New DE Chapters Released! Book 40, Chapters 18-19

Hey guys, here are your first two chapters for the week. Happy reading! New links will be up on Patreon shortly. Note – Chinese New Year activities have begun in China! For the next 1.5 weeks, posting schedules will be more a bit more irregular as I run around visiting all relatives. We’ll still be posting in my mornings to afternoons rather than evenings, but the timing may be irregular!

Book 40, Chapter 18 – A Wandering Life
Book 40, Chapter 19 – Three Thousand Chaos Cycles

New DE Chapters Released! Book 40, Chapters 14-15

Hey guys, as I mentioned in Patreon (forgot to say so here, sorry), I’ve somehow fixed my sleep schedule, which has been whacky for a year! I used to fall asleep around 4 AM, and so I posted right before that. I’ve now fixed my sleep schedule so that I’m sleeping from midnight until 9 AM, which is a much more normal circadian rhythm. As a result, you’ll be seeing posts at a different time as we adjust to a ‘new normal’. Cheers!

Book 40, Chapter 14 – A Perfect Technique
Book 40, Chapter 15 – Autarch Ekong