Renegade Chapter 660

Here is the 4th chapter for 10 weeks ago.

Sorry for nothing for awhile, my term project kinda blow up on me and I was busy fixing it and lets just say that was way too stressful. Its done winter break starting so lot of catching up to do =D

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Renegade Immortal Chapter 653

So funny thing I ended up staying up pretty late last night and was a bit too excited to sleep. So started translating till I felt tired. I was like cold, tired, and hungry but got into this zone translating and translated from like 4AM to 7AM… Ya still made no sense to me lol.

Here is the 8th chapter for 9 weeks ago.

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Renegade Immortal Chapter 652

So I spent some 3 hours today grading homework and projects. Guys just because semester is ending soon doesn’t mean you can stop trying please do all your work XD Arg was some terrible stuff to grade ;c

Here is the 7th chapter for 9 weeks ago.

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