New DE Chapters Released! Book 37, Chapters 3-5

Sorry for the slight delay guys; no excuses, I shall poke myself with a needle (but only gently) to express my shame. I just freakin’ fell asleep at a stupid early hour due to jet lag and woke up just now (at 4 AM). New links up on Patreon as well. These are the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth chapters of the week! The eleventh and twelfth chapters for last week came courtesy of Autarch Althani and Autarch Prophet, while the ones for this week came courtesy of Autarch Figaro and Autarch Sean. Praise them with great praisingS!

Book 37, Chapter 3 – Ji Ning and Silksnow
Book 37, Chapter 4 – Eruption
Book 37, Chapter 5 – Foreordained Results

New DE Chapters Released! B36C30, B37C1-C2

Hey guys, here’s a triple release for my Saturday (the seventh, eighth, and ninth chapters of the week), which will be followed by a triple release for my Sunday for a total of twelve chapters. New links will be up on Patreon shortly! My internet’s still not up, it’s apparently a weird issue with the building modem, so I’m out at a local Starbucks. If it’s not up tomorrow, I’ll do the same. Cheers!

Book 36, Chapter 30 – Heading Off
Book 37, Chapter 1 – Avatar
Book 37, Chapter 2 – Unexpected Surprise

EDIT – Holy mother of god that was a lot of comments on the previous chapter delay post. I’m gonna go read them all now.

DE Delayed Due To No Internet

Hey guys, typing this from my phone, the internet is down and I have no way to post. Going to head off to bed and hopefully it’ll be up when I’m up and we’ll get the chapters out! FYI, since we’re now on China time but have 6 more chapters, it’s going to be a 2-2-2; 2 for my Friday (which is today), 2 for my Saturday (tomorrow) and 2 for my Sunday. Next week, we’ll go back to the regular 2-2-2-2-2-1-1.