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    1. Yeah, I even educated myself on notes as well to see the question is wrong. In any case if someone else wanted to answer you can do the conversion minim = 8, crotchet = 4, quaver = 2, semiquaver = 1. To be more precise semiquaver is 1/16 of a note while semiquaver is double that so 2/16 and so on, but the first way which is practically counting 1/16s is easier.

      The question gives us a Minim, 4 Quavers, 3 crotchets, and a semiquaver which = 8 + 4*2 + 3*4 =3 = 29

      For the answer to be an odd number there needs to be an odd number of semiquavers, which should be C but C equals 37.

      For all the possible answers we get A = 34, B = 30, C = 37 and D = 38. You might say that B is the closest one so this has to be the original correct answer, but C was the only answer with the correct amount of semiquavers, and it is also off by a single unit of measurement (if it had one less minim it would be correct) so I have no idea what to choose from the 2.

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