AC, AGM, IRAS, TMW Halting on Wuxiaworld

Friends and readers, it saddens me greatly to be saying this, but the translators for Absolute Choice (cktalon), Ancient Godly Monarch (lordbluefire), I Really Am a Superstar (cktalon/Legge), and True Martial World (cktalon) have advised me that they have accepted a lucrative offer from Qidian International (QI).  As a result, they will be halting their translations on Wuxiaworld and will be continuing their translation exclusively on QI’s website.  This decision is effective immediately, and the Wuxiaworld-completed chapters are being moved from the ‘active’ menu to the ‘completed’ menu temporarily until I figure out a better way of dealing with them. Continue reading “AC, AGM, IRAS, TMW Halting on Wuxiaworld”