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Hey guys, just keeping you in the loop about what’s up. I was forced to nuke all of the comments on the previous three chapters (as well as the previous post). Basically, I’m 99% sure that due to the way things were coded, the comments were killing the server, but not in the way you think.

Here’s the issue; the way the current system works is, each time the page is reloaded or looked at, there is a query/hook to the database to show how many comments each person has (which also generates the rank). This is a simple query; no big deal. The problem comes when we have HUNDREDS of comments, that mean each time someone reloads/opens the page, there’s hundreds of additional queries that are being generated, and since we have (on average) 500-1000 people on the site at any time…we’re quickly DDOS’ing ourselves (on top of the still-ongoing DDOS).

Turning on Varnish (the thing which is making you see the mobile site on PC, and the PC site on mobile) helps with the problem, but Varnish cache doesn’t play well with the theme in its current configuration, AND is pissing off the advertisers, so that isn’t a long-term solution either.

This idea is awesome, and we’re definitely going to continue it, but for now, I had to nuke the comments in the past three chapters. You may see the system ‘appear and disappear’; don’t worry about it, that just means we are troubleshooting it. For now though, this was causing the database to choke; we were averaging a load of 9 (our ‘max’ should be 6), but after I deleted the comments, it immediately dropped to 2, which strongly indicates that my interpretation is correct.

tldr; comments nuked because the new system + massive comment influx was killing the server. And also, to be honest, it was kinda making it impossible for me, even with my backend tools, to be able to read each chapter. I apologize to the people who just recently commented and/or were commenting on topic, but it was just too much. I’ll have to do something about that later, hehe.

Anyhow, chapter soon!

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        1. well well, it seems like yea misunderstood something.. i have been here since the first week this site started lol.. and have gotten quite a few first… wouldn’t want to be compared to a comment spammer

    1. it was bound to happen xD

      coding can be a real b*tch lol. change the location of a few lines of code can make all the difference. in this case it was running a query each time. if it ran a query just once when the person makes a comment, and saves a numerical value for display it should be much lighter.

      1. wait wut… so coding is all about getting lucky enough to put the lines of codes in the right places?
        i think i get it now, thx captain

        1. It’s not about luck, it’s about knowing where what piece of code needs to go to give the most optimal performance and function that works best with the underlying pieces of code (i.e. as a coder you’re always working on top of other people’s pieces of code such as the operating system, libraries(which are collections of code), etc.
          And sometimes that just isn’t easy, as everything can be quite complicated, some people don’t care enough about it and code badly, or all sorts of other matters. The result is that not every program is as optimized for each system as it should be and having different programs work together often also results in problems. But the code obviously needs to be in the right place 😉 mostly at least, unless the compiler lets you cheat a little like with math and the memory stack for instance.

      1. goes to show you how much people where getting into the comment wars 😛 though cald is pretty talkative so he will get it back anyways 😛 just will take a little longer 😉

      2. I ‘lost’ only around 250-260 because i was keeping it moderate, heh. Really not that much more than my usual amount of posts at high times 😛

          1. why me not you guys too?
            well i honestly say I enjoyed this stupid nonsense commenting all the way!
            I spent happy holiday with you guys instead of idling around the house all day or play games all day!
            It’s fun while it lasted but we can’t keep it up forever,right? (well it consumes huge amount of time after all) so be happy you had fun teasing and taunting others (even ren)

      1. not quite. the ranks things don’t show for me at all so i assume they were disabled until a fix is made. now it’s just normal commenting and would take a lot of sudden comments to start ddosing him.

        seeing the activity got me convinced to chat more often. i live in a room pretty much isolated so i needed some form of human contact anyways lol xD

      1. The difference between a Highgod and Sovereign is only in the spark, not necessarily in the insights( pretty sure Highgod is when you comprehend some 80% of the Laws of something). Basically, a peak Highgod has the same insights as a Sovereign. This has been said in the translated parts already so no spoilers were made :/

  1. Its the best for lighten the server load…

    And I’m looking forward to having quality discussions about the chapters again than had to scan so many meaningless comments.
    Well a few might be fun, but if about 80-90% of it? No thanks….

    1. Yeah I felt the same. I enjoy our discussions and speculation but it was getting out of hand yesterday. I couldn’t be bothered to read through all those comments. it’s a good idea but let’s try not to abused it people.

    1. and you’re still trapped. why don’t we let ren determine the top 50 poster’s title. that might changed once in a while. still, i think letting the forum determine title is better.

  2. But… But i had just wrote a graduation thesis about the last chapter in a discussion…
    No big deal i for some reason remembered to ctrl-c that thing.
    Good luck on recoding the server so it doesn’t suicide

    BTW: All status grinders got a full day of hard-work destroyed

    1. lol the grinders did. those of us who talked first and just conveniently had our rank rise don’t mind so much xD

      also, as for your comment relating CD to Mushoku Tensei… i have stopped reading it at a certain point, to wait for more pr’ed translated chapters, but nothing in CD makes me think of MT.

      the style is too different, so are the genre’s and plot points. reading CD makes all of us IET fans think of ST and SS and DE xD we love making comparisons between his works, because there are lots of underlying truths that remain constant and yet even more things that are completely different 🙂

      1. and they will lead to yet another insight revoking 😛 they will eventually give up and us true practitioners will be the only ones remaining xD

          1. Was good as it lasted.
            One day when our power is returned even i will become a mighty Demigod, but for now lets play the waiting game after all V13-C01 is comming

          2. not mortals xD we are simply hidden practitioners whose power-level cannot be judged until we are challenged to mortal (lol) combat. or should it be called immortal combat for saints+?

          3. the power got to our heads.

            P.S After you fell, I was readying the hounds to take you since you fell to middle saint which was my level too. The bounty has been removed.

      1. that’s some crazy spamming, you were just 90 above me last I checked,meaning you needed about 150 to demigod, I don’t have motivation for sharing insights on BTTH it’s too early, not enough fandom

        aaand the titles are gone :/ Remember me as the Prime Saint I should’ve been, if only I tried at the end, only 20 insights away sobs

          1. I don’t care for the insights >.<

            I miss my comments :'( that was our precious conversations that the Sovereign annihilated :'(

        1. bwahaha these comments are killing me!
          you know Phoenix, after seeing the *comment nuke* notification first thing came to my mind is you! you just got to deity lvl and noe a fallen god! hahahahaa
          be happy we manage to give the almighty god ren, a hard time! I say that’s some accomplishment!
          at least I got a fun holiday with you guys!
          just regret not being able to make a breakthrough, well it won’t happen even if that rank sys. lasted for another two days! 🙂

    1. My condolences. Following the wrong path in training can cause your qi to go haywire and you’ll lose your life. It’s best to follow the guidance of a senior instead of blindly grabbing at the Laws.

      EDIT: Looks like the Sovereign is manipulating the Laws 😀

  3. I dont know why but I kinda feel like I shouldn’t comment anymore for a while xD Anyways it is unbeliveable how this small little change stirred up things to this degree ;d

    aww lost more than half of my insights xd

  4. Most pages, the majority of the comments are by the same few people – do you make the query each time for a comment, or is it optimized to only query each account once on a page load? I feel that could make a big difference in the number of queries, if it isn’t being done already.

    1. Well it certainly shouldn’t happen for every comment.
      But it would be far simpeler just to store an integer in the database for the number of comment, it would drastically cut down the work of counting all the comments every single time the page reloads.

          1. yeah but I wasn’t really into the whole race lol i think I only had around 20 comments between those chapters yesterday and that’s a bit scaled back for me.

          1. runsing, people have been chatting and teasing each other for months, but only two days ago did the comments/chapter spike from 100 to 1000. Let’s be honest; that’s spam at work. I don’t want to put in a ‘serious discussion only’ rule, which is why I haven’t stated that, but at the same time, I do have to look after my server. One of the things I’m looking into is paying for a cloud-based chat function on a special chat page (where I can disable certain ads so I don’t run afoul of Google), but with the site under DDOS attack at present, that doesn’t really work for now.

            Basically, as long as things go back to the way they were two days ago, everything should be fine 🙂

  5. i really fail to see the point of nuking the comments when you can just disable the ranking and comment count (thus the query), honestly.

    and if you want the comment to be use solely for discussing chapter, you can just say so. for example “discuss chapter only, or face comment deletion”. simple and straight to the point.

    1. I don’t know how it works or how the query worked; MiPo put it in, and that time, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to contact him in time, since we’re in current time zones. Plus, I wanted to test and see if that really was the source of the problems (and it looks like it was).

  6. is there a way to simultaneously create a thread in forum and put out links to it on the chapter page automatically so anyone who is not thanking or pointing error, can just click the link and go chat/quarrel/discuss whatever they want with the corresponding chapter’s thread? that way, even the ‘refresh’ to see new comment could be reduced. as for the comment on chapter page, set it to moderated, so only thank and proofing appears

  7. Comment overflow XD
    At least you kinda fixed it instead in continuing something that will choke the server but it was nice seeing that ranking system. Hope to see it in the future when the DDOS attack subsides and everything is fixed. Thanks Ren Wo Xing 😀 also for the donators~

    Good Day to All~

  8. I think people are just a bit too enthusiastic about it :/

    Rank is great, just don’t earn it with off topic comments. That’s how I feel at least 😛

    Thanks for the update!

  9. Have you considered using a third-party comment system such as disqus? I think it is free and should be pretty easy to implement with wordpress.

  10. Bwahahaha we nuked the system!!!! I knew it,I knew this was gonna happen!!!! but God this is too funny! *rolling around the bed to hold the laughter*
    ha I just wished i could get to middle god lvl before we all got banished to GP! hahahahaha! poor Phoenix he only became a deity last time!

    sorry ren wrecking the server! think of this as April fools revenge! hahaha still too funny when you think about it!! I think I won’t ever forget about this holiday of mine! thanks again and bye!

  11. Huh? Someone counting the comments of each poster? There is no such thing in my universe! Seriously, I didn’t even know there is poster comment count in the rest of multiverse. To think that I first read this site when the last chapter was about Linley leaving for the academy.

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