Forced redirects

Guys, it seems that arround 30 minutes ago, something dropped a redirect script in the headers of our page, and people has been getting redirected to ad pages every time they click a link. I myself noticed this and started to run some checks in order to find if the server had been compromised.

Long story short, the server seems ok, and the files seem ok. No traces of any injected code. The problem is that WW runs on multiple levels of cache. That includes mobile browsers, that tend to store thing in cache regardless of the response of the server.

I’ve cleared everything, from wordpress cache, to our CDN’s content cache. Bad news is that the people that got the code in their mobile devices are going to keep being redirected until they clear the cache in their phones.


I’m really sorry for the inconvenience.

EDIT – Holy f*ck!  This is a scary thing to wake up to.  Big thumbs up to Yn5an3 for catching this (while I was sleeping, no less!) – RWX


Server move in process. Just a test post to see certain functions are working. This post will self-destruct later, so comment at your own risk 😛

Desktop working fine. Mobile either not cache purging or not resolving DNS correctly. Hmm…

Test two…

VPS crash

Hey guys, heads for you; yesterday, at around midnight, the VPS server node my server was on died due to some sort of hard drive failure. The Arvixe admins finally brought it back up around 6 AM today, but it appears as though my database was toasted in the process. Fortunately, I have backups and we finally managed to restore one, but the last backup made was at 6 PM yesterday, ergo chapter 9 of Coiling Dragon is missing. I will repost when I have a chance (busy at work right now). Chapter ten will have to come out later, but I promise I will get ten and eleven out for you guys! Thanks for your understanding A!

Gravity Direction

Okay so I’m done with exams for quite a while!

Anyways, I said that this post would come when we got nearer to chapter 248 of Zhan Long but here it is early.

So, a lot of people have been asking/debating about gravity re-prioritizing our novels. So, without any promises, what are your thoughts on this? Should we do Zhan Long, Battle Through the Heavens or Mo Tian Ji (Diary of the Sky Demon)? Continue reading “Gravity Direction”

Dragon King with Seven Stars – Translation Complete

Hi everyone, I’m happy to announce that I’ve finished the translation of Dragon King with Seven Stars. The last five chapters are here:

Chapter 21 – A Small Star, Glistening
Chapter 22 – A Story
Chapter 23 – Applause
Chapter 24 – Cause and Effect
Chapter 25 – The Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Seventh Stars

Or, for some of you who were waiting until the whole translation was complete before reading it, you can start from chapter 1:

Chapter 1 – The Death of a Multi-Millionaire

I hope you all enjoy the ending. There are some vague areas that are not explained directly, but all the important facts can be deduced.

I have another project I’m working on that I think many of you will enjoy. More news on that in the coming days!

Bedbug Problems This Weekend

Hey guys, just FYI about something; I’ve been getting the CRAP bitten out of me for about two or three weeks now, and I was pretty sure it was bedbugs, but the corporate housing type place I’m staying in kept insisting that no, they sent specialists and they couldn’t find them. Well, today, after being bitten all over for weeks, I finally caught one of the little buggers and personally took it to the front desk, who is no longer able to deny things. That means that they are going to be moving me (temporarily?) to a new place as well as fumigating/spraying the old place.

That means this weekend is going to be kinda weird for me. I’m not 100% sure how things are going to work out or what my schedule is going to be like. I will do my best to try and get at least two CD chapters each day out for you guys this weekend, but to be honest, I’m not 100% on what my schedule is like. I promise I will try my best, ok?

Today’s chapter will come out like normal though! Cheers.

Wuxiaworld – Servers, Caches, WordPress, & More

Since it has been a somewhat rocky month for Wuxiaworld and there’s always quite a few posts here as soon as anything goes wrong, I felt I really owed it to you guys to get everything on the record! This will be a long post…but you guys are LN novels, you are okay with reading, right? xD. This post will specifically be on ‘caches’ and our current issues with them. Continue reading “Wuxiaworld – Servers, Caches, WordPress, & More”

Dragon King with Seven Stars – FOUR new chapters

Hi everyone, sorry, I’ve been posting chapters on SPCNET, but got so busy I didn’t post them here! Here are four chapters for you. By the end of chapter 21, the story is about 85% complete, and many of the conundrums of the story are explained (although there are still more mysteries to resolve). Enjoy:

Chapter 18 – A Red Flower in a White Head of Hair
Chapter 19 – A Hand and a Foot
Chapter 20 – The Second Star
Chapter 21 – A Small Star, Glittering