm doubtful, they go after companies on black Friday or cyber monday for that..its an inconvenience nothing more, and its not like this is rens bread and butter, he has a full time job= stability
      At most this is pizza and beer money with a few vacations in the mix lol. I’m sure all the donations don’t go into his pocket, if you read before he said that he pays monthly for site up keep, and the ad traffic alone probably doesn’t cover it. Hence the never ending spiel about ad blocker xD lol
      Plus new york is damn expensive. Lol

  14. So dirty… people that do things like this are really shameless. Just because they can attack someone anonymously they do it. On the outside they’re cowards, and on the inside they’re malicious. Sorry for the trouble they caused you Ren.

  15. Damn, which kind of fool would try to DDOS such a good site!!!
    Thank, Cloudflare for such good anti-DDOS features.
    Anyways, thanks to all the translators for amazing work till now. Happy translating guys!!! 🙂 😀

    1. Welcome to our small and quite simple community lawwoo, it´s nice to have you here

      hehe, imma taking over Rens job

  16. Gotta say, Ren!
    The changes you brought to the site, even though it’s getting DDoSed, are pretty amazing! 🙂

    Cool to see you motivated :D´
    luves it! <3

  17. I feel so mad when I hear some idiot started a ddos attack.. 🙁
    Personaly, my thero involes a certain translation site, one who might dislike wuxiaworld.. Oh well, it’s not my place to judge that person/site. *sight*

    I hope the attack stops soon and that everything resolves soon. 🙂

  18. Weird thing started happening to me today, also experienced the mobile bug for the first time. Anyway, while verifying my browsers the page suddenly became very weird instead of the usual clean one.

    It looks like this the link below and the whole thing hops up and down, looks rather funny to be honest.

    Immediately after this I received the mobile bug for the first time. This wasn’t fixed upon refreshing however when I used my agent plugin so that chrome pretends to be another browser it sometimes works, also when I simply switch and then switch back to Defealt (chrome) it also tends to work.

    Maybe this information is usefull if not I found it rather interesting at least 😉

  19. Can you have a look at what has been changed on the website earlier when you had some problems after changing some settings? Because when I am on my phone most the time the website loads the pc version instead of the mobile version and this time it the web doesn’t automaticly stay on the text so I can see lots of background if I scroll away by mistake.

    Anyway this isn’t an important issue

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