Book 21, Chapter 25

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Book 21, The Peak – Chapter 25, Revisiting the Divine Light Plane

Linley took two deep breaths in a row. His chest rose and fell like the bellows of a furnace…and afterwards, he regained his calm.

“Since Augusta made a promise to the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, he will definitely act with full force. No wonder he has always protected his Twelve-Winged Angels so well, and rarely allows them to go out on missions.” Linley’s gaze was clear. “My mother should be a Twelve-Winged Angel. Six hundred or so years from now, if I don’t interfere, she will definitely be sent to the Planar Wars!”

Linley frowned slightly, then murmured, “Six hundred years…”

With regards to Augusta, Linley definitely wanted to kill him, whether for the sake of Beirut or for the Four Divine Beasts clan. Originally, Linley had been planning to wait until his power increased before he would go and kill Augusta. Not only would he fulfill the wishes of Beirut and the Four Divine Beasts clan, he would also be able to save his mother.

Several birds with one stone!

“But now, I have to give something up!”

“One option. Give up my mother, focus on training, and after I succeed, kill Augusta.”

“The second option. Find a fire-type Lesser Sovereign that I don’t know, kill him, and fuse with his Sovereign spark. After my power increases, go kill Augusta.”

“The third option. Resist and endure for now, and lower my head! Go negotiate with Augusta!”

Linley almost instantly came to his decision.

Giving up his mother? Impossible.

Murder a fire-type Sovereign for no reason? Linley wasn’t capable of this either. In addition, if he did, he would be violating the Pact which the Chief Sovereigns of the Edicts had set up.

“Fine, then.” Linley took a deep breath, his gaze steely and resolved. “For now, I’ll resist and endure!”


Right at this moment, two figures walked over from the gardens. It was Beirut and Bluefire. Previously, although Linley had not been able to kill Augusta, the power that he had revealed was still slightly greater than Augusta’s. If the two had fought to the death, Augusta’s chance of death was higher.

Thus, Augusta no longer dared to offend Linley.

Naturally, Beirut and Bluefire were now able to casually wander about in the Infernal Realm with their Sovereign clones! After having spent so many years hiding in the Yulan Plane, they were naturally pleased at having their freedom again.

“Linley, just now, the Bloodridge Sovereign came. Was there something important?” Beirut chuckled while stroking his beard.

As they were both Sovereigns as well, the two of them had naturally noticed the arrival of the Bloodridge Sovereign. Only, the Bloodridge Sovereign, Boson, clearly wanted to meet with Linley privately, and so the two of them hadn’t shown themselves earlier. They waited for the Bloodridge Sovereign to depart before emerging.

“It is regarding the Planar Wars, and regarding me taking on Emissaries. Six hundred years from now, a Planar War will begin, and the battling sides will be the Infernal Realm and the Celestial Realm. This particular Planar War is extremely important.” Linley said, then repeated the information he had heard in detail.

Beirut and Bluefire listened carefully. Afterwards, they sighed in amazement.

“So Augusta has been so incredibly fortunate. No wonder even the Chief Sovereign of Fate owes him a favor.” Beirut said with a sigh.

“The Twelve-Winged Angel army can indeed play a deciding role in a Planar War.” Bluefire breathed in surprise. “If they all charge forward together, it is all but guaranteed that they will achieve victory in a Planar War. The reward for winning ten consecutive rounds is breathtaking as well. No wonder the Chief Sovereign of Fate would go ask Augusta for help.”

In the previous Planar War which Linley had experienced, the combatants were the Divine Light Plane and the Divine Darkness Plane.

Victory or defeat in that battle didn’t matter much; naturally, there had been very few Sovereigns controlling matters from behind.

“Linley, what did you just say? The army of Twelve-Winged Angels is going to the Planar War? Doesn’t that mean…” Beirut suddenly realized what this portended. “Your mother, she…”

“Right.” Linley gave Beirut a helpless glance. “Tell me, do I have any other choices?”

Beirut pondered for a moment.

Six hundred years…

Linly had spent five thousand years to reach his current level. To make another large breakthrough in six hundred years? Even Beirut himself didn’t feel much confidence in Linley.

“Then you…” Beirut looked towards Linley.

“I’ve decided that tomorrow, I will go to the Divine Light Plane!” Linley said calmly as he stared into the distant skies. His gaze seemed to penetrate the walls of reality, seeing the Divine Light Plane from afar.

Beirut was silent for a moment, then nodded. “Sometimes, to accomplish great things, one has to be able to submit and endure. As I see it, to Augusta, you are a Paragon who no longer has any untapped potential. I imagine that in his heart, he doesn’t feel too much fear towards you. If you negotiate with him, the chances of success will be quite high. In the future…you can get rid of him later.”

Beirut was a person who was capable of killing ruthlessly, but also able to endure and hide.

When he discovered the corpses of the Four Divine Beasts, although he knew that seizing them would be extremely dangerous, he also understand that after succeeding, he would go from being a Deity to a Sovereign. In addition, Beirut acted in accordance with the situation; first of all, the Chief Sovereign wasn’t paying him, a Highgod, any mind. Second, he was in a material plane and had the natural protection of a material plane from Sovereign intrusion. Third, he was a Godeater Rat who didn’t fear chaotic space.

He had enough power and enough confidence. He dared to take risks, but also knew how to pull back.

All of those things combined to result in the current Beirut.

Otherwise, how could the Yulan branch produce three Sovereigns?

“I hope things will turn out as you said, Grandpa Beirut.” Linley nodded.

The vast, Divine Light Plane. A ray of light was streaking over from the teleportation array, instantly moving ten million kilometers away.

The wind slashed past like a knife. Below him was the boundless water of the seas. A blue-robed Linley advanced through the air at high speed, staring ahead with a somber, icy calm gaze.

“Eh?” Linley frowned slightly. “I didn’t expect that the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, was here as well!”

After arriving in the Divine Light Plane, Linley had sent his fused divine sense to instantly cover the entire plane, allowing him to maintain a watch over the activities of the entire plane. Naturally, Linley was able to detect the location of the Chief Sovereign of Light, Augusta, but unexpectedly, Augusta was alongside Orloff.

“Him being here…is a good thing.” Linley mused.

Linley didn’t come here for battle, but for negotiation. With Orloff present…Augusta wouldn’t dare to speak too wildly.

Moments later…

Linley’s divine sense changed from being generated by fused Sovereign power to earth-type Sovereign power, much like how an ordinary earth-type Sovereign would use it.

This change to using earth-type Sovereign power for powering his divine sense was naturally detected by the two Chief Sovereigns.

“Haha, Linley, why have you come to my place?” Augusta sent with a laugh, seemingly having forgotten the previous battle with Linley.

“Naturally, I have something important to discuss.” Linley smiled slightly. “I didn’t expect Lord Orloff to be here as well. What a coincidence.”

“Haha, I’m here to discuss some things with Augusta.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate’s gentle voice echoed in Linley’s mind as well. “Not long ago, I invited you, Linley, to come visit me in my Orloff Gardens, but unfortunately, despite waiting for so long, I never managed to see you.”

A person could disguise his basic nature for hundreds or thousands of years, but it was impossible for a person to disguise his character forever.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, didn’t get involved in worldly affairs. He treated everyone he considered to be a friend in a very good manner. Linley felt much admiration for the Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff.

But of course, Linley couldn’t possibly be like the Chief Sovereign of Fate; never getting married, never relaxing, never enjoying himself, and instead spending all of his time in various forms of research and training.

“Lord Orloff, in the endless years to come, you and I will have plenty of time to meet each other. For example, aren’t we meeting today?” Linley laughed comfortably.

“Haha, right. We will have endless years to come.” Orloff laughed as well.

While chatting through divine sense, Linley had already flown past countless islands.

He was like an arrow, streaking down from the skies.

The island directly below Linley was the residence of the Chief Sovereign of Light!

This was an extremely lavishly built island. The island had a circumference of a few thousand kilometers, and its main structures were made of a white material. Naturally, it had all sorts of rare, unique magical beasts, flowers, and vegetation that had been collected here. The magical beasts had their own regions, while the flowers had their own regions as well. They all had their own private areas.

In the air above this island, there were a large number of Deity-level Angels.

Aside from the Angels, all the other Deities in this island were female. The only males present were Augusta and Orloff!

“Augusta really does know how to enjoy himself. Aside from his loyal Angels, everyone else here is female.” Linley couldn’t help but shake his head and laugh. And then, he stared into the distance, as from deep inside the island, two figures were flying towards him, shoulder-to-shoulder. These two figures were followed by a large number of female servants.

It was really quite an impressive display.

“Haha, Linley!” Augusta called out from far away, as though they were old friends of many years.

“Augusta.” Linley smiled as he greeted him as well.

The white-robed, white-haired elder, the Chief Sovereign of Fate, laughed calmly. “Let’s go inside and sit down. Augusta, I don’t want to criticize you, but we’re inside your island, and yet you put on such a grand show when welcoming guests?” The Chief Sovereign of Fate glanced sideways; the female servants behind them were divided into two rows, with one row of maids dressed in violet and the other dressed in pink. All of them were exceptional in terms of appearance.

“Haha, I will naturally listen to any suggestions that you have, your Excellency.” Augusta laughed, then turned and waved his hand, saying calmly, “You can all retire.”

Those female servants all uniformly bowed with respect. “Yes.” And then, they flew away in an orderly fashion.

“Let’s go to the water garden to chat.” Augusta laughed while guiding the way.

“The person who designed this island and its buildings was definitely at the grandmaster level.” Linley walked forward while viewing the island. He couldn’t help but let out a sigh of praise.

Augusta laughed delightedly, “Haha, Linley, I don’t want to brag, but this island of a few thousand kilometers circumference has 30162 different types of flowers alone, all of varying sizes, colors, etc. The Angels make the arrangements for them. From every single viewing location, they will seem very natural and give one a comfortable feeling. There are also various types of magical beasts…for the sake of building this island, I invited over a thousand exceptional grandmaster-level experts from across countless planes, each of whom specialized in various skills, so as to create a unified, cohesive whole.”

Hearing this, Linley couldn’t help but shake his head internally.

The rumors were indeed true. Augusta pursued perfection in all of his leisurely enjoyments.

The water garden was a garden erected above a pool of water that had a circumference of a few thousand meters. The waters of the pool rippled with the wind, gleaming like precious sapphires. The entire garden was constructed from wooden materials, and the courtyards and pavilions all floated above the surface of the pool, and within the courtyard, small streams and ‘rivers’ of water flowed about.

“This water garden doesn’t use any magical formations at all; it is completely built from the extremely light ‘fragrant hydrox’ wood, which generates enough floating power as to make the entire garden hover above the pool.” Augusta pointed towards one direction. “Look. That wooden bridge…”

Augusta smugly pointed out one crafted item after another.

Linley listened while enjoying the sights as well.

“Alright, let’s all sit down.” The Chief Sovereign of Fate, Orloff, frowned slightly and spoke out.

“Right, right.” Augusta sensed that he had been showing off just a bit too much, making Orloff rather unhappy.

The three sat down within an open-air veranda, which was surrounded by the azure waters of the pool.

The Chief Sovereign of Fate laughed as he glanced at Linley. “Linley, I imagine you came today on important business. Speak freely.”

“That is indeed the case!” Linley laughed while nodding towards the Chief Sovereign of Fate, and then looked at Augusta. “Augusta, today I have come to ask your help with something.”

“Whatever it is, speak freely.” Augusta laughed as well.

Linley said solemnly, “I hope you can release a Twelve-Winged Angel and let her regain her free will.”

“Twelve-Winged Angel?” Augusta couldn’t help but glance at the nearby Orloff. The Chief Sovereign of Fate frowned, but then let out a calm laugh. “Just one?”

“Right. Just one.” Linley nodded.

“One won’t make much of a difference.” Orloff laughed calmly.

Linley couldn’t help but then look at Augusta, who frowned and said, “Linley, this…is a bit troublesome.”

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