Book 21, Chapter 35

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Book 21, The Peak – Chapter 35, Thousand Years

The Planar War had begun! But the Sovereigns didn’t pay much attention for now.

This was because the results of the war were determined solely by the final battle.

Sovereigns had unlimited lifespans. Thousands of years passed in but the blink of an eye. Quite a few Sovereigns had already begun discussing who was more likely to win or lose this Planar War. As for the youngest Sovereign, Linley? He was going through a period of explosive growth in strength.

At the borders of the Yulan Plane. There was an enormous divine plane being birthed.

Within this plane.

“Whoosh.” A wild wind blew. Some mountain rocks were shattered into tiny pieces by this wild wind.

This newly born plane was filled with dense amounts of divine power and elemental essences which solidified into unyielding rocks that couldn’t be shattered by the wind.

Tall, cloud-piercing mountains. Vast, endless planes.

The extremely dense elemental essences drifted about, and amongst them, a tall, muscular figure could be seen standing. With a gesture from a single finger, a dazzling green sun suddenly formed out of nowhere, hanging high in the sky.

“After spending 1100 years, this divine plane of wind has finally been completed.” The green-haired Linley revealed a hint of a smile on his face. The past 1100 years of training had caused Linley to advance to the level of fusing six of the profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of the Wind. However, the Elemental Laws of the Wind had a total of nine profound mysteries.

Fusing six profound mysteries of the Elemental Laws of the Wind was comparable to fusing four profound mysteries of the Laws of the Earth.

“There are more than five hundred years before the final battle of this Planar War. No need for me to be in a rush!”

The light green-haired Linley once more shut his eyes, continuing to train.

He was currently advancing at a breakneck pace in merging the profound mysteries of the four different Laws. Linley naturally didn’t want to halt now.

765 years after the Planar War had started.

The Infernal Realm. The Skyrite Mountains.

A blurry light was flickering about in the air above the Skyrite Mountains. One spatial tear after another constantly appeared in the skies. Moments later, the blurry ray of light once more descended towards Linley’s estate in the Skyrite Mountains. The light vanished, revealing six figures; it was the black-robed Bresle and the other five Emissaries.

The white-robed Bresle, watching from below, finally smiled. “Haha, success!”

“Quite perfect. We waste less than 10% of the energy.” The long, flaxen-haired female Viva Titan sighed in amazement.

The divine beast, ‘Nine-Tailed Windripper Fox’, Russell, nodded as well. “When the six of us join forces, hmph…even thirty commander-level experts probably wouldn’t be a match for us, if they weren’t unified.” Six experts who had Sovereign artifacts and were able to perfectly join forces…the power they could unleash was truly terrifying.

“Fortunately, we have two water-attribute and two darkness-attribute members.” The white-robed Bresle chortled. “Water is extremely flexible and accommodating, while darkness…is something I understand quite well. This is why we were successful!”

Right at this moment…

Linley appeared, as though by teleportation, in front of the seven.

“Sovereign.” Upon seeing him, they all hurriedly bowed and saluted.

Linley’s gaze swept past his Emissaries, a surge of joy in his heart. His greatest success in choosing Emissaries was his selection of this Bresle, a formations master.

“With this Samsara Formation operational, I now have a bit of confidence regarding your performance during this Planar War.” Linley laughed calmly. “However, don’t be too smug. Even Paragons, in that sort of environment, would have a 50% chance of death. The six of you need to be careful!”

“Yes, Sovereign.”

The Emissaries all bowed.

They all understood that this would be very dangerous. Even with the Samsara Formation, they would just have a somewhat higher chance for survival; they were far from being able to dominate the battlefield.

“Since you’ve already essentially completed your cooperative training, today, I will send you to the Planar Battlefield.” Linley said calmly. “Bresle…will your divine light clone remain here or go with them?”

“In terms of combat ability, I am a bit weaker than my divine darkness clone.” The white-robed Bresle laughed. “And this battle formation is predicated on having two experts of darkness and two experts of water, along with one expert of earth and one of wind. It is this combination of six experts which makes it work.”

Linley nodded slightly.

The white-robed Bresle and the black-robed Bresle had different thoughts and mentalities, but in the end, they were still the same person. The soul-protecting Sovereign artifact which Linley had bestowed the white-robed Bresle could also be used by the black-robed one.

Linley delivered the six Emissaries under his control to the Planar Battlefield, then returned to the Skyrite Mountains.

893 years after the Planar War had started.

“Whoosh!” A figure moved forward at an extremely terrifying speed, instantly arcing out to a distance of ten million kilometers and landing within the Skyrite Mountains.

Linley, who was quietly seated by himself within his courtyard, suddenly raised his head.

The figure that descended from the heavens shot directly into Linley’s body, merging into it.

“Finally, all my clones are in one place.” Linley revealed a hint of a smile.


Beirut and Bluefire, at almost the same instant, arrived as well. Beirut said, delighted, “Your wind Sovereign clone returned? Does this mean that you have essentially completed your four-way fusion of the Laws?” Previously, after Linley completed his establishment of his divine plane of wind, he had continued to train. If he hadn’t succeeded in his training, why would he have returned?”

“Essentially.” Linley laughed calmly and nodded. “I’ve already reached the final bottleneck in fusing the four Laws.”

“With one final step, I will have completely, perfectly fused the four profound mysteries of the four Laws into a whole. However, taking this step is even harder than reaching the level of Paragon.” Linley let out a sigh.

Beirut and Bluefire both understood.

How hard was it to become a Paragon?

Because Linley had three Sovereign clones, his rate of advancement was astonishing, which was why he was able to constantly advance until reaching the final bottleneck. However…to break through the bottleneck had nothing to do with analytical ability. There were many Sovereigns who were at the final bottleneck before becoming a Paragon, but after trillions of years, they still had yet to make that breakthrough.

As for Linley?

Who knew if Linley would be able to break through this final bottleneck. This four-way Law fusion was, after all, ten times more powerful than becoming a Paragon in a Law. Naturally, the difficulty was greater as well.

“I’m at a bottleneck, but my power is still nearly ten times stronger than it was during my last fight against Augusta.” Linley said with a smile.

“Ten times!” Bluefire and Beirut were both overjoyed.

“Hmph. Augusta, that bastard.” Beirut couldn’t refrain from starting to laugh. “Last time, he was lucky enough to survive. But now, Linley, you have grown ten times more powerful. Haha…Augusta’s only chance is to reach the Paragon level. But the chances of that are far too slim.” Augusta hadn’t been able to break through despite countless years having passed.

Actually, this all but guaranteed that Augusta had no hope of becoming a Paragon.

“Killing Augusta isn’t just our dream. It is also the dream of the Four Divine Beasts clan.” Beirut laughed as he looked at Linley.

“Beirut, don’t be impatient.” The nearby Bluefire smiled. “The Planar War is in its final century now. Augusta is most likely with the Chief Sovereign of Fate. After this period of time passes, Linley will be able to make his move.”

“Perhaps, within the next century, I’ll make another breakthrough.” Linley laughed loudly.

“Stop daydreaming!” Beirut couldn’t help but start to laugh. “Making the final breakthrough is very difficult. However, once you do make that breakthrough, your power in terms of the profound mysteries will instantly increase tenfold. And…perhaps you will be endowed with another portion of Will. Linley. Once that truly happens, you won’t even have to fear the four Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts.”

“Grandpa Beirut, breakthroughs are difficult, but that doesn’t necessarily mean I won’t be able to break through in the next hundred years or so.” Linley jested.

In truth, the fusion of four different Laws was simply too difficult. By the 999th year of the Planar War, Linley still had yet to make a breakthrough.

The sky was completely dark.

“Whoosh!” “Whoosh!”

Seven figures shot out from the Bloodridge Continent, flying shoulder-to-shoulder in the air above the Infernal Realm. After flying for some time, the seven figures suddenly transformed into eleven figures. But once the squad flew deep into the air above the Chaotic Sea, they suddenly once more expanded into a group of seventeen figures!

“Chief Sovereign!” The many figures all bowed respectfully.

“Everyone, the final battle to this Planar War will come in two days. Let us go there together.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, covered by that black aura, swept the people with his gaze. His gaze paused momentarily on Linley. “Let’s go. We will head out right now!”

As he spoke, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction waved his hand, tearing a rift in space, then charged into it.

The sixteen Sovereigns behind him also charged inside.

“Linley. This Planar War will be viewed by, most likely, even more Sovereigns than came to your earlier trial.” Beirut sent mentally to Linley. Every single Sovereign in the Infernal Realm, Bluefire and Beirut included, was heading out to watch the Planar War.

Linley smiled calmly. “The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, won once before. The seven Sovereigns of Fate all were bestowed with an additional portion of Will. The vast majority of the other Sovereigns are unwilling to see them grow even more powerful.”

Since this involved their interests, they naturally came to watch.

“Linley.” Suddenly, the voice of the Chief Sovereign of Destruction rang out.

Linley’s flying speed increased slightly as he moved forward to stand next to the Chief Sovereign of Destruction’s shoulders.

“Lord Wodred.” Linley sent.

The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, Wodred, swept Linley’s face with his deep, dark gray gaze. A hint of a smile was on his face. “You offered six Emissaries this time. Thank you.”

The Chief Sovereign of Destruction just said ‘thank you’ to him?

“Your Excellency, you once saved my life. In comparison, what is this?” Linley said with a laugh. In the past, the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, had threatened Linley to force him to hand over the nine soul-pearls, and was even at the verge of attacking. Fortunately, the Chief Sovereign of Destruction had appeared.

The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, hearing this, smiled all the more broadly.

“Oh, we are about to arrive at the Planar Battlefield.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction looked forward.

The Four Higher Planes and the Seven Divine Planes were all located quite close to each other. In the region of chaotic space at the center of these eleven divine planes was an extremely small plane; the Planar Battlefield. Thus, to tear open a spatial rift and fly through chaotic space from the eleven divine planes to the Planar Battlefield took very little time.

To go through the dimensional portals to the Planar Battlefield would actually take longer.

Going through chaotic space was the most straightforward, shortest route.

“Linley.” A familiar voice rang out.

Linley turned to look. From afar, a group of people were drawing close to them, with the Chief Sovereign of Death, that beautiful, red-haired maiden, at their head. This squad clearly consisted of the Sovereigns of the Netherworld. Fourteen Sovereigns had come from the Netherworld.


The Sovereigns all directly charged into the Planar Battlefield.

Utter silence. Within the cold, forbidding Planar Battlefield, a desolate wind howled.

The Netherworld and the Infernal Realm had brought a total of thirty one Sovereigns, and they all landed atop a mountain. Moments later, nine other figures flew towards them from afar; these were the Sovereigns of the Life Realm. And then, afterwards, small, scattered groups of Sovereigns drew closer as well. Soon, a total of 49 Sovereigns had appeared.

“Now, we are only missing the Celestial Realm and the Divine Light Plane.” The Chief Sovereign of Death revealed a secretive smile on her face as she glanced at the Chief Sovereign of Destruction. “Wodred, Orloff seemed quite confident.”

“Confident? Who isn’t confident? Victory and defeat will only be truly determined once this battle concludes.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction said calmly.

Linley, Beirut, and Bluefire stayed together in one corner at the peak of the mountain. As many Sovereigns saw it, Linley’s group of three, the three Sovereigns of Yulan, were like one unit. Their unit, because of Linley’s existence, was even more terrifying than the former unit of the Four Divine Beasts.

“They’ve come.” Linley said with a calm laugh.

Bluefire and Beirut immediately turned to look. The other Sovereigns all noticed the newcomers now as well. From far away, an imposing host was flying towards them, with a total of twenty two members.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, was the leader. The Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, was by his side. The other Sovereigns belonged to the various Laws and Edicts.

“Hmph.” The Chief Sovereign of Destruction, seeing this, turned his gaze towards Orloff.

As for Orloff, he too was staring towards the Chief Sovereign of Destruction.

Clearly, these two Chief Sovereigns viewed each other as their most powerful foes.

“Linley, the two of them view each other as their only opponents. They look down on the other Sovereigns. If one day, Linley, you were to surpass them both, what sort of a look would they have on their faces?” Beirut sent to Linley with a smirk.

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