COL Volume 12: Chapter 30

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Volume 12: Chapter 30 – Mu Zi’s Sacrifice

Mu Zi stared at Zhang Gong, whose appearance had changed drastically. His long hair had turned dull grey and his eyes shone with deep red light.

“Little girl, how about joining my side as Zhang Gong is in my possession now, and you seem quite important to him. I admit that I’m a brutal person, but I’m still relatively soft towards my subordinates. I don’t think you will lose much joining my side as I’ve already killed off more than half the population of the races already. Do you really want to continue on the side that will be facing extinction in the near future? My Monster Race lead everlasting lives filled with excitement! Of course, it can be like that if I continue living. I don’t think it’s a hard choice to make. What’s your decision?” Upon asking that, the Monster King crossed his arms, looking curiously at Mu Zi.

Mu Zi gritted her teeth as she replied, “You will never understand how we feel, because as  I see it you only care about yourself. You will also never know how it feels to be loved or to be cared for. I’ll choose to continue staying on the remaining races’ side without a second thought. All I want to do now is to awaken my beloved to stop him from creating more regrets, even if it is at the expense of my life.” Mu Zi expressed a firm gaze as she glared at the Monster King.

The Monster King looked slightly bewildered as he said, “I really don’t understand how all of you could sacrifice your life for something like love, nor do I want to know. However, you should stop your futile act of awakening Zhang Gong. He’s deeply trapped in my spell so that even if he initially felt something amiss, he still won’t be able to break out. I can guarantee that as my spell shows the victim his ideal life and hope. It seems to be  highly effective in the possession of the body, as from what I have often seen, whenever the Human race sees their desires in front of them, they tend to shut themselves out from reality.”

“However, everything has their exceptions, just like that previous girl that I had possessed. Her will was so strong that it gave me slight trouble. Alright, enough driveling! I shall give you one last chance to decide whether you want to join my side or not. I’m running out of patience so I’ll give you ten seconds to think it through once more. If you say that you’ll join my side, I won’t attack you and perhaps give you an important role in the new world that I’m creating. If you don’t, then you’ll have to die! I don’t want to leave any chances for this body to awaken as due to the mind of this body has been under my spell for some time already, it should have stabilized. This will mean that no matter what I do now, it won’t affect his awakening at this moment while the spell is at its strongest.” When the Monster King said the last part, the red glow in his eyes intensified as he looked sinisterly at Mu Zi, as though he were a executer awaiting for the order to slaughter his prey.

Mu Zi was a little apprehensive of the Monster King, but she still replied without hesitation, “As I said before, I’ll stay on the remaining races’ side no matter what. Let’s cut the chase and get to the fight!” Mu Zi looked vigilantly at the Monster King as she started to circulate her wind magic, for darkness wouldn’t be able to have much effect on the Monster King. She didn’t know if she would be able to do anything towards the Monster King.

When the Monster King saw Mu Zi preparing to attack him, he broke out into laughter, “A puny ant-like existence also wants to resist me? I think that just my pinky would be sufficient in ending your puny life.” The Monster King doubled over in laughter as he said that.

Mu Zi ignored his laughter and remained alert, for at any moment the Monster King could make a move that might kill her instantly. Mu Zi was brainstorming ideas of how to awaken Zhang Gong while she carefully stared at the Monster King, who was still laughing histerically. Just as Mu Zi was began to despair, knowing she wouldn’t be a match to the Monster King, a reckless thought flashed through her mind. After thinking about it, Mu Zi clenched her fist as sweat dripped uncontrollably on her forehead.

The Monster King suddenly stopped laughing and looked sternly at Mu Zi, as though he had felt her slight change. It really was unbelievable that he was the same person that was laughing loudly just a second ago with his intensified aura bursting out of Zhang Gong’s body. The Monster King started to slowly accumulate and revolve a dark orb in his hand as he said, “This is the final chance I’m giving you. I’m lenient today as you gave me a good laugh. It hadn’t been possible for me to reach such a mood as I had always been trying to breakout from that irritating seal of those damnable Gods.” Just as he said that, a perfectly palm-sized round orb was formed in his hand while he looked at Mu Zi.

Mu Zi snorted coldly and started to brandish her hands, throwing wind blades towards the Monster King. Her current wind blades were much stronger than before as she was now approaching the Magister’s level. However, it didn’t surmount to much as the Monster King just moved side to side, avoiding them. His eyes showing disdain, the Monster King tossed the dark orb towards Mu Zi.

Mu Zi suddenly grinned as she saw him tossing the orb at her. She cast a wind spell to quicken her pace to move like lightning towards Zhang Gong, avoiding the orb. The Monster King, who was looking down on her, didn’t expect her to dodge his orb so he couldn’t stop Mu Zi from getting closer to him in time. Mu Zi chanted under her breathe, “Dark elements, as the successor of the Demon race, bestow your unfathomable powers unto me to form into an unbreakable bond to restrict the enemy before me—–Demon Restriction!” Upon chanting that, a dark, rope-like chain appeared in Mu Zi’s hands. This was the Demon race’s spell in capturing frenzied demons that only the Demon race’s royalty possessed. The Monster King looked amused as he allowed the rope to bind him, as he was curious as to what Mu Zi planned to do.

Mu Zi didn’t show any elation when she saw that she had successfully bound the Monster King as she knew that the Monster King wasn’t taking her seriously. She started to softly chant an incantation in the Demon race’s language. A dark aura suddenly burst out from her back after a short moment. Tears flowing from her eyes, she cried out, sobbing, “Zhang Gong, my beloved, I’m sorry for doing this, but I just want to stop you from continuing to be controlled by the Monster King. I hope that you won’t blame me for this!” When her aura had intensified to the limit, she charged over to the ‘restrained’ Monster King at lightning speed while transforming into a black fog. The spell that Mu Zi had just used was an ancient forbidden spirit possession spell from the Demon race that enabled its caster to possess a person in exchange for their life. It came into existence from an accidental fusion of spells in the past.

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